Effective Methods to Optimize Amazon Ad Campaigns

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Did you know that 66% of all new product searches start on Amazon? Staggering but true, the ecommerce giant has rapidly outpaced Google and emerged as the #1 search platform for products globally. On average, Amazon witnesses over 197 million shoppers every month. Another report by Oberlo states that 89% of buyers will purchase products on Amazon than any other ecommerce site.

Eventually, you will find a good percentage of your potential customers starting their searches on Amazon or buying products via this ecommerce platform. So if you do not have a dedicated Amazon advertising strategy 2020 or failing to optimize your ads, then it’s time that you should revise your marketing plans. With an effective Amazon advertising campaign strategy and optimization techniques in place, you can generate the best ROI for your business.

To help you make the most of your advertising budget and drive maximum returns, here we have discussed some excellent tips to optimize your Amazon ad campaigns. Let’s understand how you can optimize different types of Amazon ads for better targeting and lowering your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

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1. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads (SPAs)

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are pay-per-click advertising that enables you to advertise specific products on Amazon’s search results. When someone searches for a product related to yours, your sponsored ad – including the product image and name – will appear in search results along with organic results. If a customer clicks on your sponsored product, he will be directly taken to the ad’s product detail page. Just like PPC advertising, you will pay only when someone clicks on the sponsored product ad.

Sponsored Product Ads may appear on product pages or the first page of search results. The better your ad is positioned, the more visible your ad will be to your audience – increasing its likelihood to get clicked.


How to Optimise Your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

• Smart Keyword Targeting: One of the most vital Amazon advertising specialist is choosing the most appropriate keywords. The powerful ecommerce advertising platform provides two options for effective keyword targeting – Automatic and Manual.

Automatic targeting is a lucrative adwords PPC advertising opportunity wherein Amazon does the entire work for you. They will suggest a comprehensive list of high-performing keywords for your sponsored product listing. Amazon will also provide valuable insights regarding these keywords and their performance to help you target the most relevant keywords and integrate them into your ad for guaranteed results.

On the other hand, through manual targeting, you can choose your own set of keywords and gain control over how much you can bid for each keyword.

• Optimize your Ad Title: The best PPC campaign is one that has an impressive and engaging ad title. Therefore, it is important that you optimize the title to generate more leads to your product page. An important tip here is to integrate the most relevant keywords into the title and make it captivating for the audience.

• Integrate Negative Keywords: Another valuable tip for Amazon advertising 2020 is adding negative keywords to the Sponsored Product Ad. Generally, you can mark low-value keywords as negative keywords so that Amazon does not display your ad for such keywords. This is an effective strategy to lower your ad spend on irrelevant clicks.

Amazon Sponsored Products

• Optimize Product Listings: Amazon only displays Sponsored Product Ads that are most relevant to a product customer’s search query. Therefore, it is important that you optimize the product listings with the most relevant keywords – ones that you use in the ad campaigns. This will make your Sponsored Product Ad most appropriate to the products a shopper is looking for.

• Use Long Tail Keywords: Since long tail keywords are less competitive, your ad is likely to get more visibility if you integrate them smartly into your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. Additionally, these types of keywords have a specific intent that you can leverage to target your audiences more efficiently.


2. Sponsored Brands

To make the most of your Amazon advertising campaigns, you can leverage the power of Amazon Sponsored Brands. These are keyword-targeted PPC ads that are displayed at the top, bottom or on the left-hand column of the Amazon search result page. The purpose of the ad is to display 1-3 related products of the same brand at the same time, helping grow your brand awareness. When someone clicks on the brand, they will be directed to a custom landing page.

The sponsored Brand ad is one of the best PPC campaign strategies you can leverage to get your brand discovered and drive quality leads for your products. It is a smart way to get more Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) customers. Amazon advertising cost India for Sponsored Brand ads will depend on the number of clicks the ad gets. However, the minimum cost per click is $0.02.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

• Comprehensive Keyword Targeting: In this type of ad campaign, targeting the most number of keywords is the success mantra. Target at least 30-40 keywords at a time, in different varieties. This will help your brand to show up on the search result for the product that is being actively searched by your target audience.

You can use the Amazon Search Term Report to get an overview of keywords/key phrases that customers mostly use to search for products related to yours. This way, you can integrate such keywords into your Sponsored Brands campaign, getting better visibility, more clicks, and higher conversions.

• Optimize Your Ad Copy: If you think your Amazon Sponsored Brands ad is not performing optimally, maybe it’s time to optimize and improve your ad copy. Determine your Unique Selling Proposition and focus on highlighting that in the copy. Do not forget to add the most-searched and relevant keywords.

• Create Specific Ad Groups: Another way in which you can optimize your Amazon advertising campaign strategy is by creating targeted ad groups based on their demographics, buying interests, ability to spend, location and other parameters. Target each ad group with a unique ad creative, keywords, and compelling headlines to drive maximum conversions.

3. Product Display Ads

Unlike Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads, Product Display Ads are not keyword targeted. Rather, they focus on customer interests or products. These types of PPC ads direct customers to product detail pages and are paid in terms of cost per click. Here, you can target audiences who already have an interest in your kind of products, thus, driving quality leads who have high conversion potential.

Product Display Ads will appear at the right or bottom of Amazon search results, in email sequences, at top of the listing pages, or customer review page. They can also appear on apps or sites that are not owned by Amazon.


How to Optimise Your Amazon Product Display Ads

• Multiple Targeting: As effective Amazon product display ad management and optimization, create campaigns that target both ‘interest’ and ‘products.’ This will enable you to maximize the reach of your campaign and drive more quality clicks

• Sell More Products: Get professional Amazon PPC management service and harness the platform to upsell or cross-sell your products. Product Display Ads are the best way to sell more products because you are already targeting interested customers. With highly relevant ads and compelling headlines, you can showcase similar products on product pages and increase your reach.

For effective Amazon ad campaign optimization, outsource expert PPC management services to India. They have in-depth knowledge of how to advertise on Amazon in the most profitable manner, generate more clicks, and boost conversions.


4 Simple Tips to Optimise Your Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns & Maximise ROI

Here are some additional tips for you to optimize your Amazon PPC ad campaigns and drive more quality leads for increased sales:

• Organize Your Campaigns Strategically: One of the key secrets to Amazon PPC advertising success is to optimize the campaigns in an effective manner. For best results, you can build a new PPC campaign for each product category you have, create new campaigns for testing new keywords and products, or organizing the campaigns by how your products perform.

• Eliminate Poor-Performing Keywords: Identify search terms that are failing to generate sales for your business. Assign these irrelevant keywords as your negative keywords so that Amazon does not display your ads to the buyers who use these search terms, maximizing your Cost per Click.

• Continuously Test New Keywords: For effective ad campaign optimization, test new keyword sets often. Bid high on these keywords and perform spilled testing to determine whether these are effective in generating revenues for your business.

• Test Different Keyword Match Types: Amazon allows you to pick from broad, phrase and exact keyword matches. To understand what search terms customers are using mostly, select the match type to “broad” and bid high to test how this set of keywords is performing.



Optimizing your Amazon PPC ad campaigns will become seamless and effective when you hire an experienced PPC management agency. They will leverage the latest trends for Amazon advertising 2020, helping your business gain a competitive advantage by targeting your audiences in the most efficient manner.


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