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Do I need to pay to get a Google AdWords account?

Google AdWords which is currently known as Google Ads, is an online platform by Google that provides advertising facilities to the highest bidder of a particular keyword.

It works on the PPC (pay-per-click) model meaning that you only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement run by Google on your behalf.

When users search for a particular keyword on Google, the highest bidder’s website is shown first amongst the millions of search results.

You definitely need to spend money on Google AdWords to have a place on the summit of these search results. However, no payment is needed to create a Google AdWords account.

You can easily create custom ad campaigns through Google AdWords. It is only when you want to run these campaigns live that you have to pay Google.

Do you need an AdWords consultant?

With around 50% of small businesses already using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, Google AdWords or any advertising service for that matter has become a necessity today, for small, medium, and even large companies. But it’s not that simple!

Google AdWords is an effective but tricky tool. While research says that with the help of online PPC advertising, you can expect a return of over 700%, there is also the possibility of all your money going down the drain.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to handle Google AdWords effectively with the aid of an AdWords expert, especially if you do not know the nuances of online advertising.

Benefits of AdWords Consultants

An AdWords consultant will design effective ad campaigns for your company and will increase the Quality Score of your ads.

The Quality Score system was designed by Google to check the various elements of ad campaigns.

Each keyword gets its own score that can significantly affect the overall score and permeability of your ad campaigns.

An AdWords expert will optimize your ads through the multiple Google ad tools which he already has. You will save the money which you otherwise would have spent on purchasing these tools yourself.

Through AdWord consulting, your ads will reach the target audience and you will see a rise in traffic on your website.

Proper hiring of AdWords consultants through an inquiry about their experience and relevance expertise and monitoring the ROI (return on investment) regularly to ensure value for your money are important when availing of their services.

Google AdWords Cost

The Google AdWords packages are not strictly defined and depend entirely on your budget. On average, around 1$ or 2$ needs to be spent on every click generated through Google AdWords.

The ROI on each dollar spent is nearly 8$ which is the reason that the majority of businesses are now investing in PPC. SMBs (small-to-midsize-businesses) end up spending nearly 10,000$ per month on Google AdWords.

What is White Label PPC?

White Label simply means buying from a third party, applying your own branding to it, and then selling it as your own. On the same lines, White Label PPC means hiring a PPC agency to manage the PPC accounts of your clients.

The agency then effectively becomes an extension of your own company and the clients see it as your work and may never get a hint that there is a third party behind the curtain handling all the work.

When should you use White Label PPC?

If you have a company or an agency that provides PPC campaigns, reports, ads, or consultancy services and there are a lot of clients in your threshold, it might be a good idea to opt for White Label PPC.

A White Label PPC agency provides the option to outsource the PPC management of your clients. You can also use White Label PPC to outsource your own PPC management.

It is a great cost-effective option for your company since you pay for only what you need without having to hire a permanent employee.

Using White Label Facebook ads is another way to drive customer attention to your ad campaigns. Facebook has approximately 2 billion active monthly users which makes Facebook an extremely lucrative platform.

Amazon PPC Agency

Have you ever seen the “Sponsored Products” section on Amazon when searching for a product? Those are the products making use of Amazon PPC services.

It is quite similar to Google AdWords since it too works on the pay-per-click model of advertising and both of them follow the same keyword auction style with the highest bidder winning the advertising spot.

However, there are certain differences between the two. Amazon PPC services have around 10% conversion rate as against 1-2% of Google AdWords.

While Google ads take you to that specific brand’s website, Amazon ads will never take you off Amazon.

Display Advertising Services

Besides running textual ad campaigns, advertising your product or service through images, gifs, and videos can be equally effective and this is what display advertising is all about.

The most popular form of display advertising is remarketing. As the name suggests, remarketing means showing your ads to customers who already visited your website but left without converting their click into sales.

It can be called a post-click advertising strategy and Google Display Network (GDN) is a specific advertising platform meant for such display advertising services.

Same as in PPC, you can hire a remarketing agency who are adept in handling custom advertising objectives.


Google AdWords, Google Display Network, and Amazon Advertising are potent advertising tools that can help your business scale, even exponentially if used correctly.

And to gain maximum benefit from these services, you will more often than not need the consultancy of an AdWords expert who can guide your ad campaigns and drive the desired traffic towards your website.

On the other hand, if you are a PPC services provider, do give a thought to White Label PPC that can lower down your workload and also costs. ‘

Google Adwords

5 Google Remarketing Hacks to Drive Qualified Leads

Let’s say you have a killer PPC campaign up and running on Google Ads. It’s driving qualified traffic, your CTR is skyrocketing, and your conversion rate is 40%! Feeling pretty good about it, right? Of course, you should.


But on the other hand, 60% of your traffic left without converting. Should you worry?


Well, no! Do not let your target audience convert on some other site when you can roll them back and turbocharge your ROI. Use these powerful Google remarketing hacks to bring back your audience, generate qualified leads, and boost conversions.


In this blog, we will cover some cheeky remarketing techniques you can use to start seeing great results for your PPC campaigns. Let’s get started!


1. Segment Your Visitors Based on where they are on the Sales Funnel


Segmenting your audience based on their funnel stage is one of the best ways you can remarket to them. Google allows you to show messages and ads to visitors based on particular sections of your website or pages they viewed earlier. You can use Google Analytics to gather data on page visits. This will help determine where your visitors are positioned on the sales funnel.


Typically, the following funnel stages matter most to marketers when it comes to getting qualified leads through remarketing:


i. New Qualified Leads: They are new contacts in your funnel who have not shown any interest in your brand but have the potential to convert into paying customers.


ii. Marketing Qualified Leads: These are leads that have shown initial interest in your product or service offerings.


iii. Sales Qualified Leads: These leads have not only shown genuine interest in your offer but are also ripe for effective sales interactions.


iv. Sales Accepted Leads: This is the most important stage in the sales funnel, wherein Sales Qualified Leads are placed in the process for maximum conversions.


Depending on the funnel stage of each of your visitors, you can promote the most relevant and engaging content that pushes them down to the next stage. Your remarketing agency will align your PPC ad content to sales funnel stages to out-throw competition and direct qualified leads.


ppc remarketing services


2. Bid More on Conversion and Shopping Cart Abandons


Smart bidding is an integral component of ecommerce remarketing, especially when you want to get quality leads and reduce your CPC at the same time.


For any ecommerce business, shopping cart abandonment and conversion bounce-backs are quite common. There might be several reasons for such consumer behavior. But they are the most high-potential leads when it comes to remarketing.


As soon as they leave, keep knocking these lost leads with powerful brand messages and attractive offers. A compelling PPC remarketing strategy can get the leads back on the conversion process. Consult the best ecommerce PPC agency that can help bid strategically to generate great remarketing results.


For this, it is important to adjust your remarketing bid strategy. Increase your ad spend for warmer traffic while reducing frequency capping on landing pages. To strike a balance, bid less on your homepage and non-converting “cold” visitors, i.e. someone who is still checking out your site and is less likely to convert. You can target these non-converting visitors with PPC ads that direct to landing pages having a soft Call-to-Action or your blogs.


3. Channelize Your Efforts towards Google Display Remarketing


If you want to target Google Display Network, remarketing can be an effective tool for you. Google Display is a powerful platform to drive quality leads by targeting audiences who have visited your website or shown a keen interest but did not convert. Here are some proven techniques that your remarketing services company may use:


Refine your targeting options: Set up the PPC campaign to target only those audiences who visited your site through paid advertising, but did not convert into sales. You can remarket to everyone visiting your site, i.e. through direct channels or organic search, but you would lose control over the quality of leads you want.


Avoid remarketing on unwanted platforms: Remarketing services allow you to follow your targeted audience wherever they are on the Google Display Network. So, it’s good if you can place your PPC ad on every website that your audience visits. Having said that, you would not want your prospects to associate you with just any topic or brand you appeared on GDN.


For instance, if you are a travel website, would you want your PPC ad to be displayed on a page that is about TV & Showbiz? NO.


To prevent this, go to the main settings of your Google Display Network campaign and click “additional settings.” Under “Content exclusions,” you would see several options. Check the boxes against topics that you want to “opt out of showing your ads on content that doesn’t fit your brand.”


Set frequency capping: When setting up remarketing campaigns, it is crucial to use the power of frequency capping to avoid burnout. When audiences are overexposed to your ads, the response rate tends to drop. To avoid this, you can set a frequency cap that allows limiting the number of times your Google remarketing ads are displayed to the same audience. In general, having 5-7 impressions per day per user is optimum.


4. Incentivize Product Page Viewers or Repeat Visitors


This ecommerce remarketing hack will drive qualified leads for your business and turbocharge conversions. Someone who visited your site or clicked a product page is likely to have a genuine interest in buying but somehow got distracted and abandoned. An ideal way to reach out to these lost sales is by remarketing with an exciting offer or an attractive discount.


Incentivizing your repeat visitors or page viewers is a powerful remarketing strategy to get them on board once again and compel them to buy. Get an ecommerce PPC company that brainstorms innovative ideas for remarketing.


5. Use Google Remarketing Member Duration

Set the duration of your Google remarketing campaigns with this simple hack – choose from how long you want to follow each website visitor and for each ad campaign you are running. It may vary depending on whether you want immediate sales or build long-term brand awareness.



Following the above Google remarketing tips will help generate qualified leads and increase your ROI. Make sure you hire professional PPC remarketing services that can help implement the right strategies for great outcomes.

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How to Build Brand Awareness through Display Advertising Campaigns?

With rapid advancements in the digital space, the far-fetched possibilities of display advertising continue to expand.

It is the sheer size and matchless possibilities of creativity that make ‘display’ a powerful marketing tool to create brand awareness in the minds of the consumers.

Brand building is the crux of business success today and display advertising campaigns are a sure-shot way of spreading the word and instilling a sense of loyalty among the customers.


Why is Brand Building Important for a Business?


How often have you come across people calling themselves an “Apple guy” or a “Reebok man”? Get into your shoes and answer – how likely are you to buy a product or sign up for a service from a brand that you don’t know about?


That is the power of brand building for any business. It is an art of infusing your brand into the lifestyle and buying interests of your consumers so that they come back to you every time.

While it might sound vague for marketers who look for just ‘numbers,’ building a strong brand image is pivotal for a business and its overall goals.


  • Brand building helps foster trust and confidence. 81% of consumers say they would only buy from a brand they ‘trust’ (Source: Oberlo)
  • The overall perception of a brand helps shape consumer experiences and brand value
  • Brand awareness aids in improved audience engagement
  • A well-known brand represents authenticity. 86% of consumers state ‘authenticity’ is one of the most important factors they consider in choosing a brand
  • A brand which is omnipresent and has high levels of audience engagement is likely to see a growth in revenues by 33% (Source: Oberlo)


Now that you understand why brand awareness is crucial for your business, let’s see how display marketing can help build a strong brand.


3 Smart Ways to Build Awareness through Display Advertising Campaigns


When it comes to building brand awareness in the digital arena, an awe-inspiring ad creative can win over the minds and hearts of your consumers.

And display advertising, with its size and format, provides unmatched options to tickle your creativity.

This form of advertising enables businesses to play with consumers’ affinity, passion, sentiments, reputation, or affection.

Thus, it hits directly into the minds…and hearts…of your audiences, instilling a powerful brand image and compelling them to buy.

google display ads services


While display ad management may not drive measurable results in the form of clicks or conversions, but it certainly helps build long-term brand value.

Here’s how to leverage display advertising services to create a brand that everyone engages with instantly:


1. Contextual Targeting


Google Display Ads management is driven by AI-based technology that understands the type of content on the webpage where you want to serve the advert.

It also takes cues from the visitor’s buying interests (affinity) through their browsing history, past clicks, etc. Combing this information, your display ad is most strategically positioned to reach the right set of audience as well as be ‘relevant’ to the web page based on its context.


Suppose you are launching 100% organic skincare products and want to spread the word among women of all age groups.

Based on your target keywords, the ads will be served to your audience set in ways that are most contextually relevant – when browsing through an ecommerce store, when reading a blog on skincare or watching videos on tips to take care of their skin, etc.


Alternatively, it can also be positioned to your target audience when they watch recipes online, buy home improvement products, or reads about how to be healthy.

Even though the display advertising is not relevant to the content on that page, it is still contextually correct for the person visiting that site.

Continuously knocking the right audience at the right platform helps boost your brand awareness.


2. Display + Video Advertising = 107% More Memorable Brands


In Google Marketing Live 2019, the giant digital advertising network reported that just three 6-second video ads can drive 134% higher purchase intent and 107% better brands than a single 30-second ad on Google TrueView.


So just imagine what wonders your display advertising campaigns will do when combined with video ads!


People love to watch compelling videos than a static ad, which is nothing but just text, GIFs or images.

To create an effective brand image and expand your audience reach, combine your Google Display Ads services with YouTube video ads.

You can also consider introducing your brand via social video ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and following up with your audience with more brand-related content on display.


The powerful duo will help drive increased audience engagement and better brand awareness.


3. Retargeting


Most advertisers overlook display for retargeting because it does not generate the same rate of clicks or conversions as PPC advertising.

However, display marketing is most effective in increasing awareness, establishing a brand image, and achieving long-term value for your business.


Retargeted display ads may not drive more clicks as desired, but certainly, help augment your brand.

According to a study by comScore, retargeted ads can increase the rate of brand search by 1046%.

This indicates the power of display advertising in increasing brand recall and positioning in the minds of your potential consumers.


You can use display network to retarget your audiences through text ads, in-video ads, Facebook ads, flash-based image ads, or mobile app or web ads.




For businesses with long-term marketing goals, display advertising is a powerful tool to spark interest in the mind of the audiences, engage them meaningfully, and build brand awareness.

It may not get you clicks and conversions that you would expect from your PPC advertising initiatives, but definitely helps build brand value.


You can measure the success of your ad display campaigns in terms of Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM).

The numbers will change, but what remains unchanged is the brand recognition you gain.

A powerful brand will pave the way for overall marketing success for any business. Hire professional display marketing services to build a brand that everyone wants to associate with.

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How a Google Adwords Consultant Helps to Grow a Business

So, you had dived your head in Google AdWords and ended up burning your entire advertising budget without generating desired profitability!

Working with a qualified Adwords consultant is your best bet to harness this advertising platform to its full potential while reducing your costs.

A skilled Google Adwords consultant can help you grow website traffic, drive quality leads, and scale your ROI.


And it is not an empty statement. As you make real headway towards achieving success in Adwords, you will understand merely setting up a great PPC campaign is not enough.

You need to continuously track campaign performance, pick up the cues that the data is sending, and take measurable actions on the same to devise futuristic optimizations and strategies.


Not sounds that simple, right? Thankfully, an Adwords PPC consultant does all these and much more to generate proven results for your advertising initiatives.


So, why do you need a Google Ads Consultant?

Simple – to drive a steady and consistent flow of potential customers who are genuinely interested in your brand. They are like a fishing guide who has to create the right bait – PPC ads – to allure highly motivated customers to your business.

At the same time, professional Adwords consulting plays an integral role in optimizing your ad budget and generating measurable results.

certified adwords consultant

But that is not all why you should hire Adwords consultants to power your PPC campaigns. Here’s more to it:


  • An Adwords Expert Can Save Your Time: PPC advertising may not be your forte. And even if you have knowledge in Google Adwords, it probably isn’t the only job you do in the company, right?But that’s okay. Pay per click is a complex process and requires an in-depth understanding of how Google Adwords work, latest trends, and developments. Plus, constant monitoring is a must.


Hiring professional Adwords consulting services can help you save your valuable time by taking care of these aspects, while you can focus on improving your business.


  • Leverage their Vast Expertise in Google Adwords: A PPC consultant, specializing in Google Adwords, knows much more than you do.They have advanced training in this field and are most often certified Google Ads Partners.

    The consultants will thoroughly evaluate your PPC advertising needs, target audience and existing campaigns to devise a definitive strategy that helps augment your business visibility and get more clicks.


Google Adwords consultants continuously update their knowledge and skills in the latest developments and technologies. This helps them strategize tailored PPC plans that are results-driven and measurable.

At the same time, they use advanced analytics to track campaign performance and provide reports with actionable insights.

  • Increase ROI while Reducing your Costs: While DIY Google Ads PPC might seem more cost-effective to you initially, inexperience can cause you more in the long-term.Hiring a consultant, on the other hand, is worth the investment because they will implement the techniques that will help reduce your CPC and make the most of your ad spend by increasing profitability.


How a Google Adwords Consultant can Help Grow Your Business through PPC Advertising?

To run a winning PPC campaign, a proficient Google Adword consultant will focus on the following key aspects:


1. Your Audience: Audience segmentation and targeting is a powerful Google Ads tool that enables your business to reach the right people at the right time.

This feature allows you to connect with only the most relevant and qualified customers right when they are searching for a product or service related to yours.

By putting your PPC ad (eventually your website) in front of them, a Google Ads consultant helps capture audience attention and drives more clicks.


2. Personalized PPC Strategy: Google Adwords consultants will thoroughly understand your advertising needs and create a custom strategy that delivers measurable results.

The PPC plan will be based on your target audience, their interests and past behavior – deriving results that align with your business objectives.


3. High-Performance Ads: Success in PPC advertising comes with having a compelling ad copy, continuous optimization, and powerful analytics. All these factors together contribute towards building an effective advert.

An Adwords consultant will devise strategies that focus on all these aspects to deliver quality results for your business.


A Google Adwords professional takes a holistic approach to PPC advertising, offering end-to-end services to get more clicks, drive increased sales, and grow your business.


a. Project discussion & strategy planning: It all begins with thorough project discussion and expert Google Adwords consulting to help you understand how this platform can deliver exceptional business results.


b. Keyword research: The PPC expert will then use Google Keyword Planner to identify the most relevant, popularly-searched keywords that can increase the visibility of your ads.


c. Setting up multiple campaigns: There is no sure-shot way to achieve success in PPC advertising. Therefore, Google Adwords consultants will set up multiple campaigns and split test their performance.


d. Landing page optimization: Taking your business from clicks to conversions, landing page plays an integral role in PPC advertising.

Adwords experts will advise on how to make your landing pages more compelling and conversion-friendly.


e. Engaging PPC ad copy: They will also design an attention-grabbing and ROI-driven ad copy that captures audience interests and compels them to click. Multiple ad creatives are designed to split-test how each performs.

f. Local targeting: If you have a local business, a Google Adwords consultant can help target your ads only to a local audience set, driving more genuine clicks with high potential conversions.

g. Bid management: They have experience in results-driven bid management, bidding for the most relevant, less competitive keywords that get you more clicks while lowering your CPC.

h. Continuous Optimization & Testing: To ensure effective PPC results, the Adwords specialist will continuously monitor, test and improve the campaigns. Keyword refinement and A/B testing multiple ad copies are a part of this process.

i. In-depth Tracking & Analytics: A Google Ads consultant will track how different campaigns are performing, analyze the data, and provide a comprehensive report with actionable insights.


The role of an Adwords PPC consultant to power your advertising campaigns and grow your business is irreplaceable.

Hire one who has the in-depth industry knowledge and a credible portfolio of PPC success to ensure your investments are worth every penny.

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Impacts of Google Core May 2020 Algorithm Update on Industries

Only a few months after its Core January 2020 update, Google launched its second update on May 4 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Feeling apprehensive?

Your Adword specialist may explain the impact of the newest Google Core May 2020 update on your brand, website, and its rankings.


Let’s face it – Google Core May 2020 update is big and even edges out its earlier version in January!

Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger calls it “an absolute monster” because many industries have absolutely rocked it, while others turned out to be sheer losers.

Initially, every category experienced the highest SERP volatility rates, ranging between 9 and 9.4 points. So, we can expect the latest update to have a much stronger influence on SERPs and your website rankings.


The success rate will depend on the industry you belong to and how your Adwords expert will leverage the impact of May 2020 Core update to improve your visibility on the search engine result pages.

In this blog, we will discuss what’s the newest Core update have in store for you and who’s on the winning or losing side of it.


Effects of May 2020 Core Update on Rankings Volatility


The latest update is causing significant website ranking volatility and instability in the SERPs.

RankRanger shared the following chart to compare rankings volatility between January and May 2020 Core updates for the search terms they monitored:

core update

Source: RankRanger

The chart clearly indicates that the May update is more volatile and impactful than the January update.

Perhaps the reason is COVID-19. Google Ads experts and SEO specialists do think that coronavirus pandemic has played a strong role in influencing the rankings volatility after May 2020 Core update.


Impact of May 2020 Google Core Update on Different Industries


Let’s understand who are clear winners after Google Core latest algorithm update and which industries are on the losing end.


According to a study by SEMrush, the industries that are most affected by the new update and in line with coronavirus trends are – Real Estate, Travel, Health, People & Society, and Pets & Animals.


The rankings volatility in these industries has been experienced across both desktop and mobile searches.

Here’s how RankRanger explains how the update has impacted the top three positions on the Search Engine Results Page according to their niche:

may core update 2020

Source: RankRanger


While it is not surprising for YMYL (Your Money Your Life) niches like Finance or Health witnessing an increase in ranking volatility for the 1st position in almost double digits, it is completely surprising for non-YMYL niches like ecommerce.

This uniformity in the results for both YMYL and non-YMYL niches is what makes Google Core May 2020 update more unique.


SEMrush also highlights the industries that have been positively affected due to this major Google Core update – News, Business & Industrial, Online Communities, Health, and Arts & Entertainment.

Plus, PR sites are also experiencing a spike in their SERP rankings, except a few outliers such as and


Here’s how SEMrush charted the distribution of winners by categories:

seo optimization expert

Source: SEMrush


Keeping these trends in mind, you should consider optimizing your SEO and Adwords PPC campaigns to address this challenge and generate improved results.


What Should You Do to Improve Rankings amidst the May 2020 Core Update Pandemonium?


Yes, rankings are fluctuating – for worse or better – in the search engine result pages.

However, Google has highlighted that a negative SERP ranking does not necessarily indicate poor website SEO, and in fact, there are no particular actions you can take to recover.

According to Danny Sullivan, “There is no fix for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content.

Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”


So, here’s what your Google Adwords expert can suggest to re-evaluate your content quality and offer fresh, unique and relevant information that matches the searcher’s intent.


  • Focus on Content Quality


Yes; content quality now counts more than authority, suggests Google.

And this has significantly affected the ranking positions after the Core May 2020 update.

You could now see hub pages ranking in the top 10 results, while those for tag or category pages have dropped.


According to SEO experts and Google Adwords consultants, the searcher’s intent behind a query has played an integral role in the update.

As stated by Niels Dahnke, the Head of SEO at Suxeedo, “Anyone who has tried to combine everything on one target page and thus does not have a clear focus, apparently sends such unclear signals to the algorithm that such pages have lost their rankings.”

This also holds true for your PPC ad copy and the landing pages or product pages it directs to.


Keeping this in mind, your Google ads consultant may put more emphasis on creating excellent-quality content that is comprehensive, engaging, and insightful.

Ensure the content adheres to Google’s E-A-T, i.e. Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Your PPC company or content developer should focus on creating in-depth and well-researched content that showcases your expertise in the specific field of knowledge.

At the same time, it should be one-of-a-kind and most relevant to the search intent.

This would reflect your authority and help build trust in the minds of your readers.


  • Structured Data May Help Improve Page Rankings


This is one of the most effective content marketing strategies that only the best PPC company will recommend – make your content most relevant to humans, but also ensure it is readable by Google algorithms.

Proper content structuring with title, description, H1 and H2 titles, alt tags, schema markup, etc. make it easier for the algorithm to crawl the page and determine its Expertise, Authority, and Trust factors.


  • Links are Still Important


Internal and external links continue to be an important rank-determining factor.

Your internal and external links communicate a lot about your content quality, brand authority, and credibility of the sites you link to.




The newest Google Core May 2020 update is “big and broad.” The ranking volatility will continue unless another update comes.

Till then Google suggests dealing with the situation by continuously updating and optimizing your content.

Hire an expert PPC marketing company to understand how May 2020 Core update will affect your PPC ad rankings on SERP.

Leveraging their in-depth knowledge and skill, the PPC firm can implement definitive strategies to boost rankings and drive more clicks.


Your PPC expert will focus on improving the quality and relevance of your ad creative, landing pages, or product pages to help battle the Core May 2020 challenge.

Seek professional Adwords consulting for impressive results.

Google Adwords

The Ultimate Guide to Hire Google Ads Consultant for Your Success

Want to hire a Google Ads expert to set up a killer PPC campaign and derive outstanding results?

This comprehensive blog will help you choose the best Adwords professional who can deliver value for your business.

Top Reasons to Hire Adwords Experts for Your PPC Campaigns

Do you know that 50% of traffic coming to your website through paid ads has a higher likelihood of conversion than those coming from organic links?

Most importantly, a major segment of this ‘audience’ comes from Google Adwords – the largest paid search advertising platform today.

In fact, the average conversion rate for Google Ads is 75%.

Essentially, managing Google Adwords PPC campaigns is complex and cumbersome.

Getting started may be easy and initially, you do not require a Google Adwords specialist if you have basic knowledge in PPC.

But as your business scales and latest PPC trends emerge, you need to continuously optimize the campaigns to stay relevant and drive improved results.

That’s where you need a Google PPC expert.

Find out why it is a smart move to hire Adwords expert than considering doing it yourself:

i. You Lack the Expertise:

Google frequently updates its search algorithm and how it crawls PPC ads to rank them in terms of relevance and quality score.

You either lack the skills to set up and manage a PPC campaign on Google Ads or do not know all the tricks of the trade.

Therefore, it is a better option to hire PPC expert who has in-depth skillfulness in this arena.

ii. Saves Time:

As a business owner or marketing head, Google Ads PPC management isn’t your core KPI, right?

Entrust your PPC campaigns to a professional and save you valuable time, which you can spend in business development.

iii. Cost-Efficient:

Outsourcing professional Google PPC services is more affordable than recruiting and retaining an in-house team.

DIY PPC may seem cost-effective initially, but lack of experience may cause you to overspend – whatever are the results.

A specialist has innate skills in advanced bidding and PPC optimization, delivering quality results at a lower CPC and CPA.

7 Things to Know Before Hiring an Adword Specialist

Whether you have worked with a PPC firm earlier or hiring one for the first time, there are some important facts you should know about the agency before hiring.

While an Adwords expert is likely to deliver quality PPC results, yet many could mishandle your campaign and budget.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the following factors and ask the right questions when it comes to choosing the right person managing your Adwords campaigns.

1. Are You Google Adwords Certified?

Many PPC agencies do not have a certification in Google Adwords, but still doing great when it comes to delivering results.

So, this isn’t the only quality you should base your decision on. However, if the Adwords expert is certified and is a member of Google Partners, you can be assured of his knowledge and skillfulness in this field.

Additionally, Google Partners undergo regular training that enables them to upskill and gain knowledge in the latest developments.

Training and exams conducted by Google do not just cover the technicalities of Adwords, but also provide valuable insights to help realize higher ROI from the campaigns.

Therefore, certification is a vital aspect you should consider when hiring an Adwords consultant.

2. What is Your Strategy for my Business?

PPC ‘strategy’ is one aspect that is often neglected.

The initial consultation with the Adwords expert should not just be around your business and project requirements.

As a client, even you should have a fair idea of what strategy the agency thinks to be most appropriate for your needs.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in PPC – not even for businesses in the same niche.

Maybe a PPC search campaign isn’t appropriate for you, or need remarketing or local paid search advertising.

For example, advertising  strategy that works well for a hotel will not necessarily deliver quality results for a perfume brand.

So, the strategy has to be different for every business.

However, do not expect a full-proof strategy right in the first meeting.

An expert in Adwords will look into a whole lot of things, including your keywords, demographics, budget, etc, to define a comprehensive strategy.

But at least the agency can give you an idea of what they think is most suitable for your PPC needs.

That differentiates an experienced and good PPC expert from an average.

3. What is your PPC Advertising Specialty?

Just because he is a pay-per-click specialist does not mean he has prowess in Adwords PPC.

Suppose you are an ecommerce business and looking for dedicated paid search advertising solutions that can help boost visibility of your products and increase sales.

In this scenario, standard PPC services are not enough to achieve measurable results.

You need an expert specializing in Google Shopping Ads. Advertising on Google Shopping is a different concept altogether than PPC.

So, generic PPC solutions will not fit in your needs and you would want someone who has proficiency in this particular area.

Therefore, you should know the PPC expert’s ‘niche’ before hiring. Which industries do they serve?

Are they well-versed handling Google Adwords campaigns in your niche?

Also do not feel shy to ask the Google Adwords consultant how much money he manages for the clients?

A company that practices transparency will not be scared to give you the numbers.

4. What is your Approach towards Google Adwords PPC Management?

Before hiring, make sure they offer the best PPC services in India that can help realize optimum value against your ad budget.

Typically, a good Adwords agency takes a holistic approach towards PPC management, offering end-to-end services that include:

  • Comprehensive project discussion & strategy building
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Keyword research and discovery
  • Ad copy creation
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B testing multiple ad copies and landing pages
  • Bid management
  • Ad campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Keyword optimization and improvements
  • Conversion tracking and reporting

5. Who will have ownership of my Adwords Account?

This is one of the most vital questions you must ask your Adwords PPC consultant – who owns your Adwords PPC account.

It is important that you have complete control and ownership of your Google Adwords account, PPC campaigns, and data.

If required, get this in writing.

Because there are many experts who will create your PPC account within theirs and deny access when you try to gain control of the campaigns or hire a new agency.

Plus, they would withhold all valuable information related to the account such as reports or business-critical data.

This can result in serious security threats if the client-agency relationship gets bitter over time.

To avoid the scenario, get this in written or set up a Google Adwords account using your Gmail account. You can then provide access to the agency for campaign management.

An advantage of using Adwords is you will never lose any advertising history or campaign data.

So, even if your contract with the agency ends, you will still have all data you want to manage your campaigns.

6. How do You Track PPC Conversions?

Numerous Adwords agencies have mushroomed on the Internet today, running multiple PPC campaigns for clients across diverse needs.

Yet you would be surprised to know that they do not have a proper tracking system in place.

Make sure you do not outsource Adwords services to them because if the agency is unable to track campaign performance, how will they determine whether it is moving in the right direction.

Tracking is an important parameter of PPC success. It helps monitor which ad creatives, keywords and landing pages are performing best and which are not.

Likewise, you can tweak the campaign to achieve the desired results.

Similarly, you can track the number of clicks and conversions, where the customer is in the sales funnel, the number of phone calls or subscriptions, etc.

These are vital factors determining your campaign performance and success.

Best Adwords consultants leverage cutting-edge analytics tools to measure performance and provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights.

7. How to Hire? What is Your Fee Structure?

Finally, make sure the agency provides a flexible engagement model to hire an expert in Google Ads.

Can you hire on a full-time basis or have freelance Adwords consultants, ensuring more flexibility and cost efficiency?

Can you hire on an ad-hoc basis, i.e. only when you project demands or handle only a particular aspect of your PPC campaign?

Additionally, the agency should be transparent in their fee structure, i.e. do they have a flat fee or will charge a certain percentage of your advertising spend?

Evaluate which structure is most suitable for your business and ad budget, and then make an informed decision.

The Final Words…

If you want to run effective PPC campaigns, finding professional & reliable Adwords consulting services is important.

There are numerous Adwords experts out there, but this guide will hopefully help you make smart hiring decisions.

Google Adwords

Why You Should Hire Experienced Google Ads Consultants for Your E-commerce Business?

If you own an e-commerce business, you’d probably know that the market competition is cut-throat.

Hiring a proficient Google Ad expert can help you stay afloat and earn an edge over your competition.


Why Google Ads is Important for Your Ecommerce Business?


Unsurprisingly, almost 46% of all online product searches start with Google.

Thanks to rapid technological advancements and a boom in Internet usage; modern consumers are becoming increasingly digital.

In response to the fast-changing consumer behavior, does your ecommerce business have a definitive marketing plan in place?

You need an aggressive and strategic marketing tactic that delivers instant and measurable results.


Set your marketing efforts into high gear and leverage the power of PPC Adwords without draining all your time and money.

Pay-per-click is an effective digital marketing tactic that, when done strategically, takes your brand to the top of the SERPs above organic results.

This helps capture the instant attention of the searchers, right when they are looking for related products on Google.


Thus, by reaching the right people at the right time, Google Adwords PPC advertising helps your ecommerce business build audience engagement with compelling product ad creative, increase clicks, and boost sales.

According to Wordstream, 35% of consumers buy a product within just 5 days of searching it on Google.

So, having a results-focused Adwords PPC strategy is imperative to take your ecommerce business to new heights.

How a Google Ads Expert Can Drive PPC Success for Your Ecommerce Business?


Advertising on Google Ads opens up broader avenues for ecommerce businesses.

Unfortunately, ecommerce PPC is an incredibly competitive and complex space.

Even the smallest of businesses with niche product listings are now on the paid search advertising bandwagon.

Additionally, there are hundreds of related products fighting for that top ranking on the SERP.

How would your ecommerce business cut through the clutter and reach potential customers?


The answer: hire PPC expert.


Now, you may think: hiring an Adwords consultant will be too expensive for your business.

Or “I know about PPC. Why should I hire PPC experts India?” But it is not true.

Any online retail business worth its salt will be willing to reap the untapped ROI from Google Adwords campaign, and are likely keen to hire a PPC expert.


Find out why it is worth hiring a Google Ads consultant for your ecommerce business.


#1: They Know the Tricks of the Trade


So, you think you are Adwords-savvy? Of course, you have heard the term and even tried your hand in setting up an account.

But do you know how ecommerce PPC works on Adwords? What is the difference between views, hits, and impressions?

Do you know about Adwords audience targeting or expertise to optimize your PPC campaigns for maximum clicks?

Have you heard the terms Google Shopping Ads or Google Display?


As the questions come flooded, you will be inspired to think that a professional PPC expert in India is a better alternative.

They have been in the pay-per-click industry for decades and know in-depth how to utilize Google Adwords for your eCommerce business.

Merely hiring just any PPC consultant is not enough; he should also know the nitty-gritty of managing eCommerce PPC campaigns and deriving excellent results.


From ‘relevant’ audience targeting to bidding on the right keywords and placements, they know all the elements of boosting ad rankings, driving increased clicks, and achieving higher ROI.

google ads experts

#2: Adwords Experts can Create an Awesome Ad Copy to Boost Conversion


Let’s face it – there are thousands of similar products competing for that top position in Google Search.

Even if you manage to reach the top 3 search ad rankings, how can you be sure that your potential customers will click?


With a great ad copy!


And who has the skill to create the ‘perfect’ ad creative better than an expert!

It isn’t just about making the ad copy visually-appealing with smart product listings; it has to be meaningful, engaging, and most relevant to what the customer is looking for.

An Adwords consultant will perform in-depth research, analyze what your competitors are doing, and create an ad copy that promotes your brand in the most compelling manner.


A good Google Ads consultant will create multiple ad copies – combining different keyword matches and content – and split-test the same to determine which is performing better.

To put it simply, an expert knows what works better.

The right ad copy will help increase your click-through rate and improve conversions by engaging your audience meaningfully.


So, if you are wondering why your DIY PPC campaign isn’t generating returns, consult an expert for comprehensive audit and to make necessary tweaks for better results.


#3: An Adwords Consultant can Help Prevent Overpaying in PPC Advertising


The success of Adwords PPC advertising lies in how efficiently you can reach your target audience with minimal investment.

When you do it yourself or hire just any PPC consultant, you are likely to overspend on your ad campaigns. This can cause havoc to your ecommerce business.


However, when you hire expert PPC services, you will have an integrated strategy that is based on proven techniques to generate more clicks and yet reduce your CPC or CPA.

Smart audience targeting, integrating negative keywords, A/B testing ad creatives, remarketing, etc. are different techniques that can help prevent your ad from being shown to irrelevant audiences.

This way you can minimize clicks from unwanted users, thus, reducing your overall CPC or Cost Per Acquisition.


#4: Maximize Your Reach and Target a Wider Audience Set


Another perk of outsourcing PPC India to a Google Ads consultant is that they can help broaden the reach of your ecommerce business.

To maximize the visibility of your products, boost brand awareness, and drive more leads, it is important to create a rock-solid web presence.

Therefore, your Adwords consultant will set up campaigns not just for Google Search, but for advertising on all Google Network platforms like Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Display, etc.


Depending on the audience demographics, interests, and buying behavior of customers on these platforms, the specialist will create distinct ad copies that are most relevant and have high conversion potential.

A Google Ad expert has experience working with a variety of ad copy design ideas and formats across multiple platforms. These include:



Other than Google Adwords and its partner networks, a good PPC consultant will recommend leveraging other lucrative advertising platforms.

This would enable you to reach a new set of audience, promote your products in an attention-grabbing way, and generate more leads.


Facebook is one such powerful advertising network with a huge fan base who can essentially convert into your potential customers through smart PPC campaigns.

When you hire professional and reliable PPC services in India, be assured you can utilize a wide variety of ad formats on Facebook to present your product listing ads in the most compelling manner.

Typically, a Google Ads consultant will have expertise in Single Image Facebook ads, Carousel ads, Canvas, Slideshow, and Video ads.

#5: They Can Help Improve Website Authority


Merely setting up a killer Adwords PPC campaign is not enough.

It is equally important to optimize your website to nurture the leads and push them down the sales funnel through conversions.

A proficient Google Adwords PPC expert in India will devise a results-oriented strategy that also includes making your landing pages and the website SEO-friendly so that it ranks high on organic search results.


Creating insightful and engaging product pages that your ads redirect to is an integral component of Google Ads management.

Additionally, the PPC expert will ensure that your eCommerce website is easy to navigate, loads fast, and deliver a secure payment experience.

Only then a pay-per-click advertising campaign will be regarded successful – when it can convert the leads into paying customers.


#6: Get Comprehensive & Insightful Reports


How would you track the performance of your Google Adwords campaign?

Do you have any tool to measure the number of hits, views and impressions you are getting from the ad? What’s your CPC?


Only when you hire top PPC services that you get comprehensive performance-tracking reports with actionable insights.

A consultant will not only provide numbers and charts measuring your campaign results but also recommend ways to improve the same and drive better results.


#7: You Own Your Adwords Account


Yes; even when you hire Adwords expert to manage your PPC campaigns, the ownership and control remain with you.

That means you own your account, all data, and reports even after the contract ends with the expert.




Google Adwords PPC advertising has become imperative for modern eCommerce businesses to cut through the competition.

Hire an experienced Adwords consultant and take your product sales to new heights.

Google Adwords

Best PPC Adword Specialists: 7 Steps to Make Sure You Hire the Right One

PPC advertising helps create brand authority, generate quality leads, and boost sales but only when you hire a Google Adwords expert. When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, Google Ads is a clear winner. Google owns over 71% of the search market share. The statistic alone answers why Google Ads PPC campaigns work. According to Google Economic Impact Report, businesses that use Google Ads earn an average $2 in revenues for every $1 spent


As such, it becomes more important than ever to hire an Adwords expert who can help generate maximum ROI for your ad investment. However, the biggest challenge here is choosing the right Adwords agency. Do they have the expertise to deliver impressive results for your business? What are the proven PPC strategies they use to get quality leads? Can they help lower CPC? How cost-effective are they? These are some questions that bother advertisers when they consider hiring a PPC management company


In this blog, we will share seven vital steps that will help you make a well-informed decision in choosing the right Google Adwords agency.


ppc agency

If a preliminary discussion with the agency does not fulfill the below-mentioned points, then you should continue searching for a better option. 


1. Google Adwords PPC Expertise Level 


PPC Adwords account management process is complex. At the same time, the competition for the top ad position on Google SERPs is cut-throat. Hence, hiring just any Adwords consultant can cost you badly. Best PPC specialists have relevant domain expertise and knowledge to implement only proven practices to deliver outstanding results. 


Before you hire a PPC agency, here are some things you should look for: 


  • Are they well-established as a Google Adwords PPC company or are relatively new?
  • What is their service offering? Every Adwords expert offers basic PPC management services, so look for something out-of-the-box? That’s what makes the agency forward-thinking
  • Are they Google Ads certified or have won accolades in their domain? PPC agencies will love to showcase their service excellence with awards and recognitions
  • Do they have knowledge of the latest Google Ads updates and recent trends?
  • Evaluate their case studies or portfolio to understand how they have helped increase ROI for businesses
  • Search their presence on social media; check customer reviews and ratings


Only an experienced PPC Adword consultant can deliver high-quality results for your pay-per-click campaigns.  


2. Scope of Google Adwords PPC Services  


The next vital step is evaluating what the PPC agency specializes in. If you are paying to hire a professional, you would want services that are beyond basics. Watch out for those extra unique that makes them stand out in the competition. 


Adwords optimization typically includes the following as standard services: 


  • Competition analysis 
  • Comprehensive keyword research 
  • Choosing the right PPC channels to target 
  • Ad creative and landing page optimization 
  • PPC monitoring and reporting 


Some “extra” services you should look for are: 


  • Dedicated Google Ads account manager 
  • Split testing ad creatives and landing pages for better optimization 
  • Ad scheduling 
  • Smart bidding 
  • User experience and User Intent 


The choice of PPC service package will depend on your advertising goal, i.e. why you want to hire an expert to manage your Google Adwords campaigns. 


3. Knowledge of Latest Trends and Developments  


Google is continuously updating its features for PPC advertising on Search and Display. A good Adwords optimization expert is one who has comprehensive knowledge about the latest changes and development and uses them to strategize a result-driven PPC campaign. If the “specialist” speaks nothing more than just normal paid search campaigns, you should move on. 


The latest additions to Google Ads arsenal are:


  • AdWords Remarketing for Search 
  • Mobile PPC 
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Enhanced Campaigns 
  • Ad Extensions 
  • AdWords Scripts
  • AdWords Shared Library 


As Google continues to add new features for advertisers, your PPC expert should update themselves likewise and head-start to a great strategy that works.   


Remember, Google AdWords has a lot more than just search campaigns. If you do not change your advertising strategy likewise, you will potentially lose out on significant revenues.  

development trends

4. Expertise in Keyword Research and Selection 


A successful PPC campaign runs on effective keyword selection. Choosing the most relevant keywords is important to target the right audience set, generating more clicks. However, popularly-used keywords are highly competitive and costly to bid on. Therefore, using long-tail and highly targeted keywords can pay off well. The objective is to match the “search intent” of your potential customers. 


Here, the role of your PPC specialist is most important. If they do not select the right keywords, it can affect your ad rankings on Google. Remember, the top three ad spots on Google get an average of 41.1% of the clicks. Anything below that may get your ad unnoticed by your potential customers. Therefore, it is crucial that your Google Adwords expert does in-depth keyword research and integrate the most relevant ones to your ad to make it stand out. 


At the same time, they should also know how to integrate negative keywords to prevent your ad from appearing for irrelevant search queries. Having exact match keywords is not possible. Despite using the techniques of broad match and phrase match, your ad may still appear for inappropriate search queries. For instance keyword like “Adwords specialists” can make the PPC ad appear for search queries such as: 


  • Beginners e-guide for Adwords specialists 
  • Free Adwords specialists 
  • Tools for Adwords specialists 


So, even if you want to advertise for paid service, the ad will get displayed even for irrelevant search terms such as free, e-guide, tools, etc. Therefore, evaluate whether the PPC expert has a thorough knowledge of negative keywords.   


5. Do they Provide the Kind of PPC Services You Need? 


This is another important factor you should consider when hiring an Adwords optimization company in India. Not all PPC campaigns are right for your advertising goals. For instance, if your target audience is mostly on Google Search, it would be a waste of money if you hire a specialist who excels in Facebook PPC advertising. Again, advertising heavily on Google Display Network may not reap maximum yields if your target is Google Search. 


As such, it is crucial that the PPC expert understands your business, target audience, and advertising goals. Only then he can devise strategies that are most relevant and drives business results. Pick one that has expertise in your niche. They can understand your marketing objectives better and likewise, choose platforms that are ideal to achieve the goals. 


6. Ask Questions  


There are a few important questions that you must ask before hiring an Adwords agency. Of course, getting answers to these questions won’t make them the best choice. But at least you can get an idea of their professionalism and integrity. Not sure what to ask? Here are some tips for you: 


  • What should be your PPC advertising objectives: You know what you’re advertising goals are, but just test their expertise in this domain by asking.
  • What you get exactly for your money: When you are spending money to hire a specialist, you would want it clear for how many hours they will work and what results you can expect by what time. If not precisely, but they should provide a fair idea of what results they can deliver and by when.
  • What is their pricing model: It is important to know how much you should pay to hire an Adwords expert. Ask what pricing model they use and why. Typically, monthly-retainer, project-based, and hourly pricing models are the most popular.
  • Account ownership and privacy: This is a vital question you should ask the agency – who holds ownership of the Google Adwords account. Ideally, you should have own your own account and not the agency because you are paying for it. Additionally, they should also provide clear guidelines about their privacy policies, i.e. what they will do with your sensitive business information.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Not only they should use powerful analytics tools to track how your PPC strategy is performing, but they should provide comprehensive reporting to ensure the campaign is hitting the target. 

    ppc management


7. How Cost-Effective Google Adwords PPC Management is?

Managing your budget is an integral aspect of any pay-per-click campaign. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze how cost-effective hiring a specialist can be for your business. Compare pricing strategies of two or more agencies and make an informed decision. 


Typically, Google Adwords agencies have two types of cost strategies: 


  • Fixed price plan: Here, you get better control over your ad spends but benefits are limited. It is most suitable for small businesses or those who have a smaller budgets and specific needs.
  • Monthly engagement fee + separate ad spend: In this pricing model, you pay for your PPC ads directly as well as a monthly fee for services hired. This way, you can keep track of how much you are spending on campaign management and ad rates. 




Taking a definitive approach towards hiring Google Ads experts can help you find the right one for your PPC campaigns. The above-mentioned steps will help you consider important qualities that make a specialist stand out from the clutter.   

Google Adwords

How COVID-19 is Impacting Google Ads Results

COVID-19 pandemic has sent economies spinning globally. With lockdown and social distancing prevalent in most countries, life has come to a complete standstill. Businesses are forced to shut down temporarily. Schools, colleges, and shopping malls are closed till time unknown. Retail outlets under the “emergency” category are experiencing minimalist footfalls.


The effects of lockdown on businesses are significant. Amid this pandemic, consumer buying behavior is changing rapidly. People are spending more time at home, buying only emergency products & services that can help battle the crisis. Store visits are nearly zero. As such, companies are also considered restructuring their operations, taking their businesses online.


As COVID-19 takes a worse shape, consumers are turning to online search to get answers for their “new” needs. This new search trend facilitates lucrative opportunities for some businesses, driving new audiences. For others, the impact isn’t impressive and they need to shift their focus. Advertisers are rethinking their AdWords PPC strategies as Google Search ad impressions begin to slow at the rate of 7% below average.


In this blog, we will see how some businesses are affected by a coronavirus, impacting overall Google Ads results. We will also discuss some effective PPC strategies that can help cope up with this crisis.


Impact of COVID-19 on Google Ads Results & Ad Spends


Global events as havoc as this often offset PPC performance. What’s surprising is how searchers are behaving on SERPs. Their outlook towards search engine advertising has changed radically. We are seeing searchers looking for something completely different. Their primary search element on Google is COVID-19 and therefore, most PPC ads might seem irrelevant to their search intent. Even if they click, they might bounce back due to lack of coronavirus-related information or maybe apprehensive about converting the same day.


As a result, Google Search ad clicks have slowed down and so are the conversion rates. COVID-19 is affecting USA business majorly and their Google Ads results have dropped by 21% on average.

best google adwords agency

Source: WordStream

Google and Facebook are also predicted to lose over $44 billion in global ad revenue as an impact of COVID-19. Google’s total net revenue from ads is now estimated to be around $127.5 billion for 2020 – an 18% decline over what Cowen & Co estimated earlier this year.


As Google Ads – the largest PPC advertising network – is witnessing a modest dip, 69% of brands are expected to reduce their ad spend this year. Presumably, most of these brands belong to regions in lockdown and have stopped their PPC ad campaigns for products they are unable to sell amid coronavirus pandemic. 65% of businesses have also reported a decrease in revenue following COVID-19.


Google Ads Results across Different Industries following COVID-19


During this pandemic, some businesses have come to a standstill while others are seeing an increase across all PPC metrics. This is influenced by consumer’s changing interests and buying behavior at this time. As people are locked down at home, the demand for essential items – including healthcare – has increased considerably. As such, Google Ads performance across these segments has shown a significant surge.


According to a study by WordStream, certain industries where PPC ad spends are generating great returns are:


  • Healthcare & medical
  • Non-profits and charitable institutions
  • Beauty & personal care
  • Business management
  • Finance
  • On-demand media or live streaming entertainment


As clicks, impressions, and ROI are experiencing a boost across these sectors, advertisers are considering increasing their ad spends. They are investing in hiring professional AdWords experts to reshape their PPC strategies and generate more revenues in this crisis.


On the other hand, there are many businesses affected by COVID-19. This is particularly due to the effect of lockdown and social distancing, resulting in immobility. The travel & tourism sector is the worst hit, and so are food & entertainment, real estate, auto, and other sectors. Below are the industries that are badly affected by coronavirus:


  • Automotive
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Home furniture & home improvement
  • Legal services
  • Education and jobs
  • Live entertainment
  • Travel & tourism
  • Sports and fitness
  • Manufacturing and industrial


While it may take some time for these industries to revive, they should consider revising their PPC strategy and make them more relevant to the current situation. Hiring a Google Ad expert might seem a luxury for most businesses, especially when they are planning to cut down their ad spends by 50% or put a complete stop to it. But only an expert in PPC can devise strategies that are well-aligned with the pandemic condition and can deliver measurable results.


Visual Capitalist gathered data from Stackline, Amazon, CNBC, Business Insider, and Euro News to list the “Top 10 fastest growing e-commerce product categories” and “Top 10 fastest declining e-commerce product categories.”

ecommerce adwords agency

Source: Visual Capitalist

The infographic indicates how COVID-19 is reshaping consumer buying behavior online. This calls for expert PPC service to battle the current crisis effectively.


Google AdWords PPC Strategies to Survive COVID-19


Want to battle the COVID-19 pandemic with definitive PPC strategies? Experts in Google AdWords suggest the following tips to optimize your PPC campaigns and get more conversions:


  • Start with a comprehensive audit of your existing PPC campaigns. Measure the impact of coronavirus using Google Analytics or other cutting-edge tools like Optmyzer’s Google Ads Script, Google Performance Planner, or Tinuiti COVID-19 Performance Dashboard.
  • Perform thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant search terms that align with the coronavirus situation. Integrate these in your ad copy and landing pages.
  • Your expert in AdWords may leverage location-based targeting. This enables you to target your ad to specific regions where you can sell even amidst COVID-19 situation.
  • Incorporate negative keywords into the ad copy to prevent irrelevant searchers from clicking your advert.
  • Diversify your PPC campaigns. Do not depend solely on Google Ads as any drop in conversion rates due to COVID-19 can affect your marketing initiatives. Invest in PPC campaigns on other lucrative platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. – any network that is experiencing a boom in this crisis.




Despite the setback, Google Ads is fast catching-up as more advertisers are considering spending in PPC. The ad rates are lower; competition is less. This is the best time to leverage expert PPC marketing service and fight the COVID-19 situation to get modest results. An Adword specialist will analyze where your business stands amid COVID-19 and devise strategies that can help overcome the crisis.

It is the best time to put into practice expert Adwords PPC tactics and battle the effects of coronavirus on your business. So get started with hiring an Adwords optimization expert today.

Google Adwords

How Marketers Are Calculating Google Ads Budgets for 2019

Forecasting the results of the marketing campaigns is a big part of a marketer’s job.

Ideally, a marketer needs to work backwards by selecting a set target and then working towards it.

These marketers often work in extremely strict budget constraints to produce the necessary results for their organizations.

A marketer needs to calculate an estimated amount that he/she will spend on the different marketing channels to produce the desired results.

The marketers that are ahead of the curve have already calculated the amount of money that they will spend on Google Ads in 2019. Here are a few tips on how they calculated the budget accurately.

Understand that the B2B and B2C Marketing Techniques are Completely Different

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing professionals spend their time in getting high-quality business leads. These leads are usually the decision-makers of the top businesses in the world.

Core Focus: The core focus of a B2B marketing campaign is to increase the focus on the quality of leads. B2B marketers do not need to reach out to a lot of people.

Instead, they need to reach out to a handful of people effectively. Therefore, they spend more amount of money in remarketing their products to the same people.

Budgeting: Market research consumes a huge amount of resources in the B2B marketing campaigns.

Getting the right and relevant contact details of the high-level prospects is extremely difficult and costly.

Therefore, these marketers spend a lot of money on purchasing the relevant tools that can give them the edge in market research.

Another big component of the budget includes the expenditure on trained salespeople.

The marketers and the salespeople need to work in sync to drive the conversions out of a marketing campaign.

Therefore, the marketers need to train and keep the salespeople educated about each campaign that they launch for the prospects.

B2C Marketing

B2C marketing professionals spend their time in getting more quantity of business leads. Depending on the price of the product, this ad may be targeted towards the middle, lower-middle, or the wealthy class.

Core Focus: The core focus on a B2C marketing campaign is to increase the reach of the product/service.

B2C marketers need to reach out to as many people as possible. They do not need to invest in remarketing their products as much as B2B marketers.

Therefore, these marketers often spend their money in coming up with novel ideas to attract the attention of their prospects.

Budgeting: Google AdWords is the best platform that an individual can use to get the best reach in the market.

This platform can help a marketer reach millions of individuals within a couple of minutes.

A Google AdWords expert knows how to leverage the filters to reach the right people for their products/services.

While budgeting for a B2C marketing campaign, a marketer needs to focus on generating a high quantity of leads.

Therefore, he/she needs to purchase the in-demand keywords from Google at a higher price tag.

Placing the Bids

Once you have a budget in mind, you are ready to place a bid and negotiate to get the best deal for your marketing campaigns.

If you do not know how to negotiate correctly, the bid can go in one of the following two directions.

  • You Lose Money

If you overestimate the cost of the campaign, you might end up spending more than the necessary amount.

You will tend to spend thousands of dollars every time you are placing a big.

  • You Lose the Campaign

If you underestimate the price of the campaign and place a smaller bid, you might lose the campaign to the highest bidder.

One tip that can help you save money and ensure that you do not lose the bid is to start slow and then grow big.

Do not reveal your complete spending power on the first instance in the fear that you will eventually lose the bid.

Instead, gauge the potential of the market and the other bidders on the field to see how much they can spend.

Once you have a fair estimate of their spending power you can do one of the following things.

  • Get Out of the Bid

If you think that the other bidders are bidding an amount that is way out of your league, get out of the bid. Do not overspend just to show off.

  • Win the Bid

If you think that the campaign deserves the set amount and that the other bidders do not have that kind of capital to win the bid, place the highest bid and win it.

By leveraging the right mindset during the bidding experience, you can win the potluck of an awesome campaign without spending a lot of money.

Step up your bidding game and learn all the negotiation tactics that you can to win the bid without spending a significant amount.