What is Amazon PPC?

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When you search for any keyword you find ads on the sidebar and on the bottom of search results pages, these are called

(Pay per Click). Another name that is given to this is Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” ads. To get the top position at Amazon’s search results sellers take the help of Amazon ads.

With this advertising program seller get the chance to promote their product on Amazon. in.

Sellers can choose the products that they want to advertise and after assigning a keyword to it they can enter a cost-per-click bid.

When shoppers will search for that particular keyword then that sponsored ad will also appear on the sidebar.

Sellers have to pay fees only when Amazon shoppers will click on that ads, hence they named as Amazon PPC.

How does Amazon PPC Work?

Amazon PPC works on particular keywords that seller decide. Whenever shoppers search for these keywords Amazon sponsored ads will appear on the search pages.

Seller bids on these keywords and only the seller that bid highest will appear in the first position and after that the second highest bid will appear on the page.

Sellers will only pay when shoppers will click the ad that they find on sidebar or bottom of the search page.

This system is same as the Google’s advertising and also known as “Amazon AdWords”.

These Amazon PPC ads are not available for all the products and it covers some product categories only. To place Amazon PPC sellers require professional selling plan.

Only this plan can help them to reach shoppers. There is a list of some available categories for Amazon PPC:

  • Baby products
  • Camera
  • Beauty products
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Shoes
  • Home and Kitchen Products

Where will Ads be displayed?

These ads will be eligible to display in different places on Amazon website and app and these places include :

 Amazon’s Search Results:

These ads will appear next to organically ranked products on the search pages results whenever shoppers will search for any keyword of their interest. They also marked as “sponsored”.

Product Listing Pages:

These Amazon PPC ads also get a place above product description text and underneath the pictures and titles of products on the product listing pages.

What Benefits you Get from Amazon PPC:

It is a big dream for every seller to get their product on top Amazon’s searching list. It helps all the sellers to get the better visibility and impressions.

Amazon also doesn’t charge for impression but they charge when users will click on the particular ad.

If your sales are going well on the Amazon after that you can use Amazon Ads for a variety of other reasons and these reasons include:

Top Ranking:

If as sellers you want the top ranking on the Amazon site then sponsored ads is the best way to get it.

This will help you too. For this, you have to use Amazon PPC by contacting Amazon PPC expert.

Help to Boost Sales for Products:

Amazon PPC ads will help you to increase your visibility as well as impression. More visibility leads to more sales.

If your product is not getting visibility then you can take help of Amazon PPC to increase it in Amazon’s search results.

By placing your ads, your product will get sufficient attention on the search result pages.

Seasonal Campaigns:

Seasonal Adwords PPC campaigns are also very beneficial for the sellers to sell their seasonal products.

These Ad campaigns work on some keywords that include Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

If sellers want to increase the customer’s interest in seasonal products then Amazon ads will be very helpful.

They would also be beneficial at the end of the season if you want to get rid of the inventory.

Boost a New Product:

If you are selling some new products then it is very tough to find a place on Amazon because of the other products which are placed at the beginning of the search pages result.

This leads to fewer sales. So, if you want to climb to the top Amazon’s search lists then you can take help of the Amazon PPC.

This will gradually help you to increase your rank.

Does Amazon PPC influence Organic Rankings?

Amazon ads will surely influence your organic ranking positively.

If your product is getting more customers or get more sales then this will increase the ranking of search results.

It is seen that if any keyword is getting used repeatedly for them organic ranking will be improved successfully.


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