How Programmatic Advertising Looks In 2018?

The advent of computers, internet, social media platforms, and other avenues radically changed business marketing strategies.

Earlier, business owners only had traditional promotional channels. A business will never prosper without targeted advertising.

Promotional plans serve several purposes. Proper Google advertising offers information about new goods and services to the clients.

Organizations hire professional PPC experts to purchase advertisement slots for the respective companies.

As business promotion is slowly shifting to the online platforms, new PPC adwords strategies are necessary. It is here that the importance of programmatic ad buying comes to the forefront.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

What Does Programmatic Advertising Stand For?

Programmatic Advertising is relatively new. This is the process where unique software buys digital advertisements.

It will replace human labor, negotiations, and insertions. In simple terms, organizations will use machines or robots to purchase ads for online platforms.

Why Is The Popularity Of Programmatic Advertising High?

Business online marketing is somewhat unstable. There was only one player in the sector, Google AdWords. Later, Facebook advertising entered this arena and gave Google AdWords a fierce competition.

While Google Ad marketing works with keywords, search options, and text advertisements.

With the inception of programmatic advertising, organizations will be able to work with display advertisements.

Here are some advantages of this form of advertisement:

1) Better Potential To Reach Clients

The problem with Google PPC Ads was its limited reach. It was only operational with Google.

But the same is not the case with programmatic advertising. With this mechanized ad purchasing system, advertisers will attain direct access to real-time bidding sector.

It will enable any advertiser to reach out to as much as 98% of the online market.

This also includes Google platforms. It brings in 15 million followers. With this form of advertisement, business organizations will be able to display the same promotional message on all gadgets, which have internet connectivity.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

2) Real-Time Data Reporting

Ad monitoring is essential for the success of the business, especially on the online platforms.

With Google AdWords marketing technique, it was only possible to attain statistical figures every two hours. Other similar platforms offer this facility once every day.

It limits the potential of online advertising and lowers an organizations profit. With programmatic advertising, you need not worry about this anymore.

This system allows advertisers to track keywords bidding and ad statistics on a real-time basis.

You can get updated figures after every minute. This comes in handy when you have to measure the effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns.

These figures will help the company to make the necessary changes in the ad displays.

3) More Targeting Options

Both programmatic advertising and Google AdWords offer satisfactory results with targeting and re-targeting options.

But programmatic advertising increase the reach of this targeting process. The software uses cookies, which offers limitless targeting opportunities.

If you though tracking demographic, psychological, and behavioral data is top-notch, then programmatic advertising will give you the power to track mobile sets, headsets, operating systems, and manufacturers.

4) More Pricing Options

Cost per click and cost per action are the only two ways to earn the revenue with Google AdWords.

It has the total authority over this platform. But with programmatic advertising strategies at your disposal, marketers will be able to attain maximum campaign leverage.

5) Better Accessibility

All the points mentioned above highlight that programmatic advertising offers better accessibility.

2018 is all about video and display advertisements. Text promotional messages are a thing of the past.

If business organizations want to stay afloat in this cut-throat world of online marketing, then they need to embrace new advancements.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

6) Reduces human errors

It is not possible for a human to make the right purchase at the right time. With this system, one can eliminate such errors.

The software will not fail to detect a golden opportunity. The program will be able to target a target client, at the right opportunity, on a particular platform.

When your employees are not busy with ad purchasing task, they can invest more time and effort towards online strategizing.

7) What is Real Time Bidding?

90% of the companies depend on this component to make a significant mark in the online detriment world.

This is an automatic process that will enable the company owners or advertiser to buy suitable ad space, with the assistance of software.

Ad exchange, Supply Side platform (SSP), and Demand Side Platform (DSP) are some important terms that one must know.

Ad exchange is the inventory of the publisher. SSP allows any publisher to attain direct access to the ad exchange.

It also helps the publisher to create an inventory list that it will sell later on. On the other hand, DSP is for advertisers.

Any agency that desires to attain access to the ad exchange, in order to bid for ad space, will have to make use of the DSP.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

How to start with programmatic advertising?

  1. Just like traditional business, online pragmatic language sector also requires two key players – the agencies or the buyers, and the publishers or the sellers. The publishers have access to ad space that they offer to the right buyers for the right price.

  2. Both these parties will be able to take a look at the available space on the ad exchanges.

  3. The Google advertisers must possess an idea about their target clients. Without this information, they will fail to make the correct impact. There are several online tools, which will help one agency to collect data about their target clients.

  4. Cookies on any site collect information about any website user. This happens when the user logs in and loads the page. All these details will automatically show up on the ad exchange.

  5. Both parties have their own requirements. In case the requirements of both parties match, then the user will attain an invite from the advertiser to take part in the bidding.

  6. A client that makes the highest bid will get the ad space. The deal is closed via this traditional auction process. Once the deal is complete, the ads will show up on the sites of the publishers. These publishers will get a certain sum to for offering a platform to the advertisers.

  7. Earlier this was a manual task. With the inception of programmatic system, software has replaced manual effort. Some think this is a welcome change due to its accuracy, while others have a negative viewpoint as well.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

How programmatic will affect television networks?

Programmatic ad buying will pave the path for development of addressable television.All entertainment programs, even new telecast are punctuated with Facebook advertisement breaks.

With the inception of programmatics, ad exchanges will attain information about the target clients by analyzing the data, collected from the set top boxes.

Advertisers will be able to see the data, and take better decision about displaying promotional messages on real-time basis.

With this system in action, advertisers will be able to narrow cast commercials. It offers these advertisers the freedom to send a specific commercial to an identified set top box.

Programmatic will make this seemingly impossible task easy. It will increase the efficiency of commercial PPC Adwords campaigns by several folds.

The practical implementation of this has already started in UK on low scale. Target advertising, through television is only in its infancy. It will have to cross several hurdles to manifest as a productive option.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Programmatic are two sides of a coin

Artificial Intelligence has been creating a buzz in the tech market for long. Experts suggest that it will continue to do so in 2019 as well.

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role to offer positive results. It delivers with speed, accuracy, and insight. Scientists are working on the merger of AI and programmatic.

It will make the bidding process more speedy and accurate. AI will be able to increase the sharpness of the software.

The programs will be able to analyze data better, and make informed bids. It will prevent unproductive bids on the part of the advertiser.

Apart from saving money, advertisers will be able to send the message to target clients, who will defiantly purchase the product.

Programmatic Advertising 2018

With Artificial Intelligence, programmatic has entered the advertising industry as well. Advancement makes new chances.

Occupations will change and new aptitudes will become a necessity. Creators will have to deviate from the mundane, and come up with better paths. These ways will maximize their efforts, and offer a wide base of loyal customers.

As innovation develops, machines will supplant or streamline manual labor, giving representatives the chance to venture into more talented or imaginative sectors.

Though it is impossible for any machine to offer human touch, technological advancements can create programs for replicating the same affect.

This is the place advertisers can keep on adding a ton of significant worth and endeavor to convey better items to the correct gatherings of people, while utilizing machines to expand the adequacy of their promotion Adwords campaigns. Thus, it is safe to comment that programmatic language will create a massive stir in the technological arena.


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