Latest Google AdWords Updates 2018

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Google doesn’t update Google Adwords account as often as other platforms do, but they are equally important.

Improvements increased in number especially after the launch of Experience by the end of the last year.

Now, with the latest Google Adword updates, advertising is easy and fruitful.

Users don’t even realize them because they lack specificity and don’t report data so much. But the truth is that changes are noticeable right now and that’s what you’ll be reading next.

Google this time, concentrated on Google remarketing AdWords and Customer Matching Options.

Of all, these two represent the biggest updates since January. Landing Pages Report and Customer Match Options are no longer the same.

Along with that, Google brought a lot more. Let’s find it out here.

Some of the latest AdWords updates are:

  • Promotion extension is easier.
  • Google incorporated new and more accurate custom columns
  • Betterments and expansion in landing pages report.
  • Use of Ads variations to make A/B test faster.
  • Expansion of the Customer Match Options.
  • The inclusion of custom Intent Audiences to get better results.

That’s all for the time being. Let’s start.

Mind you, the points to gloss below are not in order.

New and more accurate custom columns

Google Adwords expert are working their guts to enhance custom metrics in all levels including the ad group.

And they have been introducing new concepts to advertisers in the last four years.

But Google continued to do a good job and announced a new addition to compensate the lack of specificity in the keyword and ad level.

Expansion of landing pages

One of the AdWords sections that had an overhaul was the landing page customization.

Landing Pages were introduced in 2017. With these modifications, you have a larger perception of costs, clicks, conversion rates, performance and views under the guidance of the best adwords consultants.

Landing pages reports are more complete now giving you control of all your landing pages at a time.

The new options provide you with actionable data including AMP clicks, mobile clicks and of course, conversions.

Plus, there are other features we are not going to mention here.

Extending promotions for easy sales

Texts on Adwords are pretty short.

Google only lets you write 30 words for the headline and 80 to describe the product.

It is a good tool to communicate to potential buyers but this time, Google limits you a lot.

In layman’s terms, you have tons of information to share but you can’t because of the word limit. It’s very hard to convince users to buy from you with such policies.

As a result, writing headlines on AdWords editor is boring. People usually ignore short descriptions.

But this problem apparently came to an end.

Since Google extended promotions, you can add an extra tab with details about your products and services.

This tab allows you to show more of the info you want to convey.

So, AdWords consultants can take a lot of advantage of this extension during high seasons like Christmas or Halloween and boost their sales.

Use of Ad variations to make A/B test faster

It stands to reason that if you want to succeed in Google AdWords, you must learn about A/B testing ads.

In 2016, A/B was a little complicated. You had to launch new tests and create many more ad groups and campaigns than necessary.

But with the introduction of Ad Variations, Google has improved AdWords experience and users can make use of AZ/B ads at a large scale.

Now, it won’t take you so much time to apply the test to copies. Just click and you will be scaling your test at a rapid pace.

This is probably the best A/B test update ever.

Is that it? No, here comes the best part.

Google Adwords keyword planner simplifies the results and omits those that are insignificant.

Expansion of the Customer Match Options

Customer matching options was released in March of 2015.

With this new app, Google started to spoon-feed marketing to marketers.

They were able to upload the customer information to link it to a specific audience. Google re-marketing was a piece of cake.

People then made profit from it for a good reason:

They were having high conversion rates.

But that didn’t stop here.

Since 2017, users can upload customer data including mail ids and contact numbers for better matching.

Other than that, the matching process goes better on Facebook and Twitter. It matches Google, Facebook (likes) and Twitter customers with more precision.

The inclusion of custom Intent Audiences to get better results

Google AdWords has striven to improve two aspects that matter to PPC management advertisers a lot: demographic targeting and audience management.

Consequently, they added other features and beefed up the UX and UI.

As a bonus, AdWords made cool modifications in the targeting options and Display Network ads.

These brand new features are nothing less than game-changing additions.

Now with the new app called Custom Intent Audience, users can make the most of their creativity and go beyond demographic targeting and affinity.

Google PPC equip them with better tools to create the coolest custom audiences.

Long story short, with Custom Intent Audience, you are allowed to submit topics, keywords and links and Google then displays the buying behavior statistically.

Aside from that, Google AdWords can display custom intent for you to analyze it and do the rest.


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