How to Increase Ecommerce Sales with Amazon Ad Management Services?

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Amazon Ads is a powerful digital marketing platform that, when done intelligently, can drive your ecommerce sales to new heights. Hire Amazon PPC agency for effective ad management that can help boost visibility, drive quality leads, and increase your sales.


In this blog, you will understand how professional Amazon PPC management services can help increase your ecommerce sales.


5 Proven Strategies an Amazon PPC Expert Uses to Drive Ecommerce Sales


Unsurprisingly, Amazon is the first name that comes to our mind when shopping online. 89% of online shoppers agree they would buy products from Amazon than any other ecommerce site. Amazon has over 2.5 million active sellers on the marketplace, with 200,000 sellers earning more than $100,000 in sales. This makes it a vital platform for all types of ecommerce businesses.


But amid hundreds of similar products struggling to get the top position on Amazon search engine result pages, the question arises – how to increase sales? With intelligent and ongoing Amazon PPC optimization.


Discussed here are some proven tactics that Amazon PPC specialists use to drive higher sales for your ecommerce sales.


#1: Set Your Amazon Advertising Goal


A key to step to Amazon PPC optimisation is setting your advertising goal. Amazon provides its sellers two options – create brand awareness or increase sales. Here, your objective is to drive more sales. The PPC advertising platform enables you to target the most relevant audience depending on your goals. Likewise, the ad will be shown only to the audience set you choose, i.e. those who are genuinely interested in your products and are most likely to buy.


Your Amazon PPC management agency will also use relevant metrics that will help gauge your campaign performance. For instance, select Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) as your preferred metric when the goal is to increase ecommerce sales. The advertising goal that you set at the time of creating the campaign will help optimize all related metrics.

#2: Ongoing Product Listing Audit


An inexperienced Amazon PPC firm will set up an ad campaign and forget about it. Be aware and hire the one that has in-depth experience in optimizing and improving your product listings. They will perform ongoing product ad audit that includes optimizing and tweaking the product title, images, description, targeted keywords, reviews and ratings.


With this proactive approach, you can boost your ad rankings in Amazon search results. Most importantly, it will make it simpler and convenient for your potential customers to find your products amid the clutter in Amazon. But make sure, the product listing should be in line with your ad campaign. Online shoppers will not appreciate the “shock” element when they are directed from your PPC ad to the product page.

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#3: Start with Automated Targeting


Amazon Sponsored Ads provide the option of automated targeting that is great to start with. Amazon PPC management experts generally prefer manual targeting because they have rich knowledge in the industry and can identify how the keywords will drive better visibility and higher sales for your business. However, then can use automated targeting to get started because it makes it easier and faster to target the most relevant keywords.


Depending on your niche products, the Amazon search algorithm will automatically recommend potential keywords. A default flat bid amount applies on all suggested keywords. The basic concept is to gather valuable insights to understand how different keywords are performing. The Amazon PPC expert will test different keyword performance results and likewise adjust the bids.


After gathering keyword data, the specialist will analyze which keywords have performed most efficiently. These can then be added into your manual PPC campaign. Once you leverage automatic targeting, it is crucial to set up a manual campaign because it allows you to adjust the bids by the best-performing keywords and least-performing ones. This will not only help lower your CPC but also drive improved visibility of your Amazon ad and higher sales.


#4: Target Product Categories with Amazon Ad Campaigns


Category targeting is an integral element of Amazon PPC optimization service that allows you to seamlessly reach potential consumers searching for products in related categories. According to Amazon, “Category targeting is a subset of product targeting. Instead of picking individual products to target, category targeting allows advertisers to reach products within related categories easily.”


The concept is similar to Google Ads PPC campaigns. For every primary product category, set up an ad campaign and then combine to set up more targeted ad groups.


Here is an example for you:


Suppose, you sell herbal supplements and vitamins on Amazon. Take the top three best-selling products; say children’s multivitamins, Vitamin D capsules and calcium supplements. Based on these categories, set up unique ad groups respectively. For every ad campaign, identify 15-30 most relevant keywords for every product category and devise compelling ad creative with the keywords. This is a strategic approach to keep the Amazon PPC ads most relevant and generate increased sales with higher ROI.


#5: Leverage the Power of Data


Specialist Amazon PPC services enable you to leverage rich data to create and optimize your PPC ad campaigns. Split test unique ad copies, images and videos to analyze which is performing best. Try testing different forms of Amazon ads: Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, Sponsored Brands, and Video Ads. Constantly monitor and identify which is converting best, and likewise, adjust your budget.


Amazon PPC analysis will also enable you to identify which features of the ad are working well with the audiences. Also, you can use Amazon Performance Dashboard to get valuable insights into


  • Ad impressions and clicks
  • Orders, sales and spending
  • Click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)


The dashboard allows you to optimize the Amazon ad campaign towards better visibility of vital metrics, make improvements, and increase your sales.




Want to make the most of your Amazon PPC campaign? Get professional Amazon PPC help from an expert who has in-depth expertise in this field and can deliver quality results. Hire a full-time PPC agency or get a skilled Amazon PPC freelancer to handle your campaigns, implement proven strategies, and increase your eCommerce sales.


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