Hidden PPC Traffic killers

When the PPC or a Facebook ads strategy is giving the results you were looking for, the company generally puts the trust on the PPC channel.

Business owners start fussing around when things take a turn for the bad. They encourage their teams to max the volume, especially if they have been going badly in the year.

This is common to see when the PPC marketing becomes the lifeblood of a businesses.

The truth is that a lot of account managers assumed that their channels just got out of hand and need to be properly reined in again.

It is possible to always make profits of a Google merchant account, but you are doing wrong when you take such a defensive stance.

You can end up laying out more money when you have an over-tightened account.

Some managers make the terrible mistake of trying to find inventory in other channels that are generally only enabled via other ads PPC platforms.

And the same mistake is often made by a lot of savviest when they unconsciously “tighten” their PPC  accounts.

Mostly, the excess of tightening is usually hard to dig up.

Here are five reasons (or ways) why your Google ad preferences is actually blocking out traffic without your realizing.

1) Unreasonable dayparts

When running a retail store business, it is better to adjust bids downwards on weekends, holidays and off hours.

But for B2B business, things work differently. Business owners should adjust them during normal business hours because they increase the chance to target more people at the office.

This is a good sponsored ads strategy, but in essentials, it won’t work in all cases.

Keep in mind that people do research all the time, even during off hours. Plus, Google ads agency fix the time zone.

Generally, people do research on their phones and tablets.

Therefore, experts recommend loosening bid adjustments 24/7. With this method, you’re ensuring the bids will be eligible all day long without restriction.

2) Over-negativing

Negative keywords can disrupt the functioning of any account manager as well. The first case occurs when you fail to make keyword bids more surgical.

The other case is, however, when the query flow gets cut in by the broad match negative.

Getting a high number of negatives is also a bad thing. Just ask yourself whether or not the bids, keywords and match types are inappropriate.

Also think if the brand awareness campaign you are running is relevant.

Once you give an answer to these questions, you will be able to separate the wise keywords from the silly ones.

Sometimes, it is a great idea to create another Ad campaign but using a new strategy.

You will get higher-funnel interactions from the new attribution information once you do it.

3) IP blocking using a click fraud detection service

An IP is a protocol given to a number of users living in a specific area.

Fortunately, Google are taking measures to block  out click fraud recently. Unquestionably, the click fraud software also affects your business.

Question its assumptions and make the modifications according to the settings.

4) Failure to use broad match

Some Facebook managers rely much more on hyper-specific exact match keywords because they have fear of the broad match. You may think they do have good reasons for doing that.

Exact match is everybody’s dream, but if you want to grow in the business, you will need a wider net.

A broad match or dynamic search ads can help you in your query research. Change your mindset and don’t get surprised when the risk and work grows as well.

5) Bad assumptions about geography

Some PPC Adwords Manager say this: “we do poorly here, so we are going to shut this off”. It’s hard to retreat but it’s not a bad idea to lower your bids at times.

This is a common problem that new businesses face up in the beginning. Some give up because they can’t adjust their bids according to the target cost per acquisition.

Consider the fact that growing is hard and takes time. So, avoid naughty PPC campaigns. In other words, take it easy and don’t make things harder.

Give your business the positive reputation it demands

It is important that you make ways to protect, defend and increase your visibility. It is vital to improve your search results on Google.

Hire a PPC outsourcing company to analyze all the channels you’re using to reach the public: business review sites, blogs, forums and social media.

You need to know what people are talking about your company. Anyway, when somebody drops a negative comment, it is necessary that you come out with proactive responses to bounce back from any damage caused by the comment.

To solve this problem, you need to keep in touch with your customers. Make clear all the doubts about your online brand.

An alternative is to push down ripoff reports that make your business easy to find online. This service is affordable. Añways look for the ripoff report removal.

There are other factors that tarnish your reputation. Of course, they are approachable.Some of these factors are:

1) Pissed consumer information

Some customers can post a review to damage the reputation of your business. You can ask a well-reputed agency to remove these details from Google.

2) Reviews managenent

If you thought that being a celebrity was cakes and ale, you were wrong. Some people will drop nice reviews of your services while others behave maliciosly, regardless of your efficiency and good reputation.

To bypass these issues, it is essential to remove negative image and feedback. That’s the key to repairing personal reputation.

If you make no branding, you won’t ever have a strong profile. Bear in mind that other businesses are competing and doing the same you are doing to succeed in the industry.


Latest Google AdWords Updates 2018

Google doesn’t update Google Adwords account as often as other platforms do, but they are equally important.

Improvements increased in number especially after the launch of Experience by the end of the last year.

Now, with the latest Google Adword updates, advertising is easy and fruitful.

Users don’t even realize them because they lack specificity and don’t report data so much. But the truth is that changes are noticeable right now and that’s what you’ll be reading next.

Google this time, concentrated on Google remarketing AdWords and Customer Matching Options.

Of all, these two represent the biggest updates since January. Landing Pages Report and Customer Match Options are no longer the same.

Along with that, Google brought a lot more. Let’s find it out here.

Some of the latest AdWords updates are:

  • Promotion extension is easier.
  • Google incorporated new and more accurate custom columns
  • Betterments and expansion in landing pages report.
  • Use of Ads variations to make A/B test faster.
  • Expansion of the Customer Match Options.
  • The inclusion of custom Intent Audiences to get better results.

That’s all for the time being. Let’s start.

Mind you, the points to gloss below are not in order.

New and more accurate custom columns

Google Adwords expert are working their guts to enhance custom metrics in all levels including the ad group.

And they have been introducing new concepts to advertisers in the last four years.

But Google continued to do a good job and announced a new addition to compensate the lack of specificity in the keyword and ad level.

Expansion of landing pages

One of the AdWords sections that had an overhaul was the landing page customization.

Landing Pages were introduced in 2017. With these modifications, you have a larger perception of costs, clicks, conversion rates, performance and views under the guidance of the best adwords consultants.

Landing pages reports are more complete now giving you control of all your landing pages at a time.

The new options provide you with actionable data including AMP clicks, mobile clicks and of course, conversions.

Plus, there are other features we are not going to mention here.

Extending promotions for easy sales

Texts on Adwords are pretty short.

Google only lets you write 30 words for the headline and 80 to describe the product.

It is a good tool to communicate to potential buyers but this time, Google limits you a lot.

In layman’s terms, you have tons of information to share but you can’t because of the word limit. It’s very hard to convince users to buy from you with such policies.

As a result, writing headlines on AdWords editor is boring. People usually ignore short descriptions.

But this problem apparently came to an end.

Since Google extended promotions, you can add an extra tab with details about your products and services.

This tab allows you to show more of the info you want to convey.

So, AdWords consultants can take a lot of advantage of this extension during high seasons like Christmas or Halloween and boost their sales.

Use of Ad variations to make A/B test faster

It stands to reason that if you want to succeed in Google AdWords, you must learn about A/B testing ads.

In 2016, A/B was a little complicated. You had to launch new tests and create many more ad groups and campaigns than necessary.

But with the introduction of Ad Variations, Google has improved AdWords experience and users can make use of AZ/B ads at a large scale.

Now, it won’t take you so much time to apply the test to copies. Just click and you will be scaling your test at a rapid pace.

This is probably the best A/B test update ever.

Is that it? No, here comes the best part.

Google Adwords keyword planner simplifies the results and omits those that are insignificant.

Expansion of the Customer Match Options

Customer matching options was released in March of 2015.

With this new app, Google started to spoon-feed marketing to marketers.

They were able to upload the customer information to link it to a specific audience. Google re-marketing was a piece of cake.

People then made profit from it for a good reason:

They were having high conversion rates.

But that didn’t stop here.

Since 2017, users can upload customer data including mail ids and contact numbers for better matching.

Other than that, the matching process goes better on Facebook and Twitter. It matches Google, Facebook (likes) and Twitter customers with more precision.

The inclusion of custom Intent Audiences to get better results

Google AdWords has striven to improve two aspects that matter to PPC management advertisers a lot: demographic targeting and audience management.

Consequently, they added other features and beefed up the UX and UI.

As a bonus, AdWords made cool modifications in the targeting options and Display Network ads.

These brand new features are nothing less than game-changing additions.

Now with the new app called Custom Intent Audience, users can make the most of their creativity and go beyond demographic targeting and affinity.

Google PPC equip them with better tools to create the coolest custom audiences.

Long story short, with Custom Intent Audience, you are allowed to submit topics, keywords and links and Google then displays the buying behavior statistically.

Aside from that, Google AdWords can display custom intent for you to analyze it and do the rest.


Why Campaign Structure Is Killer Competitive Advantage

When looking for more clients, everything is based on strategies and tools. Basically, the best ppc management companies know how to deal with data and improve the methods to rank higher than others. Altogether, they try to satisfy the customer at all cost.

Of course, that’s great. You have to hire a company that knows how and when to execute strategies correctly.

It goes without saying that using the best ppc practices will always boost your ranking. But, it’s wrong to overlook other strategies.

Evidently, re-structuring the campaign tends to be more efficient than any other course of action.

Perhaps, this is something basic, but taking over a new campaign or revisiting it is always worthwhile.

Google rewards relevancy

Google has made other changes. With the introduction of Quality Score, you no longer control the number of advertisers.

This factor has caused an impact on the bidding equation.

In that regard, it’s well-nigh impossible to stop competitors from bidding more than you. Does this mean they will beat you forever? No.

Google relevancy is all about keywords and the way you associate them to ad groups.

You can have 10, 12 ad groups and a wide variety of products and your homework is to practically use the relate keywords to relate them.

It can be tedious and probably soul-destroying but in the end it will reap benefits.

No matter how many ad groups and products you have, you should never break them into different groups.

You should never separate them. This means a remarkable change in campaign structure. And certainly, Google will reward for it.

Ad copy and ad extensions

Ad copy performance will depend on your ability. It means that you should avoid adding keywords for fun to trick Google.

Ad copy is the ability you have to link ad copy to the keywords of your campaign.

You may think this point shouldn’t be here because it’s obvious but many companies pay little regard to this and neglect the correct use of keywords and ad copy.

II you do a good job, you will see good results in your Google relevancy rates, caused by a higher consumer response.

Apart from that, you should forget the fact that ad extension can rank you higher. However, best ppc company decide when and how to make use of them. They base their decision on the following factors:

  • If the extension will benefit you or not.
  • I f the Ad Rank and ad position are in a good position. They must be high enough, or they won’t be displayed.

Ad Rank is an important factor for your campaign structure. It comes with a lot of components that give it a new twist.

Setting are used based on the campaign structure

Once you’ve settled on the structure, there are other decisions to make in each level. Firstly, remember that there are three levels, which are: ppc campaign, ad group and keyword.

For starters, you have the campaign level to take over geo-targeting and budgets and the group level to control ad copy.

Mind these levels, because they will lead you to success. In other words, the campaign must be well- structured.

It is not advisable to add a high-volume keyword to an ad group with a lower volume of them.

If you do so, the high-volume keywords will limit the exposure of those keywords that have a different trait, lowering overall the exposure of your campaign.

Make other campaigns by including keywords wisely. And with that, you will never struggle with budget control.


It is wrong to neglect campaign structure. When running a campaign, it is important to make changes or visit it on a regular basis.

Surely, you can’t change them for the sake of it, there are however, things to consider before proceeding.

Keep in mind that AdWords constantly edits their polices, consumer behavior fluctuates and websites change all the time.

Ultimately, they are the factors that no ppc management agency can overlook. Experts recommend revisiting it every year to make sure it is giving the wanted results.

But structuring the campaign does take time. You can’t make your PPC Ad campaign over in one day or two.

You will be changing, adding and deleting keywords over the course of time.

Landing pages are part of the work you can’t neglect but remember that rush decisions destroy your strategy.

Revisiting the ad campaign structure doesn’t just consist in changing things; it refers to checking and evaluating the results of your strategy.

And most importantly, it allows you to be ahead of the game without spending money.


Updating how Cost per Click is measured on Facebook

In reality, many definitions have evolved since 2016. There are many articles about that on the net. This is one of them. Please, check.

When Facebook ads reseller, they have something in mind: driving business goals. But to accomplish their goals, they need to keep track of their ads and make sure they are working well.

Along with the API release, Facebook found it necessary to also make changes in the cost per click. This encompasses clicks and apps while likes, shares and comments were excluded.

This update allows understating the actual performance of ads much better. In near future, these modifications will be visible in Power Editor and Ads Manager as well.

Read on to get insight into this update.

How CPC is measured on this social network today

CPC is measured by counting any click on a link, like, “continue reading”, a comment or a share. CPC considers ad units as well.

New definition of CPC

CPC only made improvements in link-click accounts, associated to ad objectives. This is the equivalent to:

  • Clicks to enter a website.
  • Buttons like Shop Now, also known as Call-to-action clicks.
  • Clicks to get an app installed.
  • Facebook canvas app clicks.
  • Clicks to go to a website to watch a video.

Strong reasons for this update

Over the last years, Facebook’s ads have been changed to benefit advertisers and help them reach their business goals.

This update is an example of that because it allows advertisers to progress in the bidding process and in the campaign optimization.

It enables measuring Cost per Click more accurately.

What this change means

This change will allow getting better return on advertising spend because the cost per click will be much lower.

In other words, paid advertising services will only have to concern about the most valuable outcome.

The update separates click links from engagement clicks which allows spending money more efficiently, regardless of the type of bid you make (links, comments and shares)

This modification will cause the click campaign reporting metrics associated to show differently.

Along with that, revenue will be higher because you will only count the clicks that are relevant.

Yet, you will notice a slight decrease in the CTR (click-through-rate). This is because CTR won’t be part of the additional clicks.

Importance of the additional clicks

A signal that tells you that you’re posting relevant information is when your ads get liked and shared a lot.

In this positive situation, ads have a better performance at auction, enabling advertisers to be more confident and bid for engagement clicks, that is, comments, likes and shares.

Due to this, it is easier for them to play around with the optimization options available without a problem and get better results.

The downside is that Google PPC ad will not be tracking these outcomes.

Getting shared, commented and liked too much shouldn’t be an end to you. It is not a goal per se. The best outcomes come when you decide on the right business objective.

So, what’s next?

All boils down to the method you use to buy the ads. How you buy them really matters here. Below are some cases:

  • You don’t need to do anything if you use adwords expert or Power Edition to bid for Facebook ads. They will be sharing extra information about the new CPC procedures in those interfaces. Facebook will also be messaging advertisers once the update comes into effect.
  • If you use another method like Facebook Marketing Partner, talk with your Marketing partner then. He will let you know the right moment to use the new API and CPC.
  • For users who buy ads through API, they can start bidding with the new API since July 8. October 7 is the deadline for those willing to stay with the old CPC for longer. The new CPC updates will be thoroughly implemented after this date, so they won’t be able to use the former definition anymore.

Pop over to the Facebook developers’ blog to learn more about this change.


PPC Agency: Choose The Right Way To Hire One Of Them

Marketing efforts are not free, especially when you’re implementing PPC (Pay Per Click).

These agencies help clients manage their PPC Ad campaign management more efficiently.

They provide customers with all the pay-per-click marketing tools so that they can reach their goals through full-range PPC services.

What results can you get with a PPC agency?

  • You pay less to maintain click volume: some companies offer a $1,000 plan for an accurate PPC service from the best PPC marketing agency. In return, click volume will not decrease. It ensures more customers to stay longer on your website. Most agencies offer a monthly plan.
  • They enable you to reduce CPC and boost impression at the same time. You can cut down your CPC even at a 25% rate.
  • These agencies optimize ad text as well. It is possible to increase three times the click- through rate. If you have a click rate of 2,79%, you might increase it to 7,36% then.
  • They also enable you to maintain conversion rates while increasing quality score averages. This translates into lower cost per click.

(i) Bonuses you can get with a PPC agency

Best Adword agencies allow managing several ad campaigns without complication.

Mostly, they offer you a single interface to perform the operations. They convert pay-per-click tasks into automated actions, improving PPC management that way.

Furthermore, it is necessary to combine several elements to reach all pay-per-click goals. Some of them are:

  • Google AdWords
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Account review and goal setting
  • Monthly calls and reporting
  • Keyword research
  • Google search and Display networks
  • Conversion tracking
  • Account structure
  • Transparency
  • Text Ad optimization
  • Campaign level reporting
  • Geo- targeting

What makes a PPC agency better than others?

Some companies don’t create the right for pay-per-click marketers; they also live and “eat” this marketing strategy.

The best PPC companies are continuously researching the current best PPC applications to deliver the best services.

What tells you that a PPC agency is actually good?

The best PPC agencies incorporate Quality Score technology to improve the process. They also use your own PPC platform.

Most agents come out with a team approach to work on your dedicated Google AdWords.

They reset your PPC workflow from time to time, so you can run cost-effective PPC campaigns more efficiently.

Best of all, they have no problem working with all types of clients especially with those who spend over $6,000 in Google Search and most of them don’t overcharge you by combining their fees with the ones of Google Ads.

Also, the best PPC agencies are honest and 100% transparent. The AdWords spend is upon them. You will always know how much money goes towards your AdWords campaign.

Most PPC companies give you the freedom to choose between using your Google AdWords account and creating another one. Ask the agency which working method they think it’s best.


You get on-a-monthly-basis reports.

PPC agencies are constantly receiving calls and PPC reports. They also organize your Account Manager by date.

As a bonus, you can subscribe to these companies for free and gain access at all times as well.

Management of the account

These agencies allow you to manage your account at some point because you they give you the control over the PPC agency software.

Moreover, whenever you hire a PPC management company, make sure they give you the do-it-yourself platform option, so you can transfer your Full PPC management to it whenever you want.

Others tips to find the best PPC agency for your campaign

The best agencies understand that getting good results from PPC campaigns takes time. This work requires consistency, truthfully.

Regularly, it takes around two weeks to see the first results, otherwise, contact the company to discontinue the service.

Once you reach an agreement with them, they start working with you as soon as possible. It is important that a conversation about goals comes first.

Also, talk with them about pricing and how much they would charge you for managing your Google Adwords account. It would generally cost you $750/month. But pricing for PPC may vary. They must provide you with a detailed quote.

Also, avoid those who ask for money upfront or extra fees. The best PPC agencies don’t overcharge you. They only ask you to pay the first month. Subscription is free (in most cases)

These agencies aren’t hard to find but try to hire the “best one”. Google and make your own contact list to and start calling around in the hopes you can rustle It up.


How To Use CRO As A Power Boost For Paid Search, Social Ads And SEO

Probably you are having problems optimizing your conversions. That is translated in leaving a lot of money on the table.

A good way to make money through paid search, SEO and social ads. In layman’s terms, use CRO.

Momoko Price, one of Kantan Designs was having a hard time. Why? Because they were putting too much emphasis on ecommerce PPC and their site was leaving aside on-site conversions.

As a result, they were not getting enough leads to pay CPA. In that opportunity, they had to fish $1,100 out of the pocket, the equivalent to a customer lifetime value. In other words, numbers were too low.

This case may sound a little extreme. To avoid this, optimize your site in a way you pay for conversions and not for clicks.

A correct use of CRO can help you sidestep this issue in near future.

How to make more money on paid search with CRO?

1. If you want to get more leads, enhance your landing page then

If you want to get a higher return, you should improve your landing page. Make it compelling and easy to navigate.

Lower your CPA because it will increase your ad budget. In the end, you will obtain higher revenues and the website will generate more profits for you.

It goes without saying that you need to do some research before building your hypotheses and the best adwords agency.

Find the right way to lift your conversions. Some companies make some improvements in their landing page and the outcome hasn’t disappointed them. At first, the results are difficult to understand, though.

Now, what’s the best strategy to get more from social ads with CRO?

Landing pages and social ads must be compelling and attractive. They help a lot with customer retention.

Both landing pages and social ads must have relevant content, or they will cut no ice. Here is how you can boost social campaign effectiveness.

2. Compelling ad copy and landing page copy are a must

To create compelling content, you should know what people like and expect from your website.

Build the platform based on the answers you got. Two of the most common tools to do conversion research are: customer reviews mining and exit intent polls.

Businesses use them to communicate with customers in their own language and know their pain points.

CEOs like Talia Wolf use this strategy to collect enough information and write Facebook Ads and create a new landing page copy.

Include social media in the research, as platforms like Facebook cannot be avoided.

Another useful social network to identify stage of awareness is Fivver. In-depth conversion research allows discovering what points impact the most emotionally.

In that way, you will be able to re-create a landing page and numbers will shortly speak for themselves.

3. Make over the landing page to improve visitor experience

And yes, CRO is highly recommended to give the landing page a new appearance.

The main goal is to attract as many users as possible from social media.

Times have changed and today most users come from mobile phones and smaller devices.

Due to this, the content of a website (in this case, the landing page) should be designed for both, desktop and mobile phone viewers.

For example: if you are running a University website, cluttering the landing page with large blocks of text is not advisable.

Use short lists and menus so the page will work smoothly on Smartphones too.

Break down the information into several points crossed out with an asterisk or + sign, so it will be easier for users to click and read.

How to get more from SEO with CRO

Strangely to say, many people question CRO use in SEO.

And the answer is flatly no. The conflict between CRO and SEO is non-existent. But there are certainly some factors that unbalance ranking ability.

  • They can’t be omitted the HTML source code.
  • Content quality.
  • Domain authority.
  • SPAM analysis.
  • User and usage data (the time that a visitor spends on your website)

When you use CRO, you don’t produce any negative effect on the above elements at all.

Your content quality is not impacted and the user data will remain the same or even higher.

The usage data is associated to the time that people spend surfing your website, going from one page to another and so.

However, if things are not correctly done, you should get concerned about keywords.

To prevent issues with them when using CRO, add those keywords “all over the landing page”. Long story short: insert them in:

  • The headline.
  • The URL (not so important but it equally helps)
  • The HTML code.

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools For Your Brand

CRO is not easy and represents a challenge for many. It encompasses a lot of activities that entrepreneurs and marketers must do every day.

They have everything you need to steer your site in the right direction.

CRO involves many tools that help you boost your website leads in many ways. Plus, they all are used similarly.

Conversion rates work better than others, which means there are as many solutions as conversion rates in the market but none is perfect, actually.

Moreover, it is always daunting and frustrating to shift through the options to solve a particular situation.

Here are several conversion rate optimization tools believed to be the best of the bunch on the marketplace. Keep reading to find it out.

1. Buzzsumo

If you want to track everything you post with a corresponding ranked list, Buzzsumo may suit you.

It enables you to keep track of the views and shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social networks like LinkedIn.

You can see all the information well sorted in a time frame.

Best PPC service providers can use this tool to choose a nice title for a marketing books article. It allows checking the performance of a title.

The tool distributes user profiles to classify data, so your webpage is shown demographically.

The software empowers best PPC company in India to market funnel, search for more information and add more topics to your web pages.

2. CrazyEgg

Heat mapping is what best describes CrazyEgg. Heat mapping basically displays colors for different stats to indicate what web pages of are more frequently visited and clicked on. CrazyEgg uses orange, green and yellow.

With this app, you have a better idea how visitors interact with each one of the web pages, so best ppc management services can improve them accordingly.

You can modify the layout or other elements to upgrade the design and get higher rates.

Crazy Egg allows seeing where users click the most, so that you can remove those widgets that prevent you from having an acceptable retention of traffic.

It is pretty much a good method to optimize your conversion rate.

3. Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

Whenever you post an article or something, you should make sure to select the right headline.

Is it attractive? Does it look professional? It does take a rocket scientist to this, but Headline Analyzer can help you with that.

Coschedule helps you figure out user curiosity. It ranks your headline success from 0 to 100.

Of course, 100 means the headline is on top of the game. It basically does the predicting of how successful it will be.

The tool takes Google Search results as a reference to throw rates.Mostly, terrible titles are too short or unclear.

The program tells the best ppc company if it needs some flair or not.Sometimes, adding keyword may suffice.

Coschedule is, however, a little strict when rating but 77 is a nice headline that still needs improvement.

4. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a tool you can use to guide your visitors through your web site more efficiently.

In essence, it displays a banner that works like a call-to-action for users to click and find information that may be appealing.

There are many ways to use Hello Bar to convert irregular visitors into subscribers and customers.

It is application you can configure to work on several web pages. If you have hired the best PPC management agency and want to promote a new product or service, Hello Bar is a good idea to make them visible.

5. Intercom

Intercom is a tool that permits you to include a chatbox so you can have proper feedback with your customers all the time.

With Intercom, it is easy to talk with visitors about their wants, needs and intent. The tool also includes pop-ups to increase click rates.

6. Optimizely

Optimizely has been used for a long time by Starbucks and EBay. It tests web pages.

What people like about Optimizely is its user-friendliness as you don’t need to be expert to handle it.

With it, you can enhance web pages and put them through tests to determine the variations that seem to work better.

It works on A/B testing, hence its popularity as one of the most popular software tools to boost CRO efforts.


Top Golden Rules for Running A Successful PPC Campaign

The result of any PPC campaign service is to be found on the search engine results where target audience would search for products or services you offer.

One of the best ways to ensure being on the top of major search engines is by properly channelizing PPC business.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is the most effective, affordable type of paid marketing and can be used by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you have a small floral business or have a chain of international restaurants, it is the most effective way to drive relevant traffic to your site.

While it brings great results, there are some important points that must be kept in mind when managing large accounts with higher volumes of campaigns.

Let’s explore the top golden rules of running a successful online PPC management.

Don’t Launch a Google Adwords business without Understanding Client’s Business

When it comes to launching a PPC campaign, nothing can be more damaging than Google ad campaign cost without a proper understanding of your client’s business, target audience, and goals.

It can cost you dearly and can be damaging to your Amazon PPC advertising.

And the reason here is, if you don’t understand your client’s business, you are likely to target wrong keywords in the less result-oriented geographical area.

Before Adwords campaign setup, make sure you have clearly defined goals for the branding in order to make the campaign a great hit.

Remember, without goals there can be no strategy and success.

Never Take Planning for Granted

I have seen many best Adwords companies initiating campaigns without proper planning.

This results in multiple Adword campaign and ad groups targeting a single product category.

Also, it results in duplicated keywords and ad groups. Remember, only one ad per advertiser is displayed by Google on a particular keyword.

So, make sure you don’t put duplicate keywords on different ad groups.

Additionally, Google would monitor the click-through-rate of each keyword during your campaign.

With duplicate keywords, it’s going to be difficult for Google to identify best-performing keywords, resulting in confusing statistics.

Negative Keywords are Also Important

With the best keywords to attract more visitors, clicks, and sales, it is also important to prepare a list of negative keywords.

It is important because you want your ad to appear on the top, no matter what users are searching on Google.

Using negative keywords ensures that your ad is displayed on the top even with the relevant keywords and negative keywords as well.

Identifying the negative keywords is the first step of being on the top of search results.

Maximum Revenue Should be Your Top Priority

Your investment into the paid advertisement in Google is not just aimed at improving user engagement, clicks, but also improving revenue through more sales.

So if a keywords is resulting in a lot of conversions, then it’s smart to give a special emphasize on the particular keyword and increase its budget or transfer some of the budget from the low performing Adwords campaign service.

Work in close relations with the clients to determine the amount they’re willing to pay for the particular keyword.

Use Conversion Tracking Tools

There have been various incidents where the best PPC company India would run Adwords business campaigns for months or years without any conversion tools.

What’s the meaning of running a paid Ad on Google without knowing its outcomes?

Knowing the results and measuring its effectiveness is the best way to identify most-performing keywords and the benefit they have brought to the business.

Using tools like Google Analytics proves to be the best source of tracking your conversions through the paid campaign.

Conversion tacking tools let you know what happens after a user clicks on the ad.

If customers are buying your products after clicking though a particular keyword, identify it and put more emphasize on it.

The best performing keywords are worth bidding on.

Keep Optimizing Ad Copies & Landing Pages

As soon as the visitor lands at your landing page, he (or she) should see what you’re offering.

The landing page should load as fast as it can. Keep a check on your landing pages and keep optimizing them with more engaging titles, taglines, and the ability load faster.

Try using different types of call-to-action statements to see what drives conversions.

Remember, no one would appreciate to see the same page design every time they land at your page.

Optimizing should be a regular activity, allowing visitors to come across something new, engaging every time.

Keep optimizing your landing pages for better results.

Bottom Line

For a successful PPC campaign, it is essential for the best PPC companies in the USA to know which metrics are critical to client’s business and how to make use of them for better results.

Properly understanding the metrics results in higher visibility and revenue for your client.


Tested & Proven Tips To Save Your Business Money on PPC

Pay Per Click management software are usually tagged as costly marketing methods.

This is the prime reasons many are not using PPC online advertising their brand.

However, a little we know about the PPC ad copy is that it can be a cost-effective method if used smartly.

Using the top money-saving tips will not only save your funds, but also give you a better understanding of the whole PPC Ad management.

Let’s Explore Best Money-saving Tips for PPC:

1. Choice of Keywords

For a result-oriented PPC service provider, it is important to first understand the actual difference between the broad match modifier, broad match, exact match, and phrase match keywords.

The better understanding of these allows you to run Ads on google that is well-designed and structured.

(A) Broad Match Keywords – Useful for SEO Adwords even in scenarios where user’s misspell the keyword, or just conduct a related search.

(B) Phrase Match or Exact Match Keywords– It’s best to use phrase match, exact match keywords for the industries that encourage a large search volumes.

The same applies when your ads are designed to address the large audiences.

Also, create a list of negative keywords that you are sure won’t convert into sales.

The terms like free, how to, cheap, or any other term may be listed in the sheet.

2. Quality over Quantity

When biding over your best Adwords Google keyword, it is better to prefer quality over the quantity.

You can save some instant cash by implementing the following tricks on the best Adwords ads while ensuring to improve traffic quality to your site.

(A) Navigate keyword is helpful in preventing ads from being triggered by a certain word or phrase.

(B) Ad schedule allows you to display your ad on certain days and time when you’re there to handle customer inquiries.

(C) Google ad PPC with higher quality scores lead to lower costs and better ad positions

(D) Launch multiple sets of advertising copy to check which copy performs the best.

3. Call tracking

If you are thinking that opting for call tracking solution is an additional cost, you may be wrong.

In fact, it can be a money-saver as a good call tracking software can provide a dashboard with an overview of constructive data and all the relevant information you may want to use for effective google Adword PPC campaign.

Call tracking solutions offer a great scope for the Google Adword consultant to review and reconstruct the ads easily.

4. Review PPC Performance

As a Google Adwords management company, your job doesn’t end when your ad is public, but it is just the beginning.

It is suggested to review your Google adwords process time to time.

Based on the performance and flow of visitors, you can implement required changes for better results.

You can check the best times when incoming traffic is high and low.

Make sure to spend more on Google certified adwords professional during the peak hours to boost the performance of your online marketing PPC  campaign.

Use the follow tricks to maximize PPC campaign results:

(A) Adjust bids for better results using location data along with peaks data.

(B) Review PPC ads’ performance for Google ads business and setting bid adjustments.

AdWord’s geolocation setting I simply amazing that lets you to display the ads to certain regions.

It is also among the most overlooked features in Google Adcenter. However, the problem is that most advertisers either improperly set geolocation parameters or fail to apply it.

Analyze your ad’s performance and set geological setting to the optimal hours of operation.

5. Concentrate on Mobile Traffic

With the balance of search volume tipping towards mobile from desktop, your whole focus should be on the mobile traffic.

Make sure to set your device targeting setting as more and more people are searching for products online through mobile devices.

Even the searches that convert from desktop are likely to have begun through mobile devices.

Additionally, creating a mobile-friendly website saves a lot of your users’ time, resulting a better way to convert.

Focus on creating dedicated ads for mobiles and you will see an increase in click-through rates.

6. Bottom Line

The best way to save money on Google advertising online is by not spending on ineffective paid ads.

This can be done by eliminating low-quality keywords, analyzing quality scores, serving your ads at optimal times, and by testing your ad copy for better performance.


Top Excel Shortcuts For PPC Managers

PPC marketing campaign is a great way to promote your products to the target market, but working on it means spending a great amount of time on Excel sheet to sort keywords, create account structure, list reports, and analyze website data to make the correct decision to optimize your account.

If you are already short on time and want to launch an effective PPC internet marketing campaign without spending too much of your time, mastering Excel will help you with all the data-related tasks so you can spend more time working on Strategy.

Let me introduce you to the top Excel shortcuts for effective PPC management.

Drop Your Mouse

The first key rule of saving time on Excel is to drop your mouse and start using keyboard only.

Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest and the most efficient way to work as we deal with a lot of data and some tasks are repetitive.

These shortcut keys allow users to increase the speed up to 3x on Excel.

The most common and most used shortcuts on Excel include

  • CTRL + C
  • CTRL + V
  • CTRL + H

While they are the easiest shortcuts for Excel, but believe me, they’re really time savers.


I bet you already know about the Excel filters, everyone does. We all have used them on different occasions for different settings.

Excel Filters are useful to sort by numbers, certain text phrases, or even by colors. Hit Ctrl + Shift + L to sort by filter easily.

This shortcut allows you to add filters to all columns of your table or to the selected cell. The same combination can be used to remove the filters.

Inserting Values

When preparing an Excel sheet by the PPC management agencies you may want to insert or delete cells quite often.

So, here is an alternative way to do this. Click on F2 button on the top of your keyboard to move into a cell to edit its content directly.

Press enter button to confirm your entry or simply hit escape button to cancel the command.


This is similar to filtering. We all use this feature quite often but for the different handling than filtering.

I would like to suggest you to use the super-fast way to sort contents on your Excel sheet: Alt + 1 or Alt + 2 = Filter from A-Z [CUSTOM].

If you have not adjusted your quick access tool bar, then make sure to click on the small arrow on the right side to use this command.

Alternatively, you can also make a right-hand click on the tool bar itself to assign commands for various Google remarketing ad.

Editing Cells

If you have already kept your mouse aside, then editing can be a bid task without using shortcuts on Excel.

Hit the F2 button on your keyboard. I know I suggested this shortcut to move into a cell, but this also allows you to edit its contents directly.

Press enter button to confirm or use escape button to cancel the selection.

Add or Delete Columns

While preparing sheet, when you need to add an additional column in the Excel sheet, simply use a combination of Ctrl + Plus.

See, how simple is that? Additionally, you can also delete the row by pressing Ctrl + Minus.

If you want to add or delete the whole column, use the same commands, but before you must select the whole column to delete or add.

Format Percentages

As a PPC expert, you may constantly need to calculate one index or another, such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and other percentages.

To format numbers as percentages, use the combination of Ctrl + Shift + 5.

One best way to use this combination easily is to remember that the percentage sign is located on the 5 on your keyboard.

Display Formulas

If you are new to the hardcore Excel, it is always suggested to get some help from the Excel itself, especially when you’re troubleshooting misbehaving numbers.

Use the combination of Ctrl + ` (known as the acute accent key) in order to display the formula used in a cell.

Navigate & Select Quickly

Now that we’re talking about launching your PPC digital marketing campaign easily without wasting time, navigating through the content on Excel sheet is the best strategy to save your time.

If you want to navigate through Excel tables easily, simply use the arrow keys.

And if you want to skip to the end of your data, press Ctrl + Arrow to reach end of your data selection.

Additionally, you can select the whole data by simply use the following combination: Hold Shift at the same time.

If you are new to using Excel, start with the easier shortcuts or your favorite ones to work your way through the others step by step.