Google PPC Call Tracking Benefits for Your Business

Pay Per Click ads are a great way for your business to reach valuable potential customers who are interested in your company or the product offered by your company. Now you know the benefits your company can get using PPC. In this article, we will be going to talk about the benefits that your company can get using PPC call tracking. You will create more effective ads which drive better results for your business if you use PPC call tracking. We will go through how this works and then the benefits of call tracking for your business.

Let’s start with how PPC call tracking works. PPC call tracking is a good way to merge data from phone campaigns with your currently going campaign data so that you can end up creating more effective campaigns. In PPC call tracking you will be purchasing one or more numbers that will be forwarded to your business. This can be local or toll-free. You can set up these numbers to display your PPC ads on landing pages and people will call on them. You can purchase as many numbers as you want and you can also give a number to each campaign so that you can track it easily. When you are considering PPC call tracking, you will probably be interested in Google PPC call tracking as this is one of the most popular ad networks and it can help your business to grow faster.

Given below are the 5 benefits you will get by using Google PPC Call Tracking:

  1. You can track sources: The ability to track the call sources is one of the biggest benefits of PPC call tracking when you use call tracking you can see how the customers found your number and how they reached out to you. Every phone number is related to a specific campaign so you can know the origin of customers’ calls when someone calls through a particular number. This becomes really useful when you are running multiple campaigns. This can help you to determine which of the campaigns are driving more valuable results to your website. knowing which ads are more effective and making the audience call your business is a great way to track how your audience interacts with your ad.
  2. You can conduct split testing: When you are running an advertising campaign, you need to test your campaigns. you need to experiment with multiple copies of your ads. It is rare that your first copy will be the best version. you can run a test in order to determine which PPC ad copy offers the most value to your audience and which has the best CTR and conversions. Call tracking can help you do this task easily. You can assign a number to every copy of your ad and then this number can help you determine which copy is bringing more leads to your website. In short, they will determine which ads are performing better for your business and you can go for that particular ad. This will also result in minimized spending on nonperforming ad copies.
  3. You can obtain call data: Obtaining call data is a great way to improve your targeting. It will help you create a better ad campaign for your company. You must target the right people if you are running an advertising campaign. You can know more about your customers in order to perform better. In PPC call tracking you can use this information for better performance of your ad. You will capture caller names and phone numbers which can determine who people are interested in your business or product. Also, you will be able to see the busiest hours in which you will get the most calls so it is the time when your audience or customers are more likely to interact with your business. It is possible to refine your campaign to reach your customers at peak times in order to increase productivity.
  4. You will obtain keyword data: Keyword selection is a crucial part of PPC. You must choose the relevant keywords so that your ad appears in the search results and can have a better quality score. You should integrate keywords to reach relevant leads. With call tracking, you can check which ads are driving the best results for your company. You can know which phone numbers are generating the most conversions. Eventually, you can analyze the keywords that are better performing and driving traffic to your website. When you are aware of which keywords are driving valuable results and having a good conversion, you can adjust your bidding and targeting and look for more relevant keywords which will help your business to get more qualified calls and increase its customer base.
  5. You can monitor your campaign: You can always monitor your campaign performance while call tracking you can accurately measure the number of clicks you are getting on your ad and the number of conversions you are getting for your business. It is easy because you can just count the people who called your company. And when you monitor your campaign it becomes easy to improve your campaign. You see the options where you can invest more money and loopholes where you can save your money. You know which keywords are generating leads and which keywords to avoid. So, invest in call tracking for PPC you will have a more accurate hold over your profits. This was all about the benefits you can receive from using call tracking. Well, there are some more things for which you should look if you are considering PPC call tracking. These are Dynamic call tracking, tracking through keywords, call recording, call duration, source tracking, etc. All of these features will help you have a successful PPC call tracking service.

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