PPC Experts Hack: 6 Surprising Ways to Use Google Adwords

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PPC Adwords promise an advertising space which is extremely limited, highly competitive and which can actually get exceedingly expensive. Still, businesses invest in it big time in terms of efforts, money and time. Why? Because, PPC marketing and Google Adwords is such a terrific combination to get what every business desires for – reaching the right people at the right time, immediate impact leading to action, brand recognition and unmatched traffic boost. So, those failing to leverage its effectiveness actually fall short of unique and creative ways to utilize it.

Relying solely on the most popular keywords, for example, is a cliché. We obviously know that these keywords have high conversion rates but tend to ignore the fact that these are highly competitive as well and bidding extensively on them can raise your PPC budget too. What you need to learn is how to tread the roads less-travelled and make your Google Adwords PPC campaign productive as well as budget-friendly. Inspired by some really successful real-life PPC campaigns, here are some atypical ways to do it.

Target the Top of the Marketing Funnel

There are two types of internet traffic – first consisting of well-informed people who simply intend to buy and second consisting of people who are at the top of the marketing funnel looking for information and willing to be informed. Most of the PPC ads would attempt at wooing the former section using keywords with the high sales pitch.

What you should be doing: Ask you PPC expert to design ads using keywords with a low sales pitch for the latter. When these people enter the marketing funnel (reach your landing pages), you will have enough ways to inform and engage them and also to convert them into buyers.

Look for Content Your Keywords Stand Valid For

Are you selling a food ingredient which is used in a number of recipes? Or, a food ingredient which is a popular home remedy for a specific health issue? If yes, the content related to these recipes and health issues can provide many keywords that you can target in your PPC ads. Those searching for these recipes and home remedies would also become the audiences of your ads.

What you should be doing: Allocate a part of your PPC Adwords budget to create ads that bid on keywords related to recipes, home remedy solutions and health issues and smartly incorporate your product in them.

Keywords Research

Cash on Something that Is Trending

If there is a thrilling or long-awaited event just around the corner, piggyback on the buzz created around it to gain mileage for your PPC campaign. For this, you need to be really creative to capture the event’s mood and relate it to your business products. As the terms related to the scheduled event are bound to be searched on Google, your ads have a great chance to appear in the search results.

What you should be doing: Let’s understand it with an example. If you have an ice-cream store in the city which is about to host a summer carnival, let your ad titles be something like ‘Flavours of Summer Carnival 20XX’.

Focus on Negative to Claim Positive

If your business caters to a specific section of its niche, you won’t want to pay for the clicks from other sections. For example, if you offer management software only for small cafes, you won’t want restaurant owners to click on your ads. This is because they won’t find anything relevant to your needs and your PPC budget would shoot up unnecessarily.

What you should be doing: You can use an interesting feature of Google Adwords PPC system by which you can provide it with a list of negative keywords and your ads would no more be visible to people searching using those keywords.

Harness the Power of Brand – Yours and Your Competitors’

While many experts offering PPC services would discourage bidding on a brand name, others would advocate the practice. It is especially essential when the product you are selling is also being sold with almost similar features and qualities by your competitor. At the same time, use your competitor’s brands in your PPC ads smartly to leverage their brand value.

What you should be doing: First of all, bid on phrases that combine your brand name with the relevant niche keywords. Second, design a landing page where you compare your product with that of your competitor’s and the same should be highlighted in your PPC ad.

Let Adwords Drive Organic Traffic Too

Paid marketing campaigns and organic search engine optimization usually go hand in hand. An interesting aspect is that the insights one can get after a few PPC campaigns may prove exceptionally useful for driving organic traffic as well. For example, you get to know what type of people click on your PPC ads the most and develop SEO content to attract them organically.

What you should be doing: Choose the high-value keywords from the PPC campaign data and develop quality content around them.

So, what are the takeaways? Be unique in your approach and use these tips to take PPC success to the next level.


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