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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved the way for avant-garde achievements in diverse fields of technology.

But lesser known is its potential capabilities in the area of Google Shopping Ads management. It can remarkably improve your ad performance by enabling you to automate and optimize the campaigns.


The way people shop online today is constantly changing – from finding their nearby restaurant to buying their favorite products.

Using AI technology for Google Shopping Ads campaigns can help reach the right audience at the right time in a more visible and efficient manner.

Improve customer engagement with Artificial Intelligence, and drive higher clicks and conversions for your ad campaigns.


In this blog, we will discuss how to use AI for automated & results-driven Google Shopping campaign setup and management. Let’s dive in.


Create Responsive Adwords Shopping Campaigns to Drive Relevance


Modern consumers are more demanding and informed. The mobile-driven audience today wants everything on their fingertips with the ability to get things done faster.

Therefore, they would expect the ads to be personalized and most relevant to what they are searching for.

This is a cumbersome process and requires specialized skills of a Google Shopping Ads management agency.


They will leverage the capabilities of Google’s responsive search ads that are powered by machine learning to deliver more valuable and relevant ads.

It allows you to create up to 15 catchy headlines and 4 compelling descriptions for Google Shopping submission.

The AI-driven algorithm will automatically test different combinations and display the ad creative that performs best and is most specific to any search intent.


This will enable you to display different contextually-targeted ads to people looking for the same thing on Google.

According to Google, this optimization technique can help increase ad clicks by 15%.

Efficient Audience Targeting


Targeting your Google Shopping ads to the right audience set holds utmost importance in driving more clicks and conversions.

Google has a robust and intuitive set of consumer data, which you can leverage to target your audiences effectively.

However, doing this manually can be cumbersome and not so efficient.

Google shopping campaign setup

Here you can use AI to power your Google Shopping campaign management.

The Artificial Intelligence system will evaluate your ad performance and past audiences, measure them against real-time performance data and KPIs, and then discover new audiences who are likely to buy.


Some of the popular methods of AI-driven audience targeting in Google Shopping are:


1. Customer Match: For effective Google Shopping ad management, you can use Artificial Intelligence to identify and display your ads to customers who have deeply engaged with your brand.

These include audiences who have made a purchase, subscribed for a loyalty program, or signed up for your newsletters.

Whenever these targeted set of customers search a related product on Google, the AI system will automatically evaluate the type of audience and display relevant ads.


2. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): Using machine learning technology, Google will help identify audiences who have earlier visited your website or connected with your brand in some manner.

Taking cookies from people’s devices, it can create a comprehensive list of people who have visited your site in the last year or more.

These may not be the exact numbers because of cookie settings in people’s devices that do not allow you to track their visit.


However, Artificial Intelligence will help you target your ads more specifically by tracking the most recent visits from this list.

It is an important signal that highlights a searcher’s intent and likelihood to convert.

AI-powered remarketing is a powerful Google Shopping management tool that can help retarget efficiently and boost conversions.


3. Similar Audiences: It is an effective way to identify new customers who portray similar demographics, behavior, and interests as members in your existing remarketing lists.


Audience targeting using Artificial Intelligence enables you to reach more qualified and specific audiences in a more streamlined manner.

Your Google Shopping management agency can create separate ad campaigns for each, helping you bid more strategically for each.

Targeting different ad copies for different audience groups enables you to reach the right customers with the most relevant message, thus, generating more clicks and reducing CPC spent on irrelevant clicks.


Optimize Ad Spending


Artificial Intelligence in marketing can also help optimize your ad spend automatically.

Your Google Shopping feed manager can use AI to process your audience targeting data and ad spend, which will automatically evaluate the results and determine what actions can drive improved performance.

AI can also achieve this at scale for a variety of complex advertising campaigns.

By learning targeting data and ad spend trends, AI technology can help identify new audiences or ensure optimally using your ad budget to deliver quality results.


Reach a Wider Audience Base across Google Networks

Take your Google Shopping ads beyond the search; use Smart Shopping campaigns that combine your existing product feeds with machine learning to display a wide variety of ads across multiple networks.

The cutting-edge system will pool product feeds and also test various combinations of the text and images you provide.

Based on this, Google will display the most relevant ads across different platforms like Google Search, Google Display, Gmail, and YouTube.


To make the most of each ad, your Google Shopping management agency can leverage this technology to automate ad placements and bidding to deliver high conversion value at your budget.

AI will track conversions from events like online purchases, store visits, sign-ups or buying from phone calls and automatically maximize the conversion value for your set daily budget.


Drive Traffic with Intelligent Keyword Targeting

Often using keyword match types like ‘phrase’ or ‘exact’ may limit your scope of bidding.

Therefore, a good PPC agency will suggest creating different ad groups and targeting them with ‘broad’ keywords that create a specific ‘theme.’ This will help drive more conversions.

In this regard, Artificial Intelligence can identify the keyword matches that generate higher conversions. Then it will use your themed ad groups with broad keywords, depending on the match type that works optimally.



There are various smart ways you can use AI to create performance-driven Shopping Ads.

However, the process can be complex and only an expert Google Shopping outsource company can assist you in harnessing the technique efficiently.

Hire an experienced PPC company that specializes in Google Shopping Ads management services to achieve outstanding results.


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