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You might have heard the word PPC advertising uncountable times if you are someone working in the world of Digital Marketing.

No matter what point you start your business, PPC has become most important aspect of Digital Marketing for the online promotion of your brand.

As most of the businesses whether big or small are adopting this mode of promotion, having a complete knowledge about how it works is a must,


Before diving into this guide, let us first understand why PPC is important?


Supposedly, you are a dentist, or maybe someone who sells dental products.

Now in both cases, you can grow your business by using digital marketing. You will have to follow a few steps-

  1. You will have to post some resourceful information that would actually be useful for your audience.
  2. You will have to create an advertisement to promote business and display it on the google.
  3. Use PPC to attract the audience and get a better ranking on the Google search results.
  4. Finally, earn some revenue.

Now, this is just an overlook of the work that you have to put up.

There is a lot more to it, but this gives a basic idea of what all can be done to set up a digital fan base for your product and services.

So basically, you can use dental PPC marketing and earn a good profit and offer services to those looking for medical assistance on the world wide web.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is the full form of PPC, now this full form alone may give some idea about what PPC is.

You may comprehend that PPC is related to either getting paid with a click or paying someone on a click.

Let’s clear the concept here;

PPC is what you pay for a single click on the advertisement you run for the promotion of your products through Google Ads.

What does Paying for your advertisement mean? 

When you promote your product through digital marketing or when you wish to get a better site ranking for your services on the search results, you have to pay for the same.

Now, it is not just your advertisement that you pay for.

 Sorry to burst the bubble. 

There is a lot of planning that you have undergo to start your business.

So, after you plan to advertise your product, you need a strategic planning for more audience to reach your product.

To achieve this, you buy some keywords.

Consider an example – 

If you want to find out how you can bake a cake without an egg at your home, you most likely will use the shortest way to type these words in the search bar.

So here, if the majority of audience search “bake a cake without egg,” then this becomes a valuable keyword to invest on.

Mainly because it can drive a vast number of people to your business and that the likeliness of your Ad being displayed on the top automatically increases.

You might be surprised to know, not only google prefers displaying paid ads on at the top, the buyers also find these PPC advertisements more credible.

You can hire some PPC advertising experts to plan the best PPC Ad techniques at cheap rates.

A PPC advertising expert will help you to advertise your product with the best keywords and will help you to understand how you can lower the cost of a valuable keyword.

How is PPC related to keywords?

You already have a good idea about what “keywords” are.

So, it is one step closer to understanding PPC better. When you add keywords in your content, it is linked to the website that you intend to grow.

Investing on the right keyword is the key.

When someone clicks on these keywords, that user is redirected to your website. This is where the actual job of retaining the customer begins.

A user clicks the keyword and comes to your page; this is your audience. They may buy your product, and you may earn a profit.

These valuable keywords come at a small cost. When someone clicks on these keywords, you are charged a small amount for that click. It is what is known as pay-per-click.

You don’t pay every week, month, or year but you pay for every single click that you get on your keyword.

This may sound a little expensive at the beginning, but think carefully.

Suppose, you pay $1 for a single click but get a revenue of $300 from that same click.

How does that sound to you now? Enticing, right? 

It is clear now, PPC is an important part of digital marketing, and if you do it right, it can help you get a lot of audience with fewer charges.

You will not have to worry about the complications of how to apply PPC; there are plenty of websites that provide PPC advertising solutions.

You can contact some PPC consultant companies to select the best PPC for your website.

You don’t need to worry about the PPC consultant rates; they are a few affordable PPC agency that helps you at very nominal charges.

Are all Keywords Chargeable?

If you wonder whether all keywords are up for sale?

Then the answer is No! 

Not all keywords are chargeable; there are plenty of keywords that do not cost anything and are researched by the business developers itself.

Such keywords are known as organic keywords. These can also help to generate some audience but when compared to PPC advertisement the organic traffic takes time and remains unpredictable.

If free and organic keywords are available, then why should one buy the keywords?

When you search for something on Google, you will find that the top few sites come up with “Ads” written in a small rectangular box in front of the link.

It means that these websites have invested on the keywords and are ranked at the top of the list.

Which site should be displayed at the top and which should be next to it are decided by Google algorithms that change overnight.

That means buying keywords is one way to be listed on the top.

Some other aspects are accounted for ranking the websites.

These factors include – whether the ad campaigns and keywords are related to the website of the owner, the length of the keywords that they are using,  are few among many.

Take the help of a certified PPC expert to be more accurate about your choice of keywords and run a PPC campaign the helps you fetch profits.

Where can you buy these keywords?

There are a few sites that sell these keywords; however, the most used place is Google Ads or Google AdWords.

Here you have to bid for the keyword that you want and use it. Google Adwords professional structure helps you to buy a keyword without any complications.

Using Google Adwords for reference is a better idea because a large number of people use Google as a search engine, so a number of people can be lead to your business with the right choice and use of keywords.

Some expert PPC management services offer services that can minimize the losses and come up with ways to mark your presence digitally.

The best AdWords specialists guide you in your journey of making your website successful.

This expert PPC management firm takes care that you do not face any trouble in purchasing PPC and using it accurately.

What is the role of bidding in PPC?

Let us understand this with an example:

Suppose you buy a keyword for $2, and your competitor business buys the same keyword at the price of $1, then your advertisement will be listed above the advertisement of the other company.

It happened because you paid more price than the other business for that keyword.

So, this is bidding, and this is how it plays its part in PPC.

How to rank at the top by using PPC

  1. It is crucial to create content that draws the audience towards your business. A dull banner or boring content will not attract people, so paying attention to the creativity part is a must. Use creative advertisement banners and make your content interesting and fun.
  2. Your landing pages should be very precise. It should be clear that what that page is for and what services you are offering there. (Landing page is a page to which audience reach by clicking on the PPC.)
  3. The keywords that you use in your content should relate to your content. How would someone click on a keyword if it is different from the actual subject? The keyword must match your topic.

All these factors help to rank you at the top. These factors collectively build a quality score that is judged by theGoogle AdWords to provide you a place in the list.

If your content is creative, keywords are related, the landing page has a good quality, and the bidding rate is good, you will most likely end up at the top of the list.

There are plenty of ways to manage PPC for your business.

You don’t have to do all the work by yourself.

Starting with the expenses, there are Adwords management packages available through plenty of experts PPC management companies.

However, the best PPC advertising company can also use negative keywords to save you from the waste clicks.

For instance,

You are advertising for casual wearing clothes in your campaign, and you do not sell any other type of clothes. But when some user types “sportswear,” he might end up at your page, click one of the keywords, and still not buy any product.

That is because that visitor was looking for sportswear that was not available at your online store. Now, this visitor cost you a click, which was completely wasted.

So, to avoid such waste clicks and to save a lot of expenses, you can add “sports” in the negative keywords, so any user searching about sportswear will never be redirected at your site.

To get the help, firstly choose a google AdWords certified company and then proceed further. They will allow you to choose some affordable PPC packages at very fewer charges.

White Label PPC Management

If you think that all of this is too much work for you and you are unable to operate all this by yourself, then don’t worry.

There are other options available for you. You can hire PPC management experts to work for you, and you can pay them for all the work.

An expert PPC management will allow you to build quality for stronger business growth. The revenue that comes through this management is all yours; you don’t have to share it with the third party.

This is known as white label PPC management. The white label PPC pricing is not too much, so you can buy a cheap deal if you do good research.

How to ensure that your business makes growth with PPC?

An ensuring way is to take AdWords PPC management services from some certified Google Adwords specialist. However, you can take some steps on your own as well –

Make sure that you keep track of the daily activity of your campaign. This is an ensuring way to check the growth of it.

Use keywords regularly to gain more audience. Use the keywords that are related to your business to expand the growth. You can take the help of a certified Adwords expert.

Use negative keywords regularly to avoid any waste clicks.

Try to keep track of what users can search for that may not relate to your product in some ways. Add those words to the list of your negative keywords.

You can stop using those keywords that are not much useful and save some expenses.

Constantly update your landing pages, to maintain the quality of the content. It will help to keep the audience interested in your product.

These are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your business grows.

Don’t forget to take white label PPC services as it saves you plenty of work and efforts that you may want to use in some other aspects of your business.

Make sure that you take help from only a certified AdWords expert.


Thriving digitally is what every business looks for in today’s competitive world. But not everyone is aware of the latest updates in the advertising world.

Hire the best PPC advertising agencies for valuable assistance and profitable investments in paid advertisements.

Sit back and relax while your advertising agents plans to give your projects profitable leads with PPC.


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