What’s the Real Cost of Facebook Advertising?

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You can run your Facebook offer ads to attract target audience on social media sites that include Facebook and Instagram.

It will be very helpful to get more audience. But the main thing that causes hurdle is cost.

Every marketer wants to know that how much they have to pay to advertise on Facebook paid ads.

There are some factors that you need to know before planning to advertise on Facebook Ads and these Factors include:

Factors that Determine the Cost of Facebook Ads

1) Your Bid

With Facebook ad creation you automatically enter in the competition with other advertisers to get ad space on Facebook and you can also consider it a big Facebook auction.

If you bid on the Facebook then your bid amount decide that how likely your ad will appear on the Facebook.

You are able to set the bid in two ways and these ways include:

(i) Automatic bid:

In Automatic bid option, Facebook will decide the bid amount for you.

If you don’t have any idea that what should be your bid amount then Facebook Ad will recommend the amount for the bid to get the best result.

(ii) Manual bid:

In Manual bid option, you are the one who will decide the amount of bid. After deciding the amount you will tell to Facebook to get the best results.

However, when you hire PPC advertising firm you will surely make profit out of your suggested bid.

Things you have to keep in Mind While Biding:

  • If your Facebook Ad bid is low then you will not get the best result that you want. Your bid amount decides that what you will get.
  • If you are bidding high then this is not the matter of tension because you will still get your ads delivered at lowest amount.

2) Quality of Ad and Relevance

Facebook provides a Relevance Score metric for your ads to help you to know how relevant your ad is.

Facebook consider positive as well as negative feedback on your ad. According to the Facebook Ad review, Facebook will show your ad.

If the score is high then Facebook will show it more and also you have to pay less to reach your target audience.

You will able to find the negative and positive feedback as ad’s relevance score in your Facebook Ads Manager.

3) Your Audience Targeting:

Facebook advertising cost will depend upon your ad’s influence on your target audience.

The level of competition among marketers is more because of the specific audience they want to target.

This is the reason to reach the audience is more expensive.  There are some things that affect the cost of your ads and that include:

  • Location
  • Target audience Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Demographics, interests, or behaviors
  • Connections with Facebook page and events matters

4) Time of the Year

If the number of advertisers targeting any specific audience increases then it will also increase the cost of Facebook Ads.

There are some peak times in the year when many advertisers try to target audience to seek their interest.

In this time there will be more competition and you also have to pay more. More people think of advertising on Facebook during some important events that include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Cyber Monday etc.

If you also want to run a Facebook Ad campaign on these important days then you should have the idea that how more competition will influence the cost of Ads.

5) Placement

This will help you to know where your ad will get placed in the ecosystem of Facebook.

There are some places where your ad can get the place and these places are  Facebook’s desktop News Feed, Facebook’s desktop right column, Facebook’s mobile News Feed, Audience Network, Messenger, Instagram.

To get maximize Facebook results, Facebook recommends that marketers have to allow them to place their ads on Instagram also. This will help to get a reduction in ads cost.

6) Optimization of Ad Delivery

In the “Show Advanced Options” under “Budget & Schedule”, you will get an option called “Optimization for Ad Delivery”.

Here you will get to know that which specific audience Facebook target to show your ad. You will get the idea that who will click your ad.

If you will not optimize your ad then Facebook will not show your ads to that particular audience that can positively react to your ad.

This will leads to paying you more amount for that ad.


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