Amazing Facts About PPC

PPC or pay per click is one of the most promising marketing strategies that are available. PPC is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay some amount each time their ads get clicked. It is helpful to every business irrespective of its size. The most appealing thing about PPC is cost-effectiveness. It enables you to attain the result considering the budget constraints. Some of the major benefits of PPC include boosting traffic to the website, increasing brand recognition, and ease of production/operation. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the lesser-known facts about PPC and how it’ll help your business.

1. 52% of people who click on ads, also call the advertisers:

Around half of the people who click on ads are curious about the company or services they are offering. This simply implies that you should have your company’s contact number on your PPC ad. PPC service providers are now offering click to call which is definitely more effective. In this way, you’ll be paying for customers calling you directly.

2. Higher CTR means you have to pay less per click:

CTR refers to Click through rate. You can achieve higher CTR by designing a better ad that can get maximum clicks which will result in paying a lesser amount for each click. According to search engine watch, Every 0.1% increase in CTR results in a 20% drop in CPC(cost per click). This suggests that you have to be better with the ad quality, in order to reduce CPC.

3. Around 50% of people on the internet can’t tell the difference between paid and organic search:

You may think, people are getting more aware nowadays, and that they can easily spot the difference between paid and genuine results. Well, this is a myth. According to a study, most people miss the ads after the search result. This means that people will think that these are organic results and might end up clicking on them. This factor is a strong motivation for getting PPC for your business.

4. Understanding the importance of negative keywords:

Negative keywords are the words that are searched by people who are not interested in your business. Well, these words can save you a lot of money because they are resisting the uninterested audience from clicking your ads. Since you’re paying for each click, you want only concerned audiences to click your ads. In other words, you’re increasing your efficiency.

Negative keywords can also help you to increase your quality score which is a measure of how reliable you are as an advertiser according to google. When a user clicks on your ad and comes back to the search result page immediately, this is termed as a bounce. When there are too many
bounces, Google thinks your content is not relevant and demotes your quality score. In this way, you might end up spending more money. To avoid this, you can just include a negative keyword to prevent uninterested people from clicking it. Some examples of the negative words are – Free(You don’t want to give your products for free), cheap(implies that product is of poor quality), etc.

5. It is not necessary for a PPC to be expensive:

Digital marketing is a huge domain. Many marketers may convince you that it takes a hefty amount of money for PPC campaigns. This is absurd. PPC can be applied at any budgeting level. In fact, Google itself operates on a mechanism that follows that businesses make 2 USD for every 1 USD they spend on AdWords.
Although, it is true that a big amount of money allows you to scale campaigns to attain higher profits but it doesn’t mean that PPC cannot be applied with reduced budgets. Also, it is advised that all businesses should assign an experimental budget for PPC campaigns.

6. Algorithm updates cannot kick your PPC out:

Algorithm updates take place frequently on search engines. This affects organic rankings after each update. Even your SEO content can get kicked out. But PPC doesn’t get affected by these updates. The only thing that can affect your PPC is the quality score which can be easily accessed and some measures can be taken to improve the same. Quality search can also degrade your ad rank and its placement among other ads. Your PPC won’t get knocked out randomly. So, you don’t need to worry about these changes. Although, you need to take care of the quality score and have an eye on it.

7. The top three ads attract around 50% of the clicks on the page:

You can have SEO-optimized content and paid ads will still outnumber your clicks. Your ad needs to be in the top three positions on the page. These three positions will attract half of the users clicking on that page. Thus, it’ll be a huge advantage to be in these top positions. You can achieve this by improving your quality score. This can be done in various ways. Some of these are having a better landing page so as to provide a better experience, improving the ad relevance, presenting useful content, and reducing time taken to load the landing page. This also implies the importance of choosing PPC.

8. Using call tracking to get more insights:

Many companies are using the data to make their PPC campaigns better and more effective. According to a survey by Ifbyphone, web form conversions were having a conversion rate of 3.17% and when companies used call tracking, this rate increased to 8.45%. This is a more than 100% increase. This is a hint that the landing page is performing good compared to web form conversions which imply an underperforming landing page. Telephonic conversation is still considered one of the most effective means of business deals with new customers. Customers generally want to talk to the person so that they can ask their questions and clear their confusion.

PPC campaigns require a lot of time and effort. But there are several agencies out there that can do this for your business. PPC helps you to achieve your business goals considering the budget constraints. Moreover, It can be easily tracked and measured and is a highly effective technique. You should definitely go for PPC for your business.


What is PPC Management and How This Can Help Your Company?

PPC stands to Pay per click and managing this is termed as PPC management. Managing here refers to the process of monitoring and managing a company’s expense over PPC ads. This involves drafting strategies that can result in maximum return on investment. Companies can do this themselves or hire some specialists. It may sound simple but it really is a tangled process that depends on several factors and managers or specialists have to keep each of these in consideration. Although perfect optimization is not possible in PPC management, the desired result can be achieved. The main aim of PPC management is to maximize your ROI by focusing on creating and optimizing your campaign. This article talks about all the aspects of PPC management like cost, benefits, and whether you should go for this or not.

Functions of PPC Management Specialists:

1. Keyword Analysis:

PPC management specialists help in finding and suggesting keywords that can attract customers and avoiding keywords that can result in reducing your quality score. They also help in targeting keywords that are likely to be entered by company leads.

Keywords also decide the order in which the ad appears on the results page. So, it is very crucial to choose the right keywords. They’ll perform keyword research to choose the relevant keywords.

2. Developing Channel Strategies:

There are some channels like google Adwords and bing ads which can be considered for PPC marketing. Specialists can help your business to attract more traffic by displaying your ad over various channels.

3. Monitoring:

They regularly monitor the search terms in order to find which keywords/phrases are used most frequently. As a result, the company can invest in some important searches. Apart from this, they keep an eye on ROI.

4. Keeping Eye on Competitors:

They keep their eyes on competitors and the tactics and strategies that are being used by them. Since your competitor also runs PPC ads, you may be
interested in knowing their strategies in order to outperform them.

Competitor analysis is an important aspect of PPC management. It involves checking the bid amounts (How much they are spending on PPC) and monitoring keyword selection (What type of keywords they are using and
will they help your business). This will allow you to build more relevant ads and perform better.

5. Landing Page Creation:

You might have heard that the landing page is the fundamental component of the PPC ad campaign. Thus, it is crucial to have a flawless landing page that fits your advertisement and provides knowledge to customers for which they are looking. PPC management helps your company to have relevant landing pages that can keep leads attached to your content.

4. Testing:

Along With monitoring, PPC management also focuses on testing. You need to test various parts of your ad so that you can have the best version of your ad. You can test everything using several tools that are available.

Testing helps your audience in having a better ad experience and maximizing your ROI.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

If you are interested in PPC, you must be curious about its cost. According to, The average annual cost of PPC services is around 108,000 USD to 120,000 USD. This gets around 8-10k USD per month. You can either go for doing your PPC campaign in-house or hiring a PPC management agency. In-house campaigns, salaries contribute most to the expenses. In this case, you have to take care of other benefits also. Moreover, you have to hire extra people or pay the same people more in order to achieve PPC management.

The cost of services in the case of hiring companies depends on various factors like the plan you selected for, the duration of the billing cycle, and some other premium features.

Should you Hire a PPC Management Company?

So far, we have discussed various aspects of PPC management in detail. At this time, you might be thinking, Should I hire a PPC management agency?

A PPC company can help your business achieve milestones. Given below are some of the reasons to hire a PPC company for your business:

  1. You work with the masters of the field: Since you are paying a good amount for PPC services, agencies will assign the experts for your business. They know how to run a campaign successfully and they have experience in the same.
  2. You’ll stay on top of your competition: Your agency will monitor all the activities of your competition. You have hired experts who can take meaningful insights from these activities.
  3. You’ll save your time: Managing a PPC campaign is a time taking process. If you hire a company, you’ll have more time to focus on other areas or over other projects. You can save hours by hiring an agency instead of monitoring the process and thinking of strategies.

Some well-known benefits of hiring a PPC management company are:

  1. You can achieve potential traffic on your ad. This company will find the people who are actively looking for the services you provide.
  2. You can get better ROI. Since, it is nearly necessary to have PPC, you want to make most of your investment. A PPC management company can do this by focusing your ad on the target market and by showing your ad only when visitors are looking for your keywords.
  3. An agency will help you target your customers more efficiently. Agency will be aware of all the platforms where your ad can get listed. Moreover, this can help to select the target keywords for your audience. These keywords will direct the customers to your website.

PPC is one of the best alternatives to gather a large traffic to your website instantly. For a PPC campaign to be successful, it is important that you do PPC management efficiently. You can hire a company if you do not have experience in managing these campaigns. With the right PPC management, your business can generate leads and revenue. There are several agencies out there which are providing the same services.


Tips to Improve Your PPC Results:

You might be aware of the fact that companies make 2 USD while spending each dollar on PPC, you can go for achieving this milestone and you can even go beyond this. According to Google also confirms that such campaigns can raise awareness by 80%. PPC is known to provide better control over your advertisement cost. Better PPC campaigns generate better results. In short, you want to upgrade your PPC campaign. In this post, we’ll share some tips which will boost your PPC results.

  1. Having a well-defined goal: First of all, you must have a well-defined goal. You can’t succeed in your campaign until you have a clear goal. You should have a roadmap in your mind and you need to follow that. Your goal can focus on getting more traffic, increasing revenue, and Getting new customers. Getting customers may refer to getting new subscribers or downloads. These goals should also be realistic. These goals should motivate your team to work towards the accomplishments of these goals.
  2. Using the high-performance keywords: Firstly, you need to remove low-performing keywords and then replace them with relatable ones. Low-performing keywords result in low-performance, low conversion, and low clicks. You should analyze each and every word and check for its intent and finally decide whether to keep it or not. You should also add negative keywords. Negative keywords allow different platforms not to show your ads for those keywords and thus keep unwanted customers away from your business. Remember, negative keywords can result in generating clicks but you need to use them cautiously. This method will give a huge boost to your campaign.
  3. Optimizing the keyword quality(keyword score): According to the digital marketing institute, a campaign generates all of its sales using only 12% of the keywords. So, one reason your campaign is not performing well is that it has a lot of keywords. You should focus on the relevance of keywords rather than the number of keywords. Some of the factors that determine your keyword score are: Relevance of your ad, CTR(Click Through Rate), and landing page experience. For better performance, your ad should be properly lined up with the keywords. You should focus on creating relevant headlines. You can use different tools to match your keywords with the content of your landing page. It’ll help in showing relevant content on your landing page. These practices will eventually increase your keyword score which will result in better performance of your campaign.
  4. Having engaging Ads: You should write short and catchy ads. This will play a significant role in the success of your campaign. You should keep the character limit in mind. This should clearly state your objectives. You should also try to be relevant. You can include some of the powerful words like Instant, exclusive, premium, etc. Your heading must be attention-grabbing. You can also work on updating your account structure which generally becomes disorganized over time, even if you are an expert. Thus, updating and organizing your account can be a great help. In this step, you’ll focus on your ad group organization, which is the place where most accounts become disorganized.
  5. Optimizing your content for users on mobile: According to, 55% of total internet users around the globe use mobile for surfing. This is a huge number and you can’t ignore them. So, your landing page must be compatible with mobile phones in order to get the maximum benefit out of your campaign. You should focus on short keywords as people on mobile don’t like to type long words. You can also look for other ways to decrease typing. You should also work on your landing page such that it can be comfortably viewed and scrolled on mobile.
  6. Having a dedicated landing page: In the case of major ad platforms, your landing page plays a critical role. Your landing page is where your user lands after clicking on your ad link. It’s obvious that if your landing page will not be up to the mark, users will leave it instantly which will decrease both your conversion rate and quality score. Thus, your landing page needs to be quick, responsive and filled with relevant information. Moreover, the landing page should be easy to use and navigate. You should also include some of the key features on your landing pages such as testimonials, pricing, and features. This will result in significant improvement in impressions, clicks, and conversions on your ad.
  7. Get a professional PPC audit: If the above-mentioned tips are not working for your business, you can consider a PPC audit. Many companies are offering PPC audits for free, you can try them. A professional review can help your business to improve performance by working on various strategies. When you conduct an in-house PPC audit, it’s generally challenging and time taking. While hiring a PPC auditor, you can get a fresh perspective on your campaign.
  8. Keeping track of your PPC campaign: While this may sound normal, this is a really important tip. To ensure your campaign is performing well, you need to monitor it in order. Some of the companies don’t consider this step and do not devote enough time to this and here is why their PPC campaign fails. Thus, you should not ignore the importance of this step. In the case of Google ads, google analytics can be of great use. In order to improve efficiency, you can also invest in some automation tools. It will also help your business to find ways to create better marketing strategies and enhance your PPC campaign performance.

Irrespective of the size of your organization, PPC marketing will help your business. With these mentioned tips, your business can start receiving better results from online advertisements. These tips can help your business achieve its goals. You can also apply these to increase your revenue beyond the benchmark (2USD for each dollar spent). You can opt-out for any one of the several agencies out there for carrying out these operations.

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How to Tailor Your Ads like A Pro – A Complete Guide on Ad Customizers

Ad customizers are a ground-breaking method that permits you to compose profoundly explicit promotional duplicates dependent on the client’s pursuit.

The fundamental advantage of utilizing promotion customizers is that you can make custom-made ads that are applicable to what the client searches and makes you stand apart among the contenders.

A solitary book promotion can be broadened in various manners to show just the most significant variety to every expected client.

Henceforth, it tells us the full scale-capacity. You can have a steady message from search ad to point of arrival that is profoundly applicable to what the client looks for.

HOW AD CUSTOMIZERS WORK like the pay per click ads

Promotion customizers are boundaries set inside brackets {like this}. When set off by a client’s pursuit, what’s inside the round sections is supplanted by powerful content. To do that, you transfer the ad customizer information into a bookkeeping page record. Here’s the means by which to do it, bit by bit:

Stage 1

First of all, download the Google promotion customizers’ information layout.

Stage 2

Replace the example custom attributes from the layout with your own. Eliminate the additional segments. There are four quality sorts for custom attributes: text, number, cost, and date. Ensure you determine them.

Stage 3

Define your focusing on. You can utilize a few kinds of focusing: keyword, crusade, promotion gathering, or even by area.

Stage 4

Once you’ve filled in your information with the customizers you need to show and save the document in a .csv, .tsv, .xls, or .xlsx design.

At that point, go to the Tools symbol in your Google Ads account, select Business information and transfer the record in the “Promotion customizer information”.

Last advance

Set up the ad text with customizers. You can add the promotion customizer anyplace inside the ad, aside from the last URL.

Genuine EXAMPLES OF AD CUSTOMIZERS by best PPC management services

Since you have a thought of what ad customizers are, you know the way they work, and how a technique for usage looks. Underneath are a couple of thoughts on the best way to utilize them, in actuality.

Suppose you sell cameras and photograph adornments both on the web and off it. You have a few actual stores in various areas. You’ve chosen that you need to run various proposals to increment in-store income. The arrangement is: geo ad customizers.

In the present circumstance, geo ad customizers will assist you with dealing with the data inside the promotion duplicate. We’ll make the information feed to incorporate the objective area and the variable data.

We’ll name it “Photograph” and transfer it to Business information. The greatest favorable position is that the feed can be reached out with a bigger item stock or offers and costs quiet and can be refreshed whenever.


There are three alternate methods used by ads management services of progressively refreshing your content ad.

1. Keyword Insertion

Utilize this to embed a watchword that coordinates a client’s pursuit question into your promotion duplicate. The grammar ought to be: {KeyWord: Default Text}. Returning to our cameras model, suppose we need to utilize keyword inclusion in our feature this way:

Feature 1: Buy {KeyWord: Photo Camera}

As should be obvious, Google ads will supplant the code with keywords from the promotion gathering and the promotion plainly mirrors the pursuit term.

Remember: When the keyword won’t fit the 30 characters feature (along with the additional word), the default text will be shown.

2. Commencements

Utilize the commencement work for deals or exceptional forthcoming occasions to check somewhere near day, hour, and moment to make a need to keep moving. You can without much of a stretch set the capacity while making or altering the content ad.

3. In the event of a Function

With the “IF” capacities, you can change your directive for clients on cell phones or for a focused on crowd.

Promotion customizers are presently likewise accessible to all Bing Ads publicists worldwide. They by white label PPC agency work also as in Google Ads, in view of traits characterized in a feed.

In any case, they carry a bonus to the table. Notwithstanding effort, ad gathering, or watchword, Bing permits you to apply promotion customizers by crowd.


Amazon PPC: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Sponsored Product PPC Ads

Advertising on Amazon is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and drive sales of your products. With over 66% of product searches beginning on Amazon, the largest eCommerce giant paves a lucrative opportunity for sellers to showcase their products and increase sales. Amazon PPC has an average CTR of 0.36% with an average conversion rate of 9.47%. This is one reason why Amazon is the 3rd most popular online advertising platform today.

The number of e-marketers leveraging the potential of Amazon PPC is growing at a rapid pace. As a seller, if you do not have a definite Amazon PPC strategy in place, you will be missing out on a major segment of your audience and advertising goals too. Therefore, we bring to you a comprehensive guide to Amazon PPC that will help optimize your traffic, get valuable insights, and generate more sales.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is an online advertising model where product advertisements are displayed on Amazon’s search engine results and product pages to improve visibility and drive more sales. It is a form of pay-per-click advertising where marketers pay a fee to Amazon only when a user clicks on the ad, and not when a user views the ad. Amazon pay-per-click advertising is effective for sellers to:

• Optimize your web traffic: Reach the right target audience at the right time and with the right products they are looking for. This will help trigger a purchase decision.

Drive increased sales: Amazon PPC allows you to link potential buyers to your product portfolios and product description pages so they can seamlessly find the products they want.

Get actionable insights: With their powerful analytics, you can easily track and analyze the rate at which potential buyers are finding and purchasing your products. You can leverage these valuable insights to optimize your PPC campaign and drive better results.

How Does Amazon PPC Work?

There are three types of Amazon ads as discussed herewith:

  • Sponsored Products Ad: These are ASIN- and keyword-targeted ads that allow advertisers to promote their products on Amazon product pages and shopping results.

Source: Amazon

Who is eligible for Sponsored Product ads?

This ad type is available to book vendors, vendors, professional sellers, agencies, and Kindle Direct Publishing authors. To qualify for advertising, it is important for the products to belong to one or more eligible categories and also be eligible for the “Featured Offer”

  • Sponsored Brands: This type of ad is most effective to boost brand awareness. Your brand logo with a customized headline will appear on the product detail pages and shopping results. The advertiser has the flexibility to showcase up to three products in the ad and get the top spot in Amazon’s search results when a potential buyer searches for a product related to yours or in your niche. Sponsored Brands ads enable you to direct interested buyers to a custom landing page on Amazon or to your Amazon Stores page.
Amazon Search Results
Source: Amazon

Amazon now provides the option to link video ads to your product detail pages.

Who is eligible for Sponsored Brands ads?

The ad form is available to book vendors, agencies, vendors, and sellers subscribed with Amazon Brand Registry.

  • Sponsored Display: Sponsored Display ads are a great way to extend your reach and reach your potential buyers on and off Amazon. The ads are displayed on Amazon as well as on external websites to buyers who are already visiting or have earlier visited particular products on Amazon.
Amazon PPC
Source: Amazon

Who is eligible for Sponsored Display Ads?

This ad form can be used by professional sellers who have subscribed for Amazon Brand Registry; agencies having clients selling products on Amazon; and vendors. 

Now that you know different types of Amazon PPC advertising available at your disposal, here’s how the ad auction works:

  • A buyer searches Amazon for “baby oil.” Baby oil is the primary keyword here
  • Amazon will compile the most relevant ads that target the keyword “baby oil”
  • The ad that bids high on the keyword will win the auction
  • Amazon will display only the winning ad with the highest bid to the buyer
  • The buyer will click on the ad and the advertiser will pay Amazon the second-highest bid

Yes; the advertiser will pay the second-highest bid amount and not the winning bid when a shopper clicks the ad. For instance, if your winning bid is $5 and the second-highest bid is $4, then you will need to $4.01 to Amazon, i.e., only $0.01 higher than the second-highest bid. This second price auction is an interesting feature of Amazon PPC.   

Now, let’s understand how the bidding works for Amazon PPC.

The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for every Amazon pay-per-click ad is determined on the basis of a second-price auction. Here, every advertiser needs to submit a default bid, i.e., the maximum amount they are willing to pay “per click” for their ad. One who bids the highest will win the highest ad position on Amazon search results.

Striking the winning bid for Amazon’s second-price auction is a complex process and you might need a professional PPC advertising company to deliver the best results.

How to Optimize Your Amazon PPC Strategy?

Amazon PPC advertising with a good CTR and conversion rate might seem too good to be true. However, it delivers PPC results in real-time for advertisers who know how to leverage the platform to its full potential. Unearth how professional marketers optimize their Amazon PPC campaigns:

  • Set a Realistic PPC Goal

To begin with Amazon PPC optimization, it is first important to set the campaign goals for every product you are advertising. Determine what you want to achieve – boost sales, drive visibility and brand awareness, improve your bottom line. Study your ACoS targets to define the best strategy for each of your PPC goals.

  • Identify the Best Performing Keywords

To discover the top-converting keywords for your PPC campaign, you’d need to log into your Amazon Seller Central account. At the top of the page, click the tab “Reports” and then choose “Advertising Reports.”

Source: Tinuiti

The top of the page will display various types of advertising reports that you can access. Select Campaign, Report Type, and Period. Click the option “Create Report.”

Source: Tinuiti

From the right column, click the option “Download” to access your search term report.

Source: Tinuiti

This Search Term Report is quite effective in finding all your keyword data once the PPC ads have been running a few times. You can download this data frequently to monitor how your keywords or search terms are performing. This will help you optimize your keyword bidding strategy, remove or add keywords.

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using the most relevant and high-potential long-tail keywords is one of the best ways to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns and derive quality results. These keyword phrases can direct a huge proportion of targeted search traffic, even the ones that in the midst of the sales funnel.

There are several keyword search tools online that you can use naturally in your PPC ad content and product listings to increase visibility and click-through rate on Amazon.

  • Use a Combination of Automatic and Manual PPC Campaigns

For Sponsored Product Ads, you can create two types of campaigns: automatic and manual. If you are just starting off with Amazon PPC, it is good to run a few automatic campaigns first. Here, you will only need to mention the budget and Amazon will take care of the most important aspect – finding keywords that are the best fit for your desired category and product descriptions.

Initially, automatic campaigns are good to go. But once you gain a strong understanding of how the keywords work, you can switch to manual targeting. This gives you the flexibility to choose the keywords on which you wish to place the bid. You can also test different keywords, evaluate performance, and make relevant changes to the strategy with manual campaigns.

How Much Does Amazon PPC Cost?

There is no fixed cost for Amazon PPC advertising because it is purchased on the basis of Cost Per Click. That means the cost will vary depending on how much the advertiser is willing to bid on specific keywords, keyword selection, product, and competitors. The best way is to start small and then increase your budget gradually based on how your ads are performing.

How Long Does PPC on Amazon Take to Get Results?

Typically, PPC campaigns take three months to show quality results. This time should be focused on gathering insights from your ads, which can be leveraged to improve audience targeting, keyword targeting, and your bids.

With Amazon PPC automatic campaigns, you can expect to see the result within a few days. Manual ad campaigns are more strategic and therefore, can take 8-10 weeks to show effective results.

Get Expert Help with Amazon PPC

Pay-per-click advertising on Amazon is a proven way to improve brand awareness and visibility of your products on the world’s largest eCommerce platform and drive more sales. However, building and optimizing an Amazon PPC campaign is complex and time-consuming, especially if you have a vast product catalog. That is where hiring a professional PPC advertising company can help. They have the knowledge and expertise in Amazon PPC to help generate quality results. 


Blog Layout Testing with Classic Editor


Now that you have a well-planned website, the next step that you are looking forward to is setting up ads so that you can generate revenue.

Setting Google ads is not at all a challenging task, but it does require a lot of knowledge and a proper advertising budget.

When there is a massive competition in the market, survival of the fittest is the only thing to be kept in mind.

You might have a website in any niche, but if your Ad campaign does not get the correct focus, then all your hard work will go in vain.

Also, you might start getting earning, but that will not be up to the mark.

To understand what things you need to keep in mind, let us get to know about Google AdWords a bit more in detail.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is not a magician who will start giving you income just with a swish.

It is a well-planned software that guides Google Ad Expert through setting up an ad campaign according to a google ads budget.

This budget that you set up gives you views and clicks on your site. The more you plan to invest, the better in the visibility of your ads.

But investing more does not mean that you invest everything and then start praying for a good ROI.

Everything has to get planned in a manner. Google AdWords also helps you by guiding the perfect budget that you can increase or decrease as per your needs.

Setting Up A Campaign


ow that you are ready with a website and also planning to invest in google ads, let us learn about good ads campaigns.

When you publish content, you want that people should visit your site and read it. The more traffic you get, the better is your income.

For this, the best PPC management company can set up campaigns on google. What AdWords will do is that it will make an ad of your content and display it on random pages.

Whenever people search for the keyword, they will get the ad infront and will visit your page.

It is also known as campaign budget optimization. The first and foremost thing to rule is to set a reasonable google ads budget per day.

It will help you understand different ways of reaching out to the audience.

Let us understand this by an advertising budget example:

You plan to spend Rs 300 per day
Google gives you 1500 page views in this budget with 20 approximate clicks.
On the other hand, your competitors are investing an average of Rs 500 per day.

It gives them better visibility
More traffic and better clicks
So, it would be best if you worked on your google ads monthly budget to meet and leave the rivals behind.

Yes, it does need study, but once you get the heck of it, this type of advertising budget will help you earn just sitting at home.

Understanding Budget Google Ads

When you made your blog or website, you always thought of running it for a long time and get income.

Google offers you a great opportunity by determining the advertising budget and play with the ROI.

The only thing you must keep in mind is to stay away from low budget advertising. Yes, Google does offer a minimum budget for google ads to be Rs 5 per day.

But think what will Rs 5 per day earn you. Also, when you have fully understood the working of google ads,

it is the time to set your digital advertising budget. It will help you be visible on different social media platforms.

The entire game that google plays is of traffic, the more traffic your website generates, the better earning you will have.

Thus it is essential to set your daily budget google ads for staying in the race.

Retargeting Your Google AdWords Daily Budget

Once you run your ads, keep on researching them. Have a look at how much traffic are you getting.

How much clicks you are getting and what is the ROI. If you feel that this is what you expected, then good, else if you feel you can earn more, then what?

Google offers you the facility of retargeting budget. You can set up your ads budget again and give it a try.

There is no particular google ads budget limit. You can also enjoy a typical advertising budget and earn revenue.

People also have this in mind that for how long do they have to rely on this google advertising budget. See, till the time you get good revenue, and it is OK.

If you feel your site has earned the right amount of visibility, then you can also set a progressive advertising budget that will keep in setting as per your performance.

You can also compare your budget with an average global advertising budget of your competitor websites and then work according to the same.

Google advertising is a vast concept and takes time in understanding.

However, it offers you the facility to advertise your website as per your planning as well as Google AdWords set monthly budget.

You can easily set your online advertising budget on different content and make them visible to a broad group.

If you still feel that there is something that is lacking behind, then you can join groups that will help you understand the working of the advertising network.

Once you have understood how to play with your traffic audience, this is going to be a game for you.

All you need is to set up a daily google AdWords budget and see your traffic growing.

Just set your google AdSense budget and see the improvement in your sales.

Not only this offer you click, but it will be a great chance to earn while sitting at home.

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How Has Covid-19 Affected Your Paid Media And Promotions

With any shift in trends, the occurrence of a calamity or an introduction of a potential marketer, the very first concern that knocks your door is whether your ways of practising paid media and promotions is going to suffer.

The uncontained spread of the novel Coronavirus global pandemic has resulted in directing a considerable mass of people to social media more than ever.

Be it out of necessity as a work requirement or an urge to socialize, get entertained, shop, or so, people are extensively seeking to engage in social media.

Leveraging such an escalated number of audiences which are engaging rapidly into social media, it is peak time to strategize your paid media and promotions to establish a robust conversion funnel under the assistance of the best PPC service providers.

Facebook ads, Bing ads, LinkedIn ads, Apple ads, Gmail ads, Pinterest ads, Amazon ads, Quora ads, and, shopping adds are still among the best ads hosting platforms to get rolling amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

People are desperate to visit websites with a sheer purpose but tend to switch sites rigorously because of a wide variety of tempting advertisements.

This rigorous switching tends to fluctuate the bounce rate, and if you are wondering what it is bounce rate, then read along.

What is bounce rate?

It is the percentage of the site visitors who only access a single page and do not interact further with your website.

Now, if you are willing to know ‘what is a good bounce rate?’ then all you need to know is that a low bounce rate is regarded as a reasonable bounce rate, and a user-friendly website is all you need to achieve it.

With COVID-19 becoming a constant theme in 2020, posts related to it are increasing day by day, and it becomes quite apparent for the brands as well as the independent entities to promote their products and services on multiple and variant platforms.

Paid media and promotions could be an easy process if you use the best PPC management company and expert tools like google analytics, which is a useful tool used to monitor user behaviour, activities and engagements on a website.

If you wonder about how does google analytics work, then read along.

How does google analytics work?

Aiming to help users get a better experience, Google Analytics was developed by Google to provide convenience to the website hosts.

It helps brands or the website hosts to make changes to their websites to tempt a more significant number of users.

If you include a particular Analytics code into your website’s source code, you will get the access to an intriguing platform that will provide you with detailed information about user activities, behaviours, and the source of attraction to them.

Here is a list for you if you are looking for some potential advertising platforms where you might want to run your paid media and promotions-

1. Amazon advertising:

An e-commerce site, as Amazon also provides the ads serving privileges on its platform to the advertisers.

In amazon advertising, the ads will appear as suggested products or even with the product searches.

The best part about amazon advertising is that you are required to pay for your ad only after the user clicks your product.

No charge for views is imposed, which provides you with an opportunity to reach a large number of the audience while only paying for those who express genuine interest in your product.

2. LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn ads might not be as far-reaching as in the case of Facebook ads or Amazon ads.

Still, because of the quality of business-minded audience present on the platform itself, it is a relevant platform to advertise your products on.

You must know that LinkedIn advertising is not limited in terms of reachability to only business aspirant but also a large number of universities, non-profit companies, and other organizations that aim to exist for a particular purpose, like employee hiring, or job suggesting.

3. Pinterest advertising

Pinterest is a social media application which is intended as a virtual pinboard, wherein your blog or the content is linked to an image post, known as Pins, which serve as the Pinterest ads.

Pinterest advertising is useful as the advertised post is not much distinctive to other pins making the chances of ad access more.

It is therefore much liked by the brands with outspoken symbols.

The best part about Pinterest advertising is that after selecting a Pin, we are required to choose a target audience, and after that, a budget. Pinterest advertising is based on PPC, the Pay-per-click.

4. Quora advertising

Quora is an exciting platform to serve advertisements. Rather than being about the customer pool,

it is a low-key community where people share their knowledge by providing answers to specific questions. Quora advertising ensures you with the quality of users.

With Quora advertising, you can reach to the right users, based on their interests, at the right place and at a crucial time of their decision-making process serving the relevant ads.

If you are still in doubt whether your Quora ads will reach to a significant mass of users through Quora platform,

Then you should know that as per the statistics, Quora engages more than 300 million monthly discreet users and is, therefore, a right choice for an advertiser.

Bing advertising

Just as the Google Ad Word, the Bing Ad Word enables you to host ads on its search network and partner networks.

Bing advertising charges you with a click cost lesser by 33% to 42% on an average than the google Ad Word.

It is quite an awesome deal in the world where the industries are scaling the average Pay-per-click (PPC).

In fact, due to the lower advertisement competition on Bing, your Bing ads can easily attract traffic to your website at a much lower cost.

Apart from these, there are many more potential platforms where you can run your ads and engage in customer-pleasing, but these are among the preferred ones.

COVID-19 has poked a competition in the digital world. Every industry is trying to serve the best, and that opens the right doors for the paid media and promotions.


Make the best of your Google Adwords Budget with these Google Analytics Hacks

Who said you could not improve your return on investment? With a bit of research and using some simple hacks, you can increase it quickly.

All you need to do is keep track of page speed, bounce rate, and the sources you are getting traffic.

These hacks will not hamper your online advertising budget. However, they will help you earn more revenue in the same amount of investment.

Track Your Speed Or Just Plan To Shut Your Website

We don’t want to be harsh, but if your budget Google Ads account doesn’t track conversions correctly, you won’t be able to optimize anything until you get it right.

It seems to be comfortable enough, but there is no setup for 42.3 percent of google ads accounts. Even among accounts with some form of the tracking system, only about 29% get correctly monitored.

Also, keep in mind not to share the details of your google ads shared budget with anyone.

I’ll repeat, this is so essential: only 29% of Google ads accounts get correctly monitored.

While this will sound like a straightforward, no-brainer tip, it must be said clearly.

Your monitoring needs to get correctly configured. To succeed, you will have to stay away from low budgeting advertising.

Alternatively, you mostly throw away money. Sure, you could easily double your Google Ads return on investment by setting up your monitoring properly with monthly budget google ads.

Select A Geographic That Pays

Google Advertising makes this knowledge very easy to use. Only click “Predefined Time Reports” and either “Date” or “Geographic.”

For a summary of the date, choose “Day-of-week” or”Hour-of-the-day “for a chart icon on the upper right corner of Google Ads.

Try to run both reports to see if it’s worth disabling your entire day (or days) or if it’s harder to disable your advertisements for several blocks in the afternoon.

Do not run blindly behind the enormous advertising budgets and work as per your choices with these hacks.

Often B2B marketers find that the majority of their sales are obtained during the week.

Yet over the weekends, they still spend money. It is because the google shopping budget is a bit higher during the holidays.

If you see red messages in your campaigns on Google Advertising, which tell you that you don’t have the budget or want to boost your campaigns’ profitability by 20%-30%, try to run these two studies.

You can reduce your ad spending by around 30-40% while only losing 5-10% of your transformations. See all it is a good google AdWord budget and proper research to let you enjoy earning without any hassles.

Be Creative And Use Negative Keywords

These are hacks, so you need to be open to anything that comes your way. At the campaign level or ad, community-level negative keywords may get applied.

You incorporate them like every other keyword, but with a negative symbol opposite the keyword.

Remember which negative keywords you carefully choose, then add them. They can make a considerable profitability difference.

Choose the campaign total budget AdWords with a wise mind and sail through earning maximum profit.

I more than doubled the investment return for Google Ads, a small law firm, just a few years ago with a few negative keywords.

Do Not Waste Your Money On Useless Keywords

The fun only starts once you have correctly monitored your conversion. Once the latest tracking information is collected from your account, you can see where you lose money.

Most advertisers like keywords to begin with. Adjust your Google AdWords daily budget as this will surely help you a lot.

Thus, create a filter to show you the keywords that have never generated a conversion.

Keywords can be of different types, so it is essential to research. Proper research will help you save money and land you with a treasure box of keywords.

However, you need not take all the stress on yourself. Simply hire Google Adwords expert and watch your sales getting doubled with the use of the right strategies.

Know Where Your Ads Are Running

Do your ads run on the Display Network of Google? If you know where the advertisements are precise?

It could be valuable. To see where your ads appear, go to Show network > Placements. Click to sort.

Then go to the top 10 listed pages.

Do you want your advertising to be seen on these types of sites?
The answer is yes, occasionally.

Nevertheless, advertisers also are somewhat surprised by what they find here. The challenge is that your ads appear on thousands of similar websites.

Landing Pages Are Your Best Companions

You heard how necessary it is to use your Google Ads landing pages, right? Because essentially, this is Google Ads 101.

Keep in mind your google ads total budget and then work out on a plan of action.

This guide is just like your conversion tracking guidance. It is clear to the bones; everybody knows about it and does their best to get maximum ROI.

In half, you have to be ready to get the best with a google shopping budget.

The higher your ads’ quality score, the more your landing page aligns with the keywords, the Ad copy, and the “intentions” of your search engineer.

Make Ad Groups

Once I spent $12,000 a day on Google advertising, that was one of my most critical hidden tools a couple of years earlier.

Also, set your ad group budget and then plan accordingly.

This is why you must keep a check on your google ads set a budget:
Most of your ads get spent, and you probably have a little group of keywords to handle.
These are beneficial keywords. You will be far more cautious than the other keywords.
Giving these keywords their ad category means that their emphasis can be checked from these ads, and advertisements can only be created for the most special keywords.

Don’t you still think you can pay Google Ads? Then you get highly conservative and follow the search ads remarketing lists.

A progressive advertising budget can play a crucial role in your growth.

It is a way to view the users who have seen your website through your Google ads.

You can also only display updates for people who have visited those website sites.

You take the audience of people (who were on your website) and show only your ads to them after searching for a specific list of keywords you define.

It’s great because, as you know, the first time you visit a site, people rarely buy it. But when you make brand affinity with them, they will turn skyrocket into chances.

It is not uncommon for double, triple, or more conversion rates. It means you can quickly double your ROI by using RLSA for your ads.


Want to Plan A Successful PPC Ad? Check these SEO Myths

SEO is the backbone of any website, and if you want to grow your business, then you have to follow the latest trends and algorithms.

If you feel that there are things you do not understand about SEO, then you can hire the best PPC ads agencies that can guide you for the same.

Your advertising budget decides a lot of things that your performance will depict on.

Several myths and misconceptions have always been making rounds in the market which are related to SEO and PPC ads.

The concept of PPC gets often misunderstood, and this leads to people getting their hands off from an excellent opportunity to earn loads.

Have you heard about any of those misconceptions about PPC (Pay Per Click) before? Because so many businesses are using PPC, it’s not shocking that there are tons of misconceptions about them.

PPC has improved over the years and got revised. Many of the previous, popular ‘back in the day’ techniques are now obsolete.

Everything gets focussed around your google ads budget.

Common misunderstandings have caused many misconceptions to spread and have negatively affected people’s perception of PPC advertising with a minimum google ads budget.

PPC Offers Good Results In An Instant

When you have a concept in mind and invest your money, then it is evident that you will want to earn profit at a good pace.

Many new PPC projects have a ‘heat’ period at the outset where you have to spend money from your Google AdWord budget and figure out what is going to work, what isn’t going to work, where are the numbers, what is the CPC, and so on.

It may be costly and may not result in a positive ROI, but it is generally necessary to develop a good PPC ads strategy.

You need to understand all the above figures, as well as your audience, and how they search online to be competitive on PPC.

You can target them once you know the keywords they use, and increase your chances of having clicks.

Also, you can set campaign budget optimisation for a good result.

Being Number 1 Is The Only Thing

Yes, being on top is what you have dreamt off and want to achieve it but still must not be rigid.

Proper research and study will help you reach to the top slowly, but to maintain this position is a tricky thing.

The number one spot will cost a lot more per click than the number two spot, but it doesn’t always offer much more conversions.

You need to find the best place for your goals, and if the best cost per conversion is your key target, then the top spot may not be the right one.

A well planned average advertising budget can help you a lot.

The best thing you can do to improve sales is to make the commercial material as appropriate as possible.

Make it clear what the ad relates to. How does a visitor ‘s website do when they land on it? Unless your marketing is deceptive, tourists online do not remain on your web for long.

Google Keyword Planner Is Your Only Best Companion

No, not at all. It is just a myth and should not be taken seriously. There are a lot of other platforms that can help you grow.

Use the Google Keyword Planner is the standard for people to find keywords for their AdWords campaigns, and there are plenty of benefits to using it.

There are drawbacks on what you will search for in the Keyword Planner.

Try using other keyword search tools to find keywords for your campaign. There are more, and maybe the strongest.

Keyword Explorer, SEMrush and Moz ‘s keyword app helps you to discover further keyword possibilities.

Plan out something that goes well with budget ads and then has a keen check on your growth.

PPC Is Only Going To Give You Profit

See you need to understand that everything has its pros and cons. Same is the case with PPC also.

It can help you earn the right amount of profit and can also keep you at a slow pace. You should not hold a lot of expectations.

Using PPC comes with many benefits. When you’re a new company, and you’re having a hard time getting organic traffic, PPC will get you noticed at the top of the list.

Check your typical advertising budget about how much you can invest and then plan your monthly set-up.

However, paid to advertise is costly and a constant expense to make the PPC ads campaign worthwhile and successful because the people who click need to get turned into customers.

In terms of marketing, we refer to PPC as renting, i.e. when you stop paying, and the effects stop immediately.

You will find many owned platforms such as SEO, social media, content and email marketing alongside PPC.

More Keywords Means More Conversion

Certainly not true. This is a pure myth. Keywords if stuffed in your content will give you a poor performance. It’s typical pit marketers have been falling into.

Generally using more keywords means you get more views and clicks, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get more sales.

In reality, your budget would decrease faster, which means you might take away your budget from the highest keywords you convert.

Consider preserving your keywords that work positively by using them in separate campaigns before introducing new keywords.

Make sure you understand the concept of advertising on a budget and then go for PPC.

Customers do various searches, depending on where they are on the path of their customer.

Your advertising strategies should be tailored and designed to target the right audience.

Instead of being wasted on the audience not willing to buy or be advertised to, and this can be done with the assistance of a professional PPC expert.

You must have a clear understanding in mind for the month.



Tried and Tested Rules for Your PPC Ad Campaign

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a way for search engines like Google and Bing to gain greater exposure.

This advertisement strategy is one of the most effective online marketing strategies, with PPC visitors 50 percent more likely to purchase organic visitors.

A well planned PPC advertising budget can help you outgrow your sales and enjoy significant revenue.

Failed to build a successful PPC campaign, and it’s been half a year? You can also use the rest of the year to make your PPC advertising rentable.

There are a lot of tricks and strategies you can use to improve your CTR, get more traffic, cut costs and boost conversions.

Here are 10 PPC tricks we believe you can seek by 2020:

Use Retargeting As The Key Traffic Techniques

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating traffic using SEO, social media or blogging. You should also use those tactics for more ad visibility with a PPC retargeting program.

You must understand the concept of setting budget google ads before you hit the PPC campaign.

And if you are not sure which strategy will fetch you better results, simply hire professional PPC experts and let them take charge of your marketing.

Using Preparation Advertising

Set up the appropriate monitoring to log in when your sales are coming in. Then plan your ads so that when clicks don’t convert, you black out the times and days.

Continue buying clicks only at the most favorable periods and days to see how it works.

Segment Your Campaigns According To Geographic Areas

It helps you to use geo-specific terms in your ads, which can lead to improved click-through and conversions.

Low budget advertising can cause you harm and lower the growth chart, so it is always better to understand and research.

Start A Campaign On The Move

It can be a valuable source of traffic for smartphone users. Only make sure that you set up a separate mobile app campaign and use a friendly mobile web site.

When you’re mixing desktop and web, make sure that you’re raising the Web Visitor offer.

Track Your Keyword PPC Campaigns

Make sure you track your keyword-level PPC campaigns and identify underperforming keywords.

If your ad group’s not doing well, one or two keywords may be the culprit. Try to create a new ad community for these keywords, so you can try to get them to function alone.

Seek Various Tailored Show Advertising

In addition to keywords, the show ads may get positioned by placements and topics.

It may sound like a waste of money, but you may be shocked to find out that this way of expanding will produce a positive ROI.

You must set up an average advertising budget to get comfortable with the ads and then gradually increase it.

Using Experiments For Multivariates

Multivariate testing is the best way to find out which combination of website elements results in higher conversions, but it is more complicated than split testing.

The time saved ensures you’ll be able to cut expenses quicker and improve productivity.

Sitelinks To Check Adwords

Most advertisers report seeing their CTR skyrocketed by incorporating sitelinks.

Yes, sitelinks can also boost conversions if correctly implemented. Your monthly AdWords budget should also be aimed towards the sitelinks to give maximum revenue.

Ad Extensions Project

Google Adwords now has several ad plugins you can use to improve your ppc campaigns and implement a campaign optimization budget.

Adding social extensions and ranking extensions for sellers will develop trust and reputation.

By targeting impulse buyers, deal extensions will help you produce more sales.

Import Your Bing Ads Campaign Over

Bing is the second-best pay per motor click, so you mustn’t miss it.

Although the amount of traffic is lower, many PPC Campaign marketers see higher profitability from Bing for the same keywords that they target on Adwords.

Retargeting You Budget

Once you run your ads, just keep on researching them. Have a look at how much traffic you are getting.

How many clicks you are getting, and what is the ROI. If you feel that this is what you expected, then good, else if you think you can earn more, then what?

Google offers you the facility of retargeting budget. You can set up your ads budget again and give it a try.

There is no particular google ads budget limit. You can also enjoy a typical advertising budget and earn revenue.

People also have this in mind for how long they have to rely on this google advertising budget.

See till the time you get good revenue, and it is OK. If you feel your site has earned the right amount of visibility, you can set a progressive advertising budget that will keep in setting as per your performance.

You can also compare your budget with an average global advertising budget of your competitor websites and then work according to the same.

Google advertising is a vast concept and takes time in understanding though it offers you the facility to advertise your website as per your planning.

You can easily set your online advertising budget on different content and make them visible to a broad group.

If you still feel that there is something that is lacking behind, then you hire PPC management services that will help you with the working of the advertising network.

It is going to be a game for you once you have understood how to play with your traffic audience.

All you need is to set up a daily budget google ads and see your traffic growing.

Just set your google advertising budget and see the improvement in your sales.

Not only does this offer you clicks, but it will be a great chance to earn while sitting at home.

Login today and try it yourself and study the difference in how this concept of understanding the google ads set monthly budget can make to the performance of your website.