Has Covid-19 Affected Your PPC Campaign? Get Solutions & Tips with Our Experts!

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As COVID-19 pandemic continues to take the globe in a sweep, digital marketing agencies are keeping an eagle’s eye on what impact it can have on PPC campaigns amidst changing consumer buying behaviour, a volatile economy and disrupted supply chain.

If your PPC ad campaigns have been hit due to coronavirus outbreak or ad spending is gradually declining, you might consider white label PPC outsourcing to reduce risks, save costs and generate improved results.

Our white label PPC experts share valuable tips and solutions on how to battle COVID-19 impact on your paid search advertising campaigns.


Important COVID-19 Trends to Keep an Eye on


Before we delve into improving your PPC campaign performance with white label PPC management firm, here are some good news…and bad news for you:

  • A major segment of the global workforce is working remotely from their homes
  • With conferences and trade shows cancelled, online events have gained momentum
  • Online shopping trends have seen a surge, particularly in the segments of health & personal care, pantry loading and other essentials
  • On-demand media is seeing a surge as more people are spending time at home, consuming entertainment than ever before
  • Shifting of ad budgets to 2H 2020
  • Increase in online search volume for health/healthcare topics
  • People are spending more time on YouTube and Facebook than on Google
  • A hike in supply chain problems due to lockdowns and disrupted transportation globally


How these trends are affecting your digital marketing business? Do they have a negative impact they have on your PPC campaigns?

To be honest, every type of business (barring a few like on-demand media, healthcare or beauty) has been hit by COVID-19 pandemic.

However, with strategic white label AdWords outsourcing, you can turn these threats into business opportunities and serve your clients better with dedicated PPC services.

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7 White Label PPC Outsourcing Ideas for Your Digital Marketing Agency


One of the biggest challenges that digital marketing agencies are facing today amidst COVID-19 outbreak is a significant decline in ad budgets.

As most businesses are temporarily shut down with the future being bleak, advertisers are considering PPC campaigns a waste of money now.

Many live campaigns are not generating results as expected. So how can digital marketing agencies re-strategise amidst this crisis?

White label AdWords management is an effective business model you can leverage now to reduce costs and redefine your PPC strategies in line with changing consumer behaviour and market trends.


Here are seven valuable ideas shared by our PPC experts:


1. Do a Complete Audit of Your PPC Campaigns


Coronavirus cannot stop you from doing your business, right? Despite that most businesses are disrupted and people are working from home, the importance for pay-per-click advertising will not fade, predict experts; just that you need to rethink your strategy and devise it around the current situation.

Start by performing a thorough audit of all PPC campaigns you are currently managing. Are they delivering results for your clients? How do you think COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the conversions?

A comprehensive PPC audit will help white label Google AdWords experts to revise the current strategy and align it with the trends and needs of the outbreak situation.


2. Optimise PPC Campaigns for New Search Volume & Keywords


As Google experiences a record-breaking surge in “coronavirus” search intent, digital advertisers should be able to leverage this opportunity. Fine-tune your PPC campaigns by adding trending search terms and volumes.

Use Google Keyword Planner to analyse which search terms are gaining popularity around COVID-19 epidemic.

At the same time, you should analyse the traffic coming from the ad campaigns and add negative keywords relevant to coronavirus. This will stop irrelevant clicks on your PPC ads that can eventually increase your CPC without boosting conversions.

You can also use tools such as Google Trends to understand how people are searching the Internet for COVID-19 outbreak and related topics. This will give you an idea of new keywords that are most relevant to your clients’ business.


3. Target Customers on “Other” Networks


Amidst COVID-19 chaos and social distancing, people are now spending time in their homes, consuming more media content than ever before. Internet usage has increased by 50%, confirms Vodafone.

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. are seeing more visitors. Even website traffic of Bing Search and Google search partners has reportedly increased during this pandemic.

Experts suggest this is the best time to leverage the potential of white label Facebook advertising. Facebook offers lucrative PPC advertising opportunities while exposing the brand to a large set of audience.

Professional white label Facebook ad management will help fine-tune PPC campaigns through various targeting options available, smart bidding, and ROI-optimised techniques.

In combination with white label Facebook marketing, you can experiment advertising on YouTube, Bing, or other Google search partners that are trending this season.

Cross-network PPC advertising experts will help your clients reach a broader set of audience, get new customers, and minimise the risk of relying only on a single platform.

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4. Landing Page Optimisation Can Work Wonders


At this stage of Coronavirus pandemonium, people seek more empathy from brands. Utilise this opportunity to stay most relevant to the current situation and tweak your landing pages likewise.

No matter how many clicks a PPC ad gets, if it does not direct to a great landing page, chances of conversions are bleak. It must relate to the ad copy and fulfil the promises it makes.

Most importantly, a landing page should be empathetic about the problems/issues that customers are facing, provide solutions, and highlight how your brand can be an optimal choice.

This is the best time to optimise your PPC landing pages and make them relevant to the current scenario. Take, for instance, a digital marketing agency.

It can create fresh landing pages that highlight how COVID-19 has affected businesses and how advertisers can leverage digital marketing to make the most of this situation.

The objective is to brainstorm new ideas that relate to the search intent of the audience, tickle their emotional quotient, and induce them to take action.

A good white label PPC management company often has a creative team that can design new landing pages or optimise the existing pages to make them more relevant and engaging amidst COVID-19 dilemma.


5. Consider Increasing Ad Spend Now


Why we say this is because WARC still anticipates an annual growth of 7.1% in global media spend in 2020. The report is based on the probability that marketers are likely to shift their media budgets to the second half of the year.

This will not only increase competition in the market but media prices will also soar high. So even after the negative impact of novel coronavirus fades, advertisers will continue to feel the squeeze.

On the other hand, the epidemic has resulted in serious demand and supply chain concerns globally. As a result, some essential items are anticipated to run out (or already running out) of stock.

Predicting a worse future, many companies have cut down their Google Search and Shopping ad budgets 40%. So the competition is less fierce now, which has also pulled down the ad rates across the globe.

Experts believe this is ideal time to increase ad spending and outsource professional white label PPC management service.

As there are fewer brands vying for customer attention, you can also expect higher CTR (click-through rate) for your PPC campaigns with quality leads.


6. Reach the ‘Right’ Audience with Location-Based Targeting


With “right” audience we mean those customers who have the potential to convert during this crisis situation. This may even involve targeting a completely new set of audience or forgoing the existing ones.

Location-based targeting can be most effective here. For instance, leading sports brand Adidas has chosen to pull down their ad budget in particular markets like China, Italy, etc.

These regions are badly hit by coronavirus and marketing in these countries is literally impossible now.

However, the brand continues to advertise and target markets where the impact of COVID-19 is not fearsome. On the other hand, some services such as healthcare and streaming are spending more on ads targeted to China and other affected countries.

The objective is to leverage the opportunity of people staying at home and provide them with a meaningful way to engage and spend quality time.

White label agencies will thoroughly audit your PPC campaigns and target only the most lucrative markets to drive increased CTR & conversions while lowering your CPC.




Even digital marketing agencies are not spared from the distressing impact of COVID-19. As more businesses are cutting down their ad spend, the agencies are facing a tough time.

White label PPC outsourcing can help reduce costs, educate your clients, and provide them better results from effective PPC advertising…all under your brand.

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