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Campaign Structure

When looking for more clients, everything is based on strategies and tools. Basically, the best ppc management companies know how to deal with data and improve the methods to rank higher than others. Altogether, they try to satisfy the customer at all cost.

Of course, that’s great. You have to hire a company that knows how and when to execute strategies correctly.

It goes without saying that using the best ppc practices will always boost your ranking. But, it’s wrong to overlook other strategies.

Evidently, re-structuring the campaign tends to be more efficient than any other course of action.

Perhaps, this is something basic, but taking over a new campaign or revisiting it is always worthwhile.

Google rewards relevancy

Google has made other changes. With the introduction of Quality Score, you no longer control the number of advertisers.

This factor has caused an impact on the bidding equation.

In that regard, it’s well-nigh impossible to stop competitors from bidding more than you. Does this mean they will beat you forever? No.

Google relevancy is all about keywords and the way you associate them to ad groups.

You can have 10, 12 ad groups and a wide variety of products and your homework is to practically use the relate keywords to relate them.

It can be tedious and probably soul-destroying but in the end it will reap benefits.

No matter how many ad groups and products you have, you should never break them into different groups.

You should never separate them. This means a remarkable change in campaign structure. And certainly, Google will reward for it.

Ad copy and ad extensions

Ad copy performance will depend on your ability. It means that you should avoid adding keywords for fun to trick Google.

Ad copy is the ability you have to link ad copy to the keywords of your campaign.

You may think this point shouldn’t be here because it’s obvious but many companies pay little regard to this and neglect the correct use of keywords and ad copy.

II you do a good job, you will see good results in your Google relevancy rates, caused by a higher consumer response.

Apart from that, you should forget the fact that ad extension can rank you higher. However, best ppc company decide when and how to make use of them. They base their decision on the following factors:

  • If the extension will benefit you or not.
  • I f the Ad Rank and ad position are in a good position. They must be high enough, or they won’t be displayed.

Ad Rank is an important factor for your campaign structure. It comes with a lot of components that give it a new twist.

Setting are used based on the campaign structure

Once you’ve settled on the structure, there are other decisions to make in each level. Firstly, remember that there are three levels, which are: ppc campaign, ad group and keyword.

For starters, you have the campaign level to take over geo-targeting and budgets and the group level to control ad copy.

Mind these levels, because they will lead you to success. In other words, the campaign must be well- structured.

It is not advisable to add a high-volume keyword to an ad group with a lower volume of them.

If you do so, the high-volume keywords will limit the exposure of those keywords that have a different trait, lowering overall the exposure of your campaign.

Make other campaigns by including keywords wisely. And with that, you will never struggle with budget control.


It is wrong to neglect campaign structure. When running a campaign, it is important to make changes or visit it on a regular basis.

Surely, you can’t change them for the sake of it, there are however, things to consider before proceeding.

Keep in mind that AdWords constantly edits their polices, consumer behavior fluctuates and websites change all the time.

Ultimately, they are the factors that no ppc management agency can overlook. Experts recommend revisiting it every year to make sure it is giving the wanted results.

But structuring the campaign does take time. You can’t make your PPC Ad campaign over in one day or two.

You will be changing, adding and deleting keywords over the course of time.

Landing pages are part of the work you can’t neglect but remember that rush decisions destroy your strategy.

Revisiting the ad campaign structure doesn’t just consist in changing things; it refers to checking and evaluating the results of your strategy.

And most importantly, it allows you to be ahead of the game without spending money.


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