Google Adwords

All You Need To Know About Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service. It is one of the main sources of revenue for Google.

Here, advertisers have to pay to display some advertisements to the online users.

You can choose to display video content, product listings, brief advertisements, service offerings etc. This article discusses all you need to know about Google AdWords marketing.

Google AdWords is one of the most useful methods to bring traffic to your site. Google AdWords partly works on cookies and partly on the keywords that the advertisers determine.

It places advertising copy on different relevant pages. You can ask the best Google Adwords expert to assist you to pay when the web users click on the advertising copy. Partner websites also receive a part of income.

You can distribute your advertisements locally, nationally, or internationally through this Google AdWords program. Text advertisements are short.

They consist of two headlines with 30 characters each. The description can be a maximum of 80 characters.

And the display URL can be a maximum of 40 characters. These are known as expanded text ads of AdWords.

Your advertisement is eligible to enter into the Google auction when you bid on keywords relevant to web users’ search query.

Your bid and the quality score would determine whether your advertisement can be displayed on the search engine result page.

1) Bidding

AdWords follow the policy of pay per click pricing (PPC) model. An alternate bidding strategy can also be used which is known as Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

Although, this is not a true CPA pricing model. You have to pay Google AdWords every time a web user clicks your advertisement.

The price you pay for each click is known as pay per click (PPC) or cost of PPC.

Advertisers bid on certain keywords or phrases in hope that their advertisement would appear in the result page when a user searches for a similar product.

Your ultimate motive is to get a maximum number of clicks within your budget.

Either you can choose a maximum bidding amount or you can choose the automatic option.

In the automatic option, Google chooses the bidding amount for you which can bring you the maximum number of clicks.

Another option is the cost per impression (CPM). Here, you need to pay the search engine for every 1000 times your advertisement appears on the search engine result page. This does not require the click of the user.

2) Quality Score

Google also looks at the quality score of your advertisement before placing it on the result page.

It looks at the number of clicks your advertisement has received previously. It would be better if your quality score is higher.

Your Google advertisement can appear above your rival bidder who has a higher bid than you if your quality score is better.

Google is the most used search engine on the internet. So in order to benefit from it, you have to use it wisely.

Google AdWords marketing make your marketing task easier. It brings a huge traffic through the use of proper keywords. Google AdWords bring you assured traffic provided you use proper keywords.



Why Should You Choose PPC Marking?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing can generate high revenue for all kinds of brands.

It is the ‘Internet advertising’ model that is used for driving online traffic to the websites. In such a type of marketing the advertiser pays the publisher.

It is related with the ‘first-tier’ search engines like Microsoft Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

The PPC marketing enhances the visibility of the websites and is worth considering.

If PPC advertising campaigns is done the right way, you would get good return on your investment.

When your business is flourishing, PPC advertisements proves to be a support system and drives revenue.

PPC even helps in measuring the demand of a new product, launching of a website and in rebranding.

Thus when you are looking to hire PPC marketing manager for your business, you need to hire an efficient professional for long-term for the growth of your business.

Reasons to Choose PPC Marketing for Your Business

1) Flexible Budget

In pay-per-click marketing tactics you just need to set your budget according to your requirements.

You can monitor what you are spending daily and can customize your budget according to your requirement.

You can get big PPC results even with limited resources with strong keywords in PPC. Your success depends on the keywords chosen.

2) Reach Target Customers with Right Advertisement and Right Time

If you are interested to target the right consumers at a particular time and place with the right advertisement, PPC marketing is the best.

With the delivery options and location targeting of PPC campaigns along with the device-specific preferences such as mobiles, it is possible to deliver particular messages to the target customers at the prime time.

3) Fast Outcome

Unlike the organic search, PPC marketing gives results fast. Organic ‘search traffic’ is essential for the long-term marketing of a website but it takes a long time to get the ROI. On the other hand the PPC marketing shows results in a jiffy.

For instance, you could begin the PPC campaign on a Monday and see the results related to customer conversions and online traffic by next day itself based on a couple of factors.

4) PPC Data Could Inform the Different Marketing Channels

PPC can inform your SEO team whether a specific keyword is helping in gaining potential customers or not.

You could even use PPC for gauging the demand and acceptance of new offering and products by the customers.

PPC helps in promoting various different kinds of advertising.

5) You Only Need to Pay When a User Clicks

The PPC marketing proves to be cost-effective and hence is ideal for start-ups and small businesses.

The best part of PPC marketing is that you have to pay when a user clicks on your advertisement.

This is different from the offline traditional marketing where you need to pay a certain amount of money and hope the target market comes across the advertisement.

Thus it can be seen that PPC Ad campaigns is an undeniably a feasible marketing channel for a business.

With all the merits associated with PPC, from being cost-effective to giving good return on investment within a short span of time, it is worth giving it a shot and observe your business prosper in no time.

Amazon PPC|Google Adwords

A Definitive Guide to Setup your First Amazon PPC Campaign

The Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform offers an incredible opportunity to sell your products online.

If created and managed properly, the Amazon PPC campaign can be a great help to sell your inventory faster while increasing organic rankings too. Isn’t it a great deal?

In this vast ocean of merchandise, Amazon sellers must find a way of making their products stands out to win sales.

Amazon PPC campaigns offers that way by highlighting your items. It allows the seller to promote their products directly on the Amazon marketplace.

The program has evolved as a unique way of spreading product awareness in the recent times.

2016 was the year of excellent Amazon PPC results, almost double, and PPC clicks reached its maximum high at 150%.

What exactly is Amazon PPC Management?

Before starting Amazon PPC campaign, it is very important to adopt the right PPC management strategy.

Even though the effectiveness of overall organic search traffic remains pivotal, it usually takes a few months to show results.

Hence, if you want a higher ranking for your item and move ahead of competitors, you must invest in PPC first.

Once your sales and reviews increase and your product climbs up the listing queue, you can cut back on the ad spend and take optimum advantage of the organic traffic.

Fortunately, setting up an Amazon PPC campaign is simple. After successfully setting up the first PPC campaign, you can get much insight as and ensure that the amount spent on the PPC campaign is worth the investment.

What is the Purpose of Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC method is used for the purpose of sponsored ads. It is an advertising method, in which advertisers only pay for the ads once potential shoppers click on the ad and view the product.

Note that PPC works in a different way than pay-per-mail advertising, or PPM, which is a typical impression-based method of advertising used by Facebook.

Amazon PPC

Setting Up an Effective Amazon PPC Campaign


Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central Account. Click ‘Advertising’ from the top menu, and select ‘Campaign Manager.


On the ‘Campaign Manager’ page, you would be prompted to ‘Setup your campaign budget and duration.’ While this is a basic step, you must take this point seriously.

Follow these steps and do the needful:

1) Name your campaign and bear in mind that you can create multiple ad groups in a single campaign.

So, choose a broad campaign name. For instance, your campaign is about Fall Fashion, so you can call it Fall Fashion 2018.

You can also create multiple groups within the same campaign using different keywords such as Fall Fashion 2018 1, Fall Fashion 2018 2 and so on.

2) Set up your daily budget based on various factors. For instance, the daily budget can quickly add up.

Therefore, a budget of $20 might translate to $1200 in a month. If you cannot decide your monthly budget then opt for the daily budget.

3) Always determine the start date and end date of a campaign; do not leave the end data open.

You may end up spending your ad dollars without even knowing it, typically if you spend working on other campaigns simultaneously. Take a month to gather enough stats and data from the search term report.

4) Amazon offers options for Automatic & Manual Targeting based on the product (s) you are advertising.

This is beneficial if you want information from customer searches. Similarly, Manual Targeting allows you to choose specific keywords to be used for the campaign.


‘Name the group of ads’ is the next prompt. You can add multiple advertisement groups to a campaign.

Hence, select appropriate names to distinguish it from others.


Choose the product you are advertising. You can only choose one product for each sponsored ad campaign.


Decide the budget for each keyword used. By setting the keyword bid and daily budget, you are also determining the number of clicks you could receive daily. Hence, ensure the amounts are set properly for optimum results.


Choose keywords tactfully. It is often complicated and equally crucial for the campaign.

Here, you have to learn to experiment with keywords first. Amazon provides keyword suggestions too, which shows up as you select ‘keyword suggestions.’


After entering preferred keywords, click ‘Save and Finish.’


After providing all your details, you are redirected to the Campaign Manager Page. A ‘Success’ message would greet you. Usually, new campaigns take an hour before ads start appearing in search results.

Bing Advertising|Google Adwords

All You Need to Know about Google and Bing New Automated Bid Strategies

Bing Ads are slowly and steadily becoming the next best thing on the internet. By adding powerful tools, Adword expert can now provide a similar robust experience as with Google.

In fact, some of the features of the Bing Ad platform seem to be way ahead of AdWords.

For example, the ad group-level bid adjustment for demographics and location is a feature only available on AdWords PPC campaign level.  

About Google and Bing New Automated Bid Strategies

Bing Ads automated bids and rules offer more flexibility and control over when and how you enable the campaigns, adjust the Adword cost, and send email alerts.

With the introduction of automatic rules, it is now possible to automatically change keywords for PPC bids, monitor the performance of the ad group, and start or stop the campaign at preset times with the help of the best Adwords optimization.

How does it Work?

Most common campaign planning, bidding, and budgeting tasks taken over by big and small PPC advertising agencies perform well with the automated rules of Bing Ads.

The feature that enables Google PPC expert to schedule keyword bid adjustments, as well as Ad campaign operations on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis, amounts to efficiency gains and time savings.

Automated rules are a perfect platform to launch a new PPC marketing services when you are unplugged, on a vacation.

You can increase ad group automatically and place keyword bids during your holidays, even in the rush hour. You would also receive emails as per rules and make necessary changes as per convenience.

Come Common Automated Rules and Bids Examples

Even though the top PPC agency runs campaigns automatically, it requires monitoring.

You can automate several tasks and manage PPC advertising costeasily.

  • Start and/or stop campaigns for special events like Cyber Black Friday
  • Do not allow a heavy budget to prevent the campaigns from performing its best
  • Keep the ads on the first page
  • Avoid paying for poor performing ads or keywords

1. Allow Bing Ads to Manage Bids Strategically

With the latest Google and Bing ad strategies, you can now allow the ads to use deep analysis of patterns in clicks, conversions, and searches. Irrespective of your bid strategy, you can bid effectively and automatically.

Bing Ads

Here’s how you can manage your Bing Ads:

(A) Enhanced CPC

It is the best available resource for dynamic search and searches ad campaigns.

It is also a great proposition for Bing shopping campaigns available to advertisers in Germany, France, USA, and the UK.

Enhanced cost-per-click is a default bidding strategy of new PPC campaigns.

With this, you can set ad groups and keywords bids, and the Bing ads would automatically adjust bids in real time to improve your chances of conversion.

(B) Maximize Clicks:

With this, you need not set keyword bids or ad groups. Bing Ads campaign can automatically set the bids in real time to ensure you get as many possible clicks within budget.

The beauty of Bing Ads is that it respects the overall budget limit.

However, if the PPC ad agency want to control bids while using the Maximize Click feature, you can also set CPC to the maximum.

This is optional capping, which you can set to ensure that Bing Ads do not pay more than a specific amount for a single click.

(C) Maximize Conversion:

With this, you need not set ad keyword or group bids. Bing Ads automatically set bids in real time to receive as many conversions possible within the budget.

It respects the budget constraints and ensures maximum conversion. You must have conversion tracking set up and at least 15 conversions in 30 days, to qualify for Maximize Conversion bid strategy.

If the PPC Ad campaign falls below 15 conversions, it would stop optimizing the bids.

(D) Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA):

With this, you need not set ad group and keyword bids. You have to set the budget and target 30-day average CPA. Bing Ads would automatically set bids in real time to achieve the average.

While some conversions may cost more than the target, others may cost less.

Nevertheless, Bing Ads attempts to ensure the average cost per conversion is aligned with the target.

Note that Target CPA is a campaign-level target. Hence, CPA may vary.

(E) Manual Strategy:

The Manual Bid Strategy allows you to set ad groups and keywords bids. Bing Ads use these bids always.

Tips to Use Bing Ads Automated Rules and Bids

  • Use maximum as well as minimum  bid estimates or CPC limits

  • Ads appearing on the first page usually get more clicks than ads appearing on the following pages. Bing Ad offers CPC bid estimates to get ads into that valuable position.

The Keywords tab shows 3 types of bid estimates to help you get an ad on the first page when a search query matches the exact keywords:

  • First Page Bid Estimate: The bid you need for setting an ad to show up anywhere on the first page of search results

  • Mainline Bid Estimate: This is what you need to set an ad to show among the ads on the mainline of search queries.

  • Best Position Bid Estimate: This is exactly what you need to set the ad to show up in the first position right on top of the first page of search queries.

  • Do not let rules overlap, as it might have a detrimental effect on the campaign.

  • Choose the useful amount of data and make decisions based on that.

Google and Bing Ads automation rules work by providing advertisers an opportunity to maximize the efficiency by using defined criteria to make the necessary changes to the Bing Ads account. Be wise and choose carefully.

Google Ad Grants|PPC

Google Ad Grants and PPC Strategies – The Change Affect

Google Ad Grants are innovative advertising grants that Google offers to non-profit organizations.

With the Ad Grants, organizations can receive up to $10,000 per month in paid AdWords optimization funds. However, there are eligibility criteria to qualify for the grant.

Although this fund is generous, advertisers have a hard time spending it.

Why so? That is because, until January 2018, Ad Grants were capped at $2 cost-per-click bids, which has been removed.

While some of the changes are impressive, others may lead to new pay per search challenges.

SEO Services India

Changes in Google Ad Grants Program

Innumerable changes affected the Google Ad Grants program. Noted below are some of the highlights:

  • The $2 cap was lifted A minimum of 5 percent click-through rate (CTR) to be maintained
  • Keywords must have at least 3 quality scores or higher
  • Best PPC services ensures that Adwords campaigns must have two active ad groups, at least, with two ads running in each group
  • Non-profit organizations cannot bid on any branded keyword they do not own
  • Accounts should have at least 2 sitelink ad extensions
  • Accounts should also have geo-targeting
  • Most one-word keywords are strictly prohibited

The only welcome change, as per PPC campaign companies, is the exclusion of a $2 bid limit.

It was, indeed, an issue of contention for quite some time.

Google introduced the bid limit in January 2013. Since then, there has been a significant rise in the costs per click.

As such, staying within the $2 bid limit was difficult initially. It was not easy to come close to spending the entire amount of grant.

However, with the latest change and the removal of the bid limit, the average position of the PPC Ad internet received the much-needed boost.

The 5 Percent CTR Rule

Experts predict that the 5 percent CTR requirement could lead to several challenges.

Theoretically, this rule encourages the omission of generic keywords, which is good! Nevertheless, it also encourages account management.

However, when the highly competitive markets are concerned, the new CT rule might lead to problems.

For instance, if a non-profit foundation client in the medical field were facing tough competition in the market, the CTR of around 2 to 3 percent with relevant traffic would give him/her a respectable position.

However, that won’t be good enough, and it would be imperative to make the necessary adjustments to increase traffic.

So, is it not possible to work with the new Google Ad Grants rules? How is PPC Adwords media affected?

Here are your options:

Create a Paid Account:

Set up a new paid AdWords account besides Google Grants account.

This is a highly advocated strategy to run smooth and fine. There would always be limitations in a free account.

However, when you use a paid account, even with a restricted budget, it is possible to leverage both the accounts. Use the paid account for building the brand.

Use the Google Display Network (GDN), as clicks become much cheaper. You can also use the free account for running Search Network campaigns.

Choose Custom Affinities:

Custom Affinities are an excellent option. With your audiences, PPC management companies can even create more audiences tailored to their respective brands with assistance from Adwords specialist.

You can combine keyword phrases of interests and URLs for creating interest categories based on the website content.

Run Search Network Campaigns:

Use the free account to run search network campaigns. As you have to adhere to that 5 percent CTR in your free account, you have to be very specific with the use of keywords and phrases.

Using long-tail keywords can maintain higher CTR. To make this approach granular, use Google’s household income that targets bigger donations.

This combined effort is effective in most non-profit organizations.

Apply a Targeted Approach:

To avoid overspending your budget, start layering with more targeting methods like interests.

You can even add additional layers through topic targeting and keyword targeting.

When life goes through changes, people often perform too much online research. You just have to cash that.

Landing Pages and Ads are Crucial:

If you wish to start Google remarketing or GDN, consider the landing pages and PPC ad campaigns very carefully under the guidance of PPC marketing company.

The ads you display is the first exposure to your non-profit organization, so be watchful.

Create your landing pages and ads campaign in such a way so that it leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of people.

Consider Remarketing Campaigns:

Remarketing is a different ballgame for which you need a unique set of landing pages and ads.

Nonetheless, it is a brilliant way of reconnecting with visitors who did not donate or sign up for newsletters on their very first visit to your page.

Final Word

Like any other ad program, Google Ad Grants is subject to change.

However, you can always find your unique way to make things work for your non-profit organization.

Be creative and make the change favorable. If required, seek expert advice.

Pay per click Advertising

How PPC Advertising can Change the Face of Small Businesses?

Pay-per-click advertising is definitely the best marketing investment for small businesses.

Not only are the Adwords CPC relatively cheaper cost-per-click than other marketing ventures, they also target audience when they are exactly looking for your product.

Before getting started on Adwords for website, it is imperative to get familiar with the statistics that makes it totally worth the effort.

So, why would you choose Adwords certified partner?

That’s because you would reach the targeted people looking for your product exactly when it is the right time.

Statistics reveal:

  • Adwords and PPC results fetch 65% of clicks starting with buying keywords, whereas organic results receive only 35% (Source: Craig McConnell)
  • On every $1 spent in AdWords, businesses make $2 (Source: Wordstream)
  • Display advertising is a proven method of increasing website traffic by up to 300% (Source: Visually)

PPC Advertising – What is it exactly?

Adword PPC is a classical marketing module where advertisers create relevant ads and pay pre-arranged fees each time it is clicked on.

The ads display within search engine results or in various were across multiple social media platforms.

Adword marketing is the perfect way to pay for every visit to the website or the landing page and compliment organic visits.

The most common forms of Adword management are through the leading search engines like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and social media ads published on Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The scope of PPC Advertising for Small Businesses

Both small and medium-sized businesses struggle to develop a compelling and successful advertising strategy.

For instance, a small company with no more than 100 employees, or even less, may be skeptical about competing with the huge advertising resources of global conglomerates.

In such events, is marketing and advertising even possible for smaller businesses?

Yes, it is. Even medium and small businesses can enjoy incredible benefits from the scope of search engine optimization and marketing, also called PPC advertising.

PPC advertising is an incredible strategy for small businesses because it is incredibly focused on the advertising structure.

Unlike conventional modes of advertising like print media, radio, or television, PPC ad campaigns are tailored to fit the small budget.

In addition, the payout structure ensures only cream traffic and relevant customers see your ads. Relevant targeting and high level of personalization is the key to success.

PPC adword campaigns also target customers right at the tail end of the purchase cycle.

Advertisers can optimize their ad spends specifically targeting relevant keywords related towards the purchase cycle end.

How does PPC Advertising Work?

Different businesses aligned with various industries have their own fine points defining the details of their business goals.

Choosing the medium of advertisement – social media or search engine or a combination of the two – determines the campaign’s success.

Small businesses can get started by outlining the process of PPC advertising.

However, in order to get into an ongoing marketing campaign that promises results, it is crucial to have adequate knowledge and professional assistance from the best PPC management firm.

PPC Expert India

The fundamental step is to design a Ad campaign strategy by answering the following questions

  • What is the objective?
  • What are the keywords?
  • How many advertisements to display?
  • What is the budget?

Once the campaign strategy is ready, create the text/image/video ad and publish it to the search engine advertising account.

Wait for approval and check the dashboard frequently to track the progress and make necessary changes to the campaign. 

However, you need not worry about the best results when you have hired top PPC agencies to look into your marketing tactics.

Types of Small Businesses that Benefit from Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Virtually, all small businesses benefit from the PPC marketing strategy to build the web presence.

The only trick is to identify specific and targeted keywords, understand the target audience base, and develop a compelling PPC strategy to drive the right kind of leads.

Noted below are certain characteristics of small businesses that lead to better PPC results:

  • Better Customer Lifetime Value: Some small businesses like educational programs, utility providers, subscription services, and even doctors can establish a higher budget for PPC because each conversion potentially yields higher lifetime value for one new customer.
  • Niche Specific Products: A perfect small business PPC campaign is that of small businesses selling services or products that are not locally available. People often depend on internet search results to locate rare or unusual products.
  • Higher Profit Margins: If the product you are advertising has a high-profit margin, your business Ad campaign may opt for PPC. For instance, businesses like big-ticket items, home renovations, vehicles, or lawsuits.

If any of these business characteristics are similar to your small business, start your pay-per-click advertising campaign immediately.

Which PPC Social Media Advertising Platforms have a better scope?

Even though Facebook advertising is popular for social media PPC campaigns, you have plenty of other options. Social media platforms have traffic flowing in from different demographic reach and massive audience volume.

Hence, it is crucial to research and select an appropriate platform from any one of the following:

  • Instagram: Uses imagery to convey powerful messages
  • YouTube: Businesses can communicate effectively through videos
  • Twitter: Easy content sharing, increased exposure, crafting brand voice, and offering deals
  • Pinterest: Features both website and mobile apps with pictures as the source of advertising
  • LinkedIn: Reach relevant professional clients; perfect for B2B enterprises

PPC advertising offers a huge scope for small businesses within the digital landscape. If you are still confused, seek professional assistance.


What is Amazon PPC?

When you search for any keyword you find ads on the sidebar and on the bottom of search results pages, these are called

(Pay per Click). Another name that is given to this is Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” ads. To get the top position at Amazon’s search results sellers take the help of Amazon ads.

With this advertising program seller get the chance to promote their product on Amazon. in.

Sellers can choose the products that they want to advertise and after assigning a keyword to it they can enter a cost-per-click bid.

When shoppers will search for that particular keyword then that sponsored ad will also appear on the sidebar.

Sellers have to pay fees only when Amazon shoppers will click on that ads, hence they named as Amazon PPC.

How does Amazon PPC Work?

Amazon PPC works on particular keywords that seller decide. Whenever shoppers search for these keywords Amazon sponsored ads will appear on the search pages.

Seller bids on these keywords and only the seller that bid highest will appear in the first position and after that the second highest bid will appear on the page.

Sellers will only pay when shoppers will click the ad that they find on sidebar or bottom of the search page.

This system is same as the Google’s advertising and also known as “Amazon AdWords”.

These Amazon PPC ads are not available for all the products and it covers some product categories only. To place Amazon PPC sellers require professional selling plan.

Only this plan can help them to reach shoppers. There is a list of some available categories for Amazon PPC:

  • Baby products
  • Camera
  • Beauty products
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Shoes
  • Home and Kitchen Products

Where will Ads be displayed?

These ads will be eligible to display in different places on Amazon website and app and these places include :

 Amazon’s Search Results:

These ads will appear next to organically ranked products on the search pages results whenever shoppers will search for any keyword of their interest. They also marked as “sponsored”.

Product Listing Pages:

These Amazon PPC ads also get a place above product description text and underneath the pictures and titles of products on the product listing pages.

What Benefits you Get from Amazon PPC:

It is a big dream for every seller to get their product on top Amazon’s searching list. It helps all the sellers to get the better visibility and impressions.

Amazon also doesn’t charge for impression but they charge when users will click on the particular ad.

If your sales are going well on the Amazon after that you can use Amazon Ads for a variety of other reasons and these reasons include:

Top Ranking:

If as sellers you want the top ranking on the Amazon site then sponsored ads is the best way to get it.

This will help you too. For this, you have to use Amazon PPC by contacting Amazon PPC expert.

Help to Boost Sales for Products:

Amazon PPC ads will help you to increase your visibility as well as impression. More visibility leads to more sales.

If your product is not getting visibility then you can take help of Amazon PPC to increase it in Amazon’s search results.

By placing your ads, your product will get sufficient attention on the search result pages.

Seasonal Campaigns:

Seasonal Adwords PPC campaigns are also very beneficial for the sellers to sell their seasonal products.

These Ad campaigns work on some keywords that include Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

If sellers want to increase the customer’s interest in seasonal products then Amazon ads will be very helpful.

They would also be beneficial at the end of the season if you want to get rid of the inventory.

Boost a New Product:

If you are selling some new products then it is very tough to find a place on Amazon because of the other products which are placed at the beginning of the search pages result.

This leads to fewer sales. So, if you want to climb to the top Amazon’s search lists then you can take help of the Amazon PPC.

This will gradually help you to increase your rank.

Does Amazon PPC influence Organic Rankings?

Amazon ads will surely influence your organic ranking positively.

If your product is getting more customers or get more sales then this will increase the ranking of search results.

It is seen that if any keyword is getting used repeatedly for them organic ranking will be improved successfully.


What’s the Real Cost of Facebook Advertising?

You can run your Facebook offer ads to attract target audience on social media sites that include Facebook and Instagram.

It will be very helpful to get more audience. But the main thing that causes hurdle is cost.

Every marketer wants to know that how much they have to pay to advertise on Facebook paid ads.

There are some factors that you need to know before planning to advertise on Facebook Ads and these Factors include:

Factors that Determine the Cost of Facebook Ads

1) Your Bid

With Facebook ad creation you automatically enter in the competition with other advertisers to get ad space on Facebook and you can also consider it a big Facebook auction.

If you bid on the Facebook then your bid amount decide that how likely your ad will appear on the Facebook.

You are able to set the bid in two ways and these ways include:

(i) Automatic bid:

In Automatic bid option, Facebook will decide the bid amount for you.

If you don’t have any idea that what should be your bid amount then Facebook Ad will recommend the amount for the bid to get the best result.

(ii) Manual bid:

In Manual bid option, you are the one who will decide the amount of bid. After deciding the amount you will tell to Facebook to get the best results.

However, when you hire PPC advertising firm you will surely make profit out of your suggested bid.

Things you have to keep in Mind While Biding:

  • If your Facebook Ad bid is low then you will not get the best result that you want. Your bid amount decides that what you will get.
  • If you are bidding high then this is not the matter of tension because you will still get your ads delivered at lowest amount.

2) Quality of Ad and Relevance

Facebook provides a Relevance Score metric for your ads to help you to know how relevant your ad is.

Facebook consider positive as well as negative feedback on your ad. According to the Facebook Ad review, Facebook will show your ad.

If the score is high then Facebook will show it more and also you have to pay less to reach your target audience.

You will able to find the negative and positive feedback as ad’s relevance score in your Facebook Ads Manager.

3) Your Audience Targeting:

Facebook advertising cost will depend upon your ad’s influence on your target audience.

The level of competition among marketers is more because of the specific audience they want to target.

This is the reason to reach the audience is more expensive.  There are some things that affect the cost of your ads and that include:

  • Location
  • Target audience Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Demographics, interests, or behaviors
  • Connections with Facebook page and events matters

4) Time of the Year

If the number of advertisers targeting any specific audience increases then it will also increase the cost of Facebook Ads.

There are some peak times in the year when many advertisers try to target audience to seek their interest.

In this time there will be more competition and you also have to pay more. More people think of advertising on Facebook during some important events that include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Cyber Monday etc.

If you also want to run a Facebook Ad campaign on these important days then you should have the idea that how more competition will influence the cost of Ads.

5) Placement

This will help you to know where your ad will get placed in the ecosystem of Facebook.

There are some places where your ad can get the place and these places are  Facebook’s desktop News Feed, Facebook’s desktop right column, Facebook’s mobile News Feed, Audience Network, Messenger, Instagram.

To get maximize Facebook results, Facebook recommends that marketers have to allow them to place their ads on Instagram also. This will help to get a reduction in ads cost.

6) Optimization of Ad Delivery

In the “Show Advanced Options” under “Budget & Schedule”, you will get an option called “Optimization for Ad Delivery”.

Here you will get to know that which specific audience Facebook target to show your ad. You will get the idea that who will click your ad.

If you will not optimize your ad then Facebook will not show your ads to that particular audience that can positively react to your ad.

This will leads to paying you more amount for that ad.


How Agencies Are Making 5,000+% ROI With White Facebook Label Ads

Never mind the goal of a company, white Facebook label ads help a lot when it comes to reaching new audiences, engaging pages with more likes, comments and shares, generating traffic and expanding current social network.

Facebook is an Internet giant, and being aware of these factors becomes vital as it looks like a better solution to quickly accomplish goals without overspending using the best PPC management service.

1. Target the right audience

Each white Facebook label ads include expert analytics from white label PPC agency. These stats allow identifying the right audience to deliver the messages that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

A PPC management firm must identify which audience is most receptive and put your emphasis on it.

Your public or followers must be demographically sorted by profile.

You should target the audience you think has a keen interest in your business.

2. Generate new and recurring traffic

Avoid those strategies that only engage Facebook users. You also have to take into account other channels that can help you increase your traffic.

In layman’s terms, Facebook is big but it’s not the whole Internet world.

Attract people from Facebook but don’t forget users from other social networks.

In this effect, you will be creating several PPC advertising campaigns in India that cover users from other channels. It is important to add that white Facebook label ad is a useful complement to your hyperlocal targeting method.

So what can you expect from white Facebook label ads?

  • You can expect to draw in more customers regardless of your main goal. Whether web traffic generation or conversions, look for PPC advertising firm to help you tailor your white Facebook label ads.
  • Target taking demography and location as a reference. You implement hyperlocal targeting when using white Facebook label ads.
  • It also enables you to leverage creative designs, tests and ad sets that work as a lure to attract more customers.
  • White label Facebook ads allow buying appealing images. Keep in mind that most Internet users are visual fellows.
  • Expert analytics. This app helps you in the identification of the right audience.
  • A/B testing not only focused on audience but also on creatives.
  • Weekly reports. White label Facebook ads calibrate the reports.
  • Log into your Facebook account to get info about another white label social media service.

Is it possible to turn Facebook into brand development engine?

The answer is Yes and you must turn Facebook into a development machine considering that it will undoubtedly increase your customer base.

No matter the Google PPC services you call, they will you tell you to resort to Facebook because Facebook widens customer base.

Gone are the days of putting emphasis only on SEO.

Now, PPC services company are actually providing SEO services but they’ve added other elements that can boost the chances to succeed: white Facebook label ads.

Certainly, you can’t hire a PPC specialist project manager today and expect big numbers the next day, because that’s impossible.

Facebook is becoming part of the social media services that most SEO agencies are offering right now.

When it comes to tracking stats, white label Facebook ads is apparently the way to go. Here are some reasons why:

  • Facebook is full of users who spend over 40 minutes online.
  • Many companies find this Facebook program reliable.
  • If you want to reduce costs, consider white labeling.
  • White label Facebook ads enable you to increase the number of clients by 100% in a period of six months.

You don’t need to be an experienced PPC consultant marketer to realize that white labeling is slowly becoming an essential part in this industry.

Most importantly, PPC agencies with little knowledge about other marketing strategies are turning to white label Facebook ads, allowing that they can get ahead of their competitors with this service.

This method is gaining ground and is revolutionizing the market today. The number of people getting skills in this field is growing.

If you’re running a business and think you need a prod to boost your leads, call a SEO consultant, there are many of them around the world.

Ask them if they are specializing in white labeling.

Very often, they have deep knowledge on how to use social media to make money. Of course, Facebook is the approach this time.

When calling an white label PPC management agency, tell them what kind of campaign you chose.

The good news is that most SEO agents know what to do regardless of the type of campaign.

But it’s very important to make a point of this factor. In this way, the SEO Company will be sure of the course to take in your case.

At the moment of discussing your idea with the agency, it is vital that you make clear what you’re planning with a white label Facebook ad campaign.

The discussion must then be centered around these points:

  • Strategy and goals
  • Competitiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Keyword research
  • Ad couples
  • Analysis – analytics
  • White Label reports
  • Other marketing techniques to make up for “missing links”

Improving PPC Relevance With ZIP Code-Based GEO Targeting

Surely, there are methods to use ZIP codes in the hopes to improve Facebook ads conversion rate and boost conversion rates. You can only apply these strategies by paying brand awareness campaigns.

Managing ads and ad relevance gets harder when a single company has several brick-and-mortar locations in a city or province.

As managing PPC remarketing Ad is complex for companies with multiple offices, this article will focus on that point in specific.

It will also illustrate the benefits of relocating the PPC targeting as well as explaining the reasons for swapping to a ZIP code approach.

1) Limited Performance

In the past, some companies had to pay for the each region and office. They paid to cast a broad net in that area in particular, that is, where the company had offices.

After changing effective Facebook ads techniques and checking out the account based on the demographic results, you will notice a stronger click-through rate in some regions with a specific ZIP code.

As a result, the budget was distributed in the same way across the area, including those zones with a lower level of efficiency. Due to this, top-Zip code targets were eventually limited.

This new approach provides valuable insights Adwords specialist should know to locate people and clicks.

Consequently, all bid adjustments should be based on the searcher location.

2) Bid adjustments

Once you get with this valuable information, optimize the cost per conversion through bid adjustments. That’s virtually the right way to prioritize and serve only to top-performing ZIP codes.

That sounds logic. Implement the right tactics to focus only on the ZIP codes that have always had stronger click rates.

Likewise, it is vital to check out the new acquisitions and conversions. In this effect, it is also a good idea to make adjustments for ZIP codes that clearly have lower performance.

If you want to get more good results from the Google CPC campaign, add keywords to top performing ZIP codes under the assistance of Adwords expert . n

Once added, they will act like modifiers. This tactic will help you capture granular search traffic rapidly.

By adjusting bids, you enhance relevance and performance across the markets.

3) Improvements

Improvements will be clearly notable after optimizing bids and keywords. The changes will have a positive impact on most ZIP code campaigns. Some of the improvements you will see afterwards are:

  • Conversion rate increase.
  • Decrease in cost per click.
  • Click-through rate goes up.
  • Cost per conversion all drops dramatically.

To sum up, when you switch your gears and move to granular ZIP code, you have more chances of adjusting bids and advertisement text. Adjustments will be dependent on proximity to office.

Moreover, this technique boosts program efficiency allowing you to allocate budget with ease.

All these actions increase conversions and the number of additional patients.

Many experts are recommending marketers to change their strategies and prefer a granular optimization.

Apparently, it’s a more efficient approach to make use of keywords, bids and of course, budget.

Outsourcing SEO services to increase rates and improve keywords usage

It stands to reason that hiring PPC marketing agency to do the SEO work for you is vital in today’s world.

Your sales and click rate increase day by day when your company is on top of Google search.

Here are some services you should consider to achieve your goals.

  • Website audit completion.
  • Better use of keyword research
  • Content creation.

So, whenever you look to hire SEO services to a company, make sure the corporation offers the services above. Otherwise keep looking.

Perhaps, you have this question running through your head: why SEO?

That question is easy to answer. You need SEO because door-to-door marketing is in the past now. The new strategies are concentrated on digital marketing.

Digital marketing, per se, goes in hand with optimization, which at the same time will lead you to have more customers, higher sale rates and more conversions.

These are ultimately the basics of SEO: attracting Internet users who are looking for a particular service or product.

Since the completion is fierce, you must optimize everything. Doing this takes time and requires expertise, thus you need to outsource these services to a company specialized in the field: a SEO company.

These are some of the SEO solutions that these businesses offer:

  • Research and technical audit: It consists in identifying the problems that are causing ranking to plummet.
  • Custom SEO strategy: They are not like other SEO strategies. Companies offer custom SEO services that work well with Google algorithms.
  • Strategy implementation: The company uses the right strategies to increase leads. They consider creating reach a priority.