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Excel Shortcuts For PPC

PPC marketing campaign is a great way to promote your products to the target market, but working on it means spending a great amount of time on Excel sheet to sort keywords, create account structure, list reports, and analyze website data to make the correct decision to optimize your account.

If you are already short on time and want to launch an effective PPC internet marketing campaign without spending too much of your time, mastering Excel will help you with all the data-related tasks so you can spend more time working on Strategy.

Let me introduce you to the top Excel shortcuts for effective PPC management.

Drop Your Mouse

The first key rule of saving time on Excel is to drop your mouse and start using keyboard only.

Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest and the most efficient way to work as we deal with a lot of data and some tasks are repetitive.

These shortcut keys allow users to increase the speed up to 3x on Excel.

The most common and most used shortcuts on Excel include

  • CTRL + C
  • CTRL + V
  • CTRL + H

While they are the easiest shortcuts for Excel, but believe me, they’re really time savers.


I bet you already know about the Excel filters, everyone does. We all have used them on different occasions for different settings.

Excel Filters are useful to sort by numbers, certain text phrases, or even by colors. Hit Ctrl + Shift + L to sort by filter easily.

This shortcut allows you to add filters to all columns of your table or to the selected cell. The same combination can be used to remove the filters.

Inserting Values

When preparing an Excel sheet by the PPC management agencies you may want to insert or delete cells quite often.

So, here is an alternative way to do this. Click on F2 button on the top of your keyboard to move into a cell to edit its content directly.

Press enter button to confirm your entry or simply hit escape button to cancel the command.


This is similar to filtering. We all use this feature quite often but for the different handling than filtering.

I would like to suggest you to use the super-fast way to sort contents on your Excel sheet: Alt + 1 or Alt + 2 = Filter from A-Z [CUSTOM].

If you have not adjusted your quick access tool bar, then make sure to click on the small arrow on the right side to use this command.

Alternatively, you can also make a right-hand click on the tool bar itself to assign commands for various Google remarketing ad.

Editing Cells

If you have already kept your mouse aside, then editing can be a bid task without using shortcuts on Excel.

Hit the F2 button on your keyboard. I know I suggested this shortcut to move into a cell, but this also allows you to edit its contents directly.

Press enter button to confirm or use escape button to cancel the selection.

Add or Delete Columns

While preparing sheet, when you need to add an additional column in the Excel sheet, simply use a combination of Ctrl + Plus.

See, how simple is that? Additionally, you can also delete the row by pressing Ctrl + Minus.

If you want to add or delete the whole column, use the same commands, but before you must select the whole column to delete or add.

Format Percentages

As a PPC expert, you may constantly need to calculate one index or another, such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and other percentages.

To format numbers as percentages, use the combination of Ctrl + Shift + 5.

One best way to use this combination easily is to remember that the percentage sign is located on the 5 on your keyboard.

Display Formulas

If you are new to the hardcore Excel, it is always suggested to get some help from the Excel itself, especially when you’re troubleshooting misbehaving numbers.

Use the combination of Ctrl + ` (known as the acute accent key) in order to display the formula used in a cell.

Navigate & Select Quickly

Now that we’re talking about launching your PPC digital marketing campaign easily without wasting time, navigating through the content on Excel sheet is the best strategy to save your time.

If you want to navigate through Excel tables easily, simply use the arrow keys.

And if you want to skip to the end of your data, press Ctrl + Arrow to reach end of your data selection.

Additionally, you can select the whole data by simply use the following combination: Hold Shift at the same time.

If you are new to using Excel, start with the easier shortcuts or your favorite ones to work your way through the others step by step.


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