What is an SEM Campaign and Some Tips to Launch your Campaign

Digital marketing is a gigantic field and there is something similar to PPC marketing which is known as SEM. We are going to discuss SEM in this article. SEM refers to search engine marketing and is synonymous with PPC. It basically describes the use of paid advertising to increase your business or number of customers by making the use of placing ads in the search engine results. Companies usually do this to increase traffic on their website and which will eventually generate sales. PPC marketing can be said to be a subset of SEM. Some time ago, SEO was also considered a part of SEM. SEO refers to Search engine optimization and focuses on improving your visibility in the search results. As digital marketing expanded, people started differentiating between SEM and SEO as separate strategies. They work best when they work together. This is the reason many businesses launch SEO and SEM campaigns together.

Differences between SEO and SEM:

Let’s talk about the differences between SEO and SEM.

Coming to SEO, helps you to improve your visibility in the organic search results. It will put your ad from the second page of the Google search results to the first page of the Google search result and it will focus on all your customers’ profiles whether they are willing to why your product or service or they are just checking in what you offer. SEM, on the other hand, targets the bottom of the funnel users, which basically means that it will only target the users who are willing to buy your products or services. Moreover, it improves visibility in the paid search results. For example, It’ll help your ad gain the topmost position among the paid ads.

What is an SEM campaign: An SEM campaign is an online ad campaign you can create an SEM campaign in any search engine like Google ads and also on social media platforms that allows placing ads like Instagram. SEM campaigns also follow a particular structure like every other ad campaign. This structure consists of accounts at the topmost level followed by campaigns and ad groups on the lower levels.

Why should you invest in SEM campaigns and how much do this costs: There are several advantages of SEM campaigns. First of all, it will increase your visibility in paid search results which will result in high-quality traffic on your site and eventually in increasing sales and revenue. If you put your ads on social media platforms and use SEM campaigns, it will definitely be increasing brand awareness and finally increasing the ROI.

Given below are some statistical facts which you can consider for investing in SEM campaigns:

  • Businesses make an average ROI of USD 2 on each dollar spent on SEM.
  • People that click on ads are 50% more likely to buy your product/service.
  • Nearly 80% of people start searching for the product online.

The cost of an SEM campaign is a subjective question and it depends on a number of various factors. You can always work on a budget that is suitable for your business, that’s the major benefit of SEM. However, most of the small to midsize businesses spend anywhere between 9k-10k USD on SEM per month.

Even after knowing all this, if your company ignores SEM, that will put your company at a huge disadvantage. Without SEO/SEM, you can’t expect your company to do good in the field of digital marketing. This simply implies that you are giving your share of sales to your competitors.

Some Tips to Launch your Campaign:

  1. Researching about your target audience: Regardless of whether you’re marketing a product or showcasing your business, you need to realize your target market. If you don’t have any idea about your intended customer group, it’s practically difficult to launch effective ads. This is the main reason to look for details of your target customers. Companies usually look for shopping habits, demographics, and average money spent on their target customers. There are several ways to collect this type of data, Surveying the past or current customers, Reviewing their activity on social media are some effective ways. It’s definitely true that you cannot get every detail about your customers, But investing time on this thing will present a bigger picture in front of you so that you can get an overall idea about your customers.

Companies can also go for advanced targeting options in an order to get more insights about their customers. There are some platforms that provide much more details than demographics and average spending.

  1. Following best practices for ad structure and experimenting with ads: Companies that are just starting on SEM campaigns, often miss the best practices for ad structures. In order to succeed, they should have an ad campaign for similar products but for different ad groups. As an example, an eCommerce website can create an ad campaign for T-shirts and Shoes. This company can further divide the ad campaign into further groups, round neck and polo t-shirts can be two different ad groups in the t-shirts category while sports and casual shoes can be in the shoe category.

Further, you should experiment with your ad. Every online advertising platform allows you to experiment with your ad. You should use these experiments for your benefit. You should try different experiments and run them for a few weeks before making a decision. If the change is leading you to get a large customer base or say it is increasing conversions on your ad, You should definitely go for this.

  1. Working on creating a stunning landing page: Whenever you create an ad, you’ll also be creating a landing page to which the users will be redirected after clicking on your ad. You should work on your landing page so that it loads faster and is easy to navigate. You should also test the working of your landing page.

Launching an SEM campaign isn’t always easy but the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you. You can also choose to partner with a Google Adwords agency that is experienced and well-reputed. There are several companies which are offering these types of services.

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