Tips to Improve Your PPC Results:

You might be aware of the fact that companies make 2 USD while spending each dollar on PPC, you can go for achieving this milestone and you can even go beyond this. According to Google also confirms that such campaigns can raise awareness by 80%. PPC is known to provide better control over your advertisement cost. Better PPC campaigns generate better results. In short, you want to upgrade your PPC campaign. In this post, we’ll share some tips which will boost your PPC results.

  1. Having a well-defined goal: First of all, you must have a well-defined goal. You can’t succeed in your campaign until you have a clear goal. You should have a roadmap in your mind and you need to follow that. Your goal can focus on getting more traffic, increasing revenue, and Getting new customers. Getting customers may refer to getting new subscribers or downloads. These goals should also be realistic. These goals should motivate your team to work towards the accomplishments of these goals.
  2. Using the high-performance keywords: Firstly, you need to remove low-performing keywords and then replace them with relatable ones. Low-performing keywords result in low-performance, low conversion, and low clicks. You should analyze each and every word and check for its intent and finally decide whether to keep it or not. You should also add negative keywords. Negative keywords allow different platforms not to show your ads for those keywords and thus keep unwanted customers away from your business. Remember, negative keywords can result in generating clicks but you need to use them cautiously. This method will give a huge boost to your campaign.
  3. Optimizing the keyword quality(keyword score): According to the digital marketing institute, a campaign generates all of its sales using only 12% of the keywords. So, one reason your campaign is not performing well is that it has a lot of keywords. You should focus on the relevance of keywords rather than the number of keywords. Some of the factors that determine your keyword score are: Relevance of your ad, CTR(Click Through Rate), and landing page experience. For better performance, your ad should be properly lined up with the keywords. You should focus on creating relevant headlines. You can use different tools to match your keywords with the content of your landing page. It’ll help in showing relevant content on your landing page. These practices will eventually increase your keyword score which will result in better performance of your campaign.
  4. Having engaging Ads: You should write short and catchy ads. This will play a significant role in the success of your campaign. You should keep the character limit in mind. This should clearly state your objectives. You should also try to be relevant. You can include some of the powerful words like Instant, exclusive, premium, etc. Your heading must be attention-grabbing. You can also work on updating your account structure which generally becomes disorganized over time, even if you are an expert. Thus, updating and organizing your account can be a great help. In this step, you’ll focus on your ad group organization, which is the place where most accounts become disorganized.
  5. Optimizing your content for users on mobile: According to, 55% of total internet users around the globe use mobile for surfing. This is a huge number and you can’t ignore them. So, your landing page must be compatible with mobile phones in order to get the maximum benefit out of your campaign. You should focus on short keywords as people on mobile don’t like to type long words. You can also look for other ways to decrease typing. You should also work on your landing page such that it can be comfortably viewed and scrolled on mobile.
  6. Having a dedicated landing page: In the case of major ad platforms, your landing page plays a critical role. Your landing page is where your user lands after clicking on your ad link. It’s obvious that if your landing page will not be up to the mark, users will leave it instantly which will decrease both your conversion rate and quality score. Thus, your landing page needs to be quick, responsive and filled with relevant information. Moreover, the landing page should be easy to use and navigate. You should also include some of the key features on your landing pages such as testimonials, pricing, and features. This will result in significant improvement in impressions, clicks, and conversions on your ad.
  7. Get a professional PPC audit: If the above-mentioned tips are not working for your business, you can consider a PPC audit. Many companies are offering PPC audits for free, you can try them. A professional review can help your business to improve performance by working on various strategies. When you conduct an in-house PPC audit, it’s generally challenging and time taking. While hiring a PPC auditor, you can get a fresh perspective on your campaign.
  8. Keeping track of your PPC campaign: While this may sound normal, this is a really important tip. To ensure your campaign is performing well, you need to monitor it in order. Some of the companies don’t consider this step and do not devote enough time to this and here is why their PPC campaign fails. Thus, you should not ignore the importance of this step. In the case of Google ads, google analytics can be of great use. In order to improve efficiency, you can also invest in some automation tools. It will also help your business to find ways to create better marketing strategies and enhance your PPC campaign performance.

Irrespective of the size of your organization, PPC marketing will help your business. With these mentioned tips, your business can start receiving better results from online advertisements. These tips can help your business achieve its goals. You can also apply these to increase your revenue beyond the benchmark (2USD for each dollar spent). You can opt-out for any one of the several agencies out there for carrying out these operations.

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