Top 9 Benefits of Partnering With a White Label Adwords Agency

Is your agency seeking lucrative ways to expand digital marketing services offered to clients? Do you want to reach out to clients who are currently untapped? By collaborating with a white label PPC agency, you can broaden your service scope, get new clients, and grow your business.


What is White Label Google Adwords Management?


White label Adwords outsourcing is a model wherein Internet marketing companies can resell third-party PPC services as their own. The white label agency typically has in-depth knowledge and domain expertise, with dedicated resources. They continuously update their skills and improve methodologies to deliver outstanding PPC advertising results for your clients. They do the grunt work and render solutions in a discrete manner, which you can resell under your branding.


Outsourcing PPC services white label is ideal for your business if you:


  • Are unable to serve too many clients or PPC campaigns
  • Lack of expertise in Google Adwords
  • Want to cut costs while expanding your services and reach


9 Reasons Why You Should Partner with a White Label PPC Agency


Amid cut-throat competition in the digital arena, hiring PPC white label services can be a smart business move. Discussed here are 8 top advantages of choosing the white label model:


#1: Gain a Cost Advantage


One of the best reasons why you should hire a white label Adwords agency is the cost advantage you get.

Building an in-house PPC team can involve expensive recruitment and on-boarding process. The monthly salaries, perks, and incentives of full-time PPC experts further account for an additional cost. The worst part is when you need their expertise only for fewer projects.


Ongoing training is another overhead you have to bear to ensure your PPC professionals continue delivering the best solutions. The overall cost also involves expenditure in setting up the infrastructure or buying tools and software required for effective PPC management, analytics, and reporting.


Choosing to be a PPC white label reseller can help cut down your costs significantly. They already have a dedicated team and resources to work on Adwords Projects, and your setup cost is zero. Additionally, they also offer flexible engagement models and competitive pricing.


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#2: Expand Your Service Offerings


Unlike the common myth, white label PPC management is for everyone. Whether you are a startup digital marketing firm, an advertising agency, or an independent consultant, outsourcing can help broaden your service offerings. Portray yourself as an end-to-end service provider and get more clients, minus the cost and effort involved in PPC campaign management.


The white label PPC management company maintains utmost privacy and your clients’ PPC accounts are wholly managed under your brand. It will remain a secret that you have partnered with a third-party agency to provide dedicated solutions. So, they do the entire work and you will reap the profits.


#3: Get Access to the Knowledge & Skills of Certified Adwords Experts


When you outsource PPC white label services, your agency can harness the expertise and knowledge of certified Google Adwords specialist. They have vast domain knowledge and know the latest developments in this field. Likewise, the experts will use proven strategies, tools, and methodologies that will help achieve measurable results. Being a certified Google Ads Partner, they can tap into the current trends and create ROI-centric PPC campaigns.


Remember, Adwords management may not be your forte, but it is theirs. They devote valuable time to this to develop high-performance ad campaigns that drive ROI-driven results. Moreover, the white label Adwords agency will assign a team of PPC experts hailing from diverse fields and practical experiences. This enables them to offer bespoke solutions depending on the specific niche you cater to.


#4: Better Time Management & Efficiency


Hiring a dedicated white label Google PPC agency can help improve efficiency and ensure timely delivery to your clients. Since they have a dedicated team working on the project and with better proficiency, they are capable of delivering exceptional PPC results in the shortest time possible. But to deliver services quickly, they do not compromise with quality.


As a result, your firm gets rated as a leading Adwords services provider by providing prompt and high-quality pay-per-click solutions.


#5: Provide Customized PPC Solutions to Your Clients


In today’s competitive business environment, a one-size-fits-all strategy will not work to attract and retain your clients. You have to cater to their specific needs to gain a competitive edge. Only a seasoned white label agency can thoroughly understand your client requirements and provide solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to scale your services depending on the demand.


When there is an increase in demand, you can have a bigger offshore PPC team working on the projects. Likewise, you can downsize the white label team when the demand is low. Their flexible engagement models allow you to instantly scale up or down, depending on the scope of projects.


#6: Improve Business Credibility


With white label PPC outsourcing, you can cater to a larger audience set and even target a multinational audience despite having limited resources. White label PPC enables your agency to expand service offerings and reach new clients who remained untapped due to lack of expertise. With high-quality services and guaranteed results, you can showcase your business as a one-stop choice for PPC management solutions.


This helps boost your business reputation and trustworthiness. It is better if you partner with an Internet marketing agency rather than hiring one that specializes only in Google Adwords. This way, you can provide packaged services to your clients, which can further improve your business credibility.


#7: Comprehensive & High-Quality Adwords Solutions


One of the primary benefits of hiring white label PPC marketing services is you can provide excellent-quality solutions to your clients. The goal of any Adwords campaign is to get more traffic, drive quality leads, and improve conversions. With a highly skilled and experienced team, achieving these goals becomes simple. The white-label team provides end-to-end solutions – from requirement analysis and keyword optimization to ad creative designing, smart bidding, monitoring, analysis, and reporting.


The best thing is that you provide little or no effort, while you can resell these services with your brand name. So, more clients can trust you for high-end Google Adwords PPC solutions.

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#8: Flexible Hiring Models


Another advantage of the white label PPC reseller program is you can choose from varied engagement models that suit your requirements and budget. Typically, white label agencies provide three hiring models –


i) Offshore: The team will function remotely using its proprietary resources and tools. Training, setup, analytics, and reporting – all lies with the white label agency. Once the campaign is up and running, they will continuously report you the updates. You can hire offshore Adwords experts on full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis.


ii) Onsite: In this model, dedicated PPC expert/experts will work from your office as an extension of your team. Herein, you have to bear the cost of establishment, training, tools, and technologies required to deliver quality services. Additionally, you can maintain better control and get daily updates about all your PPC campaigns.


iii) Ad-hoc: Do not need a full-time white label agency to cater to your seasonal PPC management demands? Need more flexibility for hiring professionals? You can hire on an ad-hoc basis, i.e., as and when required. This model is most suitable for managing smaller PPC projects or when you have too many campaigns to handle but limited resources.


Thus, you have the flexibility to choose the right hiring model depending on the size of the business, project requirements, and budget.


#9: Increase Your ROI


Hiring a white label Adwords agency offers a gamut of benefits, as mentioned in the above points. And with a better business reputation, more new clients, and improved services, you can grow your agency and generate higher revenues. Additionally, you can cut down your costs significantly by choosing the white label model. Thus, you can see an increase in ROI in the long term.


Tips to Choose the Right White Label PPC Agency


Now that you know the advantages of hiring a white label PPC management company, here are some quick tips to help choose the right one.

  • Evaluate for many years they have been in the white label PPC management business. With an experienced agency, you can deliver high-quality and reliable services to your clients.
  • Check client reviews and ratings on third-party sites to better assess their service excellence and reputation
  • Understand what tools, methodologies, and resources they will use to serve your clients. Those should be well-aligned with the latest industry trends and developments
  • Do they offer a flexible engagement model? What is their scope of service under each package?
  • It is also important to check their privacy policies and ensure they maintain 100% confidentiality in offering white label Adwords services
  • Choose only a trusted white label agency that is transparent in its operations, pricing, communication, and reporting
  • Price competitiveness against high-quality services is another important factor you should consider

Give your digital marketing agency a significant boost and cost advantage with white label PPC outsourcing.

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