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How to Excel at Google Ads Campaign Management

By using Google ads or AdWords your company can earn an impressive ROI which is as high as 8 USD for every dollar spent on advertising. considering this amount of ROI definitely requires committing a sufficient amount of time to your ad campaign and putting aside this time each month for the campaign. First of all, we should be aware that Google ads are basically Google’s advertising networks. You can advertise your business in Google search results as well as third-party sites. In this article, we will be going to look at how to excel at Google ads campaign management so there are some of the practices which you need to follow so that your Google ads campaign works best and you can achieve that desired ROI so let’s get started.

Follow Best practices for your campaign structure: First of all, You should have a clear understanding of your Google ads campaign structure. you should follow best practices that are possible for this structure. Google ads work in a hierarchy first comes accounts and campaigns followed by ad groups, ads, and keywords. When it comes to Google ads campaign management you must focus on your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords because these are easy to maintain and they will help increase your ROI by a huge margin.

Audit your Google Ads’ budget and bids: In the next point, you want to check your current campaign budget and keyword bids. Most businesses pay 1 to 2 USD per click. If you are displaying your ad on Google display network you will be probably paying less than $1. in Google ads you can set a daily budget and then your monthly budget gets calculated by multiplying this daily budget by 30.4. This amount will be the maximum amount your business will be spending on your ad campaign per month. If you are already running a campaign, Google will probably provide you with a daily budget and bidding recommendations. These recommendations will consist of tips so that your company can get additional clicks and increase your ROI.

Analyze and refresh your keyword targeting: Most businesses that are using Google ads will be using keyword targeting. you may use other types of targeting such as age, user behavior, location but you will often base your campaigns on keyword targeting. For this reason, keywords are a crucial part of Google ad campaign management. you must keep your keyword targeting up-to-date while using a Google ads campaign. Businesses often change the phrases when they find that they need the phrases needed to evolve. A perfect example of this will be people using the best smartphones nowadays instead of the best cell phones. So it is really important to update your keywords regularly. Google offers several tools so that you can check the performance of your current keywords. Some of these are Google trends, which are used to spot a decrease in search volume. Google keyword planner is another tool that checks keyword search volume and cost per click. There are some more tools like keyword effects and which can also help you find the keywords which you need to target. Google play keyword planner is a great choice for campaign management because it has multiple features you can receive keyword suggestions for broadening or narrowing your search, keyword group creating ad groups easily, and a lot of other things. Monitoring your keyword targeting will help to get the most out of your ad campaigns. It will help you to discover new keywords to target which can eventually lead to new leads.

Optimize your ads, landing pages, and more: Along with working on your ad hierarchy, budget, bids, and keyword targeting you can also work on optimizing your landing pages, ads, ad extensions, and more. There are some ways in which you can optimize your ads. In Google Ads, you can experiment with different ad copy or you can also add some new ads for users or you can add trying different ad offers. However, if you are deciding to test this feature you need to change your campaign-level settings. If you stop working on optimizing your ads then you can choose an option which is provided by Google that ‘optimize prefers best performing ads’. This will help Google to show your top ads. As a part of the Google ads campaign, you can include ad extensions and take advantage of them absolutely free of cost. You can experiment with different ad extensions which will improve your ad rank and the performance of your ads. You must choose your ad extension according to your goal. You can use various ad extensions like locations or site links ok calls but it will be according to your goal what you will be using. For example, if you are a doctor and want patients to visit your clinic physically then you will add a location extension and if you are selling pet supplies on an online store you will add your site link extension so that users can land on your website.

The next thing you can target is landing pages. Landing pages are of crucial importance when it comes to Google ad campaigns. These pages play a significant role in deciding your quality score which will decide your ad performance and your user experience. If you want to increase clicks, traffic on your website you must spend some time optimizing your landing page. There are some of the factors on the basis of which your quality scores get calculated. These factors are your landing page’s relevance, your landing page’s transparency, its usefulness, and its loading speed, and whether this page is mobile-friendly or not. You can improve in each of these areas by working on particularly every issue. Even if you are not experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, you can optimize your landing pages by adding call-to-action buttons, changing button colors or location of buttons, and adding some of the new features. After each time you experiment with your landing page it gives you the chance so that you can attract maximum traffic to your website. There are various companies which are providing the services so if you don’t have the time to do all this you can hire them so that you can make the maximum out of your campaign.

So, It’s all about the features you can add in an order to get success in your Google ad campaign. There are various Google ads management agencies, which are offering these services, You can definitely consider them if you think that this is a time taking process.

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The Advantages of Using an AdWords Certified PPC Company

Several companies are offering PPC campaign management services nowadays and it can be really difficult for your business to choose the right one. Well, you might see some of them mention being Google partners for AdWords certified companies. In fact, Google Adwords is one of the world’s largest pay-per-click platforms and millions of companies are using it to advertise their product or services. It is a great tool for reaching out to potential customers. So, if you are certified by a company that is of benchmarking status, That will be best. So what do these terms mean? Whether they indicate that companies are performing well in their field or exactly what do they tell us? We are going to cover the answer to this question in this article and will be looking at all the benefits of hiring an AdWords certified company. We will be looking at the factors associated with a certified company and how each of these can benefit your organization. In this way, we can cover all the effects of hiring an Adwords certified company to manage your campaign.

Google offers some training programs for digital marketing professionals and digital ad agencies which are known as google partners. When a company or advertiser joins the program, they need to take the certification exam from google analytics and google AdWords. In order to become certified in AdWords, the employee must pass at least two different exams among AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. Each one of the mentioned fields allows the user to get a thorough understanding of different fields that are relevant to digital marketing in today’s time. The exams someone is taking will depend on their preference. Although, it is true that employees need two exams to pass to get certified many of them pass all the papers in order to increase their knowledge base in digital marketing. If the employee scores more than 12 marks in the test, he’ll be considered as passed and this score will be valid for a period of 12 months. Also, test takers need to pass both the exams i.e. the AdWords fundamental and one other advertising exam. The company will keep displaying the google partner status as long as employees maintain their certifications. It is also necessary that they meet the other three criteria that are company profile, spend, and best practices. While creating a company profile is a piece of cake. Meeting the other two criteria is relatively difficult. Meeting the spend criteria requires an active Adwords account and qualifying the best practices needs you to be completely comfortable with Adwords concepts. The crux of all this is that, If the company is a google partner, They know what they are doing with PPC and what can be done. Combining this with AdWords certified accounts, You can be sure that you have hired an expert.

Let’s now talk about why AdWords certification matters?

Unlike other certifications employees need to take AdWords examinations within the past 12 months so it isn’t something a person can earn and it stays with them forever. You need to retake the exam after 12 months because the score is only valid for one year. This certification also ensures that employees who got their certification are up to date with PPC knowledge. They are up to date with the platform updates and with the best practices that are being performed in the industry. So, if you found someone that is Adwords certified you have definitely found an expert. There is one more feature of AdWords certification that demonstrates a thorough understanding of advertisement with Google. It’s definitely not a superficial level exam. so if someone passes it they know exactly what they can do with this and what they are doing with it. And if the owner of the ad platform thinks an agency is using it well enough to consider them a Partner, you can be confident in trusting your PPC. We are talking about Google here.

Now let’s discuss some more advantages of using Adwords certified PPC managers.

When you use AdWords certified PPC manager your campaign is run by industry leaders. In addition to courses, Google partner agencies also have access to some special events, product updates, and the Google partners community. In this way, they are ahead of other people to know about trends and new practices that are being implemented in the industry when your campaign is managed by an agency that stays at the top. You can be sure that your advertising strategy is always ahead of your competitors and trust their services. In order to maintain the quality, AdWords certified clients are regularly evaluated by Google. Google reviews their account and suggests some ways so they can improve their services and provide the best to their customers. So, Google itself evaluates campaigns along with the PPC agency you have hired. When you work with a Google partner agency and you can easily trust them in order to manage your PPC campaign. There are hardly any well-known drawbacks attached to these certified agencies. So, you don’t need to consider them. The cost factor is definitely one of the factors, But they are providing you the premium service, So this should not be a matter of concern. There are definitely some other benefits like AdWords certified companies carry a lot of experience with them. They are generally faster and effective when compared to a noncertified agency. There are several companies out there that are looking to manage your PPC campaigns. Many of them are Google partners or AdWords certified which have years of experience managing successful campaigns. You can look for these companies and make the most out of your PPC campaign.

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The Role Of Exact Match Keywords In Your PPC Campaigns

Exact Match is one of the most commonly used keyword match forms available to Google Advertisers in their PPC promotions. Exact Match gets the absolute nearest to a 1:1 keyword-search phrase ratio instead of the other keyword match style counterparts.

This suggests that only commercials for the same keyword (or a similar variant) you are bidding on can be shown by paid advertising promotions targeting exact match keywords.

And the more influence you have over when and where your advertisements are shown, the more you’ll be able to monitor your budget and refine it.

An exact Match is a form of keyword match that a ppc campaign management company uses Google Ads and Bing Ads to utilize.

You will enter prospects looking for the particular keyword that you are bidding on or near versions of that keyword with exact match keywords.

It helps you to exercise close leverage on your advertising budget by bidding on exact match keywords, giving you a better ROI on your ad investment.

You may pick a broad match, Modified Broad Match, phrase match, or exact match for your keyword match type while making a text ad by your ppc campaign services. Any match in your Google Ads account has its benefits and drawbacks.

1) Broad Match

The default match form and the one that hits the broadest audience is the Broad Match. Your ad is entitled to appear if a user’s search question contains any term in your primary time, in any order, by using a large match.

Google may even use synonyms to align your ad with keywords, such as when anyone searches for “expensive vehicles” and does not contain either of the words in your keyword, your ad could show. Any ppc advertising campaign can provide these.

Since giant match advertisements are set up to target the largest potential audience while querying unrelated subjects, searchers might see and click your ad.

These costs will add up surprisingly quickly. Again, as the default match form is a broad match, it’s necessary to be very patient.

A perfect way to push tons of clicks is broad match keywords, but promoters need to keep a close eye on their search query reports to make sure they don’t pay for meaningless traffic that doesn’t convert.

2) Modified Broad Match

It is possible to see the changed broad match as a middle ground between the broad match and the more restricted match styles below.

It helps you target an equally large audience and better monitor who sees your ad by using the “+” parameter to “lock” individual terms in a critical expression.

You’re asking Google that the search question needs to contain the phrase when you put the plus sign in front of a word in your keyword.

For example, for the keyword “gel batteries,” let’s presume you have allowed updated big matches in Google Ads. If you apply the “+” parameter to the word “gel,” Google will only match your ads to queries that contain the word gel.

If you use the word “batteries,” before you can enter the auction, search queries must have the word before entering the ad. It is recommended to hire the Successful Google Ads Campaign for the best results.

3) Phrase Match Type

Word match provides some of the width match’s flexibility but adds a higher degree of control like adjusted broad match.

Your ad will only appear when your key phrase is queried by a user using your keywords in the same order you type them, but there may be other phrases before or after that phrase.

4) Exact Match Type

The most precise and restrictive of the keyword match styles is an Exact match. In previous years, people will only see your ad with this sort of match when they typed your same keyword term alone.

“black cocktail dress, “black cocktail dress” black cocktail dress,” black cocktail dress,” cocktail dress, “cocktail dress, “black dress” black dress” expensive black cocktail dress.” expensive black cocktail dress.

However, Google has recently changed the exact match type so that your advertisements can match searches containing synonyms, plurals, or other variations on your keyword, even when using exact match keywords.


Match keywords may have a significant effect on your account’s success: they are the power you use to decide precisely which search queries you are bidding on.

It is essential to maximize the use of match forms for Google Ads because it helps you hit your target audience while preventing excessive spending on meaningless clicks by planning to Start a PPC Campaign.

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8 Google Ads PPC Stats To Make You Daydream Of Agencies

These days, there seems to be an endless sea of PPC Stats from Google Ads floating around the SERPs.

And if you don’t know which metrics are useful and which are useless, you might find yourself rebuilding your campaigns based on bogus PPC Stats from Google Advertising that you read in some unqualified post or report.

Otherwise, you could very well be in weaker waters than you have been in before. This is also where an actual PPC agency‘s experience will come in handy.

8 PPC Stats from Google Advertising to help you Daydream of Agencies

The 8 Google Adwords PPC stats below will make you rethink your in-house digital advertising strategies and make you select a google ads agency.

1) PPC Advertisements are 50 per cent more likely to be converted by users who click

There is a long-running controversy about which organic or paid traffic converts better. It essentially derives from the idea that different levels of intent in the purchasing funnel line up with other search activity on Google if you’re new to the discussion.

So, you’ll be more likely to click on various items depending on where you are in the funnel (research, consideration/comparison, buy, etc.).

Many individuals have often assumed that organic results reflect the highest level of purpose for search engine clickers, with their highly focused long-tail keywords.

But, according to some actual stats because of Moz, it turns out that paying ad clickers are currently 50 per cent more likely than organic clickers to convert ultimately.

2) Google Advertising controls about 37% of the market.

Google Advertising alone occupies over a third of the entire industry, out of all current PPC platforms. 37% is not a small number. There is a justification for so many digital marketers to turn to Google Advertising to handle their PPC campaigns, regardless of scale, when walking the walk and speaking the talk.

3) Almost Everybody Uses Search For Local Business

Almost everyone is not a helpful PPC statistic for Google Advertising. But what about 97% of customers use the internet to check for local search results relying on Google Advertising to communicate with local businesses. A good enough stat for that? Thoughts that might make you want to get into the google ads management agency.

4) More than 65% of users click on PPC ads to buy

You can depend on the PPC audience you are targeting to be slightly more tuned towards conversion than any ordinary audience you may come across online, with over 65 per cent of internet users clicking on advertisements while making a purchase.

When adjusting your campaigns for quick wins or long-term remarketing campaigns, this will help you weigh out your choices, as each will affect how you invest and gain in your campaigns in the short and long term.

5) 92% of search engine specific market share by Google

Google may take up 37 per cent of the market share of the entire PPC network. But when it comes to total search engine market share, what once was a Goliath becomes a Godzilla’s heck.

6) Search users make up more than 70% of mobile users.

As smartphones become even more famous (as if they might be much more popular than today) to the average customer, it is important to note how many smartphone users are still mobile users.

And it turns out that 72% of smartphone users are local search consumers who are involved. That means that nearly 3/4ths of all smartphone users are just waiting for your beautiful ppc ads as a primed local audience.

7) Via Google Advertising, over 70% of mobile conversions call.

More than 70 per cent of mobile converters call the local company directly via Google Advertising, according to PowerTraffik, and anyone who has done any local shopping based on Yelp feedback or a Siri Google search.

8) PPC Averages A 200% ROI

That is right. Google Advertising on the average Google Search Network and ROI of about 200 per cent, according to WordLead.


If you are planning to promote your products or businesses, then must choose certified PPC service. Nowadays, several services such as Mobile Advertising, Social Media PPC Advertising, and Video Advertising help grow your business in the market.

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Google AdWords Experts Secrets – 12 Must-Follow Tips to Run a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Have you just started to run a Google Ad Campaign?

Looking for ways to optimize your Google Ads campaign to get better ROI?

These Google ad campaign tips will help you to get the best results in no time.


Proven Tips that Google Ads Experts Use To Run a Successful Google Ad Campaign


1. Optimize For Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the terms, which you do not want the ad to appear in search engines.

Most of the AdWords expert try to develop a negative keywords list that includes terms like “free”, “download”, etc.

These search terms indicate that the user is trying to search for the free version of your product or service.

These terms do not generate any revenue for your ad campaigns.

If you do not optimize your campaign for negative keywords, the chances of your PPC budget being spent on the wrong keywords are high.

By optimizing the ad campaigns for the negative keywords, you can cut down the unnecessary costs and improve the ROI of the campaign.

If you do not have a clear understanding of how to identify negative keywords for your campaigns, you can try taking help from Google AdWords services provider.

All you need to do is to search for “Google Adwords consultant near me” and you will get a lot of options to choose from.


2. Remove Duplicate Keywords


If you are running a Google AdWords PPC campaign, it is always suggested to look for duplicate keywords in your campaign.

Failing to remove the duplicate keywords from the campaign can lead to bidding errors.

If you want to run a successful campaign without having any data error, it is suggested to hire a Google AdWords expert as he or she can make your data tracking easier and also guide the rest of the campaign.


3. Bid on Competitor Names


AdWords helps you to bid on the names of your competitor.

This helps you to reach out to the customers of your potential competitor and remind them of your product or service worth before they make a purchase.

If you do not have an idea of how you can make the most out of it by bidding on your competitor’s names, you can hire a PPC expert who can do that for you.

They help you to prioritize the set of keywords in running such campaigns.


4. Monitor quality scores of keywords


If you hire an AdWords expert to run your ad campaigns, they can help you with tracking the quality scores on the account level.

Monitoring the quality scores of ad campaigns can help you identify the issues in your ad copy or landing pages and revise them accordingly.

In case you are unable to design a good ad copy for your campaign, you can take the help of any certified AdWords consultant.

This helps you invest your money in the right place.

google adwords ppc

5. Size of Your Ad Groups


A Google AdWords PPC expert always keeps an eye on the ad groups, as they start scaling up. They try to split the larger ad groups into smaller sets for better performance of the campaigns. Doing so helps to design personalized ad copy that in turn increases the quality score of the content.


6. Monitor the Converting Search Terms


A Google PPC expert always looks at the ad campaigns from a different perspective.

He always keeps track of the search terms, which bring in more sales and try to optimize the campaign accordingly.

Most of the time, new keywords pop up for the broad match keywords, and people end up engaging with the site. A Google AdWords specialist always adds such kinds of new keywords to the campaigns.


7. Remove Ads that do not meet the Expectations


It is always necessary to have tight control over the ad groups while running a campaign.

No one loves to drain his or her budget on keywords that do not add value in generating revenue. Same is the case with AdWords PPC experts.

They try to remove the ads that do not add any value in terms of ROI.

They constantly monitor the CTR of the ads and the conversion rate before removing them from the ad campaign.


8. Use AdWords Where Organic Fails


A best PPC services firm will try to use the help of AdWords for ranking the high-pressure terms, as they are already aware of the fact that organic results take time.

Running AdWords campaigns for such important search terms will help to draw more traffic, clicks, and conversions in a short span.

This will also help to understand how people are interacting with the landing page that helps you improve user engagement.

You can try taking the help of AdWords services providers who can help you in prioritizing the potential keywords, which are tough to rank organically, but can be utilized in the Ad campaigns.


9. Landing Page Should Align Well With Your Ad


Any expert Google AdWords consultant first takes care of the landing page design as it plays a crucial role in the conversion of the product or service.

If the landing page does not answer the needs of the user, then the product conversion will be poor.

On the other hand, if the landing page answers the client’s needs, then there are high chances of conversion and low wastage of money on the campaign.

If you do not have any experience in designing the landing pages, then it is suggested to hire any freelance AdWords consultant who can do it at an affordable price.


10. Identify Right Keyword Match for the Campaigns


There are different types of keyword matches in Google Ad campaigns.
The first one is broad match keywords which means your targeted keyword phrases can appear in any order and also for the synonyms as well.

For example, the “best coffee maker” keyword will also show up for “best coffee maker guide”.

When setting up your campaign for a broad match keyword, you must be aware of the negative keywords as well.

Else, you will be spending your money on the wrong set of keywords and wasting your PPC budget.

The second type of keyword match is the “Phrase Match”.

This means your ad appears only for the phrases that exactly match with the one you have listed in the campaign.

The third type of keyword is the “Exact Match”.

This means your ad appears only for the exact search terms given in your campaign.

If you have just started to run an Ad campaign and do not wish to lose money, then it is better to consult an experienced AdWords PPC consultant.

They will help you to identify the right keyword match for your campaigns and save your PPC budget.


11. Make Adjustments to Keyword Match


Once the data starts coming in from the campaigns, it is necessary to make adjustments to the keyword match.

Keyword match optimization must start from the broad match keywords, which helps you to gain more insights about the campaign.

A best AdWords consultant ensures that he has tighter control over the ad campaigns in terms of ad copy, landing page, as well as the keyword match.

In order to optimize the keyword match, you need to have a clear understanding of how people are searching for your ads and what is the impact of it on your campaign?


12. Use All Possible Ad Extensions


It is important to test out all possible ad campaign extensions like site links, callout, and structured snippets.

One does not know which type of ad campaign brings in more profits.

So, it is important to test out all possible ad campaigns.

If you do not have experience in running other types of ad extensions, you can try hiring a Google ads consultant who can do that for you.

Moreover, he can suggest the best measures to run successful ad campaigns on other extensions, based on his experience.




If you are looking to make most out of your Google Ad Campaign but have no experience?

Then we recommend you to hire a Google AdWords expert in India who can help you optimize your campaigns and bring in better ROI.

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Google PPC Ads in the Artificial Intelligence Age

Technological advances are changing every day as we speak. There was a time earlier when you had to market the product; you would need to have people spread across various points and distribute flyers or we would have to flyers distributed along with the newspapers and magazines that get delivered to people’s houses daily.

This kind of marketing was very random. You could never target a specific set of individuals or even businesses that would avail of your services.

Change in Marketing Trends

Then came the age of computers and the Internet and the face of marketing or the way marketing was done began to change.

People now started moving to digital media instead of print media. Smartphones further made everyone digitally available and with smartphones came social media.

And now the advancement of technology has taken us to the world of Artificial intelligence or AI.

Artificial Intelligence: A Boom

AI now has continuously been changing everything around us including the way we perform our daily tasks.

It is in a way boon to mankind, where due to the impact of AI, there is less of human intervention and more of the machine being able to learn and detect patterns and finally being able to perform tasks on its own.

Before we go and look into how AI works in the world of marketing and advertising, let’s first understand how the digital ad campaigns changed the world of advertising and marketing.

Digital Ad Campaigns Changing the World of Advertisement

Google was one of the pioneers when it came to ads and the various Google ads campaign that we talk about.

Google has always been one of the biggest search engines. The moment we need to search for a product or service, for almost everyone the first point of checking is Google.

Hence it was the only seemed right that Google ads campaign came into the picture.

Google very easily recognized the opportunity for the search engine to be able to boost marketing by being able to promote businesses and services that paid for the service.

Yes, that’s right – the Google Ads campaign setup comes at a cost. How the Google Ads campaign management works is on an auction basis.

How we Search on Google?

Let us look at how we search on Google.

Whenever we have to search, we don’t search for an entire sentence altogether. What we normally do is just hunt for certain words or phrases.

Just a string of words together is searched for and the Google search engine matches that string with its database or across the globe and returns back all the places or websites where it has located all the words or even just a similar match of words.

These words are called “keywords” and in the world of advertising and marketing, these keywords are what people bid for.

Today every product or service has multiple brands and multiple businesses offering the same.

So how does Google decide which Google Ads campaign for which business to get shown?

In this case, it is very simple the highest bidder gets the cake. So every keyword is given to the businesses at a charge.

Depending on the budget allocated by the business, Google decides which business ad gets shown on top of the search page.

Google Ads in AI Age

So this benefit to people or businesses? Yes it is highly beneficial.

When we market on digital media, we can make our ads available or visible to the people that will buy or are looking for the product rather than just random marketing like print media in ancient times.

We are now showing are our ads to people who are looking at availing that service or product.

Hence you are now being able to reach out to actual prospects. If these prospects do buy the product or the service, you have gained a customer.

This implies that the “CPC” or the “Cost Per Customer” value reduces greatly with the same marketing budget you are now able to reach a larger crowd that want the service.

Now that we have understood the Google Ads campaign setup, taking one step further we will now go into the world of social media and artificial intelligence (AI).

The World of Social Media and AI

The entire concept of AI is that the system or the computer is designed to learn and act accordingly.

Hence what the AI system is made to do is learn patterns. In addition to this, today all of the social media is connected in some way or the other.

However, the vast majority of social media is owned by very specific companies.

Hence these companies are available to partner across the various platforms for better collaboration and better marketing.

Hence with the use of the Google smart shopping campaign, you can choose for your ad to be visible on a particular network or platform.

On the other hand, you are also able to choose whether you want it displayed everywhere. At the end of the day, it is all about the budget that you have set for your advertising or marketing.

With Google smart shopping campaign, you can see a spike in your business and the growth when your ads become more automatic and available to the people that would avail it.

Marketing in Today’s Era

Today marketing is all about playing it smart. If you can’t be smart and make use of the opportunities that are available, you might now see the kind of fast growth that you are looking at.

Google smart shopping campaigns gives that additional edge to the competition in the market.

The budget that you allocate decides whether you get the business or someone else does. Like discussed earlier, the biggest bidder is the one whose ad is shown most and across platforms.

Some of the best examples would be Amazon and Flipkart, who are able to rule the world as far as ecommerce retailers or ecommerce platforms are concerned.

Often the best way to decide is to try the smart Google Ads campaign management, which Google does offer a free trial by providing credits and then you can choose if you want to continue or not.

Google Adwords

What are google local services ads? Everything you need to know


Never thought promoting a business will be this easy!

While we are all dependent on Google for the information, business tips, and what is now happening in the world- Google also never fails to amuse us with its development and urge to help and deliver us only the best.

Talking about Google Search, have you explored the Google local services yet?

As one of Google’s offerings, the local service ads capture the data strategically and let you know about the best possible service providers in and around your area.

Google search ads

Talking about the services under Google Local Services, it is not restricted to any field.

If you are looking for services like a plumber or electrician or housekeeping services, you would prefer to get the details of authenticated service providers from your vicinity.

It is where local service ads play an important role.

If you are a service provider, then local service ads can be one of the best possible options for running the business.

The best part about the Google Local Services Ads is that you can make your account free of cost and have to pay for it, only if the customer has contacted you through the ad.

Where do you find it?

You will see Local Service Ads on your search page in a listicle format over a laptop or desktop. If you are searching over the phone, you may find it in a thumbnail carousel format, above the paid ads segment.

Google usually lists the top 2-5 service providers only.

Also, note that this listing is different from the google ads you run for your business.

Benefits of Google Local Service Ads

Under Google local service ads, you get to spend money only on the leads, which are genuine for your business.

Leverage the option of Google ranking and reviews. As your business is listed on Google, it will be good for your business if you ask your customers to leave a remark or feedback.

Google’s local service ads give you a readily option to collect reviews. When we say the number of stars and positive feedback, take our words, definitely impact another consumer’s decision making.

Local Service Ads are functional even you use the relative keyword. This feature is not dependent on keyword research.

Google will pick up the information from your research and profile; it would provide you with the Google ads local services.

You can also maximize your scope of business by running the paid search ads campaign.

In this manner, even if you are coming up in the Local services ads, your company website, or any relevant landing page will come above the Google local service ads display.

The green tick mark aside any service means that you have been verified and has Google guarantee.

How to build and manage your Google local service ads profile

If you are new to the services, you are required to sign up for Google Local Service Ads and create a profile on the portal.

Refer the following pointers while opting for the services. It will help you create the account and highlight the important features of Google Local Service Ads.

As the services are available in a few and selected markets only, you are required to choose your state and services in the offer.

Once you get the confirmation on both, you will be directed towards the account page.

Please note, you might not be able to sign up if Google local service ads are not activated in your region.

Create a new account for local services ads and mention about the kind of services you can offer.

Basis this, your Business profile for Google local service Ads will be built. Nevertheless, we suggest you be very clear on the services in the offer as you will be charged based on per lead matched to your use and directed towards you.

Google local service ads allow you to handle the account backend on your own. You will get a chance to explore a couple of options like
Update your business hours, type of work, service area, or weekly budget to spend for the leads.

Google allows you to keep expenditure as per your requirement.
Similarly, suppose you are running any special festive discounts or specific business or product highlights like organic food or child-friendly services.

In that case, the Local service Ads account allows you to publicize that.
You can plan to add such attributes to profile and attract the audience.

While building your profile, you must add basic details like your working license number and insurance details.

Only after you fill these you can run the local service ads and get Google Guarantee (the green tick on your business side- which ensures the audience that the service provider has been verified).

Important: This google guarantee is for the professional and not for the services in offer. Also, to comply well with the local authorities, it will be good to add any extraofficial details.

To authenticate your services, Google will align a free of cost, background check about the offerings through a third party partner.

Profile management:

Once your profile is built, you will start getting leads for your business. The Google local service ads account gives you access to manage your business leads at the backend.

You can also keep the track through local service app, available on iOS and android play store.

When you select the individual lead, you will be allowed to review the lead details like area, location, or any other specific thing mentioned. After your reviewal of each available information, you will have three options:

  • Reply via email or message
  • Call the customer to take it forward
  • Decline the service

The local service ads also have the feature to

  • track your job schedule
  • mark the complete ones
  • communicate with your customer by sending the confirmation mails
  • capturing customer reviews.

Optimize your Google local services ads account

Google allows you to optimize your local services ads account by letting you schedule the ads and campaign, as per the schedule you think is better for your business. You can select the time and day when you wish to showcase your ad.

One should select the period during which you can easily respond to the audience. If any customer gets the response readily, there are many chances that business gets converted for you.

Besides responsiveness, there are some other factors as well, which play an important role in profile optimization; they are:

  • Rating and reviews
  • Services you offer
  • Area you cater
  • Update your business profile

Google local services ads cost

As we earlier mentioned, in Google local service ads, you are charged only based on leads that are generated for your business and not based on clicks.

To make it work best for you, Local Service Ads allows you to set the maximum monthly budget. You can select the range of your average expenditure on the weekly and monthly basis.

However, please note that setting up the budget will directly impact the lead generation for your business. In the beginning, we would suggest you allocate an above-average budget so that you can make the best out of the services.

Please note, leads coming to your profile does not mean confirmed business. Lead conversion is totally between you and the customer.

Work on your ad rankings

If you are new to the google business, we suggest you take professional help here. To make yourself land in the top three service providers, you are required to wok on the ad ranking. Prefer hiring an AdWords expert for your business.

Google local service ads, rank your business based on the following factors:

  • Vicinity of business provider and customer location
  • Google guarantee and reviews you have got for the business
  • Response time
  • Business hours to provide the service


Local service ads provide ample opportunity for local businesses to come up and provide their services.

We suggest you optimise your profile to the T and generate the maximum leads for your business. You can also plan to hire Adwords Expert for Google Ads and make the best out of the opportunity available.

Lastly, you need to understand that Google AdWords and Google My Business are separate entities, and the budget for each will be different. You are required to leverage all three Google services to its best.

Google Adwords

Effective Client Expectation Management for Google Ads Advertising

One thing that is dragging mor people towards the internet is the diverse variety of stuff present to select.

According to a report, by 2030, there will be 20 percent purchases from the local vendor, and 80 percent of purchases would be from online.

People who are building websites, making content for youtube channels, and doing other practice to attract customers to their platform would be rich in the coming times.

Many aspects prove that online sales will increase at that level that there would be a shortage of suppliers and all the stuff.

Now the point comes that how can there be effective management of the customer’s expectation while making the purchase.

Businesses do not know how to increase their website traffic by running ads on some platform, which is already having lots of traffic. In any way, if any business could get the traffic of any website, then indirectly, they are buying someone’s efforts and precious time.

It will take years for a business to gather those many customers on their own. Its better to advertise on the websites or youtube channels, which are popular. Google ads management is not challenging, but people do not know the right trick.

Google ads ppc management – It refers to the websites which take charge from businesses that are running their ads based on per click.

As the number of clicks would increase, the charge that business needs to pay would also increase. Several google ads management companies are doing fabulous in helping companies get sales within a few months.

According to a survey, about 65 percent of the people click on the ads. It states that if the content and the presentation of that is right, then the click would be sure.

There are some ways to find the right technique of advertising online with google ads.

1. Choose your target audience.

There must be crores of people visiting the internet daily, but can there be any business that fulfills the need? Of course not.

Advertising with Google Ad Manager is the best choice in these cases because it helps in recognizing the target audience for your business.

Adwords campaign management is an effective way to attract people.

2. Play with the words

According to the previous year’s content report, people use many words while searching for anything on the internet. One thing that is common among all of them is that most of them use the similar word.

It is the entire mechanism behind google search that it works on keywords. Similarly, google local service ads have the same logic. The keywords play a vital role while running the ads.

For example, Google Ads Online Advertising always tries to attach the link between two different things. When a person searches for a laptop, the ads of the mouse start automatically.

This connection has the high possibility of getting clicked. Similarly, keeping the words with the link in the ads can increase the possibility of getting the click.

3. Generate excitement

It is easy to attract people by showing time counters. It is the popular way that usually happens in google shopping ads management.

All the ecommerce websites are doing these types of ads and are earning lots of money. There are other ways to generate excitement, like showing some sports that build a connection with that.

All these factors make the ads different from the usual boring ad. A Google ads management company always holds some idea of attracting many people towards the ad.

4. Be precise

Forget about the ads and look at the big brands. You will always notice that they do not use many words to popularize their brand.

The reason is the phycological factor that drives the interest on its own when the statement is short and holds enormous meaning.

The ads do not cover much area on a website, so the company chooses short content. It is the best way for effective google ads management.

5. Change the way

When it comes to trends, then there could be rapid change, and the hurry to recognize the change makes the advertisement company successful.

In case an ad is not showing promising results, follow plan B, where you could use later the content and reflect the same ad differently.

Advertising with Google Ad Manager is easy because they are always ready to reflect the same ad. A change is essential to understand the pattern of thinking of an individual.

When it comes to the campaign, the focus stays on gathering as much attention as a business can. Changing the ads is successful in attracting people of different interests.

6. Review the competitor ads

AdWords Campaign Management is useful when the company looks at all its competitors and sees the areas where they did right and wrong.

Learning from others’ mistakes can make a company popular within a short time because no one does it correctly but applying all the right things is good.

Advertising online with google ads is fun because they show you the previous ad’s data and explain it with graphs.

It decreases the chances to make the same mistake, which happened earlier and gives a chance to improve.


Advertisement is a way in which businesses attract customers and show how they can be the right choice. The Google advertisement is getting popular because they understand the emotional patterns and apply them while showcasing the ad.

There are plenty of advertising benefits with google ads, and the most important is the range. The ads don’t stay inside the boundaries; instead, it targets people from all over the world. Moreover, some easy ways can help in effective ads management.

The companies can follow all of them and do wonders in their business. In campaigns, the pay per click is high because there are multiple platforms on which the business runs the ads.

The overall cost of the click increases, and at this time, choosing the target audience is crucial. Make your business grow with the help of ads.

Google Adwords

How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals for Google Ads

Google Analytics is like a diagnosis of your health during the treatment. There are three factors which move to and fro to analyze better about teh google ads.

First is that what was the gap between the expectation and reality in the past. The second factor is whether the gap between the ad’s present success rate and the expectation is better than before.

The last element is the success rate that we expect from the ad in teh coming times. In case the company fulfills to align all these three factors, then there would be no obstacle in increasing sales.

Google Analytics is the tool of diagnosis, which tells how the ad is performing on the website.

There are several advantages of google analytics because the trend changes rapidly, and the actions need to change at the same time to avoid the slow growth of the business.

Google ads are getting popular, and anyhow people who are advertising their business is increasing day by day.

It is essential to promote, especially in teh current situation, when 65 percent of teh purchases are through online shopping.

There are a few steps that can help in setting up google analytics for google ads.

Steps to set up Google Analytics for Google ads

Step 1: Link with your website

It is essential to recognize whether your google analytics account has the linkage between the website.

Steps 2: Make sure about the rights

To track the ad’s response on a particular website, an individual has to make sure that they have the admin rights for that website.

Step 3: Access the google analytics account

Now reach the google AdWords platform and click on the tab that is tools and analytics. Now you will see an option of google analytics. Click on that.

Step 4: Select the Domain

There would be an option for an admin at the top right. By clicking on that option, a list of all domains will open up. You need to select the domain that has to get the linkage.

Step 5: Select the accounts that have to be there with google ads

Make sure that now the google ads account should be linked with that domain.

Ways that can help the business to do well with Google Analytics

1.Impress from the first look

People generally scroll fast through a website and find the ad on a small portion of the website. In other cases, there is a banner that pops up usually when a person lands up on the website or leaves it.

The first appearance can should content, which has further terms and conditions, but it should be attractive.

2. Align the content according to the traffic

People generally make this mistake, and they fail to recognize it. For example, when a business has more youth visiting, how can the ad of real estate work? Ofcourse not.

There are a few youths who must be interested in real estate. The traffic which is visiting a website is an important aspect to recognize the success of the ad.

It is beneficial to choose the platform, too, which can help get the ad’s success rate. Being so specific about the traffic is the cost that the business has to pay for the ad.

To make this technique cost-efficient, it is essential to mind the steps and analyze much before acting.

3. Keep the plan B ready

There is no hard fact that a particular ad would do wonders, or it would not. There are patterns in which a group of people thinks, and thats what the business has to analyze in the google ads campaign.

The google ad experts say that there has been no company which are not ready for the change when their ad doesn’t perform well.

4. Learn from the competition

Google Analytics for AdWords helps in recognizing the trend and ways to boost the ads’ success rate.

A business feels like executing its strategy; they look around to whether their competitors are already pursuing the same or first playing that card.

In case they are doing something that resembles other businesses, too, then it is always advantageous to look at their mistakes. It helps in increasing the success rate of the ad.

5. Increase the knowledge about the keywords

Whether it be content writing or crawling of google algorithm, the keywords play a vital role in proving the business’s success.

Keywords are one of the central aspects of the advertisement, and there are ratings of keywords to decide the correct keyword.

This rating comes from the pattern that googles analysis from the searches and how they search for something. Some sites can help for free to recognize how often people use it while searching.

5. Maintain the chain of sales

Every time the customer makes any purchase from the website, it is essential to ensure that they return. A regular heads up about the deals on the mails is necessary.

You can run a small google ads campaign to ensure that the brand name stays in the customer’s brain.

Google ads analytics is getting popular because it is easy to analyze whether the amount of business is investing is doing great or turning out to be a loss for them.


Google Adwords & Google Analytics are some of the tools which help in raising the ads most efficiently. Some ways can set up google analytics in a better way.

There are some benefits that the user can avail by setting up the right strategy for the ad. Some hidden patterns always stay away from standard techniques.

Google Analytics helps businesses to think in that direction and catch those patterns. The company can look for some google ads experts in the initial times to learn more instead of committing any mistake. Plan to analyze and execute the plan in the right way with google and google analytics.

Google Adwords

Google display Ads or Bing PPC Ads. Which PPC network is worthy of your money?

One of the dilemma for many paid search marketers who are trying to make a mark in the industry; they are constantly flooded with the innumerable PPC networks available than ever before out there to them.

Undoubtedly two of the most talked about paid search networks and no prize for guessing, we are talking about Bing PPC Ads and Google display Ads.

Having been there from a while now and having been heavily promoted by two of the largest business conglomerate globally, there are chances that everyone has had experience with at least one of the two at some point or the other during their marketer career.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is a combination of 2 advertising platforms:

  • The Search Network: Advertisers primarily produce text ads to look on the program results page (SERP).
  • 2. The show Network: Advertisers primarily produce show ads to look on enormous pages of internet web sites across the web

2. Bing Ads

Bing, associated with Microsoft and has 3 search engines — AOL, Yahoo and Bing — so once you advertise on any one platform of your choice, your ad is more likely to be seen on all the 3 said platforms.

Here’s almost everything that you need to know about Bing PPC Ads vis a vis Google display Ads and which one would be the best suited for your business.

Its not Very recently that, Google display Ads ruled the Google ad management service company across the globe and dominated almost all of the market share that we look at today, until Bing PPC Ads came along in 2006.

One of the first three widely talked about search engines that started selling ads on their website, Bing, renamed their paid search as Bing Ad.

Since then, Bing Ads has emerged as a Google’s primary search engine competitor and is continuously engaged in battle to win over the users across the web for the campaigns.

Here are few of the facts decoded in terms of Bing PPC Ads and Google Display ads and these two benchmark tops the list.

1. Cost

According to a recent study report, businesses usually spend relatively less on Bing PPC Ads in comparison to Google display Ads.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll also arrive at the same results with this platform available across to the users.

Obviously, you can expect to pay more for Google display Ads because of its much more extensive and wider reach to the audience.

When we look at the average cost per click of Google Ads, it is between $1 and $2 on the search network and about $1 on the Display search Network.

In comparison, Bing Ads’ cost per click is relatively lower at $1.54. Again we would like to emphasize the fact that, just because Bing Ads has a lower CPC, it doesn’t necessesarily mean that it’s the best suited option for you, even if you’re on pretty tight budget.

2. Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is another algorithm that you can’t afford to go wrong with when developing a PPC campaign.

The conversion rate here refers to the percentage of visitors who have completed your laid down advertising goal, such as calling your business or purchasing your product.

This is in comparison to the users who have clicked your ad but didn’t actually complete your goal.

So, what’s the average conversion rate that we are looking at for Google Ads and Bing Ads? For Bing Ads, the average conversion rate for Bing PPC Ads is 2.94% whereas Google display Ads’ average conversion rate is 3.75%.

Although it looks close in terms of conversion rate, Google clearly has the upper hand particularly considering the amount of competition on the platform.

However, Bing Ads has a pretty decent conversion rate as well even if it’s slightly lower side than Google.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer when we talk about Google display Ads vis a vis Bing PPC Ads.

Each platform comes with their unique offerings that could help your organization.

However, you don’t want to miss out on the potential search share that Google has by not running ads using Google display Ads.

That doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate Bing PPC Ads from your ad strategy though. Believe you me, you should still consider it for those incremental traffic on your ad campaign.

You can think about starting with Google display Ads at Google local services, that would be a very wise things to do and as your budget increases exponentially over a period of time and you keep get better at online advertising sphare, allocate a portion of your ad spend to Bing PPC Ads or Microsoft Advertising.

Experiment and explore by yourself and see what happens in a long run. That would be the wisest thing to do at any point of time for your business.

Be it for any marketers, your best practice should always be to dedicate most of your budget to Google display Ads, but at the same time send some part of it to Bing PPC Ads too.

You can go on to increasing or decreasing this portion as and when needed best suited on your business requirement, which is again an advantage when choosing online advertisement.

We believe that by now hopefully it’s understood the best digital advertising strategy is to leverage both platforms simultaneously, provided your budget allows it.

Just In case, by now if you’re using Google Ads for your PPC campaigns, then Bing is certainly going to be a great option to get those additional traffic which would be remarkable for your business to make a difference in the overall business scenario.

But again if you’re not currently running any PPC ads, then you’re by and large going to find better results with Google based on their better targeting and relatively larger network.