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How Has Covid-19 Affected Your Paid Media And Promotions

With any shift in trends, the occurrence of a calamity or an introduction of a potential marketer, the very first concern that knocks your door is whether your ways of practising paid media and promotions is going to suffer.

The uncontained spread of the novel Coronavirus global pandemic has resulted in directing a considerable mass of people to social media more than ever.

Be it out of necessity as a work requirement or an urge to socialize, get entertained, shop, or so, people are extensively seeking to engage in social media.

Leveraging such an escalated number of audiences which are engaging rapidly into social media, it is peak time to strategize your paid media and promotions to establish a robust conversion funnel under the assistance of the best PPC service providers.

Facebook ads, Bing ads, LinkedIn ads, Apple ads, Gmail ads, Pinterest ads, Amazon ads, Quora ads, and, shopping adds are still among the best ads hosting platforms to get rolling amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

People are desperate to visit websites with a sheer purpose but tend to switch sites rigorously because of a wide variety of tempting advertisements.

This rigorous switching tends to fluctuate the bounce rate, and if you are wondering what it is bounce rate, then read along.

What is bounce rate?

It is the percentage of the site visitors who only access a single page and do not interact further with your website.

Now, if you are willing to know ‘what is a good bounce rate?’ then all you need to know is that a low bounce rate is regarded as a reasonable bounce rate, and a user-friendly website is all you need to achieve it.

With COVID-19 becoming a constant theme in 2020, posts related to it are increasing day by day, and it becomes quite apparent for the brands as well as the independent entities to promote their products and services on multiple and variant platforms.

Paid media and promotions could be an easy process if you use the best PPC management company and expert tools like google analytics, which is a useful tool used to monitor user behaviour, activities and engagements on a website.

If you wonder about how does google analytics work, then read along.

How does google analytics work?

Aiming to help users get a better experience, Google Analytics was developed by Google to provide convenience to the website hosts.

It helps brands or the website hosts to make changes to their websites to tempt a more significant number of users.

If you include a particular Analytics code into your website’s source code, you will get the access to an intriguing platform that will provide you with detailed information about user activities, behaviours, and the source of attraction to them.

Here is a list for you if you are looking for some potential advertising platforms where you might want to run your paid media and promotions-

1. Amazon advertising:

An e-commerce site, as Amazon also provides the ads serving privileges on its platform to the advertisers.

In amazon advertising, the ads will appear as suggested products or even with the product searches.

The best part about amazon advertising is that you are required to pay for your ad only after the user clicks your product.

No charge for views is imposed, which provides you with an opportunity to reach a large number of the audience while only paying for those who express genuine interest in your product.

2. LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn ads might not be as far-reaching as in the case of Facebook ads or Amazon ads.

Still, because of the quality of business-minded audience present on the platform itself, it is a relevant platform to advertise your products on.

You must know that LinkedIn advertising is not limited in terms of reachability to only business aspirant but also a large number of universities, non-profit companies, and other organizations that aim to exist for a particular purpose, like employee hiring, or job suggesting.

3. Pinterest advertising

Pinterest is a social media application which is intended as a virtual pinboard, wherein your blog or the content is linked to an image post, known as Pins, which serve as the Pinterest ads.

Pinterest advertising is useful as the advertised post is not much distinctive to other pins making the chances of ad access more.

It is therefore much liked by the brands with outspoken symbols.

The best part about Pinterest advertising is that after selecting a Pin, we are required to choose a target audience, and after that, a budget. Pinterest advertising is based on PPC, the Pay-per-click.

4. Quora advertising

Quora is an exciting platform to serve advertisements. Rather than being about the customer pool,

it is a low-key community where people share their knowledge by providing answers to specific questions. Quora advertising ensures you with the quality of users.

With Quora advertising, you can reach to the right users, based on their interests, at the right place and at a crucial time of their decision-making process serving the relevant ads.

If you are still in doubt whether your Quora ads will reach to a significant mass of users through Quora platform,

Then you should know that as per the statistics, Quora engages more than 300 million monthly discreet users and is, therefore, a right choice for an advertiser.

Bing advertising

Just as the Google Ad Word, the Bing Ad Word enables you to host ads on its search network and partner networks.

Bing advertising charges you with a click cost lesser by 33% to 42% on an average than the google Ad Word.

It is quite an awesome deal in the world where the industries are scaling the average Pay-per-click (PPC).

In fact, due to the lower advertisement competition on Bing, your Bing ads can easily attract traffic to your website at a much lower cost.

Apart from these, there are many more potential platforms where you can run your ads and engage in customer-pleasing, but these are among the preferred ones.

COVID-19 has poked a competition in the digital world. Every industry is trying to serve the best, and that opens the right doors for the paid media and promotions.


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