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What is AdWords PPC Management?

With a reach encompassing 90% of online users and a colossal network of over 2 million websites, Google AdWords PPC management paves the way for lucrative paid advertising opportunities. If you want to get more leads and increase your ROI, Google AdWords allows businesses to reach the right audiences at the right time and with the most relevant brand messaging that inspires them to buy. 

What is Google AdWords? 

Google AdWords, currently named Google Ads, is a powerful advertising system where advertisers can bid on certain keywords to make their ads appear on top of Google’s search engine results when someone searches for a product or service offering related to yours. With Google AdWords PPC advertising, make your brand or business offering seen by potential customers right at the moment when they are searching for products or services like yours.

Google AdWords

An ad that is timed at peak search hours can convert your website traffic into valuable customers. And you pay only for results, i.e., when someone clicks the ad to visit your site or calls your business. With Google Ads, you can derive results that matter most your business. Additionally, it works effectively for most advertising budget, where you can set a monthly cap to ensure you never go over it. You can also adjust or pause your ad spend any time.

Why Advertising on Google AdWords is Important? 

You may ask, “Why should I pay to advertise on Google when Search Engine Optimization can get my site to rank high on the search engine for free?” True, but driving increased traffic and greater conversions through organic search is not easy as you would think. Google algorithms reward sites with high authority, relevance, and Quality Scores with organic rankings. But it can take significant time, cost, and effort to get high search rankings for the keywords you want. It is worth the time, but it may take long before you could see results to come. 

On the other hand, Google AdWords delivers instant results. The ads are displayed on Google Search and other platforms when a person looks for a business offering related to yours. So, if a searcher has purchase intent, he is more likely to click the ad and convert it into sales. According to a report, Google AdWords PPC ads get 65% of total clicks that begin with buying keywords, whereas organic results generate only 35% of clicks. 

More importantly, Google Ads typically appear at the top of organic search results and onto the right of the search engine result page (SERP), giving your ad more visibility. And this should matter to your business because the top five results on search engines get 67.6% clicks, whereas other results receive only 3.73%. 

PPC ads ideally contain enticing and relevant information, along with catchy images, star ratings, price, shipping info, or a powerful Call-to-Action. This is important to drive increased sales for commercial searches, i.e. when people are ready to purchase and want pertinent information to make a purchase decision. 

Here are some reasons why businesses should consider using Google AdWords: 

  • Comprehensive campaign setting features, including location settings, schedules, and mobile device settings. This helps display your ad across diverse platforms and leverage the broad reach that Google offers.
  • With AdWords PPC management, you can set a daily budget for every campaign and as per your needs. Choose bids for each keyword and ad group. 
  • Brainstorm and discover high-potential keywords for your campaign using powerful Ads Keyword Planner. 
  • Improve Quality Score and ad relevance with effective optimization strategies that help drive higher rankings and help determine the Cost Per Click for your ad in the top SERP position. 
  • In-depth Google Ads analysis and reporting enables you to track the performance of your ad campaigns across all keywords and ad groups. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive reporting and actionable insights that can help tweak the campaign, optimize it, and improve performance. 

How to Get Started with Google AdWords PPC Management? 

While Google AdWords delivers quality and immediate results, setting up a campaign and optimizing it for performance can be complex, with a steep learning curve. To make the most of your AdWords PPC campaign, it is crucial to hire a certified Google AdWords Partner who has rich knowledge and expertise in this PPC advertising program. 

Discussed here are the key steps to get started with AdWords PPC management: 

#1: Set up Your First AdWords Campaign 

Visit Google AdWords and click “Get Started.” You need to provide your email address (preferably your Gmail account) and website homepage URL to create your AdWords account. Next, Google will guide you through setting up your first campaign. 

However, you need to first know different types of ads you can create: 

  • Search Network with Display Select: Ideal to reach maximum customers  
  • Search Network only: This includes Google Search and other search partners
  • Display Network only: Perfect to advertise on Google’s network of partner websites  
  • Shopping: The best way to advertise your products through Shopping Ads   
  • Video: Create engaging and meaningful video ads on YouTube and across the web 
  • Universal App Campaign: This enables you to promote your application across Google Search, YouTube, and Display

Once you determine which is the right type of ad for you, you can set up a campaign easily. 

#2: Calculate Your AdWords PPC Budget 

You need to begin with determining an ad budget for your AdWords campaign. This will depend on the profit you want to achieve, Google’s commission, and your expected conversion rate.   

#3: Pick the Right Keywords

Use Google Keyword Planner and begin searching keywords that are most relevant to your business offering. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and determine what search terms they would typically use. This will help choose the most relevant keywords. 

#4: Perform Competitor Research 

Knowing what your competitors are doing will help optimize the campaign and outrank them. 

#5: Create Outstanding Landing Pages 

A high-quality, relevant, and engaging landing page will help convert your website traffic into sales. 

#6: Create an Engaging Ad Copy 

The ad copy must include a powerful and eye-catchy heading, relevant brand messaging, and a strong call-to-action. 

#7: Set up Conversion Tracking and Launch the Ad Campaign 

To track conversions, Google AdWords provide the option to setup conversion tracking. Next, launch the ad campaign. 

#8: Monitoring & Analytics 

As the ad goes live, continuously monitor it using Google Analytics and generate meaningful insights. 

For effective AdWords PPC management and great result, hire a certified AdWords agency you can trust. 

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