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How to Excel at Google Ads Campaign Management

By using Google ads or AdWords your company can earn an impressive ROI which is as high as 8 USD for every dollar spent on advertising. considering this amount of ROI definitely requires committing a sufficient amount of time to your ad campaign and putting aside this time each month for the campaign. First of all, we should be aware that Google ads are basically Google’s advertising networks. You can advertise your business in Google search results as well as third-party sites. In this article, we will be going to look at how to excel at Google ads campaign management so there are some of the practices which you need to follow so that your Google ads campaign works best and you can achieve that desired ROI so let’s get started.

Follow Best practices for your campaign structure: First of all, You should have a clear understanding of your Google ads campaign structure. you should follow best practices that are possible for this structure. Google ads work in a hierarchy first comes accounts and campaigns followed by ad groups, ads, and keywords. When it comes to Google ads campaign management you must focus on your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords because these are easy to maintain and they will help increase your ROI by a huge margin.

Audit your Google Ads’ budget and bids: In the next point, you want to check your current campaign budget and keyword bids. Most businesses pay 1 to 2 USD per click. If you are displaying your ad on Google display network you will be probably paying less than $1. in Google ads you can set a daily budget and then your monthly budget gets calculated by multiplying this daily budget by 30.4. This amount will be the maximum amount your business will be spending on your ad campaign per month. If you are already running a campaign, Google will probably provide you with a daily budget and bidding recommendations. These recommendations will consist of tips so that your company can get additional clicks and increase your ROI.

Analyze and refresh your keyword targeting: Most businesses that are using Google ads will be using keyword targeting. you may use other types of targeting such as age, user behavior, location but you will often base your campaigns on keyword targeting. For this reason, keywords are a crucial part of Google ad campaign management. you must keep your keyword targeting up-to-date while using a Google ads campaign. Businesses often change the phrases when they find that they need the phrases needed to evolve. A perfect example of this will be people using the best smartphones nowadays instead of the best cell phones. So it is really important to update your keywords regularly. Google offers several tools so that you can check the performance of your current keywords. Some of these are Google trends, which are used to spot a decrease in search volume. Google keyword planner is another tool that checks keyword search volume and cost per click. There are some more tools like keyword effects and which can also help you find the keywords which you need to target. Google play keyword planner is a great choice for campaign management because it has multiple features you can receive keyword suggestions for broadening or narrowing your search, keyword group creating ad groups easily, and a lot of other things. Monitoring your keyword targeting will help to get the most out of your ad campaigns. It will help you to discover new keywords to target which can eventually lead to new leads.

Optimize your ads, landing pages, and more: Along with working on your ad hierarchy, budget, bids, and keyword targeting you can also work on optimizing your landing pages, ads, ad extensions, and more. There are some ways in which you can optimize your ads. In Google Ads, you can experiment with different ad copy or you can also add some new ads for users or you can add trying different ad offers. However, if you are deciding to test this feature you need to change your campaign-level settings. If you stop working on optimizing your ads then you can choose an option which is provided by Google that ‘optimize prefers best performing ads’. This will help Google to show your top ads. As a part of the Google ads campaign, you can include ad extensions and take advantage of them absolutely free of cost. You can experiment with different ad extensions which will improve your ad rank and the performance of your ads. You must choose your ad extension according to your goal. You can use various ad extensions like locations or site links ok calls but it will be according to your goal what you will be using. For example, if you are a doctor and want patients to visit your clinic physically then you will add a location extension and if you are selling pet supplies on an online store you will add your site link extension so that users can land on your website.

The next thing you can target is landing pages. Landing pages are of crucial importance when it comes to Google ad campaigns. These pages play a significant role in deciding your quality score which will decide your ad performance and your user experience. If you want to increase clicks, traffic on your website you must spend some time optimizing your landing page. There are some of the factors on the basis of which your quality scores get calculated. These factors are your landing page’s relevance, your landing page’s transparency, its usefulness, and its loading speed, and whether this page is mobile-friendly or not. You can improve in each of these areas by working on particularly every issue. Even if you are not experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, you can optimize your landing pages by adding call-to-action buttons, changing button colors or location of buttons, and adding some of the new features. After each time you experiment with your landing page it gives you the chance so that you can attract maximum traffic to your website. There are various companies which are providing the services so if you don’t have the time to do all this you can hire them so that you can make the maximum out of your campaign.

So, It’s all about the features you can add in an order to get success in your Google ad campaign. There are various Google ads management agencies, which are offering these services, You can definitely consider them if you think that this is a time taking process.

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