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Facebook New Overlays for Product Ads

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. Period. Instagram, Snap chat, and several other social media platforms have tried to compete with Facebook, however, none of them come close to it.

Over the past couple of years, the overall number of Facebook users has increased at a consistent pace. In Q2 2018, Facebook reported nearly 2.23 billion active users. This number translates to almost a third of the world’s population.

Monthly Active Facebook Users

Facebook earns most of its revenue from advertisements. In fact, it is one of the most valuable companies on the planet with a revenue of 40.7 Billion US dollars (2017).

Some of the world’s leading digital marketers use Facebook Ads to target their prospects effectively on the internet. They believe that Facebook Ads are highly underrated right now.

With the proper techniques and mindset, one can easily generate an excellent return on investment by investing in Facebook Ads.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Here are 6 solid reasons why do the world’s leading digital marketers to use Facebook Ads today.

  1. Excellent Return on Investment

Currently, SMM (Social Media Marketing) on Facebook is almost as powerful as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on Google. However, the cost of marketing on Facebook is relatively lesser. Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the world’s leading digital marketers strongly believes in the power of Facebook marketing.

He urges his audience to use Facebook Ads to its full potential. He says that the Facebook Ads are going to be as big as Google Ads someday. Therefore, one must start investing in Facebook Ads right away.

Return on Investment

Gary also says that Facebook Ads are available at dirt cheap prices right now and that they have the potential to produce an excellent return on investment.

  1. Easy to Use

Another critical reason why marketers love Facebook Ads is that they are easy to use. The intuitive graphical interface makes Facebook Ads extremely simple and effective.

This interface ensures that each and every digital marketer can start running ads within minutes of being introduced to the platform. Even novice digital marketers do not face any problems in creating their first campaign.

The intuitive interface coupled with an excellent ROI allows digital marketers to experiment with Facebook Ads without losing too much. They can run small-scale campaigns to analyse its market impact, at a very low cost, and then scale it up as per the requirements.

  1. Highly Customizable

Facebook Ads are highly customizable and open-ended. It is ideal for the B2C segment. Facebook can help digital marketers target an audience from various industries effectively.

The digital marketers do not need to invest a lot of time learning the nuances of the ad platform before creating their first ad. However, over time, the marketer who invests a considerable amount of time learning the best practices will surely have an edge over the other marketers.

The customizable ad campaigns also help in making sure that all your ads seem different and serve a unique purpose. Creating monotonous ads will not help you create a memorable impact on the market.

  1. Powerful Analytics

Facebook Ads can be linked with the Facebook Pixel application on the platform. Facebook Pixel is the analytics tool that resembles the Google Analytics tool in multiple ways.

The powerful analysis of your ongoing marketing campaigns can give you actionable insights into its operation. You can then extrapolate this data to derive conclusions and optimize your upcoming marketing campaigns. Regular optimization of the campaigns can help you derive the best value out of the deal.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel tool is completely customizable just like the Google Analytics tool. It can be used by an individual as well as a team of marketers effectively to track the reach and effect of a marketing campaign.

  1. Focused Reach

You can customize your ad campaigns on Facebook in an efficient manner to reach the target audience on the social media platform. With this focused reach, you can save money by targeting a very specific niche of an audience.

You don’t need to run the ads for millions of people on Facebook. Instead, you can run ads for people who have an excellent chance of purchasing your services/products. This practice helps you reduce the overall length of your sales cycle by a considerable amount.

The focused reach leverages the likes/dislikes of your audience. You can create a focused campaign by setting customized parameters like the gender, age, demographic region, etc.

  1. Powerful Support Community

Facebook provides excellent support to all digital marketers who want to leverage its Ads platform. The platform is supported by an active community of developers which listens to the needs of the users intently.

A good example of the high levels of support offered by the Facebook Ad community comes from the fact that it released a new feature recently.

This feature allows new overlays for Facebook Ads. Let’s study how this feature affects your ad campaigns.

New Overlays for Product Ads on Facebook

The new overlays for the product ads will make the lives of the graphics designers on your team by a significant amount. The new templates for overlays will help the graphics designers customize their ads in a much more efficient and significant manner.

These overlays were recently launched by Facebook in an attempt to lure in more customers with the ease of use of the Ads platform.

The new templates on the Ads platform are centred around the various holiday seasons spread across the year. These holiday seasons include both religious as well as sales festivals. Facebook has released a wide collection of both templates as well as stickers that reciprocate the festive feelings in the minds of your end customers.

The graphics designers from the Facebook team have put a significant amount of thought into designing these cool and lucrative templates that will drive up your sales. The templates affect both the image, as well as video-based ads.

Here are some key things you should know about the new overlays for the product ads.

  1. Holiday-Specific Templates

Now, your ads do not need to look or feel the same throughout the year. Instead, you have the power to customize the ads completely according to the upcoming festival. So, your ads for a Black Friday Sale and a Christmas Sale will look completely different.

You don’t need to invest a lot of time customizing the ads at your base level. Instead, the overlays will do the job of customizing the template at a superficial level while preserving all the pertinent details of the ad.

  1. Immense Focus on Video Ads

The new templates are applicable both on image-based as well as video-based ads. Studies show that 45% of internet users watch more than an hour of Facebook and YouTube video ads every week.

Therefore, the market for video ads is growing consistently. In fact, the video-based ads are much more reliable and attractive compared to the image-based ads according to various studies.

Immense Focus on Video Ads

Editing an image-based ad is relatively simple at the base level. However, editing a video-based ad is relatively complex and time-consuming. The new ad overlays can help you edit the video-based ads to a large extent without spending a lot of time.

  1. Updates to Collection Ads

The collection ad format of the Facebook Ads platform has also seen a major overhaul with the last update. With this update, Facebook will help you automatically classify, highlight and organize the products into various groups.

The users can also tag the various groups effectively with personalized labels such as ‘Most Viewed’ or ‘Suggested for You.’ Facebook fetches the data from its Pixel tool to group the ads for you in an effective manner.

  1. Multiple Creative Options

Facebook has also launched a series of creative options for the graphics designers. The Ad store now has a large collection of matching design schemes that can catch the eye of your target audience.

You can now customize each and every small aspect of the ad campaign in a highly creative manner.

The creative options can help you set the colour, text, overlay types, etc. for each ad.

  1. Stepwise Easy Ad Creation Process

You can tag your process while creating the ads in a stepwise process. The overall customization process takes only four steps.

You can add or remove images that go hand in hand with the logo design of your company. You can also change the size of the font and customize the overlay according to the upcoming occasion.

  1. Dynamic Ad Campaigns

Facebook overlays are now a part of dynamic ad campaigns that are a step above the conventional plain image-based ad campaigns. The dynamic ad campaigns are extremely attractive and easy to use.

You can couple these ad campaigns with small graphical movements in a GIF or a video format.

Facebook provides all the necessary help to create an ad campaign on its support portal. You can follow the stepwise procedure on how to create a customized ad campaign with dynamic overlays here.


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