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Is a Facebook pay per click Click campaign Worth it

You might be curious about the advertisements displayed on the Facebook news feed, or are you the one opting to diversify your digital marketing strategy to incorporate Facebook ad campaign.

Or it may be the case that you’re already dabbling in a Facebook ad campaign. Come what may, you’ve probably asked yourself the same questions time and again.

And now, we have a short, easy and plain answer to this: Yes, Facebook advertising works. And facebook brand awareness works incredibly well.

No matter how familiar you are with Facebook paid campaigns but believe you me, it is a perfectly reasonable question to ask? What is there that makes facebook brand awareness a great fit for targeting your audience in the long run?

It does not matter, whether it is B2B or B2C, if you have your audience active on Facebook, advertising on this platform will probably be a wise decision.

In fact, with the organic reach potential declining substantially over the years, it might be the only option to reach your target audience on the platform.

In an effort to show users content, they’re more likely to engage with, Facebook regularly updated their algorithms. This change, coupled with the platform becoming more competitive for businesses than ever before, has caused pages’ organic reach to decline.

So, if you once saw a number of leads come through Facebook posting alone, that approach might not be as successful now as it once was.

How to start a Facebook ad campaign?

Paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the most promising ways to impact your content or product’s reach. Though it’s not without its questions.

That’s undoubtedly going to be great for your budget, conversion rates, and your return on investment.

What else? You only have to pay to reach the most valuable potential customers for your business.

At the same time, It’s vital to understand the different Facebook ad campaign types and targeting options that’s there right in front of you before you dive in if you want to get the best results.

This is true whether you’re brand new to the business or you’ve been doing this since Facebook ad campaigns were new. Pay-Per-Click” or PPC is a web advertising strategy wherein a business pays a platform only when the ad is clicked.

PPC advertising has evolved exponentially within the digital marketing sphere simply because of its ability to make highly-targeted ads and generate tangible and real-time analytics to help marketers perceive how exactly the audiences are engaging with the content.

Several platforms offer PPC advertising; however the two biggest players within the market sphere are Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. Choose your pick.

How to create a Facebook ad campaign?

They operate pretty the same at a very base level: you choose the audience or keyword; you pay a certain amount, say x for every time your ad is clicked. The Cost-Per-Click, or CPC, is set by how many folks you’ll reach.

Facebook permits you to make your own PPC ads using the tool Facebook Ads Manager.

These ads can be a normal picture, video ads, or carousel ads (advertising many alternative links inside an equivalent ad).

Once created, the ads are showcased in a range of spots on Facebook, together with the sidebar, desktop or mobile newsfeed, and audience network.

They’ll even be displayed on your audience’s Instagram feed, as Facebook owns this platform too.

How to run a facebook ad campaign?

The ever-changing aspect of the Facebook algorithm in terms of Facebook advertisement cost has made it a bit challenging in case you want to connect organically with your target groups with facebook ads.

There are myriad factors that influence the decision to decide the facebook advertising and cost component.

It depends at a great extent on the type of business being advertised, the offer they are advertising, the campaign goal, the target group, creative type, placement and ad copy.

There is also an array of ways to measure Facebook ad campaign costs.

An initial Facebook ad campaign might be for facebook brand awareness, but if that same campaign is being measured on an immediate ROI then perhaps the results might seem ambiguous to many.

Understanding how to leverage on Facebook Ad campaign is surely becoming a vital part of almost every social media marketing strategy to embark on.

And why not? Facebook advertising is an un-missable way to connect with your target audience on the world’s largest social network.

And if you want to get your posts right on Facebook, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to pay for reach with Facebook Ad campaign.

White label facebook advertising

The matter of fact is, as a PPC marketing agency if you are actually spending all of your time building the campaigns for your clients, you will never have enough time to get any new clients for your business.

That means once a client has decided that they’re done with their current facebook ad campaign and they don’t want to continue to run ads through you, you’re on the lookout for a new client to fill their spot.
Which can take 2-3 months to find.

It means more potential for businesses, and your current Facebook Ads clients will look for a plethora of services from you.

They might want to raise their services’ or products’ visibility via Facebook Ad campaign. They would want higher ROI.


As a marketing agency, all of us want to increase our overall services portfolio to attract more clients.

Finding options to increase your company’s top line is a great idea. Every social media marketing agency has the right to look for virgin avenues when it comes to doing business!

And that’s where white label Facebook ads services come into the big picture.

This is the solution for your time crunch and team shortage concern.
A white label Facebook advertising agency is primarily a service provider who does the job for your clients on behalf of you.

It is your partner in giving qualitative Facebook advertising services to your clients.

The best white label Facebook ads agency acts as a third party aggregator for your business.

It provides the best white label Facebook ads services to your potential and current target group that you are seeking. You just act as a mediators.


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