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do i need to pay to get a google adwords account?

Google AdWords which is currently known as Google Ads, is an online platform by Google that provides advertising facilities to the highest bidder of a particular keyword.

It works on the PPC (pay-per-click) model meaning that you only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement run by Google on your behalf.

When users search for a particular keyword on Google, the highest bidder’s website is shown first amongst the millions of search results.

You definitely need to spend money on Google AdWords to have a place on the summit of these search results. However, no payment is needed to create a Google AdWords account.

You can easily create custom ad campaigns through Google AdWords. It is only when you want to run these campaigns live that you have to pay Google.

Do you need an AdWords consultant?

With around 50% of small businesses already using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, Google AdWords or any advertising service for that matter has become a necessity today, for small, medium, and even large companies. But it’s not that simple!

Google AdWords is an effective but tricky tool. While research says that with the help of online PPC advertising, you can expect a return of over 700%, there is also the possibility of all your money going down the drain.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to handle Google AdWords effectively with the aid of an AdWords expert, especially if you do not know the nuances of online advertising.

Benefits of AdWords Consultants

An AdWords consultant will design effective ad campaigns for your company and will increase the Quality Score of your ads.

The Quality Score system was designed by Google to check the various elements of ad campaigns.

Each keyword gets its own score that can significantly affect the overall score and permeability of your ad campaigns.

An AdWords expert will optimize your ads through the multiple Google ad tools which he already has. You will save the money which you otherwise would have spent on purchasing these tools yourself.

Through AdWord consulting, your ads will reach the target audience and you will see a rise in traffic on your website.

Proper hiring of AdWords consultants through an inquiry about their experience and relevance expertise and monitoring the ROI (return on investment) regularly to ensure value for your money are important when availing of their services.

Google AdWords Cost

The Google AdWords packages are not strictly defined and depend entirely on your budget. On average, around 1$ or 2$ needs to be spent on every click generated through Google AdWords.

The ROI on each dollar spent is nearly 8$ which is the reason that the majority of businesses are now investing in PPC. SMBs (small-to-midsize-businesses) end up spending nearly 10,000$ per month on Google AdWords.

What is White Label PPC?

White Label simply means buying from a third party, applying your own branding to it, and then selling it as your own. On the same lines, White Label PPC means hiring a PPC agency to manage the PPC accounts of your clients.

The agency then effectively becomes an extension of your own company and the clients see it as your work and may never get a hint that there is a third party behind the curtain handling all the work.

When should you use White Label PPC?

If you have a company or an agency that provides PPC campaigns, reports, ads, or consultancy services and there are a lot of clients in your threshold, it might be a good idea to opt for White Label PPC.

A White Label PPC agency provides the option to outsource the PPC management of your clients. You can also use White Label PPC to outsource your own PPC management.

It is a great cost-effective option for your company since you pay for only what you need without having to hire a permanent employee.

Using White Label Facebook ads is another way to drive customer attention to your ad campaigns. Facebook has approximately 2 billion active monthly users which makes Facebook an extremely lucrative platform.

Amazon PPC Agency

Have you ever seen the “Sponsored Products” section on Amazon when searching for a product? Those are the products making use of Amazon PPC services.

It is quite similar to Google AdWords since it too works on the pay-per-click model of advertising and both of them follow the same keyword auction style with the highest bidder winning the advertising spot.

However, there are certain differences between the two. Amazon PPC services have around 10% conversion rate as against 1-2% of Google AdWords.

While Google ads take you to that specific brand’s website, Amazon ads will never take you off Amazon.

Display Advertising Services

Besides running textual ad campaigns, advertising your product or service through images, gifs, and videos can be equally effective and this is what display advertising is all about.

The most popular form of display advertising is remarketing. As the name suggests, remarketing means showing your ads to customers who already visited your website but left without converting their click into sales.

It can be called a post-click advertising strategy and Google Display Network (GDN) is a specific advertising platform meant for such display advertising services.

Same as in PPC, you can hire a remarketing agency who are adept in handling custom advertising objectives.


Google AdWords, Google Display Network, and Amazon Advertising are potent advertising tools that can help your business scale, even exponentially if used correctly.

And to gain maximum benefit from these services, you will more often than not need the consultancy of an AdWords expert who can guide your ad campaigns and drive the desired traffic towards your website.

On the other hand, if you are a PPC services provider, do give a thought to White Label PPC that can lower down your workload and also costs. ‘


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