Why You Should Hire Experienced Google Ads Consultants for Your E-commerce Business?

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If you own an e-commerce business, you’d probably know that the market competition is cut-throat.

Hiring a proficient Google Ad expert can help you stay afloat and earn an edge over your competition.


Why Google Ads is Important for Your Ecommerce Business?


Unsurprisingly, almost 46% of all online product searches start with Google.

Thanks to rapid technological advancements and a boom in Internet usage; modern consumers are becoming increasingly digital.

In response to the fast-changing consumer behavior, does your ecommerce business have a definitive marketing plan in place?

You need an aggressive and strategic marketing tactic that delivers instant and measurable results.


Set your marketing efforts into high gear and leverage the power of PPC Adwords without draining all your time and money.

Pay-per-click is an effective digital marketing tactic that, when done strategically, takes your brand to the top of the SERPs above organic results.

This helps capture the instant attention of the searchers, right when they are looking for related products on Google.


Thus, by reaching the right people at the right time, Google Adwords PPC advertising helps your ecommerce business build audience engagement with compelling product ad creative, increase clicks, and boost sales.

According to Wordstream, 35% of consumers buy a product within just 5 days of searching it on Google.

So, having a results-focused Adwords PPC strategy is imperative to take your ecommerce business to new heights.

How a Google Ads Expert Can Drive PPC Success for Your Ecommerce Business?


Advertising on Google Ads opens up broader avenues for ecommerce businesses.

Unfortunately, ecommerce PPC is an incredibly competitive and complex space.

Even the smallest of businesses with niche product listings are now on the paid search advertising bandwagon.

Additionally, there are hundreds of related products fighting for that top ranking on the SERP.

How would your ecommerce business cut through the clutter and reach potential customers?


The answer: hire PPC expert.


Now, you may think: hiring an Adwords consultant will be too expensive for your business.

Or “I know about PPC. Why should I hire PPC experts India?” But it is not true.

Any online retail business worth its salt will be willing to reap the untapped ROI from Google Adwords campaign, and are likely keen to hire a PPC expert.


Find out why it is worth hiring a Google Ads consultant for your ecommerce business.


#1: They Know the Tricks of the Trade


So, you think you are Adwords-savvy? Of course, you have heard the term and even tried your hand in setting up an account.

But do you know how ecommerce PPC works on Adwords? What is the difference between views, hits, and impressions?

Do you know about Adwords audience targeting or expertise to optimize your PPC campaigns for maximum clicks?

Have you heard the terms Google Shopping Ads or Google Display?


As the questions come flooded, you will be inspired to think that a professional PPC expert in India is a better alternative.

They have been in the pay-per-click industry for decades and know in-depth how to utilize Google Adwords for your eCommerce business.

Merely hiring just any PPC consultant is not enough; he should also know the nitty-gritty of managing eCommerce PPC campaigns and deriving excellent results.


From ‘relevant’ audience targeting to bidding on the right keywords and placements, they know all the elements of boosting ad rankings, driving increased clicks, and achieving higher ROI.

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#2: Adwords Experts can Create an Awesome Ad Copy to Boost Conversion


Let’s face it – there are thousands of similar products competing for that top position in Google Search.

Even if you manage to reach the top 3 search ad rankings, how can you be sure that your potential customers will click?


With a great ad copy!


And who has the skill to create the ‘perfect’ ad creative better than an expert!

It isn’t just about making the ad copy visually-appealing with smart product listings; it has to be meaningful, engaging, and most relevant to what the customer is looking for.

An Adwords consultant will perform in-depth research, analyze what your competitors are doing, and create an ad copy that promotes your brand in the most compelling manner.


A good Google Ads consultant will create multiple ad copies – combining different keyword matches and content – and split-test the same to determine which is performing better.

To put it simply, an expert knows what works better.

The right ad copy will help increase your click-through rate and improve conversions by engaging your audience meaningfully.


So, if you are wondering why your DIY PPC campaign isn’t generating returns, consult an expert for comprehensive audit and to make necessary tweaks for better results.


#3: An Adwords Consultant can Help Prevent Overpaying in PPC Advertising


The success of Adwords PPC advertising lies in how efficiently you can reach your target audience with minimal investment.

When you do it yourself or hire just any PPC consultant, you are likely to overspend on your ad campaigns. This can cause havoc to your ecommerce business.


However, when you hire expert PPC services, you will have an integrated strategy that is based on proven techniques to generate more clicks and yet reduce your CPC or CPA.

Smart audience targeting, integrating negative keywords, A/B testing ad creatives, remarketing, etc. are different techniques that can help prevent your ad from being shown to irrelevant audiences.

This way you can minimize clicks from unwanted users, thus, reducing your overall CPC or Cost Per Acquisition.


#4: Maximize Your Reach and Target a Wider Audience Set


Another perk of outsourcing PPC India to a Google Ads consultant is that they can help broaden the reach of your ecommerce business.

To maximize the visibility of your products, boost brand awareness, and drive more leads, it is important to create a rock-solid web presence.

Therefore, your Adwords consultant will set up campaigns not just for Google Search, but for advertising on all Google Network platforms like Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Display, etc.


Depending on the audience demographics, interests, and buying behavior of customers on these platforms, the specialist will create distinct ad copies that are most relevant and have high conversion potential.

A Google Ad expert has experience working with a variety of ad copy design ideas and formats across multiple platforms. These include:



Other than Google Adwords and its partner networks, a good PPC consultant will recommend leveraging other lucrative advertising platforms.

This would enable you to reach a new set of audience, promote your products in an attention-grabbing way, and generate more leads.


Facebook is one such powerful advertising network with a huge fan base who can essentially convert into your potential customers through smart PPC campaigns.

When you hire professional and reliable PPC services in India, be assured you can utilize a wide variety of ad formats on Facebook to present your product listing ads in the most compelling manner.

Typically, a Google Ads consultant will have expertise in Single Image Facebook ads, Carousel ads, Canvas, Slideshow, and Video ads.

#5: They Can Help Improve Website Authority


Merely setting up a killer Adwords PPC campaign is not enough.

It is equally important to optimize your website to nurture the leads and push them down the sales funnel through conversions.

A proficient Google Adwords PPC expert in India will devise a results-oriented strategy that also includes making your landing pages and the website SEO-friendly so that it ranks high on organic search results.


Creating insightful and engaging product pages that your ads redirect to is an integral component of Google Ads management.

Additionally, the PPC expert will ensure that your eCommerce website is easy to navigate, loads fast, and deliver a secure payment experience.

Only then a pay-per-click advertising campaign will be regarded successful – when it can convert the leads into paying customers.


#6: Get Comprehensive & Insightful Reports


How would you track the performance of your Google Adwords campaign?

Do you have any tool to measure the number of hits, views and impressions you are getting from the ad? What’s your CPC?


Only when you hire top PPC services that you get comprehensive performance-tracking reports with actionable insights.

A consultant will not only provide numbers and charts measuring your campaign results but also recommend ways to improve the same and drive better results.


#7: You Own Your Adwords Account


Yes; even when you hire Adwords expert to manage your PPC campaigns, the ownership and control remain with you.

That means you own your account, all data, and reports even after the contract ends with the expert.




Google Adwords PPC advertising has become imperative for modern eCommerce businesses to cut through the competition.

Hire an experienced Adwords consultant and take your product sales to new heights.

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