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PPC for Law Firm Lead Generation

PPC advertisements can really boost your marketing campaign. They can help you generate sales-ready leads for the business very quickly. Using PPC techniques for your law firm is pretty simple and straightforward.

However, it is always a good idea to hire a professional digital marketing agency to design the ad campaign for your business.

Stats show that the legal market across the globe is growing at an exponential phase. Therefore, PPC can give you the necessary edge to compete with the biggest players in the market. Here is a small infographic that shows the size of the legal market in the U.S.

US Legal Market

If you want to start using PPC for generating leads for your law firm, you can follow this 8-step process to do it effectively.

Step 1: Define Your Target and USP

The professional legal services market is growing at an exponential phase across the globe. The world’s most prestigious law universities are producing highly talented and skilled lawyers every year.

The lucrative packages and chances of a quick promotion associated with legal practices are the main reasons why law is the number choice of profession for students.

Studies show that Austin, Texas has seen the fastest growth in legal services since 2010 at a staggering and consistent pace of 26% year on year.

Target Audience & USP for Legal Services

To compete in such a saturated market environment, you need to establish a special USP for your legal services. Assess the strengths, weaknesses and total experience of your current team of lawyers. Now create a profile that clearly defines what you are good at.

Great at handling parking tickets and traffic law? Good. Advertise that as your primary service. Good at managing asset transfer and management laws? Focus on creating ads that highlight this core skill.

Establishing a USP does not mean that you focus on cases from a particular department exclusively.

Instead, it shows your primary strengths. Do mention all the other legal services and expertise that you offer as a collective firm to attract more customers.

Step 2: Ask Relevant Questions

Once you have looked inwards, it is time to look outwards and assess the market as well as the competition. Study your direct competitors and make sure that you leverage their strengths.

Instead of trying to compete toe-to-toe with a global firm, try and compete with the local firms first. Establish a brand name and increase your reliability in a particular niche and area before diversifying.

Asking the relevant questions and perform market research to understand the needs of your potential customers. Make sure that your PPC ads have the necessary back up in the form of attractive landing pages.

Statistics show that businesses that have 31 to 40 landing pages get 7 times more leads than the ones that have no landing pages.

Attractive Landing Pages for More Leads

Step 3: Invest in Local SEO

Local SEO plays an important role in the success of your PPC campaigns. It is more important in case of a law firm that has a limited reach in the form of a singular branch.

If you own just one branch of your law firm and deal with the cases in one county, you need to lay enough emphasis on local SEO techniques for quick growth. These SEO practices will bring you leads that have a higher chance of buying your services.

If you have experience of working in the Chicago county, your relevant audience comes from Chicago and not California. Recent studies show that 85% of shoppers search for local businesses on the internet.

Invest in Local SEO

Design your campaign and choose the keywords that focus on the geographical location where you run the best operation.

If your legal firm has offices/branches at various locations across the country, create a separate page for each location. This will help you increase the relevancy of your website and SEO-friendliness for a larger audience.

Invest your time in searching for negative keywords and well as the technical nuances of the SEO practices. It will help you ensure that every click on your ad results into a conversion.

After all, you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on generating truly engaging PPC ads that drive zero conversions for the business. Creating relevant content and using the most SEO-friendly keywords are the best ways to ensure that your campaign gets enough hits and conversion.

Most Effective SEO Tactics

Step 4: Prefer Using the Call-Only Campaigns

Optimized PPC campaigns can generate a lot of traffic and bring sales-ready leads to your business. On the other hand, the non-optimized campaigns can put you in debt in a short term.

Running PPC ads is dangerous and costly if you do not invest the right amount of time in research. The most popular keywords can easily cost you over 50 dollars for a single click.

Having a call-only campaign helps you save a lot of money. Most people who are serious about availing your legal services will first get an on-call counselling before meeting your team in person.

Therefore, it is a better idea to spend on call-only campaigns. Having a separate extension line to handle your call requests is an efficient way to handle the massive inflow of leads.

Step 5: Create Graphical Content for the Ads

Lay enough emphasis on creating graphical content for your ads. A complete focus on textual content is not enough for attracting the attention of your audience.

Create video-based content and curate the testimonials of your wins to create campaigns that generate enough commotion. Stats show that 52% of the marketing professional believe that video content produces the best ROI for a business.

Graphical Content for Ads

You can also hire a freelance graphic designer at dirt-cheap prices today to create infographics for your business. Studies show that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read by an average content consumer.

Step 6: Practice Remarketing

Remarketing is an important practice that will help you get a better ROI from your ad campaigns. Instead of running pure PPC campaigns, develop a blog for your website that will help you create an impact in the legal business.

Now, run remarketing campaigns for people who visit this blog with PPC. This will help you bring more qualified leads to your business.

Recent studies show that over 96% of people leave the website without buying anything. This fact stays true for both the product as well as service-based businesses.

Remarketing Campaigns

Step 7: Optimize the Existing Campaigns Regularly

If your PPC ads and not producing the desired results, there is a good chance that you are not optimizing them in the right fashion. Focusing on the optimization of your campaigns can help you easily double or triple the ROI from a single campaign.

A digital marketing team can analyse the performance of your campaign and suggest different ways in which you can optimize them to produce better ROI.

The digital marketers often use tools like SEMRush, MOZ and Google Ads to analyse and optimize the PPC campaigns regularly.

Step 8: Run One-to-One Email Marketing Campaigns

Organic PPC campaigns have a nearly unlimited reach and potential. However, they cannot help you create a focused reach wherein your audience feels truly valued.

To make sure that you reach each and every lead consistently, you might need to invest in one-to-one email marketing campaigns. Marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, etc. can help you add the necessary personalization effect to your campaigns.


Let’s quickly summarize the 8 steps that you can use to generate more leads for your law firm via PPC.

  1. Create a USP: Creating a USP will help you define the market segment clearly. It will also help you play the strengths of your legal firm to achieve the best results.
  2. Ask Questions: Asking questions within and outside your organization will help you define the ad campaigns further. It will help you shape your campaigns in an extremely customer-centric manner.
  3. Focus on Local SEO: Local SEO will help you get the best possible ROI by targeting people who belong to the right segment for you.
  4. Use Call-Only Campaigns: The call-only campaigns will help you get a better ROI than click-campaigns.
  5. Create Graphical Content: Graphical content will spice up your overall marketing strategy and create truly enticing ads.
  6. Invest in Remarketing: Remarketing will increase the ROI of your campaigns by focusing on leads that are truly interested in availing your services.
  7. Optimize Your Campaigns: Optimizing the campaigns will ensure that your PPC campaign produces the desired results in a short period.
  8. Personalize the Campaigns: Personalizing the campaigns will help you make your customers feel truly valued and important.

Once you have clearly understood the needs of your potential customers, you can hire a content developer to put the requirements in simple and engaging words for the PPC ad.

This will help you create an ad that’s relatable for the audience. If needed, you can also conduct focus group studies to gauge the requirements of your prospects in a better way.


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