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How To Use CRO For Paid Search

Probably you are having problems optimizing your conversions. That is translated in leaving a lot of money on the table.

A good way to make money through paid search, SEO and social ads. In layman’s terms, use CRO.

Momoko Price, one of Kantan Designs was having a hard time. Why? Because they were putting too much emphasis on ecommerce PPC and their site was leaving aside on-site conversions.

As a result, they were not getting enough leads to pay CPA. In that opportunity, they had to fish $1,100 out of the pocket, the equivalent to a customer lifetime value. In other words, numbers were too low.

This case may sound a little extreme. To avoid this, optimize your site in a way you pay for conversions and not for clicks.

A correct use of CRO can help you sidestep this issue in near future.

How to make more money on paid search with CRO?

1. If you want to get more leads, enhance your landing page then

If you want to get a higher return, you should improve your landing page. Make it compelling and easy to navigate.

Lower your CPA because it will increase your ad budget. In the end, you will obtain higher revenues and the website will generate more profits for you.

It goes without saying that you need to do some research before building your hypotheses and the best adwords agency.

Find the right way to lift your conversions. Some companies make some improvements in their landing page and the outcome hasn’t disappointed them. At first, the results are difficult to understand, though.

Now, what’s the best strategy to get more from social ads with CRO?

Landing pages and social ads must be compelling and attractive. They help a lot with customer retention.

Both landing pages and social ads must have relevant content, or they will cut no ice. Here is how you can boost social campaign effectiveness.

2. Compelling ad copy and landing page copy are a must

To create compelling content, you should know what people like and expect from your website.

Build the platform based on the answers you got. Two of the most common tools to do conversion research are: customer reviews mining and exit intent polls.

Businesses use them to communicate with customers in their own language and know their pain points.

CEOs like Talia Wolf use this strategy to collect enough information and write Facebook Ads and create a new landing page copy.

Include social media in the research, as platforms like Facebook cannot be avoided.

Another useful social network to identify stage of awareness is Fivver. In-depth conversion research allows discovering what points impact the most emotionally.

In that way, you will be able to re-create a landing page and numbers will shortly speak for themselves.

3. Make over the landing page to improve visitor experience

And yes, CRO is highly recommended to give the landing page a new appearance.

The main goal is to attract as many users as possible from social media.

Times have changed and today most users come from mobile phones and smaller devices.

Due to this, the content of a website (in this case, the landing page) should be designed for both, desktop and mobile phone viewers.

For example: if you are running a University website, cluttering the landing page with large blocks of text is not advisable.

Use short lists and menus so the page will work smoothly on Smartphones too.

Break down the information into several points crossed out with an asterisk or + sign, so it will be easier for users to click and read.

How to get more from SEO with CRO

Strangely to say, many people question CRO use in SEO.

And the answer is flatly no. The conflict between CRO and SEO is non-existent. But there are certainly some factors that unbalance ranking ability.

  • They can’t be omitted the HTML source code.
  • Content quality.
  • Domain authority.
  • SPAM analysis.
  • User and usage data (the time that a visitor spends on your website)

When you use CRO, you don’t produce any negative effect on the above elements at all.

Your content quality is not impacted and the user data will remain the same or even higher.

The usage data is associated to the time that people spend surfing your website, going from one page to another and so.

However, if things are not correctly done, you should get concerned about keywords.

To prevent issues with them when using CRO, add those keywords “all over the landing page”. Long story short: insert them in:

  • The headline.
  • The URL (not so important but it equally helps)
  • The HTML code.

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