Posted by Andrella | November 28, 2020

The word digital grabs everyone’s attention towards big giants driving it, and they are Google, Amazon, and a few more. Every minute there are thousands of people coming online and relying on ecommerce websites for their needs. In coming times, more than 70 percent of sales would be through the digital platforms. Investing the efforts … Continue reading “Upgrade your business with Amazon PPC Campaigns”

Posted by Andrella | November 24, 2020

Every day there are millions of people who are jumping online to fulfill their basic needs. Investing in real estate has become low because people find cloud space more beneficial than office state. Ecommerce PPC management companies are growing at a fast pace because the world is getting digital. For selling, there is a need … Continue reading “What Kinds of Businesses Should Use PPC advertising?”

Posted by Andrella | November 19, 2020

The world is getting digital, and the number of people joining the internet is increasing daily. Many businesses are switching online because the traffic for online purchases is more than offline. It is convenient for businesses to present a variety of stuff and for the customers to choose the best among them. According to a … Continue reading “Increase visibility and sales on Amazon with advertising”

Posted by Andrella | November 18, 2020

Pay-per-click(PPC) marketing is a way to generate clicks to your website using the search engine. On a Google search result page, you see sponsored ads at the top marked as a yellow label. How PPC works: When your ad is clicked, then sending a visitor to your website, you pay a small amount to the … Continue reading “Everything you should know about Pay-Per-Click Marketing”

Posted by Andrella | November 12, 2020

Google AdWords which is currently known as Google Ads, is an online platform by Google that provides advertising facilities to the highest bidder of a particular keyword. It works on the PPC (pay-per-click) model meaning that you only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement run by Google on your behalf. When users search … Continue reading “Do I need to pay to get a Google AdWords account?”

Posted by Andrella | November 8, 2020

One of the dilemma for many paid search marketers who are trying to make a mark in the industry; they are constantly flooded with the innumerable PPC networks available than ever before out there to them. Undoubtedly two of the most talked about paid search networks and no prize for guessing, we are talking about … Continue reading “Google display Ads or Bing PPC Ads. Which PPC network is worthy of your money?”

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