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The Advantages of Using an AdWords Certified PPC Company

Several companies are offering PPC campaign management services nowadays and it can be really difficult for your business to choose the right one. Well, you might see some of them mention being Google partners for AdWords certified companies. In fact, Google Adwords is one of the world’s largest pay-per-click platforms and millions of companies are using it to advertise their product or services. It is a great tool for reaching out to potential customers. So, if you are certified by a company that is of benchmarking status, That will be best. So what do these terms mean? Whether they indicate that companies are performing well in their field or exactly what do they tell us? We are going to cover the answer to this question in this article and will be looking at all the benefits of hiring an AdWords certified company. We will be looking at the factors associated with a certified company and how each of these can benefit your organization. In this way, we can cover all the effects of hiring an Adwords certified company to manage your campaign.

Google offers some training programs for digital marketing professionals and digital ad agencies which are known as google partners. When a company or advertiser joins the program, they need to take the certification exam from google analytics and google AdWords. In order to become certified in AdWords, the employee must pass at least two different exams among AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. Each one of the mentioned fields allows the user to get a thorough understanding of different fields that are relevant to digital marketing in today’s time. The exams someone is taking will depend on their preference. Although, it is true that employees need two exams to pass to get certified many of them pass all the papers in order to increase their knowledge base in digital marketing. If the employee scores more than 12 marks in the test, he’ll be considered as passed and this score will be valid for a period of 12 months. Also, test takers need to pass both the exams i.e. the AdWords fundamental and one other advertising exam. The company will keep displaying the google partner status as long as employees maintain their certifications. It is also necessary that they meet the other three criteria that are company profile, spend, and best practices. While creating a company profile is a piece of cake. Meeting the other two criteria is relatively difficult. Meeting the spend criteria requires an active Adwords account and qualifying the best practices needs you to be completely comfortable with Adwords concepts. The crux of all this is that, If the company is a google partner, They know what they are doing with PPC and what can be done. Combining this with AdWords certified accounts, You can be sure that you have hired an expert.

Let’s now talk about why AdWords certification matters?

Unlike other certifications employees need to take AdWords examinations within the past 12 months so it isn’t something a person can earn and it stays with them forever. You need to retake the exam after 12 months because the score is only valid for one year. This certification also ensures that employees who got their certification are up to date with PPC knowledge. They are up to date with the platform updates and with the best practices that are being performed in the industry. So, if you found someone that is Adwords certified you have definitely found an expert. There is one more feature of AdWords certification that demonstrates a thorough understanding of advertisement with Google. It’s definitely not a superficial level exam. so if someone passes it they know exactly what they can do with this and what they are doing with it. And if the owner of the ad platform thinks an agency is using it well enough to consider them a Partner, you can be confident in trusting your PPC. We are talking about Google here.

Now let’s discuss some more advantages of using Adwords certified PPC managers.

When you use AdWords certified PPC manager your campaign is run by industry leaders. In addition to courses, Google partner agencies also have access to some special events, product updates, and the Google partners community. In this way, they are ahead of other people to know about trends and new practices that are being implemented in the industry when your campaign is managed by an agency that stays at the top. You can be sure that your advertising strategy is always ahead of your competitors and trust their services. In order to maintain the quality, AdWords certified clients are regularly evaluated by Google. Google reviews their account and suggests some ways so they can improve their services and provide the best to their customers. So, Google itself evaluates campaigns along with the PPC agency you have hired. When you work with a Google partner agency and you can easily trust them in order to manage your PPC campaign. There are hardly any well-known drawbacks attached to these certified agencies. So, you don’t need to consider them. The cost factor is definitely one of the factors, But they are providing you the premium service, So this should not be a matter of concern. There are definitely some other benefits like AdWords certified companies carry a lot of experience with them. They are generally faster and effective when compared to a noncertified agency. There are several companies out there that are looking to manage your PPC campaigns. Many of them are Google partners or AdWords certified which have years of experience managing successful campaigns. You can look for these companies and make the most out of your PPC campaign.

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