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How to Hire a Google AdWords Consultant?

So, you want professional help with Google AdWords to drive increased web traffic and grow your sales? It can be frustrating and overwhelming to find the right AdWords consultant for your business. Here are the common pitfalls that you tend to face: 

  • Not having clarity of why you need to hire an AdWords consultant, what are your goals, what is the timeframe, etc. 
  • Focusing only on the cost of hiring a consultant and not the quality 

When you are unable to make a sound decision, you will end up hiring a consultant who fails to deliver result for your business. 

Hence, here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the right person for your Google AdWords campaign management. Let’s get started: 

Why You Should Hire a Google AdWords Consultant? 

When you are trying to derive the best results from your Google AdWords campaign, be assured: it isn’t easy. The competition in the field of PPC advertising is cut-throat, especially when you belong to the eCommerce and finance industry. Furthermore, Google continues to update how AdWords works, making things more complex for advertisers. 

There are numerous aspects of AdWords advertising, such as keyword research, bidding, and analyzing reports – which, of course, aren’t easy for just any advertiser with no experience in PPC. Only a professional consultant with in-depth knowledge and expertise in AdWords PPC advertising can help. 

Have doubts? 

Check out the reasons why you should hire an expert Google AdWords consultant for your business: 

1. Get Better Results

Naturally, you’d want to generate the best results from your Google AdWords campaign. Keeping in mind the high level of competition and learning curve associated with AdWords, getting desired results may not be simple. It is a highly sophisticated advertising system in a bidding-style environment. Additionally, there are innumerable factors to setting up and managing a successful PPC campaign that a beginner will simply get overwhelmed. 

An industry expert knows the nitty-gritty of Google AdWords, delivering far better results. 

2. An Expert will Proactively Manage your AdWords Campaigns 

You cannot simply set up an AdWords campaign and expect results to pour in. Based on insights gathered from analytics and changing algorithms, you need to continuously improve the campaign to derive improved results. Having a PPC consultant who dedicatedly manages your campaign can be an effective way to generate the best value as well as reduce overall costs. 

3. Reduce Cost in the Long Run 

Cost is a primary factor to consider for businesses when hiring an AdWords consultant. You want to save money and it is not surprising to think that working with a PPC expert will make you go over budget. However, you’d happy to know that things work the other way. An AdWords consultant can help streamline your PPC campaign and manages it proactively to deliver improved results and reduce costs in the long run. 

Save thousands of dollars running a campaign that is improper and inefficient. 

4. Helps Drive New Business 

An AdWords campaign run by an expert will help drive new leads, new inquiries, and new business opportunities. They have the knowledge and expertise to leverage the features and powerful analytics of Google AdWords to increase website traffic, drive quality leads, and improve ROI in the long run. 

What to Ask Before Hiring a Google AdWords Consultant? 

One of the biggest challenges that advertisers face is finding an expert to handle their Google AdWords campaigns. Now that you know why an AdWords consultant is important for your business, here’s how to ensure you have the right person to derive maximum value from your PPC campaign

Find out how to interview an AdWords consultant and the vital questions you must ask before hiring: 

  • Are you Google AdWords certified? 

Before having a consultant on board, make sure he has Google AdWords certification. The certificate is awarded only to individuals who pass their exams with scores 70% or above. These exams not only cover the technical aspects of AdWords management, but also how to achieve growth and increased ROI for the business.  

Having Google AdWords certification indicates a consultant’s vast knowledge and expertise in this field…something you can count upon to derive quality business results. Furthermore, certified Google Partners undergo regular training that helps upgrade their knowledge and skills.  

So, ensure the expert is Google AdWords certified. 

  • What skills do you have? 

Google AdWords is one of the largest advertising platforms with many types of campaigns – Display, Search, App, Shopping, Remarketing, Video, etc. Make sure that the Google AdWords expert has skills in the type of campaign you want to set up for your business. For instance, if you have an eCommerce store, you’d want the consultant to have expertise specially in Shopping Ads. One good way to find this out is by checking their Google Ads certificate. 

It is better not to hire a jack of all trades; rather one who has specialized knowledge in the campaign type.   

  • Do you have experience managing AdWords campaigns for a similar type of business? 

It is crucial to hire an AdWords consultant who has experience working with businesses in your niche. Therefore, it is an important question to ask in the interview – what experience they have managing AdWords campaigns for businesses in your industry? If they truly have the expertise, they can provide good knowledge of consumer behavior and how you can leverage Google AdWords to drive increased sales. 

  • How often will you provide reports? 

The primary reason of putting forward this question is to ensure that the consultant will keep you in the loop by providing regular reports as long as the AdWords campaign remains active. You will want to have actionable insights on number of clicks, click through rate, total ad-spend, number of conversions, etc. Your consultant should also be able to provide other reports such as the cost per acquisition for your PPC campaign. 

Having regular campaign updates through easy-to-understand reports will help derive valuable insights to optimize the campaign and derive better results. 

  • Will you also make necessary updates to my website? 

An optimized AdWords campaign is winning half the battle. At the same time, it is crucial to optimize your website for converting your traffic into leads. This includes making improvements throughout the website like creating landing pages, keyword research, etc. which align with your ad campaign. 

Before hiring a consultant, be clear about who will be responsible for handling the updates. Will the consultant make the website updates themselves or they will work with your team? 

  • Do you have a portfolio of doing the same type of work? 

Evaluating experience of the AdWords consultant is important before hiring. Therefore, you should not remain limited to believing what they say about their expertise. Ask them to provide a portfolio of similar clients they have worked with. You can simply call up or email their clients to know about their experience working with the consultant. You will get some candid answers from them that will help you make a wise decision. 

  • Do I need to sign an agreement? 

Some AdWords experts will require you to sign a contract for a minimum term. That is because a well-optimized Google AdWords campaign takes time before it really starts generating results. So, before you hire, it is important to talk about their contract period. But make sure the contract period is not too long so that you get trapped even if you do not get results. 

  • How much does your service cost? 

Do not go for the lowest prices. Expect high quality services and good results. The price quote you get must be transparent and clear so that you know what you are being charged for and how much you can expect in return. 

PPC Consultant Average Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate of a PPC consultant may range between $10 and $500. However, it will vary depending on the experience and knowledge of the AdWords expert, the campaign type and scope, location, and other factors. 

How Much do AdWords Consultants Charge?

As mentioned above, the cost of hiring an AdWords consultant will depend on several factors like the type of campaign they are working on, timeframe, their expertise and reputation, location, etc. Considering the cost is definitely important before hiring an expert, but it should not be the primary factor. 

If you go for cheaper prices, you are unlikely to have the best talent for your AdWords campaign, and eventually, you will end up wasting more money. Having said that, you should always compare quotes from different consultants and hire one that offers a perfect combination of quality services and affordability. 


Continue talking and understanding the AdWords consultants until you could decide upon your choice. A good consultant will have business sense, understand your business, communicate openly, and most importantly, discuss all elements of Google AdWords that will derive the best business results. Get positive answers and compare the expertise of different consultants to make an informed decision.