How to Build Brand Awareness through Display Advertising Campaigns?

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With rapid advancements in the digital space, the far-fetched possibilities of display advertising continue to expand.

It is the sheer size and matchless possibilities of creativity that make ‘display’ a powerful marketing tool to create brand awareness in the minds of the consumers.

Brand building is the crux of business success today and display advertising campaigns are a sure-shot way of spreading the word and instilling a sense of loyalty among the customers.


Why is Brand Building Important for a Business?


How often have you come across people calling themselves an “Apple guy” or a “Reebok man”? Get into your shoes and answer – how likely are you to buy a product or sign up for a service from a brand that you don’t know about?


That is the power of brand building for any business. It is an art of infusing your brand into the lifestyle and buying interests of your consumers so that they come back to you every time.

While it might sound vague for marketers who look for just ‘numbers,’ building a strong brand image is pivotal for a business and its overall goals.


  • Brand building helps foster trust and confidence. 81% of consumers say they would only buy from a brand they ‘trust’ (Source: Oberlo)
  • The overall perception of a brand helps shape consumer experiences and brand value
  • Brand awareness aids in improved audience engagement
  • A well-known brand represents authenticity. 86% of consumers state ‘authenticity’ is one of the most important factors they consider in choosing a brand
  • A brand which is omnipresent and has high levels of audience engagement is likely to see a growth in revenues by 33% (Source: Oberlo)


Now that you understand why brand awareness is crucial for your business, let’s see how display marketing can help build a strong brand.


3 Smart Ways to Build Awareness through Display Advertising Campaigns


When it comes to building brand awareness in the digital arena, an awe-inspiring ad creative can win over the minds and hearts of your consumers.

And display advertising, with its size and format, provides unmatched options to tickle your creativity.

This form of advertising enables businesses to play with consumers’ affinity, passion, sentiments, reputation, or affection.

Thus, it hits directly into the minds…and hearts…of your audiences, instilling a powerful brand image and compelling them to buy.

google display ads services


While display ad management may not drive measurable results in the form of clicks or conversions, but it certainly helps build long-term brand value.

Here’s how to leverage display advertising services to create a brand that everyone engages with instantly:


1. Contextual Targeting


Google Display Ads management is driven by AI-based technology that understands the type of content on the webpage where you want to serve the advert.

It also takes cues from the visitor’s buying interests (affinity) through their browsing history, past clicks, etc. Combing this information, your display ad is most strategically positioned to reach the right set of audience as well as be ‘relevant’ to the web page based on its context.


Suppose you are launching 100% organic skincare products and want to spread the word among women of all age groups.

Based on your target keywords, the ads will be served to your audience set in ways that are most contextually relevant – when browsing through an ecommerce store, when reading a blog on skincare or watching videos on tips to take care of their skin, etc.


Alternatively, it can also be positioned to your target audience when they watch recipes online, buy home improvement products, or reads about how to be healthy.

Even though the display advertising is not relevant to the content on that page, it is still contextually correct for the person visiting that site.

Continuously knocking the right audience at the right platform helps boost your brand awareness.


2. Display + Video Advertising = 107% More Memorable Brands


In Google Marketing Live 2019, the giant digital advertising network reported that just three 6-second video ads can drive 134% higher purchase intent and 107% better brands than a single 30-second ad on Google TrueView.


So just imagine what wonders your display advertising campaigns will do when combined with video ads!


People love to watch compelling videos than a static ad, which is nothing but just text, GIFs or images.

To create an effective brand image and expand your audience reach, combine your Google Display Ads services with YouTube video ads.

You can also consider introducing your brand via social video ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and following up with your audience with more brand-related content on display.


The powerful duo will help drive increased audience engagement and better brand awareness.


3. Retargeting


Most advertisers overlook display for retargeting because it does not generate the same rate of clicks or conversions as PPC advertising.

However, display marketing is most effective in increasing awareness, establishing a brand image, and achieving long-term value for your business.


Retargeted display ads may not drive more clicks as desired, but certainly, help augment your brand.

According to a study by comScore, retargeted ads can increase the rate of brand search by 1046%.

This indicates the power of display advertising in increasing brand recall and positioning in the minds of your potential consumers.


You can use display network to retarget your audiences through text ads, in-video ads, Facebook ads, flash-based image ads, or mobile app or web ads.




For businesses with long-term marketing goals, display advertising is a powerful tool to spark interest in the mind of the audiences, engage them meaningfully, and build brand awareness.

It may not get you clicks and conversions that you would expect from your PPC advertising initiatives, but definitely helps build brand value.


You can measure the success of your ad display campaigns in terms of Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM).

The numbers will change, but what remains unchanged is the brand recognition you gain.

A powerful brand will pave the way for overall marketing success for any business. Hire professional display marketing services to build a brand that everyone wants to associate with.


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