PPC For Local Businesses

There are a number of small businesses growing currently, many of which are concentrated in a small area. For local businesses, it is usually difficult to advertise your business probably because most of the small businesses are tight on budget. Your goal can range from spreading the name of your business to increasing your customer base. As mentioned above, this is generally difficult when you are tight on budget when it comes to traditional channels of advertising. But with the rise of digital advertising, There are several tools using which you can achieve the same output with lesser effort. In this article, we will be talking about how you should use PPC if you own a local business.

First things first, let us understand what PPC is? So, PPC refers to a digital marketing strategy with the help of which, you can place your ad on the Search engine results page, social media websites, and other websites. You will be paying each time some user clicks on your ad. There are various sorts of PPC advertisements, however quite possibly the most well-known sorts are the paid search ad. These promotions show up when individuals look for things on the internet using a web search engine like Google – particularly when they are performing commercial searches, implying that they’re searching for something to purchase. In this advertisement model, the advertiser pays for each click that he receives on the ad, Hence, it got its name as “Pay per click”.

There are many underlying factors that determine the performance of PPC. The first thing we need to understand is how the position of the ads gets decided? There is a parameter called quality score, the placement of ads will directly be dependent on this factor. The better the quality score you have, The better position you get on the search results page (A better position means the top slots). Ad positions are also dependent upon what is known as the Ad Auction, a totally mechanized cycle that Google and other significant web engines use to decide the relevance and quality of notices that show up on their SERPs.

How Can PPC Help your Local Business?

Since most of the local businesses target their potential customers by making use of location, PPC can help in targeting their most valuable customers. You can use location-based extensions that are available to target potential customers efficiently. Local businesses focus on a small group of individuals, hence it’s less competitive when compared with MNCs that are present over the world. Since there will be less competition for the keywords you are targeting, there will be cheaper bids on these keywords. As a result, You’ll have to pay a lesser amount for your campaign. These are the two most significant reasons you should invest in PPC.

Uniqueness and specialty are the two characteristic qualities that determine your success if you are a small business. This is one of your biggest assets that you can use to target your potential customers. As a local business owner, you are already ahead in the game because you are able to market to a smaller pool of people, that too with minimum expenditure on the ads. With Google ads, you can reach a smaller group of people belonging to your specific area. This implies that you are not spending money on people who don’t belong to your area and eventually you are effectively marketing your product or services.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

The cost of a PPC campaign is a subjective question and it depends on a number of various factors. You can always work on a budget that is suitable for your business, that’s the major benefit of PPC. However, most of the small to midsize businesses spend anywhere between 9k-10k USD on PPC per month. Well, this does not mean that you cannot work on your campaign if you don’t have this amount of budget allocated to PPC. You can work considering your budget constraints.

How to Use PPC for Your Local Businesses?

You should start with selecting the platforms on which you want to launch your ads. There are a lot of options available for this and each of these yields satisfactory results. Some of these are discussed below:

  1. Google ads: Google ads allow you to display your ad on the Google search results page. The placement of your ad in Google search results will be based on ad rank which depends on your websites’ quality score and your bid for certain keywords. So, you should really work on making your quality score better in order to get a good position. There are some of the factors which determine your quality score and these are your keyword relevance, your text, your landing page quality and how fast your landing page loads, etc. AdWords offer one more specific feature using which you can create product-specific ads which will show up when the user clicks on Shopping and will take the user directly to your website.
  2. Retargeted display ads: Retargeted display ads is a great way to get customers back on your site. This has a high conversion chance as they will only target people who are looking for products actively. As an example, If a user has already been searched for a gaming PC you can retarget them by showing an ad of a gaming PC they were previously looking at.
  3. Social media ads: Social media ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads; target your audience based on really specific information. Social media platforms have a combined audience of billions so you can reach too many potential customers in just one go. This is a great option to go with if you are tight on your budget. After setting a budget, the platform will ensure that you spend only a certain amount of your budget on the campaign daily and it will also set a cap on your overall expenditure.

After performing the above steps, you should do what your competitors are missing in order to get ahead of them. To do this, You can work on your landing page to provide a better user experience, make it load faster, and fill this with relevant information. After this, You are ready to go. There are many PPC companies that can provide these services, You can also go with them.

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