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Amazon Posts: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

Amazon – the retail giant – is constantly evolving its platform to allow brands to showcase their products and augment overall value. This time they take it a level up with Amazon Posts – a powerful brand messaging tool that helps magnify your brand value and maximize outreach through the world’s biggest e-commerce platform.

In this blog, we will understand more about Amazon Posts and how it can help supercharge your sales and ROI on this platform.

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is the e-commerce giant’s digital marketing endeavor to integrate online retail with social media. Unlike cliched e-commerce marketing, Amazon Posts offer brands a broader and engaging avenue to spread the word about their brand story and products. Through visually-appealing and thought-evoking posts or cards, online retailers can promote their products or brand for free.

Amazon Posts comprise descriptive captions, lifestyle visuals, and a link directing to the product page. These posts will be displayed across the Amazon app, including your product listing, related category and product feeds, and brand feed. This is how Amazon defines Amazon Posts:

Posts is a new image-based browsing experience on Amazon. Shoppers can explore brand-specific feeds or browse by product category to discover products and see what’s new from brands. Posts link to detail pages, making each post in a feed shoppable.”

To put it simply, Amazon Posts function like Instagram. Create content for your brand or products and publish them on the platform to augment reach and value. Amazon algorithm will determine where your posts and stories will appear, other than the brand feed. It is a powerful tool that allows brands to educate buyers, share engaging stories, and much more – everything for free.

Who Can Use Amazon Posts?

To create Amazon Posts and use them for effective marketing, you need to be an:

  • Amazon store owner
  • U.S. Amazon vendor or seller
  • Amazon Brand Registry member

Additionally, Amazon does not allow creating Posts for the following:

  • Tobacco or tobacco-related products
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Adult products
  • Weapons
  • UV tanning products or equipment
  • Body branding and tattoo products

Find out other “prohibited products” that cannot be featured under Amazon Posts. 

Benefits of Amazon Posts

Not sure whether Amazon Posts is right for your retail marketing campaign? Here’s how Amazon Posts can boost your digital marketing strategy:

  • Promote your products and brands for free across the Amazon platform
  • Create visually-appealing lifestyle imagery of your products that can inspire your target audience to buy
  • Allow potential buyers to identify new products
  • Build awareness for your products or brand
  • Repurpose your social media marketing strategy for Amazon and augment its value
  • Get actionable insights on which captions and images can drive increased views and clicks

Now that you understand why Amazon Posts is important in Amazon PPC management, here’s how to get started.

Steps to Create Amazon Posts

Discussed here are the simple steps to create and publish your Amazon Posts. 

1. Create Your Profile on Amazon Posts

Visit and your Amazon Seller Central login screen will appear or the Amazon Posts dashboard. For the login screen, fill in the required fields and loads the Posts dashboard. Once you land on the Amazon Posts dashboard, you have to create a profile. This would include uploading a brand logo and verifying the brand name. After completing these simple steps, you can start creating your first Amazon Posts.

2. Create Post

In the upper right-hand corner of your Amazon Posts dashboard, you will find the “Create Post” tab. Click it and it will direct you to the Amazon Posts builder. This will let you create and preview your Posts easily.

3. Upload an Engaging & Inspiring Photo

To create a Post, begin with uploading a photo that represents your brand or product. It is important to remember that each Post will display only one image. At the same time, the image cannot feature the following:

  • A brand logo / logos
  • A Call-to-Action, such as Buy Now or Subscribe Now
  • An animation
  • A bunch of elements, such as representing multiple products in the form of a collage

Amazon suggests including lifestyle images that showcase people using your product in real-time, but it can never directly promote a brand or product or display multiple products in a single post or image.

3. Add an Interesting Caption

In Amazon Posts, you have a caption limit of 2200 characters. It must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Promote a product that your business owns or is authorized to distribute or resell
  • Use the primary language of the Amazon site based on the location. For instance, use English for posts on, etc.
  • The language must be simple and suitable for your target audience

As per Amazon’s regulations, there are certain things the caption should avoid:

  • Customer reviews or star ratings
  • Questions that communicate directly with the audience, such as “Do you want to…?”
  • The language that is emotionally tickling, like “Do not miss out,” “last chance,” etc.
  • Fake functionalities like a “Play” button
  • References that direct to other brands
  • Deals, promotions, and discounts
  • Like, share, or comment requests
  • Requests to contact via email or social media
  • Delivery or shipping claims

4. Feed in Your Product ASIN

Once you craft the Post creative, enter the product ASIN. This enables Amazon to get the right link for your Amazon Post. Furthermore, this link will direct shoppers to the product listing when they click on the Post. Therefore, it is important to provide the correct ASIN.

5. Submit the Amazon Post

After your upload the image, write the caption and enter the product ASIN, you can have a preview of the same before submitting the Post to Amazon. In the right-hand corner of the Post builder screen, you can check out how the Amazon Post will appear on the platform. It is crucial to double-check for typos or other errors before you click “Submit for review.”

Once Amazon approves the Post, you can review its performance at

Amazon provides the option to create an unlimited number of Posts. So, it is a powerful tool to drive improved brand and product awareness and boost your sales.

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Top 7 Reasons You Need an Amazon PPC Agency Right Now!

With 63% of online shoppers starting their product searches on Amazon, it is the 3rd most popular advertising platform after Google and Facebook. But before you spend your hard-earned money on Amazon advertising, it is important to know that it is a complex process. Competing and getting success on Amazon requires a well-defined and aggressive PPC strategy. And that’s where outsourcing to a professional Amazon PPC agency can add value to your business. 

Discussed here are 7 good reasons why you should hire an expert PPC agency with skills in Amazon Advertising. 

#1: Get Started Quickly with an Amazon PPC Agency

When you partner with someone having expertise and knowledge, the learning curve seems pretty straightforward. A good Amazon PPC agency lends a helping hand to make the PPC campaign successful without you having to take the wheel. They provide expert Amazon PPC advice based on your business offering, as well as use cutting-edge tools that can help you get started quickly and efficiently.      

They would begin by optimizing your product pages, ensuring they stay compliant with the latest changes. A proficient Amazon PPC expert constantly upgrades their knowledge to utilize new tools available for 3P sellers, including EBC and Storefront. They will use the right plans and techniques to optimize product pages, ensuring higher conversion rates for your Amazon ads. 

At the same time, they aim at offering a comprehensive customer experience across all channels, optimizing your ads for mobile devices as well and not just getting the keywords indexed by Amazon search engine.        

Amazon PPC Agency

#2: Strengthen Your Brand Awareness and Market Position 

When you hire a professional to take care of your Amazon PPC management services, it can help promote brand visibility and build market dominance. They develop a well-defined PPC strategy, followed by continuous monitoring and analytics – positioning your ad in prominent positions that help grab attention of increased shoppers and broaden your market reach. 

A strong market position and improved brand awareness will open up attractive business opportunities to launch new offerings and products. 

#3: Go Beyond Your Think Tank and Implement Best Practices 

Employing an expert Amazon PPC agency will take your ideas beyond typical e-commerce walls and add more creativity to boost engagement. They provide insightful data for beginners, but also add a creative and professional touch to PPC campaigns you are already running. Yes; data matters, but design is also crucial to improve brand awareness and success. 

An experienced Amazon PPC specialist has in-depth knowledge of the platform and can implement industry best practices that can help deliver quality results. 

#4: Keep Updated 

A good PPC agency will provide a comprehensive picture of how they plan to execute a successful Amazon Advertising campaign, monthly and weekly. They will set growth percentage goals month-on-month and also explain the strategy through every step. An Amazon PPC expert will also make optimal adjustments every month to maximize your ROI. Monthly or weekly reports are sent to keep you updated about the campaign. 

Regularly monitoring your Amazon ad is important to ensure your success as a thriving Amazon seller. 

#5: Manage Your Ad Campaigns Effectively 

Advertising is a powerful tool to promote your products on the Amazon marketplace, increase brand exposure, and grow your sales. However, Amazon Advertising is getting increasingly competitive and average Cost Per Click skyrocketing across all categories. Additionally, there are different types of Amazon ads, with different strategies and tricks. Understanding the nitty-gritty of each and driving increased ROI can be complex.

Amazon Advertising is a time-consuming process and requires proficiency and knowledge. If you lack time and expertise, consider hiring an Amazon PPC agency that specializes in this form of advertising. They will manage the entire campaign, right from setting it up to optimizing, monitoring, and analyzing.     

However, make sure to hire an agency that is expert in Amazon Advertising, and not just all types of PPC ads. They must have a track record of running successful Amazon advertising campaigns. 

#6: Stay Compliant with Latest Amazon Advertising Trends and Changes 

Trends and algorithms change really fast on Amazon. Not being updated about these changes or failure to implement the latest trends can make you stand behind your competitors who constantly upgrade their knowledge in this field. If you lack time or expertise, it is a good idea to partner with someone who will stay alert and adapt to these changes. 

An Amazon PPC specialist will stay up-to-date with Amazon advertising policies and have the technical know-how to leverage the changes to design an efficient PPC campaign and stay compliant. However, it is important to hire one who is well-aware of Amazon’s advertising policies and will comply with them. After all, violation of terms of service may result in a risk of suspension. 

#7: Augment Your Amazon SEO Strategy 

The digital marketing scenario is highly competitive. Simply focusing on one strategy will not get you the desired results or help you outrank the competitors. This is especially true for Search Engine Optimization that is designed to drive organic traffic. But when you bolster your Amazon SEO performance with a definitive PPC strategy, it can help achieve increased visibility, maximum reach, and instant results.   

The combination of both will augment your digital marketing strategy while optimizing your sales effort – resulting in increased ROI. 


If you want to drive qualified leads, increase sales, and reduce your ACOS, then hiring an experienced Amazon PPC agency will add value to your business. They will manage the entire campaign, while you still have full control of your PPC ads. A PPC expert will discover the right target audience and likewise, create a well-defined strategy around high-potential keywords, ad placements, budget setting, and bidding. Measuring your ad spent and continuously tracking performance further helps optimize the ad campaign and achieve greater results. 

However, if you decide to hire an Amazon PPC expert, make sure you choose one that has years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in Amazon Advertising. They should have the necessary proficiency and tools that help take your business to its success.

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Amazon PPC Management- How to get started for your business?

Online marketing has been supported by many of the prompt podiums that helps businesses to establish their own worth in the market. Amazon PPC Management is one efficient marketing strategy that can help a business to promote and sell its products online.

The idea behind choosing an amazon PPC marketing is to manage, circulate and promote the products in a precise way to the relevant set of traffic. Before we talk about further benefits of implementing these strategies, let us brief about what exactly Amazon PPC management service stands for and why does it matter?

Amazon PPC Management Services- An introduction

Amazon has been a leading eCommerce platform where a seller can successfully meet its potential customers. When a buyer enters the Amazon platform, he needs to keep an eye over how to escalate his sales number on this high-performing channel. It accurately helps in predicting the near future.

The Amazon PPC marketing enables the seller to measure and predict the future of their business revenue. In the later part of the write-up, we have discussed why your business needs amazon PPC management services and how you can get a hold over the expert strategies.

Types of campaigns for PPC ams

Mainly, the two types of campaigns are set for running PPC on Amazon. You can easily handcraft your amazon ppc strategy as per the requirements of a particular project. There are two types of options available:

  • Automatic campaigns
  • Manual campaigns

Though the majority of the campaigns are driven by the auto campaigns strategy. Here is how it works.

The auto campaigns are an integral part of the Amazon PPC optimization service that allows the businesses to collect the data from the platform. Once the data is collected, Amazon will start triggering your products for similar search terms.

It will help you to stay in the eyes of your potential customers. As per the change in the search trends, your products will be shown to your relevant customers and they can connect with you.

On the other hand, when you choose to opt for the manual campaigns, you need to keep an eye over the keywords. The act of optimizing amazon ppc becomes important when you choose to go for the manual keywords.

Now, when you understand about the different types of campaigns, you must also be knowing about the detailed process of how these paid search works.

The process:

The auction-based model helps in getting the relevant data for the potential customers. The Amazon PPC optimization services are redirected in a way that the seller can choose the bid on which he wishes to run the ad. The ads are characterized by various factors.

These are a few of the points that matter the most:

  • The complete click-through rate history
  • The conversion sales
  • The overall sales

Process to optimize amazon PPC for better results?

As discussed above, amazon works on the cost per conversion model. To get a complete overview, you must know about these numbers: selling price, the value of goods. Here are a few strategies that are combined together to bring the desired results.

a) Getting visibility on high search numbers

If you wish to stay in the eyes of your potential customers, you need to develop a tailor-fit Amazon PPC strategy. The strategy will help you to make your product visible on higher ranks.

Better the visibility of your product on the platform more will be the chances to meet your customers. This will, later on, increase the chance of driving revenue for your business.

b) Reach to your buyer

Still, wondering why you need to outsource an amazon PPC agency for optimizing your ads? It will help you to pitch the relevant set of customers without much worry.

The customers can easily go through your website and as per their requirements, they will get reliable products in a few clicks. You can save a big time in bringing and driving the required traffic to the site. The Amazon PPC management services allow you to optimize and target the required set of audiences.

c) Pay for clicks only

Another interesting point related to amazon’s PPC strategy is that as a seller, you are going to pay for the clicks only. This means no matter how much traffic is coming to the Amazon platform, if that traffic reaches your site then only you need to pay for it.

In simpler terms, you will pay for the clicks for the site. This can be done precisely when you choose the amazon PPC.

You can spend a desired amount of budget on a particular campaign and later on, based on the requirements and performance of the campaigns, one can take the decision.

Enhance your reach to maximum people

It is quite obvious when an individual is outsourcing the Amazon PPC agency, he can get an enhanced reach of customers to its products. For example, if your product is listed in the respective amazon PPC marketing services, you can redirect maximum traffic to the product.

This traffic can be used to find potential customers for your business. In longer times, this can be one of the game-changing steps in driving greater ROI for your business.

Either you choose the manual campaign or the auto campaign, the need to optimize the campaign remains the same. This is why it is suggested that one should hire experts to get amazon PPC management services.
Hiring the experts- Amazon PPC Management Services

If you are looking to get in touch with one of the reliable and strategy-driven amazon PPC marketing agencies, feel free to connect with Team Offshore. Our team of professionals will help in creating tailor-fit strategies to optimize and run your campaign with great efficiency.

Get in touch today for better results!

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7 Effective Tips on Amazon PPC Management to Get the Most of Your Daily Budget

Are you new to Amazon advertising? Not sure how to gain maximum product visibility and generate more sales in a limited budget?

These proven Amazon PPC management tips are just what you need to get started.


Tip 1: The First Pillar of Amazon PPC Success: Optimize Your Product Listings


Smart PPC campaigns are more than keywords, ad creative, and bidding – the quality of your Amazon product listings can have a profound impact on CTR and conversions.

The below Amazon PPC tips on product listing optimization will help you lead the way:


  • Visually-Appealing & Realistic Imagery: Optimizing your product images plays a pivotal role in increasing customer engagement and sales on Amazon.

    Choose high-resolution and professional-looking photos that display your products in a realistic and compelling manner.


  • Use Branching Strategy: Another proven tactic to optimize your product listings is the branching strategy.

    Here, you create a broad category and place multiple similar products under it.

    This helps build an authority on the Amazon search result page, getting your products increased visibility.

    It is also an effective customer engagement tool because when a customer clicks on a product variant, he will discover more related options available.


  • Add Relevant Keywords in the Product Title & Description: If your product title or description does not contain a keyword, it is time to integrate one to improve its organic search rankings on Amazon.


Tip 2: Be Relevant to the Searchers’ Intent


Let’s face it – no matter how compelling an ad creative or a product you have, it will not show up on Amazon search results unless it is relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

Therefore, focusing on the searchers’ intent is a vital step of Amazon PPC optimization.

This strategy will help you get the most of your PPC campaign and save more.


As an online seller, it is important to have a fair idea of how your potential consumers think and perceive brands on Amazon.

When you type in a product category or niche in the Amazon search bar, it will show you suggestions of how people use different search terms to find products online.

This is the cue that a good Amazon PPC agency takes to identify the right keywords to integrate into the ad copy and make it most “relevant” to a searchers’ intent.


Picking relevant keywords based on what your potential customers are looking for precisely can also prevent the ad from being shown to irrelevant searchers.

This will reduce the rate of unwanted clicks and improve your ROI by boosting your positive click-through rate (CTR).


Amazon PPC management experts also use advanced keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool to discover a broad set of keywords that match your customers’ search intent.

The tools provide a comprehensive list of how many searches a specific term gets on Amazon and also helps identify related phrases.

You can also segment the keyword data by geographical location to target local searches and generate higher sales.


Tip 3: Begin with Amazon Automatic Targeting but Opt for Manual


Any Amazon PPC expert would like to have more control over PPC campaigns to help make cost-effective business decisions.

However, the automatic targeting feature of Amazon can be a magic tool, especially when you have just started off with your PPC campaign.

Take, for instance, keyword research.

When you set up auto-targeting PPC campaigns, it will automatically test the market and identify which search terms your potential customers are using to find related products.


When you hire professional Amazon PPC services, they can start by setting up a “test” ad campaign with an auto-targeting option.

This will run on a minimum budget and is designed to test how different keywords, match types, and combinations are performing on Amazon.

Once they have keyword data for a few days, they will set up a manual campaign integrating these search terms to boost visibility and drive more sales.


It is important that automatic targeting is used only in conjunction with other keyword research strategies as discussed in the previous tip.

amazon ppc optimisation

Tip 4: Optimize and Improve Your Ad Copy


Many PPC sellers do the mistake of running the same ad copy, without testing its effectiveness.

This can prevent the ad from coming up in Amazon search results or influencing your potential customers to click.

Consumer interests and needs are constantly changing and so should be your ad copy.

To engage your audience and get more clicks, it is important that you focus on your ad copy.

Optimizing, testing, and tweaking your ad copy should be a crucial part of your Amazon advertising campaign strategy.

Experts suggest creating two or more compelling ad copies with a killer title and attention-grabbing description.

Product images or videos can further make the ad copy more persuasive for your audiences.

Make sure you integrate all relevant keywords into the ad copy to improve its search engine visibility.


Now split test multiple ad copies across different Amazon PPC campaigns and analyze which performs better.

Eventually, you can bid higher on the ad copy that directs maximum positive clicks.

Remember, this is an ongoing process and you should continue creating fresh, unique, and engaging ad copy and A/B test the same for best results.


Note: It does not take just big budgets to deliver outstanding PPC results.

You need to wisely use Amazon PPC strategies to make the most of every dollar you spend.


Tip 5: Amazon Rank Optimization


Do you know that the budget and bid assigned for a particular keyword depend on the search ranking of the product listing for that search query?


To deliver the best results against a limited budget, a good Amazon PPC consultancy will formulate definitive strategies to improve the position and rank of your product listings on Amazon SERPs for a specific keyword.

Start with it by tracking the top keywords and their respective rankings for your listing.

Based on it, set up three unique campaigns as below:


  • Ranking beyond Page 5: If the product listing ranks beyond page 5 or 6 on Amazon search results, then your Amazon PPC consultant will focus only on a few good-performing keywords instead of bidding on all.

    Through modest bidding, they will ensure your budget is not wasted while focusing on whatever sales the keywords can generate.


  • Ranking on Page 2-5: The same strategy will apply for keywords that rank on Amazon’s second, third, fourth, and fifth search result pages.

    Moderate and consistent bidding on high-performing keywords is the tactic here.

    Likewise, optimize the campaigns by adding these keywords.

    It will automatically help improve your listing’s organic ranking as the keywords start generating more conversions.


  • Ranking on Page 1: Take an aggressive bidding approach for keywords that rank on Amazon’s first page because they have the highest conversion potential.

    With smart bidding on most relevant keywords, you can win the top positions and increase your listing’s visibility.

    At this stage, an Amazon PPC management agency will also include different variations of the keywords, including long-tail keywords, to increase conversions for such queries as well.


Tip 6: Add Negative Keywords to Reduce Ad Spends on Irrelevant Clicks


Pay-per-click sounds simple, but lack of technical know-how can cause you to overspend in several thousand dollars.

Not optimizing your campaign to prevent irrelevant clicks is one such mistake.


Often, you would see a higher click-through rate for a particular keyword (eventually, higher cost-per-click), but with poor conversions.

This might be because the ad is shown even to irrelevant searchers, who would click but not convert.

Say for instance, you sell Burberry perfumes on Amazon. While setting up the campaign, you used “broad” keyword matching strategy with the primary keyword being “Burberry.”

This causes your ad to show even to people searching for “Burberry” watches.


Eventually, they may click but will not convert.

But each click can significantly increase your CPC with no returns.

An Amazon PPC optimisation expert will suggest integrating negative keywords in the campaign to prevent your ads from being shown to others except for your relevant audience.

However, only an Amazon PPC specialist can identify which negative keywords to set up for your campaign.


Tip 7: Adjust Bids Based on Ad Placements


Amazon constantly updates its PPC ad platform to provide a profitable way for sellers to bid.

Now you can adjust the bids based on where your PPC ads are placed on Amazon: at the top of SERPs on page one, within the rest of the search results, or in the product details page, add-to-the-cart page, etc.


A PPC Amazon expert will analyze which ad placement is driving more visibility and sales, and likewise, adjust the bidding strategy for such placements.

This will ensure that you get more returns for every penny spent on strategic ad placements.




Hope the above tips will help optimize your Amazon ad campaigns and generate higher sales.

Since Amazon PPC analysis and management is a complex process, it is crucial that you hire expert Amazon PPC optimization service to get the best results for your budget.


Seek Amazon PPC help from a specialist who has in-depth experience optimizing Amazon ad campaigns and delivering outstanding results.

Amazon PPC

Increase visibility and sales on Amazon with advertising

The world is getting digital, and the number of people joining the internet is increasing daily. Many businesses are switching online because the traffic for online purchases is more than offline.

It is convenient for businesses to present a variety of stuff and for the customers to choose the best among them.

According to a report, the number of people who make online purchases is increasing by millions within a year. It is the reason that people have to accept the change and start the advertisement online for their brand.

A website with huge traffic can be beneficial for any business that wants to boost its sales by doing good advertisements.

The websites do not get huge traffic within a day; rather, it takes years of effort and cost to build such an amazing platform to attract people.

Advertising on such a platform is the biggest advantage a business can avail. Amazon is one of those giant platforms which has a huge worldwide customer base.

Advertising on Amazon is always a great platform but ensuring that your business is getting popular requires a proper technique.

Amazon pay per click is a way of advertisement where you will pay only when the user clicks on your ad.

It means that your product’s ad would be available the same as other products, but some special tricks make them more approachable to the customers.

One can easily find the amazon sponsored ads which show the product on the platform. Many PPC consultants guide what the product should show while running an ad.

There are various things that one has to take care of while running the ad.

1. Determine the goal

PPC is an investment that the business does in the hope that their product will be sold. Determining the goal of how the product will be sold is important.

It includes the specific keywords which customers use to search for their product on the website. These keywords decide whether the product will be visible on the search or not.

Amazon PPC management says that the keywords should be according to the customer’s use while searching.

2. Determine the schedule of campaigns

Various campaigns are running on Amazon, and that is the best time to boost sales. The Amazon PPC agencies do the same by including campaigns in the purchase and increasing the product’s sales.

It is easy but requires a strategy in which the person is ahead of all other products. There are various Amazon management PPC services which an individual can follow.

3. Define the target audience

Not all people use the same keywords to search for the product. It is the reason that a particular group of people should be targeted. Amazon advertising companies hold the data.

That’s why they suggest better ways to improve the ranking of products. The amazon PPC management service requires a proper knowledge about the trend.

How much does one have to spend on advertising on Amazon?

There is no specific amount, and it completely depends on the brand you are advertising. Amazon doesn’t charge any money till the point any customer clicks on the ad.

The Amazon PPC agency knows the ways and determines the algorithm behind charging the money.

For the best Amazon PPC management service, the businesses always choose an amazon advertising agency.

How to use amazon advertising?

The first step is to list the product that you want to sell on amazon. Once the product is present on Amazon, it depends on the customer’s search and the keywords they use while searching.

There are different types of ads that one has to create for selling their product.

How to create an Amazon advertising-sponsored product?

Amazon offers a platform where the business can add their product, price, images, and other product details. It is how the product gets added to the platform.

It is now dependent on the search whether the product gets a click or not. The sponsored ads are further divided into two ads

  1. Manual targeted ads
  2. Automatic targeted ads

In automatic ads, the efforts to enter the right keyword decreases. It is better because not all the time business can predict the right word which customer uses while searching.

1. Manual Targeted ads

In these ads the businesses have to add the popular keywords and customer often uses them to search. Determining those keywords require experience and the agencies hold such experience.

2. Automatic targeting ads

Some ads do not focus on the manual keywords present in the description; rather, it manages according to the algorithm. The way a person searches could change, so the automatic selection of keywords must be there.

The Amazon PPC agencies do the same by running the automatic ads and getting an increase in sales. Amazon PPC management could become easy if an individual chooses the right amazon advertising company.

There are instances when sales increases, then the algorithm changes and charges more per click. To manage the cost, business often takes advice from amazon PPC consultants.


Amazon PPC services are effective and can result in great results if the business chooses the right agency. There are several campaigns that Amazon runs, and these campaigns have a plan.

Focusing on the list and deciding the target audience can take the product of the business to heights.

Keywords play a vital role in bringing the traffic to the business as not all the businesses get successful, and the one who mentions the right keywords receive better sales.

The Amazon PPC consultants suggest the best way to run an ad and tricks to boost sales. The automatic ads do not ask the business to enter the keyword; rather, it automatically understands the customer search.

For these algorithms, one has to pay an extra amount in comparison to the manual PPC ads.

Amazon PPC

Upgrade your business with Amazon PPC Campaigns

The word digital grabs everyone’s attention towards big giants driving it, and they are Google, Amazon, and a few more.

Every minute there are thousands of people coming online and relying on ecommerce websites for their needs. In coming times, more than 70 percent of sales would be through the digital platforms.

Investing the efforts and time by setting up your business online is beneficial for coming times. It is the change that everyone has to adopt because customers find it more convenient to purchase stuff within a few clicks.

Humans wish for something more, and automation will decrease the amount of time an individual invests in doing some task.

Investing money in campaigns for getting more customer base is the best plan that one can choose for quick success.

Companies like Amazon have not become a giant in a year or two; instead, thousands of people’s efforts have been for years. In any way, if such a great company could advertise a new business, then there can be no better deal than that.

Amazon advertising uses several techniques to attract more customers to its platform. Running a successful PPC campaign requires some special tips which one can consider to promote their business effectively.

Benefits of Amazon PPC management

1. Device Friendly

The ads can run on any screen size, and as the number of users who see ads on mobile are more than on the web, so it is beneficial to run the ad with Amazon.

2. Pay for a click, not for running the ad.

The pay per click relates to the fact that a business will pay the significant amount once they have one click. In case the user doesn’t click and scroll down, the brand is also getting an advertisement.

As Amazon’s customer base cannot be comparable, that is the fact which makes it worth running the ads on Amazon.

3. No subscription amount

A business has not to pay any amount in the starting till the point the user doesn’t click on the ad. Amazon automatically deducts the amount, which is the profit share, so the transaction is free from all the hassle.

4. Customization options available

There are several customization options that Amazon provides, so present the ad as the way you think it could drive more sales.

A separate team that could add creativity to the ads can help further attracting people towards the ad. One thing present at Amazon is the customer base, and the business needs to think to attract it towards their product.

Ways to optimize the sales

These are the following tips that can surely help in the best amazon PPC management service.

Follow the common theme.

There is always a structure that follows while running a campaign and that structure for all the campaigns.

It avoids confusion among the team members, and the business focuses more on the campaign’s list. For a successful PPC campaign on amazon, one should always take care of three things.

  1. Category of product that you are promoting
  2. Brand of Product
  3. Market analysis

Amazon PPC agencies apply different efforts to promote a business through advertisements. The techniques they follow are significant and show excellent results in the short term.

It is the data they hold and the correct prediction they make according to the pattern of data. It is always beneficial to run an Amazon PPC campaign.

1. Choose automated Campaigns

Amazon provides two ways of campaigning. One is manual, and the other is automatic. The entire game lies in choosing the right keyword, and that is possible only when there is proper readable data.

It could cost a company a considerable amount to extract meaningful data and then add those keywords to the campaigns. It is a better amazon ppc agency that could ask for going ahead with automated campaigns.

The benefit of an automatic campaign would be that it will provide keywords automatically, and it will be a successful ppc campaign on amazon.

2. Set up something unique

The campaigns are meant for attracting customers more than the average days. There is an amount which business pays for running the campaigns on Amazon so make proper use of it.

The approach and the content should be unique and attractive for the customers and alter the plans according to each service’s response. When a product doesn’t get much popularity because of public interest, businesses still waste money promoting it.

The better way would be to analyze the correct approach and land again with a better approach. It isn’t easy to find the best ppc campaign strategy for amazon fba, but the customer base would increase rapidly once it is there.

3. Choose the target audience.

The common mistake which people make in business is that they choose the broad spectrum of people. The budget also has to stay high for a broad spectrum because multiple aspects come along with the broad spectrum.

It is better to pitch a small number of people who are a part of your target audience. Amazon advertising is beneficial when sales could boost, which is possible with amazon’s ppc management service.

4. Keep track of the performance of the product with analytics.

Analytics has become a part of technology, and it is essential to take it along with every research. The campaigns don’t run for free, and per-click cost would be a waste if the analytics could not tell about people’s rising interest in the domain.

Changing the plans according to market demand, is what analytics helps in doing. The bar graphs and charts can surely help in a successful ppc campaign on amazon.


Amazon PPC campaign helps in building awareness about the brand and executes the ads in a better way. Two ways are manual and automated ads, and the benefit of running automated ads is the keywords, which help reach the customers.

Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC Management: Powerful Secrets of Building a Winning Campaign

Getting started with Amazon is simple and fast. But when it comes to gaining exposure through Amazon PPC, the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.


Amazon is the 3rd most popular advertising platform today, posing tough competition to Google and Facebook.

There are over 2.5 million active sellers on the marketplace and the competition is cut-throat. So, it isn’t surprising if you have not yet been ranked as the “best seller” or got the luck to achieve the “buy box.”

However, leveraging the power of effective Amazon PPC management can be your best bet to improve exposure and sell fast on this promising platform.


Here are the secrets to building a killer Amazon PPC campaign that delivers outstanding results.


7 Amazon PPC Advertising Tips to Drive Increased Traffic & Boost Conversions


Discussed here are the blueprints of Amazon PPC optimization that will help you get the most out of your limited budget.


#1: Drive “relevance” by focusing on the searcher’s intent


To drive effective results for your Amazon PPC campaign, it is important to be most “relevant” to what the searchers are looking for.

It is also a proven technique to reduce irrelevant clicks, thus, lowering your CPC.

You have to think of the way your potential customers think when they search for a product that you sell.

This will help you model the right keywords, making your products most relevant to what your customers are searching for.


So, how do you know what keywords your customers would use on Amazon search box to find a product?

Use advanced keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool.

Make sure you target both long-tail and short-tail keywords to be most relevant, increase visibility, and drive genuine clicks.


#2: Use Amazon ‘Sponsored Brands’ to boost brand awareness


When someone searches a product on Amazon, the ‘Sponsored Brands’ ads appear at the top of the search results.

Therefore, they are trusted by over 18% of buyers and perceived to be more credible and verified products. It helps build strong brand awareness and is useful in advertising multiple products.


When combined with branded searches and category keywords, you can use Sponsored Brands ads for top-of-the-funnel advertising. The ads can be optimized to direct clicks to your Products Listing Page and the storefront.

amazon ppc management

#3: Continuously test, optimize, and improve your Amazon PPC ad copy


This is one aspect that many Amazon sellers shy away from. Once the ad copy is ready, they post it and only keep tracking its performance.

However, advertisers fail to understand that if they do not split-test multiple ad copies, optimize and tweak them, it will result in a poor-performing PPC ad campaign.


As an Amazon seller, your primary goal is to get more leads and boost your sales.

To achieve this, it is imperative to create multiple ad copies that are attention-grabbing and test which concept gels well with your potential customers.

Plus, you should focus on Amazon PPC optimisation – improving the ad copy, optimizing your keywords and landing pages, smart bidding, etc.

This should be an ongoing process to ensure you reap higher revenues from your ad spends.

Get professional Amazon PPC management service to power your campaign and generate better results.


#4: Leverage Keyword Match Types


To refine ad targeting, Amazon provides the option to use keyword match types – exact, broad, phrase, and negative. Match types help find out how closely your keywords will match the product ads for a specific ad group.


i. Exact: The ad will be shown only when the search query matches the keyword exactly. However, singular or plural variations also match here.


ii. Broad: The Amazon PPC product ad will show up when all the words in a user’s search query match your keywords. The order of the words, spelling variations, misspellings, and synonyms will also match.


iii. Phrase: The ad will show only when the search query has keyword/keywords exactly in the right order given. Singular or plural keyword variations are also included.


Adding negative keywords is another powerful tactic that Amazon PPC experts use to prevent increasing your ad spends due to irrelevant clicks.

Negative keywords are the phrases or search queries for which you do not want your product ads to be triggered.

Including negative keywords will ensure that the ads will not be clicked irrelevantly. This will help lower your CPC that often increases unaccountably due to inappropriate clicks.


#5: Optimize Your Bids by Ad Placement


Amazon now allows advertisers to refine your PPC campaigns more efficiently and gain better control over where the ads will show and how much you can pay for them.

So, you can adjust your PPC bids based on ad placement. You have three options for placing of ads –


  • At the top of Amazon search results on Page 1
  • Anywhere in the search results
  • Any position except the search results, i.e. on the product details page, add-to-cart page, etc.


Analyze your Amazon placement report and identify which position has driven more visibility and conversions.

Based on the data, you can adjust your bid to leverage the more promising ad placement.


#6: Place product variations in the same ad group


If you have a single product with variations in color, size, flavor, etc, you can put these in the same ad group and save cost.

Amazon will display the product ad with the most popular variation to drive traffic. Once a customer clicks the ad and visits the product page, they can choose from the variations available.

If the customer specifically mentions the variation (suppose the color), the ad with that particular variation will appear on the search results.

Consult your Amazon PPC agency to learn more about this feature.


#7: Hire an Amazon PPC Consultant


Finally, a killer tip to build a high-performance and result-driven ad campaign is to hire a professional Amazon PPC optimization service from an expert.

They have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can strategize a winning campaign that drives you more leads and conversions.

Plus, an Amazon PPC specialist will test, optimize, and tweak the campaign regularly to ensure improved performance and better results.


A good Amazon PPC management agency also tracks and analyzes the results continuously and provides a comprehensive report with actionable insights.


Following these essential tips and hiring expert Amazon PPC services will help design an ROI-driven ad campaign and generate amazing results.

Amazon PPC

How to Increase Ecommerce Sales with Amazon Ad Management Services?

Amazon Ads is a powerful digital marketing platform that, when done intelligently, can drive your ecommerce sales to new heights. Hire Amazon PPC agency for effective ad management that can help boost visibility, drive quality leads, and increase your sales.


In this blog, you will understand how professional Amazon PPC management services can help increase your ecommerce sales.


5 Proven Strategies an Amazon PPC Expert Uses to Drive Ecommerce Sales


Unsurprisingly, Amazon is the first name that comes to our mind when shopping online. 89% of online shoppers agree they would buy products from Amazon than any other ecommerce site. Amazon has over 2.5 million active sellers on the marketplace, with 200,000 sellers earning more than $100,000 in sales. This makes it a vital platform for all types of ecommerce businesses.


But amid hundreds of similar products struggling to get the top position on Amazon search engine result pages, the question arises – how to increase sales? With intelligent and ongoing Amazon PPC optimization.


Discussed here are some proven tactics that Amazon PPC specialists use to drive higher sales for your ecommerce sales.


#1: Set Your Amazon Advertising Goal


A key to step to Amazon PPC optimisation is setting your advertising goal. Amazon provides its sellers two options – create brand awareness or increase sales. Here, your objective is to drive more sales. The PPC advertising platform enables you to target the most relevant audience depending on your goals. Likewise, the ad will be shown only to the audience set you choose, i.e. those who are genuinely interested in your products and are most likely to buy.


Your Amazon PPC management agency will also use relevant metrics that will help gauge your campaign performance. For instance, select Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) as your preferred metric when the goal is to increase ecommerce sales. The advertising goal that you set at the time of creating the campaign will help optimize all related metrics.

#2: Ongoing Product Listing Audit


An inexperienced Amazon PPC firm will set up an ad campaign and forget about it. Be aware and hire the one that has in-depth experience in optimizing and improving your product listings. They will perform ongoing product ad audit that includes optimizing and tweaking the product title, images, description, targeted keywords, reviews and ratings.


With this proactive approach, you can boost your ad rankings in Amazon search results. Most importantly, it will make it simpler and convenient for your potential customers to find your products amid the clutter in Amazon. But make sure, the product listing should be in line with your ad campaign. Online shoppers will not appreciate the “shock” element when they are directed from your PPC ad to the product page.

amazon ppc management agency

#3: Start with Automated Targeting


Amazon Sponsored Ads provide the option of automated targeting that is great to start with. Amazon PPC management experts generally prefer manual targeting because they have rich knowledge in the industry and can identify how the keywords will drive better visibility and higher sales for your business. However, then can use automated targeting to get started because it makes it easier and faster to target the most relevant keywords.


Depending on your niche products, the Amazon search algorithm will automatically recommend potential keywords. A default flat bid amount applies on all suggested keywords. The basic concept is to gather valuable insights to understand how different keywords are performing. The Amazon PPC expert will test different keyword performance results and likewise adjust the bids.


After gathering keyword data, the specialist will analyze which keywords have performed most efficiently. These can then be added into your manual PPC campaign. Once you leverage automatic targeting, it is crucial to set up a manual campaign because it allows you to adjust the bids by the best-performing keywords and least-performing ones. This will not only help lower your CPC but also drive improved visibility of your Amazon ad and higher sales.


#4: Target Product Categories with Amazon Ad Campaigns


Category targeting is an integral element of Amazon PPC optimization service that allows you to seamlessly reach potential consumers searching for products in related categories. According to Amazon, “Category targeting is a subset of product targeting. Instead of picking individual products to target, category targeting allows advertisers to reach products within related categories easily.”


The concept is similar to Google Ads PPC campaigns. For every primary product category, set up an ad campaign and then combine to set up more targeted ad groups.


Here is an example for you:


Suppose, you sell herbal supplements and vitamins on Amazon. Take the top three best-selling products; say children’s multivitamins, Vitamin D capsules and calcium supplements. Based on these categories, set up unique ad groups respectively. For every ad campaign, identify 15-30 most relevant keywords for every product category and devise compelling ad creative with the keywords. This is a strategic approach to keep the Amazon PPC ads most relevant and generate increased sales with higher ROI.


#5: Leverage the Power of Data


Specialist Amazon PPC services enable you to leverage rich data to create and optimize your PPC ad campaigns. Split test unique ad copies, images and videos to analyze which is performing best. Try testing different forms of Amazon ads: Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, Sponsored Brands, and Video Ads. Constantly monitor and identify which is converting best, and likewise, adjust your budget.


Amazon PPC analysis will also enable you to identify which features of the ad are working well with the audiences. Also, you can use Amazon Performance Dashboard to get valuable insights into


  • Ad impressions and clicks
  • Orders, sales and spending
  • Click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)


The dashboard allows you to optimize the Amazon ad campaign towards better visibility of vital metrics, make improvements, and increase your sales.




Want to make the most of your Amazon PPC campaign? Get professional Amazon PPC help from an expert who has in-depth expertise in this field and can deliver quality results. Hire a full-time PPC agency or get a skilled Amazon PPC freelancer to handle your campaigns, implement proven strategies, and increase your eCommerce sales.

Amazon PPC

What Do You Need To Know Before Hiring An Amazon PPC Management Agency?

The most common problem amidst the business firms these days is “Finding the right market”. Sellers feel that there is very little opportunity to market and sell their products.

The opportunities are too high, but you need to have the right approach and strategy in place to reach your target customers. The Internet lets you access the large marketplace, where billions of demanding customers are waiting for your products.

The best way to reach them is to focus on the appropriate market strategies for your online marketing campaign. Several Amazon PPC service providers can make your dream of building a successful business come true.

There are several online marketing strategies available. Amazon PPC (Amazon Pay-per-Click) is one of the best platforms to advertise on your products.

It is a pocket-friendly way of promoting your products. After you pay for the sponsored ad, you will only have to pay if someone clicks on the advertisement.

This makes sure that you reach only the right and potential customers for the amount you spend. Amazon PPC management agencies make it easy for you to manage the advertising.

 amazon ppc management service


The Role of Amazon PPC Agency


You might wonder what role these management agencies play. The primary advantage of hiring an Amazon PPC agency is that you can increase the volume of your e-commerce business while cutting down on your advertisement cost.

This is usually evident through the ROI (Return-On-Investment). For every INR/USD you invest, the outcome is calculated. It is evident from statistics that, most Amazon PPC management India service providers have a very high ROI.

You can use their services and benefit by scaling up your business through this digital marketing activity.


Here is a list of the tasks they perform.


1. Keyword Research and Selection


The main and prioritized task of a PPC management agency is keyword formulation. This is the primary step. Formulating and choosing the right keywords will ensure fifty percent success to your online marketing campaign.

It is essential to stay choosy while choosing your keyword. This is because it is based on these keywords that the buyer would see your product in the listing.

Choose the appropriate and most relevant keywords to make sure you reach the right customers. This is a crucial task. The right Google PPC management agency will work on optimizing the keywords for your product/service.


2. Strategic Planning 


Once the keywords are selected, planning strategies for keyword bid-management is the next step. PPC agencies India work on particular keywords and perform bidding on your behalf. This will save in terms of money and will also ensure reach.

Apart from the keyword bid, they also include strategies like identifying negative keywords, listing the steps for implementation to target new keywords, tracking bids, and tracking down the performance of individual keywords.

The outcome of each of these activities is highly essential to develop better plans. Negative keywords make sure you don’t pay for the wrong clicks.


 3. Monitoring 


This is the next important task that a PPC ad management company does. Amazon PPC works primarily on the keywords. Once keywords are formulated, they are auctioned. The bidder who pays the maximum gets priority and is listed first on the search result.

The PPC management agencies work on the outcome of each keyword. Then they monitor regularly on how the keywords are useful and look for the performance of the same. This will help them build better keywords to direct potential customers to your products.


4. Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization 


An Amazon PPC expert has this advantage over the others. With the experience gained, they would know what changes have to be made to increase the reach of the campaign.

They would formulate and make suitable changes that ensure the success of the campaign. This includes identifying the best performing keywords and boosting them up to reach more.

In case they find the keywords are not up to the mark, they would reconstruct and come up with new keywords to reach the targeted audience. This will increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Simply, this would boost the Return on Investment for your campaign.

The entire process of PPC management agency is a cycle. This cycle has to be repeated multiple times with appropriate changes to keep up the success of your company in the market.

Work on getting a clear analysis report from the Amazon PPC management experts. This report, when worked in partnership between the company and the PPC service provider, will yield better results.

Be clear on what you expect from the campaign. This will help the PPC management provider to work on their plans to achieve your goals.

PPC optimization

A Guide to Hiring the Amazon PPC Management Experts


Here are a few characteristics that you need to look into an Amazon PPC agency before hiring for advertising.


1. Transparent Process


The first thing that you need to look for with an Amazon PPC expert is the transparency. When you invest with a PPC management agency, make sure it keeps things clean and open.

This will help you analyze how your budget is working in the marketing of your product. The agency should work in coordination and partnership with your company, to make sure your marketing campaign reaches its peak.


2. Result-Oriented Planning


Remember that you don’t merely invest with a PPC agency. The outcome of the campaign should be result oriented. Check from time to time if the strategies that the Amazon PPC agency is taking up are working right for you and delivering the required results.

Fix up goals in prior and check if the targets are achieved. This will help you refine your marketing strategies and will ensure that you are moving on the right track. It is essential to set realistic and right goals.

This can be in terms of Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), Return on Investment (ROI), product margin and other similar factors. Setting up prior standards in these terms will help formulate appropriate plans to achieve the target.


3. Experiences in the Industry


The best way to choose your management agency is to look for feedback from its previous clients. Look for the improvisation it has done with the client earlier it has worked with.

If you find the results to be worthy, then get a contract done. Also, experience comes only from the best Amazon PPC management agency. The experience gained will help it troubleshoot the existing issues in marketing your company. It will make sure that your marketing gets done in the right way.


4. Value Offered for Money


The next important thing that you need to look with a management agency is the budget or commission. There are several plans offered by agencies. Some take up a monthly payment, while others have percentage payments.

Remember that every penny you pay has to give out some potential results. So look for the percentage outcome. Check if the agency can provide sufficient reach for the amount you pay.

Do not hesitate to invest in the right track. Most companies find it inappropriate to invest. This keeps them from stepping forward. Only when you invest, you would know the outcomes and possibilities that are open ahead.

If you could find visible improvement in your firms’ success after a short span in the campaign, then go ahead.

There are several Amazon Adwords consultant, and you can get quotes from them. Analyze and find the partner that would best suit you.


5. Flow of Communication


It is vital to organize frequent meetings between your firm and the management agency. Take up an Amazon PPC analysis frequently.

A few companies take up monthly reports or meetings, whereas others meet biweekly. This meeting and discussion will help rebuild better versions and formulate new strategies to comply with the outcome expected.


6. Performance Testing


Risk bearing always has both advantages and disadvantages. Because you never know what is waiting at the other end. The same suits for PPC marketing as well.

Take up risk and run experiments with new strategies. Test with new keywords and check how they are performing. Just make sure you have the relevant keywords.

Split testing is yet another strategy you can take up. It is a method of conducting randomized experiments to improve a website. And, all this requires a bit of expert advice.

This is simply because, with very little knowledge of building a marketing campaign, there is every chance a fault would occur. Partnering with the right Amazon PPC expert would eliminate all major issues.

They would also help you refine your ideas and provide appropriate methodologies and strategies for you to accomplish your market goals.

 amazon ppc consultant


What to Expect From A PPC Management Agency?


Hiring a PPC agency doesn’t merely mean success. There are a few limitations to that as well. There are few criteria with which you can determine the success of your marketing campaign with your PPC management agency.


1) Enhanced Sales


The primary achievement of any marketing campaign is the increase in sales. This would simply make it evident that your marketing campaign is moving forth on the right track.

Check for the sales report before and after the marketing campaign. If the changes are visible, then the strategies are working right. If not, you have to rework on the same to do better in your future campaigns.

Remember that the volume of sales is just a simple indicator. Further investigations have to be made to ensure and correct your future marketing strategies.


2) Brand Promotion


This is yet another test to check the achievement of your campaigns. If you are a newcomer to the market, then this might be your primary target. Making your brand popular among the audience is also an achievement.

Though it does not influence the ROI directly, it makes sure you leave a mark in the market. Brand awareness is also worked on by Amazon PPC consultants. Brand awareness boosts up your business in an indirect way.


3) Creating Leads


If you are a service provider, then leads are essential for your business. This is also worked on by PPC management agencies. These agencies convert mere visitors to leads.

This is primarily by the ads in your marketing campaign. You can make use of these leads and work on them to create potential clients. Here again, the PPC management agencies work on indirectly improving your business.

Though the results are not directly visible, a precise analysis will make the success of this marketing strategy evident.

Remember, the mere hiring of a PPC expert wouldn’t solve marketing issues. It would simplify the problems so that you can solve them with ease.

To achieve a hundred percent success in your marketing campaign, you have to work in coordination with your PPC partner.


How Important Is It To Choose Your PPC Management Expert?


Apart from investing, the PPC management expert is a part of your firm itself. So it is more important to choose the right PPC expert to make sure your company has the right marketing partner.

Organize a meeting with several Amazon PPC agencies. Discuss and then decide on which one to choose. The right choice would boost up your company’s results.

At the same time, it will also stay within your budget. So making the right choice is more essential. The relationship with your marketing partner is long term. Find a flexible and appropriate partner.

Every PPC management agency has specific plans for specific products. Every marketing campaign is a unique brainchild formed from the collaboration of the firm and the PPC company.

This will boost the firm’s product and will also publicize the firm. Choose the best Amazon PPC agency to boost up your firm’s success. The right PPC agency wouldn’t just boost up your sales. It will also help you improve your company’s marketing plan.


Make the right move today. Choose the right Amazon PPC management expert to give your business a shoot up. Reach your sales target, create a mark with your brand, and move to the next stage.

Amazon PPC

How to Hire Amazon PPC Management Experts for Your Company

Want to hire Amazon PPC management experts to manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns? It is a smart business decision and can help focus on your core business, while they deliver measurable PPC results. Amazon PPC experts have in-depth domain expertise and can implement proven strategies to get more clicks, increase leads, and improve your conversions.


However, hiring an inefficient Amazon PPC consultant can be counter-productive for your company. No two Amazon PPC agencies are the same. They have different levels of expertise, tools & methodologies, and scope of service. Therefore, you must find the “Best Fit” for your company – one that matches your PPC goals and expectations.


Only the right Amazon PPC management agency can help generate maximum CTR, get quality leads, and reduce your ACoS.


Let’s get started to understanding how to hire the right Amazon PPC partner for your company.


What is Amazon PPC?


Amazon, the largest online retail business with over 206 million visitors every month, is one of the top advertising platforms today. Amazon Advertising is a powerful PPC tool that sellers can use to improve brand awareness, generate more Amazon Store visits, and increase sales.


It may trail behind market giants like Google and Facebook in terms of ad revenues, but poses a tough competition to the leaders. Ad revenue from Amazon grew by a whopping 250% during the 3rd quarter of 2018 and is poised to increase rapidly in the years to come. 89% of shoppers agree they would buy products from Amazon than any other ecommerce site. This further paves lucrative advertising opportunities for businesses.


But generating optimum pay-per-click results on Amazon can be complex. You need dedicated Amazon PPC help that aligns with your needs and achieves quality results.


So, let’s understand the important factors to consider before hiring a professional Amazon PPC management service.

Hiring an Amazon PPC Specialist? Here are 8 Vital Questions You Should Ask


Are you ready to engage Amazon PPC management experts? Ask these eight important questions to ensure they are the best fit for your company.


#1: Do you have the expertise and time to handle our Amazon PPC needs?


All the knowledge and experience in Amazon PPC would go in vain if they do not have the technical expertise and time to deliver quality results. Make sure the agency has proficiency in Amazon PPC advertising and have several successful projects in their portfolio. It is also crucial that they are not overloaded with work and dedicate optimum time to make your campaign successful.


If you choose a monthly-retainer program or hire them on ad-hoc basis, make sure the agency is clear about how much time they would spend in your campaign. If possible, get it in written. Set KPIs against deadlines and follow-up regularly.


#2: Are you transparent in what you do?


When you hire expert Amazon Adwords optimization service, make sure the agency is transparent in its operations and reporting. Do not fall for vague terms and jargons that many of them will often use to ensure what effort they are giving to achieve best results. Ask for a clear and concise list of actions they are taking for Amazon PPC management and optimization. Insist incorporating the outcomes against these actions in monthly/weekly reports.


#3: Do you know how Amazon PPC ads work? How up-to-date are you?


Merely having experience as a PPC agency is not enough; it is imperative to have skills in Amazon Advertising. One who is a certified Google Ads Partner may not necessarily have prowess in Amazon PPC management. Therefore, you should ensure:


  • Whether they have in-depth of how this platform works for advertisers
  • Different forms of Amazon PPC advertising they can leverage for your business
  • Do they know how to select the right keywords and optimize the ads
  • Can they write descriptive and compelling ad copies that convert
  • How efficient they are in audience targeting on Amazon


At the same time, make sure they continuously update their knowledge and expertise based on the latest developments and trends.


#4: What should be the flow of communication?


This is an important question you must ask your Amazon PPC consultant or you will end up in deep waters once they become unreachable. The channel of communication and frequency should be clearly stated in the contract. Are they readily available over phone, email, chat or VoIP? Organize regular meetings, at least once in a week. Perform an up-to-date Amazon PPC analysis to ensure all KPIs are aligning with the goals.


Effective communication with your PPC partner will help brainstorm new strategies, ensure better targeting, and achieve improved results.


#5: Can I evaluate your service portfolio?


When you invest in Amazon PPC optimisation, you would want an agency that is trustworthy and have reputation delivering outstanding results. And the best thing that shows their service excellence is the portfolio of clients they have served. Do not shy away from asking who their clients are. How the agency has helped the clients achieve business success through Amazon PPC management? What strategies, tools, and methodologies did they implement?


However, do not take every word they say. Do your own homework and check the credibility of your PPC partner? Read their client testimonials and if possible, talk with few of them for their reviews. Check review sites to gather valuable information of how specialized the agency actually is.

amazon ppc management experts


#6: How can I hire you?


The simpler and hassle-free the process is, the better it is for your company. Evaluate their engagement models and choose one that best fits your requirements and budget.


Typically, a PPC agency provides three different hiring models – onsite, offshore, and ad-hoc. An onsite model is one where dedicated PPC expert/experts will work from your office and as an extension of your in-house team. In the offshore model, specialized Amazon PPC management experts will work remotely on your campaigns and deliver a quality basis. The onsite model ensures better control over your project, while the latter does not involve any set-up cost or training.


You can also hire a PPC team on an ad-hoc basis, i.e. only when you require. Amazon PPC experts can be hired on a monthly-retainer, hourly, or project-wise basis. For ad-hoc project requirements, some agencies also provide the option to hire an Amazon PPC freelancer with a flexible work approach and cost-effective pricing.


#7: What is your pricing structure?


This is another vital question you should ask before hiring an Amazon PPC agency. How do they price PPC optimization services? While some charge a certain percentage of your total ad spend, others might have a fixed fee system. Some agencies also bundle add-on services and charge higher.


You should evaluate how the pricing structure will affect your company in the long run. For example, fixed fee sounds simple and straightforward now, but may become complicated in the long run. Similarly, a fixed percentage of your ad spend may seem costly in the short run but in the long run, it can provide more flexibility as your business scales.


Therefore, it is crucial to analyze their pricing structure carefully and how it may affect your business.


#8: Do your reports include actionable insights?


Most Amazon PPC expert provides regular weekly/monthly reports. But does the report only show charts and graphs that you do not understand? Beware. Rather, choose a company that provides campaign performance reports with actionable insights. Only then you would have clear understanding of where your campaign is heading to.


Getting genuine and satisfactory answer to these questions will help you choose the right Amazon PPC management company.


How to Hire an Amazon PPC Management Agency – The Process


Once you find your “right” PPC partner, what’s next? Most Amazon PPC agencies follow the below process to get started with your project:


1. Project Discussion & Strategy Planning: In the initial discussion, provide clear and comprehensive knowledge about your business, target audience on Amazon, competitors, and PPC goals. Together with your partner, set a definitive Amazon PPC optimisation strategy with actionable KPIs and timeline.


2. Choose a Hiring Model: Depending on your PPC requirements, flexibility and budget, choose an engagement model. Mention the team size and skills you would want to have. Discuss the pros and cons of each model for your company. How will it pay-off in the long run?


3. Setting up a Team: Whether you want only one PPC consultant working on your campaign or an entire team, the agency will interview them or analyze their skillset to find the perfect fit for your needs.


4. Make Payment: Most agencies would want you to make an advance payment before they get started with your campaign.


5. Team Starts Working on Your Project: Once the payment is done and all KPIs set, the Amazon PPC management experts will kickstart your campaign.


Hope this blog provides you a detailed understanding of how to hire an Amazon PPC consultancy that is most suitable for your company. Make sure their strategies are well-aligned with your Amazon advertising goals.