Posted by Andrella Lone | April 19, 2019

These days, people are using Facebook and Twitter for many more activities than simply connecting and chatting with each other online. These two platforms have become powerful marketing tools where businesses are being promoted and showcased. Irrespective of the size of your business, these two social media platforms can be used to engage targeted customers … Continue reading “Effective Facebook & Twitter Advertising Strategies for 2019”

Posted by Andrella Lone | April 3, 2019

Google serves over half the world’s population. It serves 4.5 billion users across the globe. Therefore, it provides an excellent reach to the marketers. The right Google Keyword Planner strategies can help you lead the search rankings on the search engine. This is the perfect time for marketers to start investing their time and energy … Continue reading “Google Keyword Planner Guide 2019: Tips, Hacks and Strategies”

Posted by Andrella Lone | March 28, 2019

Google has an extremely customer-centric business model that allows it to push updates for its customers more frequently. Google pushes these updates across all its tools and adds a host of new features to its list regularly. Lately, Google has made multiple changes in its Google Ads platform. These frequent updates help Google Ads convert … Continue reading “6 Latest Google Ads (AdWords) Updates for You”

Posted by Andrella Lone | March 25, 2019

Forecasting the results of the marketing campaigns is a big part of a marketer’s job. Ideally, a marketer needs to work backwards by selecting a set target and then working towards it. These marketers often work in extremely strict budget constraints to produce the necessary results for their organizations. A marketer needs to calculate an … Continue reading “How Marketers Are Calculating Google Ads Budgets for 2019”

Posted by Andrella | January 28, 2019

A funnel-based strategy is often used in the marketing and sales operations of enterprise companies. This strategy works with companies that are dealing with thousands of leads at the same time. The funnel-based approach helps the marketing and sales operations of the company segregate the good and the bad prospects for the business. The funnel-based … Continue reading “Guide on How to Create Funnel-Based PPC Account Strategy”

Posted by Andrella | January 21, 2019

LinkedIn is hands down the best platform for B2B companies to reach their target audience. It is the one place where professionals can freely express their thoughts and reach out to the most influential people in the business community. Studies show that LinkedIn is growing at LinkedIn went from 500K users to 500 million users … Continue reading “About LinkedIn Ads – Reaching Your Golden Influencers with Content”

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