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Top 7 Reasons You Need an Amazon PPC Agency Right Now!

With 63% of online shoppers starting their product searches on Amazon, it is the 3rd most popular advertising platform after Google and Facebook. But before you spend your hard-earned money on Amazon advertising, it is important to know that it is a complex process. Competing and getting success on Amazon requires a well-defined and aggressive PPC strategy. And that’s where outsourcing to a professional Amazon PPC agency can add value to your business. 

Discussed here are 7 good reasons why you should hire an expert PPC agency with skills in Amazon Advertising. 

#1: Get Started Quickly with an Amazon PPC Agency

When you partner with someone having expertise and knowledge, the learning curve seems pretty straightforward. A good Amazon PPC agency lends a helping hand to make the PPC campaign successful without you having to take the wheel. They provide expert Amazon PPC advice based on your business offering, as well as use cutting-edge tools that can help you get started quickly and efficiently.      

They would begin by optimizing your product pages, ensuring they stay compliant with the latest changes. A proficient Amazon PPC expert constantly upgrades their knowledge to utilize new tools available for 3P sellers, including EBC and Storefront. They will use the right plans and techniques to optimize product pages, ensuring higher conversion rates for your Amazon ads. 

At the same time, they aim at offering a comprehensive customer experience across all channels, optimizing your ads for mobile devices as well and not just getting the keywords indexed by Amazon search engine.        

Amazon PPC Agency

#2: Strengthen Your Brand Awareness and Market Position 

When you hire a professional to take care of your Amazon PPC management services, it can help promote brand visibility and build market dominance. They develop a well-defined PPC strategy, followed by continuous monitoring and analytics – positioning your ad in prominent positions that help grab attention of increased shoppers and broaden your market reach. 

A strong market position and improved brand awareness will open up attractive business opportunities to launch new offerings and products. 

#3: Go Beyond Your Think Tank and Implement Best Practices 

Employing an expert Amazon PPC agency will take your ideas beyond typical e-commerce walls and add more creativity to boost engagement. They provide insightful data for beginners, but also add a creative and professional touch to PPC campaigns you are already running. Yes; data matters, but design is also crucial to improve brand awareness and success. 

An experienced Amazon PPC specialist has in-depth knowledge of the platform and can implement industry best practices that can help deliver quality results. 

#4: Keep Updated 

A good PPC agency will provide a comprehensive picture of how they plan to execute a successful Amazon Advertising campaign, monthly and weekly. They will set growth percentage goals month-on-month and also explain the strategy through every step. An Amazon PPC expert will also make optimal adjustments every month to maximize your ROI. Monthly or weekly reports are sent to keep you updated about the campaign. 

Regularly monitoring your Amazon ad is important to ensure your success as a thriving Amazon seller. 

#5: Manage Your Ad Campaigns Effectively 

Advertising is a powerful tool to promote your products on the Amazon marketplace, increase brand exposure, and grow your sales. However, Amazon Advertising is getting increasingly competitive and average Cost Per Click skyrocketing across all categories. Additionally, there are different types of Amazon ads, with different strategies and tricks. Understanding the nitty-gritty of each and driving increased ROI can be complex.

Amazon Advertising is a time-consuming process and requires proficiency and knowledge. If you lack time and expertise, consider hiring an Amazon PPC agency that specializes in this form of advertising. They will manage the entire campaign, right from setting it up to optimizing, monitoring, and analyzing.     

However, make sure to hire an agency that is expert in Amazon Advertising, and not just all types of PPC ads. They must have a track record of running successful Amazon advertising campaigns. 

#6: Stay Compliant with Latest Amazon Advertising Trends and Changes 

Trends and algorithms change really fast on Amazon. Not being updated about these changes or failure to implement the latest trends can make you stand behind your competitors who constantly upgrade their knowledge in this field. If you lack time or expertise, it is a good idea to partner with someone who will stay alert and adapt to these changes. 

An Amazon PPC specialist will stay up-to-date with Amazon advertising policies and have the technical know-how to leverage the changes to design an efficient PPC campaign and stay compliant. However, it is important to hire one who is well-aware of Amazon’s advertising policies and will comply with them. After all, violation of terms of service may result in a risk of suspension. 

#7: Augment Your Amazon SEO Strategy 

The digital marketing scenario is highly competitive. Simply focusing on one strategy will not get you the desired results or help you outrank the competitors. This is especially true for Search Engine Optimization that is designed to drive organic traffic. But when you bolster your Amazon SEO performance with a definitive PPC strategy, it can help achieve increased visibility, maximum reach, and instant results.   

The combination of both will augment your digital marketing strategy while optimizing your sales effort – resulting in increased ROI. 


If you want to drive qualified leads, increase sales, and reduce your ACOS, then hiring an experienced Amazon PPC agency will add value to your business. They will manage the entire campaign, while you still have full control of your PPC ads. A PPC expert will discover the right target audience and likewise, create a well-defined strategy around high-potential keywords, ad placements, budget setting, and bidding. Measuring your ad spent and continuously tracking performance further helps optimize the ad campaign and achieve greater results. 

However, if you decide to hire an Amazon PPC expert, make sure you choose one that has years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in Amazon Advertising. They should have the necessary proficiency and tools that help take your business to its success.

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