Google Adwords

Google PPC Ads in the Artificial Intelligence Age

Technological advances are changing every day as we speak. There was a time earlier when you had to market the product; you would need to have people spread across various points and distribute flyers or we would have to flyers distributed along with the newspapers and magazines that get delivered to people’s houses daily.

This kind of marketing was very random. You could never target a specific set of individuals or even businesses that would avail of your services.

Change in Marketing Trends

Then came the age of computers and the Internet and the face of marketing or the way marketing was done began to change.

People now started moving to digital media instead of print media. Smartphones further made everyone digitally available and with smartphones came social media.

And now the advancement of technology has taken us to the world of Artificial intelligence or AI.

Artificial Intelligence: A Boom

AI now has continuously been changing everything around us including the way we perform our daily tasks.

It is in a way boon to mankind, where due to the impact of AI, there is less of human intervention and more of the machine being able to learn and detect patterns and finally being able to perform tasks on its own.

Before we go and look into how AI works in the world of marketing and advertising, let’s first understand how the digital ad campaigns changed the world of advertising and marketing.

Digital Ad Campaigns Changing the World of Advertisement

Google was one of the pioneers when it came to ads and the various Google ads campaign that we talk about.

Google has always been one of the biggest search engines. The moment we need to search for a product or service, for almost everyone the first point of checking is Google.

Hence it was the only seemed right that Google ads campaign came into the picture.

Google very easily recognized the opportunity for the search engine to be able to boost marketing by being able to promote businesses and services that paid for the service.

Yes, that’s right – the Google Ads campaign setup comes at a cost. How the Google Ads campaign management works is on an auction basis.

How we Search on Google?

Let us look at how we search on Google.

Whenever we have to search, we don’t search for an entire sentence altogether. What we normally do is just hunt for certain words or phrases.

Just a string of words together is searched for and the Google search engine matches that string with its database or across the globe and returns back all the places or websites where it has located all the words or even just a similar match of words.

These words are called “keywords” and in the world of advertising and marketing, these keywords are what people bid for.

Today every product or service has multiple brands and multiple businesses offering the same.

So how does Google decide which Google Ads campaign for which business to get shown?

In this case, it is very simple the highest bidder gets the cake. So every keyword is given to the businesses at a charge.

Depending on the budget allocated by the business, Google decides which business ad gets shown on top of the search page.

Google Ads in AI Age

So this benefit to people or businesses? Yes it is highly beneficial.

When we market on digital media, we can make our ads available or visible to the people that will buy or are looking for the product rather than just random marketing like print media in ancient times.

We are now showing are our ads to people who are looking at availing that service or product.

Hence you are now being able to reach out to actual prospects. If these prospects do buy the product or the service, you have gained a customer.

This implies that the “CPC” or the “Cost Per Customer” value reduces greatly with the same marketing budget you are now able to reach a larger crowd that want the service.

Now that we have understood the Google Ads campaign setup, taking one step further we will now go into the world of social media and artificial intelligence (AI).

The World of Social Media and AI

The entire concept of AI is that the system or the computer is designed to learn and act accordingly.

Hence what the AI system is made to do is learn patterns. In addition to this, today all of the social media is connected in some way or the other.

However, the vast majority of social media is owned by very specific companies.

Hence these companies are available to partner across the various platforms for better collaboration and better marketing.

Hence with the use of the Google smart shopping campaign, you can choose for your ad to be visible on a particular network or platform.

On the other hand, you are also able to choose whether you want it displayed everywhere. At the end of the day, it is all about the budget that you have set for your advertising or marketing.

With Google smart shopping campaign, you can see a spike in your business and the growth when your ads become more automatic and available to the people that would avail it.

Marketing in Today’s Era

Today marketing is all about playing it smart. If you can’t be smart and make use of the opportunities that are available, you might now see the kind of fast growth that you are looking at.

Google smart shopping campaigns gives that additional edge to the competition in the market.

The budget that you allocate decides whether you get the business or someone else does. Like discussed earlier, the biggest bidder is the one whose ad is shown most and across platforms.

Some of the best examples would be Amazon and Flipkart, who are able to rule the world as far as ecommerce retailers or ecommerce platforms are concerned.

Often the best way to decide is to try the smart Google Ads campaign management, which Google does offer a free trial by providing credits and then you can choose if you want to continue or not.