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What are google local services ads? Everything you need to know


Never thought promoting a business will be this easy!

While we are all dependent on Google for the information, business tips, and what is now happening in the world- Google also never fails to amuse us with its development and urge to help and deliver us only the best.

Talking about Google Search, have you explored the Google local services yet?

As one of Google’s offerings, the local service ads capture the data strategically and let you know about the best possible service providers in and around your area.

Google search ads

Talking about the services under Google Local Services, it is not restricted to any field.

If you are looking for services like a plumber or electrician or housekeeping services, you would prefer to get the details of authenticated service providers from your vicinity.

It is where local service ads play an important role.

If you are a service provider, then local service ads can be one of the best possible options for running the business.

The best part about the Google Local Services Ads is that you can make your account free of cost and have to pay for it, only if the customer has contacted you through the ad.

Where do you find it?

You will see Local Service Ads on your search page in a listicle format over a laptop or desktop. If you are searching over the phone, you may find it in a thumbnail carousel format, above the paid ads segment.

Google usually lists the top 2-5 service providers only.

Also, note that this listing is different from the google ads you run for your business.

Benefits of Google Local Service Ads

Under Google local service ads, you get to spend money only on the leads, which are genuine for your business.

Leverage the option of Google ranking and reviews. As your business is listed on Google, it will be good for your business if you ask your customers to leave a remark or feedback.

Google’s local service ads give you a readily option to collect reviews. When we say the number of stars and positive feedback, take our words, definitely impact another consumer’s decision making.

Local Service Ads are functional even you use the relative keyword. This feature is not dependent on keyword research.

Google will pick up the information from your research and profile; it would provide you with the Google ads local services.

You can also maximize your scope of business by running the paid search ads campaign.

In this manner, even if you are coming up in the Local services ads, your company website, or any relevant landing page will come above the Google local service ads display.

The green tick mark aside any service means that you have been verified and has Google guarantee.

How to build and manage your Google local service ads profile

If you are new to the services, you are required to sign up for Google Local Service Ads and create a profile on the portal.

Refer the following pointers while opting for the services. It will help you create the account and highlight the important features of Google Local Service Ads.

As the services are available in a few and selected markets only, you are required to choose your state and services in the offer.

Once you get the confirmation on both, you will be directed towards the account page.

Please note, you might not be able to sign up if Google local service ads are not activated in your region.

Create a new account for local services ads and mention about the kind of services you can offer.

Basis this, your Business profile for Google local service Ads will be built. Nevertheless, we suggest you be very clear on the services in the offer as you will be charged based on per lead matched to your use and directed towards you.

Google local service ads allow you to handle the account backend on your own. You will get a chance to explore a couple of options like
Update your business hours, type of work, service area, or weekly budget to spend for the leads.

Google allows you to keep expenditure as per your requirement.
Similarly, suppose you are running any special festive discounts or specific business or product highlights like organic food or child-friendly services.

In that case, the Local service Ads account allows you to publicize that.
You can plan to add such attributes to profile and attract the audience.

While building your profile, you must add basic details like your working license number and insurance details.

Only after you fill these you can run the local service ads and get Google Guarantee (the green tick on your business side- which ensures the audience that the service provider has been verified).

Important: This google guarantee is for the professional and not for the services in offer. Also, to comply well with the local authorities, it will be good to add any extraofficial details.

To authenticate your services, Google will align a free of cost, background check about the offerings through a third party partner.

Profile management:

Once your profile is built, you will start getting leads for your business. The Google local service ads account gives you access to manage your business leads at the backend.

You can also keep the track through local service app, available on iOS and android play store.

When you select the individual lead, you will be allowed to review the lead details like area, location, or any other specific thing mentioned. After your reviewal of each available information, you will have three options:

  • Reply via email or message
  • Call the customer to take it forward
  • Decline the service

The local service ads also have the feature to

  • track your job schedule
  • mark the complete ones
  • communicate with your customer by sending the confirmation mails
  • capturing customer reviews.

Optimize your Google local services ads account

Google allows you to optimize your local services ads account by letting you schedule the ads and campaign, as per the schedule you think is better for your business. You can select the time and day when you wish to showcase your ad.

One should select the period during which you can easily respond to the audience. If any customer gets the response readily, there are many chances that business gets converted for you.

Besides responsiveness, there are some other factors as well, which play an important role in profile optimization; they are:

  • Rating and reviews
  • Services you offer
  • Area you cater
  • Update your business profile

Google local services ads cost

As we earlier mentioned, in Google local service ads, you are charged only based on leads that are generated for your business and not based on clicks.

To make it work best for you, Local Service Ads allows you to set the maximum monthly budget. You can select the range of your average expenditure on the weekly and monthly basis.

However, please note that setting up the budget will directly impact the lead generation for your business. In the beginning, we would suggest you allocate an above-average budget so that you can make the best out of the services.

Please note, leads coming to your profile does not mean confirmed business. Lead conversion is totally between you and the customer.

Work on your ad rankings

If you are new to the google business, we suggest you take professional help here. To make yourself land in the top three service providers, you are required to wok on the ad ranking. Prefer hiring an AdWords expert for your business.

Google local service ads, rank your business based on the following factors:

  • Vicinity of business provider and customer location
  • Google guarantee and reviews you have got for the business
  • Response time
  • Business hours to provide the service


Local service ads provide ample opportunity for local businesses to come up and provide their services.

We suggest you optimise your profile to the T and generate the maximum leads for your business. You can also plan to hire Adwords Expert for Google Ads and make the best out of the opportunity available.

Lastly, you need to understand that Google AdWords and Google My Business are separate entities, and the budget for each will be different. You are required to leverage all three Google services to its best.

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