White Label PPC Management: The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your PPC

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Pay-Per-Click is a powerful digital marketing tool that enables businesses to expand their reach, boost brand awareness, and drive instant traffic. On average, businesses that use PPC advertising yield $3 in revenues for every $1.60 spent.

Around 45% of small businesses are already investing in PPC to grow their operations and increase ROI. And the number is growing at a rapid pace.  

But is your digital marketing agency buckled up to meet the demand for effective PPC management? If no, white label PPC is the way to go. 

What is White Label PPC Management?


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the concept of white label PPC management is you hire a third-party agency for reliable PPC services. You can then resell these services to your clients under your brand. White label PPC is right for your agency if you:

  • do not provide pay-per-click advertising as a part of your service portfolio 
  • lack expertise and knowledge in PPC management 
  • are unable to service all your clients with effective PPC services  

When you outsource to a white label PPC management company, they do the grunt work and you reap the profits.

This way, you can cut down your overhead costs significantly while still provide high-quality PPC results to your clients.     

Why Should You Outsource to a White Label PPC Agency?

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Pay per click advertising plays an integral role in determining your digital marketing success. It delivers instant and measurable results. And that is why marketers love it.

But let’s face it – PPC is a complex process and mastering the tricks to trade is not easy. For any small or mid-sized Internet marketing agency, doing all the PPC on your own may be one of the biggest impediments to scaling up your business. 

Is it better to outsource white label PPC management rather? Yes.

Find out the top reasons why white label PPC outsourcing is worth your investments:

i)  Focus more time on growing your digital marketing agency; they do all the PPC work and you can utilize the time for better client management 

ii) Harness the knowledge, skills, and resources of the white label PPC agency to establish your brand authority 

iii) Your clients’ PPC campaigns will be managed by experts. So, you do not have to worry about hiring and training new talent, or brainstorming strategies that work 

iv) Grow your agency and get more clients by serving high-quality, ROI-driven PPC services on their plates 

v) By outsourcing, you do not need to recruit a full-time in-house team and continue paying them fully even when there is no campaign in hand. There are no setup costs involved 

The above-mentioned reasons are worthwhile enough to consider outsourcing white label PPC management service.

White Label PPC Outsourcing vs. Hiring an In-House Team 

Thinking why you should outsource when you can have better control with an in-house team? Discussed here are the pros and cons of both to help you make an informed decision: 

In-House PPC Team White Label PPC Outsourcing 


  • You have complete control over all your clients’ PPC campaigns
  • Set your own KPIs that align with your agency’s vision
  • Close monitoring of campaign performance and results


  • Get access to certified and experienced PPC experts
  • Offshore outsourcing would mean zero set-up cost for you. The white label agency will use its tools and resources to deliver desired results
  • Save more time and money that you can focus on growing your agency
  • Zero cost in hiring, training and retaining an in-house team
  • Seamlessly scale up or down the team size based on your changing needs


  • Huge investments in recruiting and training an in-house team
  • Difficult to grow or downsize your team as per needs
  • Limited resources and expertise in PPC. Hiring the best talent may often dig a huge hole into your pockets
  • You have to continue paying your team, even for holidays and sick leave, when there is no work in hand


  • Not having enough transparency and control
  • May not get the project delivered on time as promise

Based on the above chart, it can be clearly stated that hiring white label PPC services ensure more value and cost savings than recruiting an in-house PPC team.  

One of the biggest factors that make white-label stand out over an in-house team is the variable costs.

Recruiting a full-time PPC team means monthly salary costs, Worker’s Compensation, health insurance, retirement benefits, and other expenses irrespective of how many projects you have in hands.

With a white label agency, the cost may vary depending on your needs. As you get more clients and scale up your business, your costs rise.

If you have fewer clients on your books, you can limit outsourcing white label services and reduce your cost. 

So, you are more flexible working in a white label outsourcing model. 

White Label PPC Pricing Plans 

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Different white label PPC agencies have different pricing plans. Here we have outlined the most popularly used ones you may come across:

1) Fixed Monthly Fee

The fixed monthly-retainer fee is most common because it is simple and unambiguous. Best white label PPC firm charges a fixed price up to a certain cap in your total advertising spend.

For instance, “we charge $1500 per month for ad spends up to $7,000” or “we will charge you 20% of your client’s total ad spend in a month.” 

2. Hourly Fee

For smaller projects, you can opt for hourly rates. Here, the white label PPC company will charge you a fixed rate per hour. You will be charged based on the total number of hours worked.

For instance, if the hourly rate is $80 and the number of hours is 168; you have to pay $13,440 to the agency. 

However, a disadvantage here is lack of transparency. How would you track for how many hours the team is working?

This is a big challenge unless you hire an agency that is most trustworthy and maintains clarity regarding their scope of operations. 

3) Hybrid Pricing

Some white label PPC agencies also follow a hybrid pricing model that may combine a percentage of the ad spend and fixed fee. The ad percentage will grow as the fixed fee continues to grow.

Another hybrid approach is where PPC ad management is combined with other Internet marketing services such as SEO. This bundle deal can ensure good value and may be cost-effective too.         

How Much will White Label PPC Management Cost?

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A common question that many digital marketing agencies ask is – “How much will white label Adwords management cost?” “Can I earn a profit using this model?” 

How much profit you can make from white label outsourcing will depend on two factors –

(i) how many clients you have onboard and

(ii) how much you are charging your clients for comprehensive PPC services? 

To maintain an optimum profit margin, you must price your PPC services practically. If you are not charging enough for the quality of services you deliver, then you are doing injustice to both yourself and your clients.

Therefore, you must charge a fair price that aligns with the high-quality services you deliver. Only then you can generate good value from white label PPC outsourcing

The cost of white label PPC packages will vary depending on the type of services you avail.

For example, end-to-end PPC management packages will cost higher than just hiring one or two services such as keyword research or analytics. Make sure the agency provides clear and transparent pricing policies.  

How to Choose the Right White Label PPC Partner?

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Choosing the best white label PPC partner is important to ensure you generate the best value – better results, happy clients, more sales. Here are some important factors you should consider: 

1. For how many years they have been in business:

Experience matters, especially when you trust a white label company to serve your clients.

The firm must have proven expertise in the field of PPC management as well as experience working with the size and type of clients you serve.

2. Consider their credentials:

Is the agency a certified Google Partner? Does the team have in-depth training in all fields of PPC management to generate results?

Look for a Google Partner badge – the blue band on the left indicates a low-level Google Partner, while the red band indicates Google Premier Partner or high-level competency. But make sure this “Google Partner” glitch does not trick you.

There are other factors to watch out for such as client portfolio, customer ratings and reviews, and how they can devise a definitive strategy for your PPC outsourcing needs. 

3. Mode of Communication:

What is the communication model they follow? Are they available around-the-clock to address your queries? Is the system transparent and reliable?

4. Evaluate the tools and methods the agency would use:

To deliver the desired outcomes, the white label agency will use certain tools and methodologies. Evaluate their effectiveness or ask how these can help achieve better results.

5. Compare prices:

Finally, compare the price quotes and make a wise decision based on the quality of services and price competitiveness.


White label PPC might not be for everyone. But it certainly offers great benefits that you might want to consider. I hope the above guide will help you make the right decision and grow your business in the long run. 


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