How to Boost Your E-Commerce Store Sales in 2020

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The success of numerous e-commerce stores around the world has encouraged many new names to come up in the wide world of e-commerce. With more and more brands competing fiercely for becoming the best in their respective businesses, new e-commerce stores have more need than ever before for adopting new advertising strategies.

One of the best ways to boost the sales of your e-commerce stores in 2020 is to adopt PPC strategies. PPC, or pay-per-click, is an advertising model that is already in use, and its effectiveness is prompting more and more e-commerce businesses to implement PPC strategies to boost sales. Talk to any ecommerce PPC agency, and they would tell you that in today’s times, an e-commerce store without effective PPC strategies won’t last long.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some PPC strategies that you can implement to rapidly boost your e-commerce business’ sales in 2020.

Keep Updating Product Information and Images

Google’s popularity as the world’s number one search engine has made it the ultimate place for PPC ads. However, just because Google hosts your PPC ads doesn’t mean that it will automatically improve your sales figures.

You have to constantly keep updating the information that is displayed on your ads. For example, if you were promoting a pair of sports shoes in February last year whose PPC ad featured a certain written call-to-action line, you have to change it up a bit to make it relevant for prospective buyers in 2020. You can’t expect the call-to-action line you used last year to appeal to prospective buyers forever.

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Also, capture new images of the product to spice up your PPC ads. Buyers these days tend to click those ads that feature crystal clear images of products.

Dynamic PPC Campaigns

If your eCommerce store sells more than one type of product, then you should choose to adopt dynamic PPC campaigns. Dynamic PPC campaigns are nothing but an amalgamation of campaigns for different products. By employing such a campaign, you can place multiple PPC ads on the same platform for different products.

For example, if your eCommerce store is into selling mobile phones, TVs, and laptops, then a dynamic PPC campaign allows you to market all three categories of products on a single platform. While one ad campaign would be tailor-made for those looking for the latest televisions, another can advertise the best smartphones on offer at your e-commerce store.

Interact with Those Who Click

As an eCommerce store that wants to come across as a business that actually cares for its customers, you should always interact with the people who click on your advertisement. Many eCommerce stores have faded into oblivion simply because they did not care enough to follow up on the first click by a prospective customer.

The best way to promote your store further is to send emails appreciating the prospective buyer’s interest in your e-commerce store and encouraging him/her to view all the other products on your store that are relevant to the buyer’s interests.

One thing that you must remember is that you have to be controlled and show restraint in the emails that you send to those who have interacted with your PPC ads. Just because they clicked once on your ads does not automatically make them customers. That’s why you cannot spam them.

A lot of eCommerce stores automate the mailing process, but it is best to adopt a mixture of automation and manual mailing to prevent your mails from being marked as spam.

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Hire an eCommerce PPC Agency

A sure-fire way of making your PPC ads work is to hire a PPC agency. PPC agencies specialize in creating, maintaining and updating PPC strategies for eCommerce stores. Such agencies boast of professionals in their teams who can formulate PPC strategies based on the nature and needs of your business.

By delegating all your PPC advertisement related work to a reputed agency, you can free up a lot of time for your in-house team to focus on other important business issues. There is no rule that says that you can’t delegate responsibility for your PPC ad campaigns to people in your in-house team. But it can be said for certain that professionals would know the ins and outs of PPC ads far more than people who have not dedicated the proper time and effort to learn and implement what they have learned.

However, there are a few things to consider before you hire a PPC agency to handle your PPC strategies. Before choosing an agency, you should have a thorough consultation with the agency’s representatives to understand whether or not they are able to carry out the tasks that you want.

The best way of making sure of the quality of an eCommerce PPC agency is to ask for a portfolio that can tell you a lot about the agency’s past work and how successfully they have been able to implement PPC strategies for eCommerce stores.


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