How PPC Advertising can Change the Face of Small Businesses?

Pay-per-click advertising is definitely the best marketing investment for small businesses.

Not only are the Adwords CPC relatively cheaper cost-per-click than other marketing ventures, they also target audience when they are exactly looking for your product.

Before getting started on Adwords for website, it is imperative to get familiar with the statistics that makes it totally worth the effort.

So, why would you choose Adwords certified partner?

That’s because you would reach the targeted people looking for your product exactly when it is the right time.

Statistics reveal:

  • Adwords and PPC results fetch 65% of clicks starting with buying keywords, whereas organic results receive only 35% (Source: Craig McConnell)
  • On every $1 spent in AdWords, businesses make $2 (Source: Wordstream)
  • Display advertising is a proven method of increasing website traffic by up to 300% (Source: Visually)

PPC Advertising – What is it exactly?

Adword PPC is a classical marketing module where advertisers create relevant ads and pay pre-arranged fees each time it is clicked on.

The ads display within search engine results or in various were across multiple social media platforms.

Adword marketing is the perfect way to pay for every visit to the website or the landing page and compliment organic visits.

The most common forms of Adword management are through the leading search engines like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and social media ads published on Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The scope of PPC Advertising for Small Businesses

Both small and medium-sized businesses struggle to develop a compelling and successful advertising strategy.

For instance, a small company with no more than 100 employees, or even less, may be skeptical about competing with the huge advertising resources of global conglomerates.

In such events, is marketing and advertising even possible for smaller businesses?

Yes, it is. Even medium and small businesses can enjoy incredible benefits from the scope of search engine optimization and marketing, also called PPC advertising.

PPC advertising is an incredible strategy for small businesses because it is incredibly focused on the advertising structure.

Unlike conventional modes of advertising like print media, radio, or television, PPC ad campaigns are tailored to fit the small budget.

In addition, the payout structure ensures only cream traffic and relevant customers see your ads. Relevant targeting and high level of personalization is the key to success.

PPC adword campaigns also target customers right at the tail end of the purchase cycle.

Advertisers can optimize their ad spends specifically targeting relevant keywords related towards the purchase cycle end.

How does PPC Advertising Work?

Different businesses aligned with various industries have their own fine points defining the details of their business goals.

Choosing the medium of advertisement – social media or search engine or a combination of the two – determines the campaign’s success.

Small businesses can get started by outlining the process of PPC advertising.

However, in order to get into an ongoing marketing campaign that promises results, it is crucial to have adequate knowledge and professional assistance from the best PPC management firm.

PPC Expert India

The fundamental step is to design a Ad campaign strategy by answering the following questions

  • What is the objective?
  • What are the keywords?
  • How many advertisements to display?
  • What is the budget?

Once the campaign strategy is ready, create the text/image/video ad and publish it to the search engine advertising account.

Wait for approval and check the dashboard frequently to track the progress and make necessary changes to the campaign. 

However, you need not worry about the best results when you have hired top PPC agencies to look into your marketing tactics.

Types of Small Businesses that Benefit from Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Virtually, all small businesses benefit from the PPC marketing strategy to build the web presence.

The only trick is to identify specific and targeted keywords, understand the target audience base, and develop a compelling PPC strategy to drive the right kind of leads.

Noted below are certain characteristics of small businesses that lead to better PPC results:

  • Better Customer Lifetime Value: Some small businesses like educational programs, utility providers, subscription services, and even doctors can establish a higher budget for PPC because each conversion potentially yields higher lifetime value for one new customer.
  • Niche Specific Products: A perfect small business PPC campaign is that of small businesses selling services or products that are not locally available. People often depend on internet search results to locate rare or unusual products.
  • Higher Profit Margins: If the product you are advertising has a high-profit margin, your business Ad campaign may opt for PPC. For instance, businesses like big-ticket items, home renovations, vehicles, or lawsuits.

If any of these business characteristics are similar to your small business, start your pay-per-click advertising campaign immediately.

Which PPC Social Media Advertising Platforms have a better scope?

Even though Facebook advertising is popular for social media PPC campaigns, you have plenty of other options. Social media platforms have traffic flowing in from different demographic reach and massive audience volume.

Hence, it is crucial to research and select an appropriate platform from any one of the following:

  • Instagram: Uses imagery to convey powerful messages
  • YouTube: Businesses can communicate effectively through videos
  • Twitter: Easy content sharing, increased exposure, crafting brand voice, and offering deals
  • Pinterest: Features both website and mobile apps with pictures as the source of advertising
  • LinkedIn: Reach relevant professional clients; perfect for B2B enterprises

PPC advertising offers a huge scope for small businesses within the digital landscape. If you are still confused, seek professional assistance.


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