Google Shopping Ads Management: Working with Audiences and Ad Groups

Google Shopping Ads is a powerful digital marketing tool that helps drive audiences that convert.

Google Shopping Ads management allows eCommerce businesses and online retailers to captivatingly promote their products to the right people at the right time, boosting conversions.

Whenever a person searches for a related product on Google, your ad will appear at the top of the search results, helping you capture instant attention. 

Here are some quick reasons why you should consider Google Shopping management

  • Google Shopping Ads are highly “visual” and invaluable in driving qualified leads for your business.Each ad is displayed with an attention-grabbing image, a compelling product title, the price, the retailer’s name, and often reviews or shipping costs. 

    So, at a single glance, the searcher will get a “quick view” of the product. This inspires them to click. 


  • With expert Google Shopping ad management, you can rank your product listings at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).In fact, shopping ads are displayed above Google Search Ads and organic results, giving your products more visibility and mileage.
  • Google Adwords Shopping campaigns are visually attractive will get you a premium spot in the SERPs. This helps direct most clicks. 
  • Ad spends on Google Shopping has increased by 38%, while it declined by 12% for Google Search Ads (Source: Merke).When everyone is considering Google Shopping as an invaluable tool to advertise products online, there is no reason why you should not.

Audience Targeting & Ad Groups – Two Killer Google Shopping Ads Best Practices that Work!


There are two ‘best practices’ that can help you make the most of your Adwords PPC Shopping campaigns – audience targeting and ad groups. 

Here we will understand how your Google Shopping Ads management agency can leverage these features to help your products reach the right audiences at the right time, and generate greater results. 

google shopping ad management

What is Google Shopping Ad Groups & How it Works?


An ad group includes one or more advertisements that have similar targets.

Creating ad groups is an effective way to segregate different brand names, products, categories, and much more to give the campaign a definite structure.

If you sell multiple products, this is surely one the best ways to optimize how your ad budget is being allocated. 

For instance, you can create an ad group for your best-selling products, setting them apart from the rest of the inventory.

This allows you to efficiently bid higher for clicks on your bestsellers than other products with low-profit margins.

But here you cannot bid on keywords like in Google Ads. You have to bid on individual products or a group of products.

This is where creating an ad group can help – they give you better control over how the ad budget is spent.      

To make it simpler, consider ad groups as different bags. In each bag, you either place one product or multiple items.

For every bag, determine how much you are ready to pay when someone clicks a product ad in the bag. This will help you get your target bid. 

Here are few ideas for Google Shopping campaign management based on ad groups: 

  • Ad groups by brand name: This approach is suitable if you are an ecommerce store handling products of different brands.Suppose, you are an online cosmetics and makeup store having different brands of lipsticks like Lakme, Mac, Estee Lauder, etc. You can create separate ad groups for each brand.This will make it easier for you to set bids depending on the customer’s interest and likelihood to purchase.
  • Ad groups by product themes: Your Google Shopping management agency can also create ad groups based on product themes or categories that define their brands.For instance, if you sell snacks, desserts and beverages on your website, you can group all products together belonging to one category – say salted peanuts, potato chips, rice crackers, nachos, sandwiches, etc. under the section “snacks.”Then you can set your bid based on the popularity of each category.
  • Ad groups by price: This is another way you can create ad groups in Google Shopping. Your Google Shopping feed manager may suggest grouping items based on their respective prices, setting more aggressive bids on products that are high-priced. 

What is Audience Targeting & How You Can Use it to Power your Adwords Shopping Campaigns?


Google Shopping does not provide the option to target audiences based on the keywords they use to search products online.

Rather, you can leverage the option of audience targeting. You can create unique groups targeting users based on different criteria.

Just like ad groups, it gives you better control on how the ad dollars are being spent. 

Using Google Shopping, you can integrate audience targeting to different ad groups and reach potential customers based on their demographics, their habits and interests, what they are researching actively on the Internet, or what is their experience with your business. 

During Google Shopping campaign setup, you can use the following audience targeting options available: 

  • Life Events: Build customer engagement by reaching your audiences around their life milestones – getting married, moving homes, etc. – and target them with the right advertising message. 
  • Affinity Audiences: It enables you to display the ad based on your audiences’ interests, habits, and lifestyles.These people have earlier demonstrated passion in a certain topic, which enables you to target them with the products that matter most.
  • Customer Match: Before Google Shopping submission, target audiences based on Customer Match.This allows you to leverage customer data – both offline and online – to match with the most relevant Shopping ads.
  • Similar Audiences: Reaching new customers isn’t complex anymore! Use Similar Audiences targeting to automatically identify new prospects who matches your existing customers, their interests and characteristics. 
  • Remarketing: Google Shopping Ads management also allows you to retarget audiences who have already interacted with your products or services, or provided you their contact details. 



Getting started with and achieving success in Google Shopping Ads is complex and time-consuming.

Consider hiring an experienced Google Shopping outsource company who can strategize results-driven and ROI-focused plans for increased visibility and better conversions.

Outsource Google Shopping Ads management services to a trusted and skilled expert to generate outstanding results and reduce your costs.   


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