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The Ultimate Guide to Hire Google Ads Consultant for Your Success

Want to hire a Google Ads expert to set up a killer PPC campaign and derive outstanding results?

This comprehensive blog will help you choose the best Adwords professional who can deliver value for your business.

Top Reasons to Hire Adwords Experts for Your PPC Campaigns

Do you know that 50% of traffic coming to your website through paid ads has a higher likelihood of conversion than those coming from organic links?

Most importantly, a major segment of this ‘audience’ comes from Google Adwords – the largest paid search advertising platform today.

In fact, the average conversion rate for Google Ads is 75%.

Essentially, managing Google Adwords PPC campaigns is complex and cumbersome.

Getting started may be easy and initially, you do not require a Google Adwords specialist if you have basic knowledge in PPC.

But as your business scales and latest PPC trends emerge, you need to continuously optimize the campaigns to stay relevant and drive improved results.

That’s where you need a Google PPC expert.

Find out why it is a smart move to hire Adwords expert than considering doing it yourself:

i. You Lack the Expertise:

Google frequently updates its search algorithm and how it crawls PPC ads to rank them in terms of relevance and quality score.

You either lack the skills to set up and manage a PPC campaign on Google Ads or do not know all the tricks of the trade.

Therefore, it is a better option to hire PPC expert who has in-depth skillfulness in this arena.

ii. Saves Time:

As a business owner or marketing head, Google Ads PPC management isn’t your core KPI, right?

Entrust your PPC campaigns to a professional and save you valuable time, which you can spend in business development.

iii. Cost-Efficient:

Outsourcing professional Google PPC services is more affordable than recruiting and retaining an in-house team.

DIY PPC may seem cost-effective initially, but lack of experience may cause you to overspend – whatever are the results.

A specialist has innate skills in advanced bidding and PPC optimization, delivering quality results at a lower CPC and CPA.

7 Things to Know Before Hiring an Adword Specialist

Whether you have worked with a PPC firm earlier or hiring one for the first time, there are some important facts you should know about the agency before hiring.

While an Adwords expert is likely to deliver quality PPC results, yet many could mishandle your campaign and budget.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the following factors and ask the right questions when it comes to choosing the right person managing your Adwords campaigns.

1. Are You Google Adwords Certified?

Many PPC agencies do not have a certification in Google Adwords, but still doing great when it comes to delivering results.

So, this isn’t the only quality you should base your decision on. However, if the Adwords expert is certified and is a member of Google Partners, you can be assured of his knowledge and skillfulness in this field.

Additionally, Google Partners undergo regular training that enables them to upskill and gain knowledge in the latest developments.

Training and exams conducted by Google do not just cover the technicalities of Adwords, but also provide valuable insights to help realize higher ROI from the campaigns.

Therefore, certification is a vital aspect you should consider when hiring an Adwords consultant.

2. What is Your Strategy for my Business?

PPC ‘strategy’ is one aspect that is often neglected.

The initial consultation with the Adwords expert should not just be around your business and project requirements.

As a client, even you should have a fair idea of what strategy the agency thinks to be most appropriate for your needs.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in PPC – not even for businesses in the same niche.

Maybe a PPC search campaign isn’t appropriate for you, or need remarketing or local paid search advertising.

For example, advertising  strategy that works well for a hotel will not necessarily deliver quality results for a perfume brand.

So, the strategy has to be different for every business.

However, do not expect a full-proof strategy right in the first meeting.

An expert in Adwords will look into a whole lot of things, including your keywords, demographics, budget, etc, to define a comprehensive strategy.

But at least the agency can give you an idea of what they think is most suitable for your PPC needs.

That differentiates an experienced and good PPC expert from an average.

3. What is your PPC Advertising Specialty?

Just because he is a pay-per-click specialist does not mean he has prowess in Adwords PPC.

Suppose you are an ecommerce business and looking for dedicated paid search advertising solutions that can help boost visibility of your products and increase sales.

In this scenario, standard PPC services are not enough to achieve measurable results.

You need an expert specializing in Google Shopping Ads. Advertising on Google Shopping is a different concept altogether than PPC.

So, generic PPC solutions will not fit in your needs and you would want someone who has proficiency in this particular area.

Therefore, you should know the PPC expert’s ‘niche’ before hiring. Which industries do they serve?

Are they well-versed handling Google Adwords campaigns in your niche?

Also do not feel shy to ask the Google Adwords consultant how much money he manages for the clients?

A company that practices transparency will not be scared to give you the numbers.

4. What is your Approach towards Google Adwords PPC Management?

Before hiring, make sure they offer the best PPC services in India that can help realize optimum value against your ad budget.

Typically, a good Adwords agency takes a holistic approach towards PPC management, offering end-to-end services that include:

  • Comprehensive project discussion & strategy building
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Keyword research and discovery
  • Ad copy creation
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B testing multiple ad copies and landing pages
  • Bid management
  • Ad campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Keyword optimization and improvements
  • Conversion tracking and reporting

5. Who will have ownership of my Adwords Account?

This is one of the most vital questions you must ask your Adwords PPC consultant – who owns your Adwords PPC account.

It is important that you have complete control and ownership of your Google Adwords account, PPC campaigns, and data.

If required, get this in writing.

Because there are many experts who will create your PPC account within theirs and deny access when you try to gain control of the campaigns or hire a new agency.

Plus, they would withhold all valuable information related to the account such as reports or business-critical data.

This can result in serious security threats if the client-agency relationship gets bitter over time.

To avoid the scenario, get this in written or set up a Google Adwords account using your Gmail account. You can then provide access to the agency for campaign management.

An advantage of using Adwords is you will never lose any advertising history or campaign data.

So, even if your contract with the agency ends, you will still have all data you want to manage your campaigns.

6. How do You Track PPC Conversions?

Numerous Adwords agencies have mushroomed on the Internet today, running multiple PPC campaigns for clients across diverse needs.

Yet you would be surprised to know that they do not have a proper tracking system in place.

Make sure you do not outsource Adwords services to them because if the agency is unable to track campaign performance, how will they determine whether it is moving in the right direction.

Tracking is an important parameter of PPC success. It helps monitor which ad creatives, keywords and landing pages are performing best and which are not.

Likewise, you can tweak the campaign to achieve the desired results.

Similarly, you can track the number of clicks and conversions, where the customer is in the sales funnel, the number of phone calls or subscriptions, etc.

These are vital factors determining your campaign performance and success.

Best Adwords consultants leverage cutting-edge analytics tools to measure performance and provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights.

7. How to Hire? What is Your Fee Structure?

Finally, make sure the agency provides a flexible engagement model to hire an expert in Google Ads.

Can you hire on a full-time basis or have freelance Adwords consultants, ensuring more flexibility and cost efficiency?

Can you hire on an ad-hoc basis, i.e. only when you project demands or handle only a particular aspect of your PPC campaign?

Additionally, the agency should be transparent in their fee structure, i.e. do they have a flat fee or will charge a certain percentage of your advertising spend?

Evaluate which structure is most suitable for your business and ad budget, and then make an informed decision.

The Final Words…

If you want to run effective PPC campaigns, finding professional & reliable Adwords consulting services is important.

There are numerous Adwords experts out there, but this guide will hopefully help you make smart hiring decisions.


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