Posted by Andrella | October 24, 2018

Google LLC is one of the largest multinational company that utterly dominates the internet and specializes in search engines, online advertising technologies, cloud computing and many more. It is a pillar of innovation in virtual and hardware technology. Every year we see new amazing updates that never cease to amaze us due to its ingenuity. … Continue reading “Things You Need To Know About Shoppable Google Image Ads”

Posted by Andrella Lone | October 18, 2018

The tendency, among humans, to acquire faster and error free services, is at an all-time high. People are trying to come-up with new advancements and technologies. Once human obsession with mobile phones ended, smartphone were launched in the market. This marked the beginning of an endless possibility. Software and app developers worked night and day … Continue reading “How To Block Poor Performing Ad Placements In Apps Using A Script?”

Posted by Andrella Lone | October 8, 2018

The market for voice search is getting hotter every single day. Today, we don’t just talk through the mobiles, instead, we can talk ‘to’ them. With the rise in the use of voice assistants like the Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri for the mobile phones, and Cortana for the desktops, we can now have a … Continue reading “A Complete Guide on Testing Voice Search Through PPC”

Posted by Andrella Lone | October 5, 2018

Using smartphones has actually become a way of life for the modern consumers. There is hardly anyone nowadays who leaves home without their mobile devices and when you delve deeper into the research and surveys of the consumer behavior, it gets even more interesting. About 94% people search for local information on their mobile phones … Continue reading “AdWords Mobile PPC Basics & its Best Practices”

Posted by Andrella Lone | October 2, 2018

Google is known to provide updates that reform the browsing experience for its audience positively. Each update makes the overall browsing experience of the audience slightly more streamlined and effective. However, the same updates are a big headache for the web developers and digital marketers. The same trend carries on with the new update that … Continue reading “How Does Google Ads Removing the Option to Opt Out of Mobile App Targeting Affect You?”

Posted by Andrella | September 28, 2018

Over the years, Facebook has emerged as one of the leading platforms for business promotion. The fact that it allows getting hold of millions of people from all over the world under the same roof has made it so popular. Companies invest in millions in online marketing, which includes a significant amount in Facebook. However, … Continue reading “How to reduce Facebook Lead Ads Cost for Better ROI”

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