Best Amazon PPC Analysis Tools For FBA Sellers

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Let’s begin by summarizing the most typical journey of an online seller.


A seller chooses a powerful marketplace like Amazon to sell products. Then, the seller opts for a service like FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) which offers advantages like flexible inventory space and manpower and fast delivery. After that, the seller faces huge competition and thus, invests in strategies like Amazon seller PPC campaigns to gain the required edge.


The story doesn’t end here. The PPC success on Amazon, or any other digital marketplace, depends on systematic pay-per-click campaign monitoring, analysis, and management. That’s when you feel the need for some great Amazon PPC analysis and management tools that fortunately are available in plenty.


Now, either you learn to use these tools or hire an Amazon PPC specialist with expertise in this direction. In any case, you must know some of the best among these tools and that’s what you are about to start reading.


PPC Entourage


With the good old dashboard-style control, PPC Entourage is extremely user-friendly and allows complete PPC campaign management at one place. You can use the tool to edit keywords automatically, delve deep into the search terms to find the top-performing keywords, and instantly change your bids.


Apart from letting you save time, it helps you keep your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) in sync with your budget. The monthly price ranges from $47 for Amazon users with 1-5 SKUs to $247 for those with more than 52 SKUs.




One of the most comprehensive Amazon PPC management tools, Sellics automates the PPC campaign like none. Automate keyword selection and bidding and reduce the overall time spent on ads management. You can use the tool to track the performance of every ad quickly and over different time durations.


Keep track of the historical data to empower better decisions. Also, it provides a precise picture of your overall PPC spending by tallying the sales and ad spend. The beginners (with no annual revenue) can use the tool at $57 per month while the price ranges between $67 and $317 based on the annual revenue.

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Take Amazon PPC optimization to the next level with Amachete’s PPC management features. For instance, the tool allows time trends tracking to pause PPC campaigns during times when your targeted buyers don’t show up. It indeed leads to better ad performance and dramatic cost-saving. But that’s not all!


Amachete packs a lot of fabulous features like 24/7 hijacking prevention, competitor analysis, rank tracking, inventory tracking, and more. That’s what an FBA seller must have to register success. To use each of these features along with the best PPC management, you need to shell out $59 per month which seems decent.


Teikamatrics Amazon PPC Optimisation


A tool that utilizes intelligent technology-based algorithmic bidding, Teikamatrics targets profitable keywords and brand and non-brand keywords so that you spend on the best of each lot. It draws a comparison between organic sales and PPC sales so that your PPC spending is always in the right direction.


Next, carefully investigate the costs, conversion rates and profit margins to set the right bids every single time. The tool is designed to review the PPC performance for each product every hour and update the bid accordingly. On the flip side, it is a bit costly at the starting cost of $149 per month.


Ad Badger


Use this Amazon PPC help tool to quickly scan and identify positive as well as negative keywords. What else? It promises one of the fastest ways to add new keywords to your campaigns. Their bidding optimization algorithm is smart enough to track loads of bid changes and suggest fresh bids based on what’s hot and trending.


For sellers with ad spend less than $5,000, it costs $107 monthly that can be reduced to $87 if paid quarterly. The subscription provides access to their Amazon Advertising Forum as well as Amazon Advertising Training, apart from PPC automated management.




Actually a bouquet of PPC tools, Zon.Tools is what many Amazon PPC experts use to quickly launch their ad campaigns. The platform runs as many as 9 algorithmic engines that include Auto-Mate 3.0 to optimize your bid within ACoS limits, KeyWord Guardian to keep a watch on low-performing keywords and Bid Nailer to adjust bids according to the keywords’ average CPC.


In short, it is one tool to manage every aspect of your PPC advertising on Amazon. There are three packages to choose from with pricing for each based on your monthly ad spend. However, you can instantly start the trial period of one month at just $1.


Trendle Analytics


Designed specifically for the Amazon sellers, Trendle boasts of how 90% of its users are already scoring better sales and lower ACoS. The software allows easy campaign management through quick bid changing, adding keywords (and negative keywords too), pausing campaigns when necessary, and more. Inventory forecasting, automatic emails, and profitability reporting are among its top highlights.


What makes it a good option for the new sellers are the step-by-step guides in the form of video tutorials. As far as the price is concerned, a new seller can start using it at just $10 per month. It costs $50 and $100 per month for sellers with monthly ad spends up to and over $2.5k respectively.


Seller App


Bringing tools and support for marketing, sales, and operations on Amazon in one place, Seller App lets sellers perform a lot of tasks conveniently. These range from product research and keyword research to watching product trends and PPC analyzing. The platform promises an increase in conversion rate by 23%, a decrease in ad spends by 10%, and more.


It integrates with Amazon effortlessly and ensures complete control on data and ACoS. Their in-house Amazon PPC consultant is available to guide through campaign management. The starting price of $99 is on the higher side, though the free trial option is indeed worth giving a try.

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PPC Scope


Know you best-performing keywords, as well as the worst-performing ones, within seconds using this tool. A brainchild of the Amazon PPC expert Brian Johnson, the tool promises to convert your hours of managing PPC campaigns into minutes. From instantly changing your bids to keeping a watch on the profits corresponding to every keyword, ad group, and campaign, it helps you grow your business.


What’s good about the platform is its monthly pricing which ranges from about $20 for new sellers to about $85 for large sellers. It offers access to up to 7 Amazon marketplaces, 1,000 products, 20,000 keywords and much more.


Seller Labs Ignite


How about cashing on the profitable PPC campaigns again and again? That’s what you can do with Ignite from Seller Labs. Apart from replicating the successful campaigns to save time and increase sales, you can use the tool to manage both sponsored product ads and sponsored brand ads. Other features include profitable ad time scheduling, keyword suggestions, and bulk campaign optimization.


What else? You can use other Seller Labs tools like Feedback Genius, Scope, and Quantify to make most out of Amazon advertising. The price to use the tool starts at $49 per month that can be reduced to $39 per month if you choose the annual payment plan.




What important insights help an Amazon PPC agency to monitor and manage the PPC campaigns better? Some of them include ad impressions, ad spends, ad clicks, sales, and conversion rates. Prestozon is designed with analytics features to track each of these metrics and add value to the campaigns for increased profits.


In addition, the tool offers a Bid Wizard feature to analyze keyword performance for each bid and edit it accordingly. You can also identify negative keywords and discard the non-converting keywords using its Keyword Wizards feature. This and a lot more can be accessed at the monthly fee of $80 for those having monthly ad spends exceeding $5k.




There’s a lot of Amazon data that lies unused and those offering Amazon PPC management service always look for a way to extract it. Seller.Tools is designed to help sellers delve deeper into this data and gain highly valuable insights that can empower some truly productive decisions. You can use the tool for Amazon marketplaces across North America and Europe and manage unlimited keywords and products like a pro.


Explore the greatest Amazon search volumes and discover high-traffic keywords to improve your campaigns. Customize the product search to match your business nature and optimize the product listings to gain an advantage over others. You may choose among 4 service packages having prices range of $57-$297 per month.


Likewise, there are scores of other similar tools you may come across. As an FBA seller, you are already on the right track of online selling. To succeed, a lot can depend on how attentively you invest in PPC management at one of the world’s most profitable digital marketplaces.


What Amazon PPC services and tools you choose would depend on a number of things. First, consider your current business size, the number of products you target and also, your PPC advertising budget. However, make a smart decision prioritizing features and functionalities over costs.

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