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Top 7 Display Ad Networks Online

Digital marketing banks heavily on the strategic positioning of the brand for visibility. Display advertising services improve your chances of reaching your target audience in a crowd of 1.94 billion portals fighting for your attention. Hence, it is cutthroat competition. 

For businesses, each year is different. While it is a good start for some, others witness downward trends in revenue. To help you reach new heights and ensure your business skyrockets, here’s a review of the top display advertising services in this industry. 

This comprehensive list and proven optimization techniques, make 2921 more lucrative. 

#1: Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Undoubtedly the largest display advertising services worldwide, Google AdSense has more than 2 million advertisers and several billion customers. By far, it is the most effective tool to drive traffic to your websites. 

Considering that Google AdSense is a distinguished ad network globally, it holds advertisers to certain strict standards and quality.

Although such strict standards seem unreasonable, they are established to make sure only serious and dedicated advertisers collaborate. 

Most importantly, Google does not deal only with websites – Google serves Google ads to applications (apps) and mobile-based programs to help your business reach its biggest audience. 

To kick start Google advertising using AdSense, visit the Google AdSense website and follow instructions. You can create lucrative and quality ads to attract users to your website. 

However, those ads must follow standard practices together with the best practices of Google AdSense. When businesses adhere to both standards, it is possible to create incredible ads to entice customers to the site. 

#2: Facebook Audience Network Ads

Facebook Audience Network Ads

Facebook has over 1 billion active users worldwide and several million advertisers. Facebook also boasts a challenging display network called Audience Network.

The network of Facebook maintains high standards concerning the legitimacy of the company and quality. They do not consider explicit or adult content. They only help the big brands to achieve desired results.

Facebook serves ads through its wide network of applications as well as some non-website media. Facebook has an extensive user have, which makes it is one of the best ways to reach your potential customers. 

In addition, if your business ads are already on Facebook, you can modify sizes and ensure they fit the specifications of that particular ad medium. 

Facebook digital advertising services are straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use for novice advertisers too. 

#3: Apple Advertising

Apple Advertising

Apple Advertising, as the name suggests, comes from the house of Apple. It is the foremost mobile display advertiser. 

This, of course, is because Apple has control of the biggest app store in the world. As a result, they can create apps to make it easier for developers to make money with ads. 

It has a simple system that allows developers to earn money, and reach new targeted customers consistently. This includes customers who have never heard of the business website. 

Besides, Apple Advertising also has its intuitive bidding as well as a targeting system to allow advertisers to choose how their ads should appear. 

Apple maintains a controlled advertising system, which displays ads exclusively in mobiles.

#4: mMedia


mMedia is a rich display network for startups and new businesses in advertising. 

Since there is no minimum amount of investment specified for advertisers, you can start with as much as $20. Although such a small investment may not fetch expected results, you can begin. 

Here, it also indicated that the actual amount of investment would be the same, or almost similar, to what other companies in the same industry are investing in for their ads. 

#5: Yahoo! Network

Yahoo Network

Yahoo! Is no longer a popular search engine. However, it has a robust network of displays reaching millions of potential users month on month. 

It has an interesting targeting system to gauge potential customers using the bank data that targets age and demography, among several other factors. 

Although it is not a giant search engine like Google, it remains an affordable as well as viable option to reach new prospective customers. 

#6: Adknowledge


Adknowledge is not as huge as other networks, however, it is an excellent way of reaching out to more and more customers. 

The USP of Adknowledge is its versatility. It allows businesses to advertise on various video sites, mobile apps, and social networks. 

They have a proprietary system to gauge customer interest. As a result, you can easily and quickly target your users in the demographic. 

#7: Epom


Epom is a relatively new digital advertising service that offers a free trial. It allows users to try their services before investing. 

Although the free trial does not sound like a big deal, it is a massive perk for companies that haven’t ventured into display advertising and startups. 

Epom is that practice ground, which leading businesses do not get. You can check if this medium of advertising is meant for you, while you plan to use some other network. 

Besides, Epom has certain merits. It is one of the most versatile networks offering display and video, as well as mobile app advertisements. It also partners with various other networks to offer different options for reaching customers. 

Most importantly, it is an affordable advertisement medium. 

So, if you want to start display promotion, but you are unsure how to begin – Epom is your solution. 


With more than 5,000 display advertising services and platforms at your disposal, it could be intimidating to choose an ad platform to meet the needs of your business and the campaigns you plan. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Mobile Ads, Bing, and this endless list of platforms available, makes it challenging to choose a platform and focus on the advertising budget. 

Our team at AdWords PPC Expert believes in displaying your brand at the opportune time and the best place to grab the attention of the targeted audience. To generate recognition, grow, and add more value to the brand, it is imperative to promote your brand and make it visible to a larger group of audience. Your potential customers may be hiding in one of these many groups. Displaying advertising services on these powerful and popular platforms like Google can build awareness and credibility for the brand quickly and efficiently.

Google Adwords

The Advantages of Using an AdWords Certified PPC Company

Several companies are offering PPC campaign management services nowadays and it can be really difficult for your business to choose the right one. Well, you might see some of them mention being Google partners for AdWords certified companies. In fact, Google Adwords is one of the world’s largest pay-per-click platforms and millions of companies are using it to advertise their product or services. It is a great tool for reaching out to potential customers. So, if you are certified by a company that is of benchmarking status, That will be best. So what do these terms mean? Whether they indicate that companies are performing well in their field or exactly what do they tell us? We are going to cover the answer to this question in this article and will be looking at all the benefits of hiring an AdWords certified company. We will be looking at the factors associated with a certified company and how each of these can benefit your organization. In this way, we can cover all the effects of hiring an Adwords certified company to manage your campaign.

Google offers some training programs for digital marketing professionals and digital ad agencies which are known as google partners. When a company or advertiser joins the program, they need to take the certification exam from google analytics and google AdWords. In order to become certified in AdWords, the employee must pass at least two different exams among AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. Each one of the mentioned fields allows the user to get a thorough understanding of different fields that are relevant to digital marketing in today’s time. The exams someone is taking will depend on their preference. Although, it is true that employees need two exams to pass to get certified many of them pass all the papers in order to increase their knowledge base in digital marketing. If the employee scores more than 12 marks in the test, he’ll be considered as passed and this score will be valid for a period of 12 months. Also, test takers need to pass both the exams i.e. the AdWords fundamental and one other advertising exam. The company will keep displaying the google partner status as long as employees maintain their certifications. It is also necessary that they meet the other three criteria that are company profile, spend, and best practices. While creating a company profile is a piece of cake. Meeting the other two criteria is relatively difficult. Meeting the spend criteria requires an active Adwords account and qualifying the best practices needs you to be completely comfortable with Adwords concepts. The crux of all this is that, If the company is a google partner, They know what they are doing with PPC and what can be done. Combining this with AdWords certified accounts, You can be sure that you have hired an expert.

Let’s now talk about why AdWords certification matters?

Unlike other certifications employees need to take AdWords examinations within the past 12 months so it isn’t something a person can earn and it stays with them forever. You need to retake the exam after 12 months because the score is only valid for one year. This certification also ensures that employees who got their certification are up to date with PPC knowledge. They are up to date with the platform updates and with the best practices that are being performed in the industry. So, if you found someone that is Adwords certified you have definitely found an expert. There is one more feature of AdWords certification that demonstrates a thorough understanding of advertisement with Google. It’s definitely not a superficial level exam. so if someone passes it they know exactly what they can do with this and what they are doing with it. And if the owner of the ad platform thinks an agency is using it well enough to consider them a Partner, you can be confident in trusting your PPC. We are talking about Google here.

Now let’s discuss some more advantages of using Adwords certified PPC managers.

When you use AdWords certified PPC manager your campaign is run by industry leaders. In addition to courses, Google partner agencies also have access to some special events, product updates, and the Google partners community. In this way, they are ahead of other people to know about trends and new practices that are being implemented in the industry when your campaign is managed by an agency that stays at the top. You can be sure that your advertising strategy is always ahead of your competitors and trust their services. In order to maintain the quality, AdWords certified clients are regularly evaluated by Google. Google reviews their account and suggests some ways so they can improve their services and provide the best to their customers. So, Google itself evaluates campaigns along with the PPC agency you have hired. When you work with a Google partner agency and you can easily trust them in order to manage your PPC campaign. There are hardly any well-known drawbacks attached to these certified agencies. So, you don’t need to consider them. The cost factor is definitely one of the factors, But they are providing you the premium service, So this should not be a matter of concern. There are definitely some other benefits like AdWords certified companies carry a lot of experience with them. They are generally faster and effective when compared to a noncertified agency. There are several companies out there that are looking to manage your PPC campaigns. Many of them are Google partners or AdWords certified which have years of experience managing successful campaigns. You can look for these companies and make the most out of your PPC campaign.

Google Adwords

How to Excel at Google Ads Campaign Management

By using Google ads or AdWords your company can earn an impressive ROI which is as high as 8 USD for every dollar spent on advertising. considering this amount of ROI definitely requires committing a sufficient amount of time to your ad campaign and putting aside this time each month for the campaign. First of all, we should be aware that Google ads are basically Google’s advertising networks. You can advertise your business in Google search results as well as third-party sites. In this article, we will be going to look at how to excel at Google ads campaign management so there are some of the practices which you need to follow so that your Google ads campaign works best and you can achieve that desired ROI so let’s get started.

Follow Best practices for your campaign structure: First of all, You should have a clear understanding of your Google ads campaign structure. you should follow best practices that are possible for this structure. Google ads work in a hierarchy first comes accounts and campaigns followed by ad groups, ads, and keywords. When it comes to Google ads campaign management you must focus on your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords because these are easy to maintain and they will help increase your ROI by a huge margin.

Audit your Google Ads’ budget and bids: In the next point, you want to check your current campaign budget and keyword bids. Most businesses pay 1 to 2 USD per click. If you are displaying your ad on Google display network you will be probably paying less than $1. in Google ads you can set a daily budget and then your monthly budget gets calculated by multiplying this daily budget by 30.4. This amount will be the maximum amount your business will be spending on your ad campaign per month. If you are already running a campaign, Google will probably provide you with a daily budget and bidding recommendations. These recommendations will consist of tips so that your company can get additional clicks and increase your ROI.

Analyze and refresh your keyword targeting: Most businesses that are using Google ads will be using keyword targeting. you may use other types of targeting such as age, user behavior, location but you will often base your campaigns on keyword targeting. For this reason, keywords are a crucial part of Google ad campaign management. you must keep your keyword targeting up-to-date while using a Google ads campaign. Businesses often change the phrases when they find that they need the phrases needed to evolve. A perfect example of this will be people using the best smartphones nowadays instead of the best cell phones. So it is really important to update your keywords regularly. Google offers several tools so that you can check the performance of your current keywords. Some of these are Google trends, which are used to spot a decrease in search volume. Google keyword planner is another tool that checks keyword search volume and cost per click. There are some more tools like keyword effects and which can also help you find the keywords which you need to target. Google play keyword planner is a great choice for campaign management because it has multiple features you can receive keyword suggestions for broadening or narrowing your search, keyword group creating ad groups easily, and a lot of other things. Monitoring your keyword targeting will help to get the most out of your ad campaigns. It will help you to discover new keywords to target which can eventually lead to new leads.

Optimize your ads, landing pages, and more: Along with working on your ad hierarchy, budget, bids, and keyword targeting you can also work on optimizing your landing pages, ads, ad extensions, and more. There are some ways in which you can optimize your ads. In Google Ads, you can experiment with different ad copy or you can also add some new ads for users or you can add trying different ad offers. However, if you are deciding to test this feature you need to change your campaign-level settings. If you stop working on optimizing your ads then you can choose an option which is provided by Google that ‘optimize prefers best performing ads’. This will help Google to show your top ads. As a part of the Google ads campaign, you can include ad extensions and take advantage of them absolutely free of cost. You can experiment with different ad extensions which will improve your ad rank and the performance of your ads. You must choose your ad extension according to your goal. You can use various ad extensions like locations or site links ok calls but it will be according to your goal what you will be using. For example, if you are a doctor and want patients to visit your clinic physically then you will add a location extension and if you are selling pet supplies on an online store you will add your site link extension so that users can land on your website.

The next thing you can target is landing pages. Landing pages are of crucial importance when it comes to Google ad campaigns. These pages play a significant role in deciding your quality score which will decide your ad performance and your user experience. If you want to increase clicks, traffic on your website you must spend some time optimizing your landing page. There are some of the factors on the basis of which your quality scores get calculated. These factors are your landing page’s relevance, your landing page’s transparency, its usefulness, and its loading speed, and whether this page is mobile-friendly or not. You can improve in each of these areas by working on particularly every issue. Even if you are not experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, you can optimize your landing pages by adding call-to-action buttons, changing button colors or location of buttons, and adding some of the new features. After each time you experiment with your landing page it gives you the chance so that you can attract maximum traffic to your website. There are various companies which are providing the services so if you don’t have the time to do all this you can hire them so that you can make the maximum out of your campaign.

So, It’s all about the features you can add in an order to get success in your Google ad campaign. There are various Google ads management agencies, which are offering these services, You can definitely consider them if you think that this is a time taking process.


4 Steps to Managing a Successful PPC Campaign

There are a lot of details you need to know in order to launch a successful PPC campaign and you simply can’t apply all of this suddenly. So, here is this article for you which will walk you through the four steps that are needed for a successful PPC campaign. Let’s get into the details of these 4 steps.

  1. Selecting your keywords: You need to be really good at selecting the keywords for your ads. You should have the type of keywords you want to target even before starting your campaign. Firstly, let us understand what keywords are? So, keywords are the words or phrases people will type in the search box to find the information they are looking for. In order to succeed in your campaign, you must be aware of what industry-related keywords people are using. You also need to work upon the keywords which will take people to your ad. When you use keywords in your PPC campaign, you and your customers are communicating with one another using the same language. That means it’s easy for them to find you, and it’s easy for you to get their attention. You should use the keywords that are highly targeted, whose intention is to convert a searcher into a potential customer. You should also use longer keywords in order to get more clicks. As an example, consider your company is selling buckets, Now simply including buckets in your keyword list won’t help you because there are many people who are looking for buckets without having any intention to buy them. Instead, You can use ‘Bucket for sale near you, This phrase will attract more potential customers to your ad. Chances are that these customers are willing to pay, So it’ll increase your revenue and customer base.
  2. Working on landing pages: A landing page is a crucial factor that determines the success of your PPC campaign. They are the pages where your user lands after clicking on your ad. Your landing page must be fast loading, detailed, responsive, and easy to navigate. Your landing pages must be filled with useful information and with relevant keywords. The more information you’ll provide on this page, the higher are the chances that customers will end up buying your product or service. The responsiveness of this page is a very important factor. When you answer a specific question of a user, You are not only providing them the details but also earning their trust. You are proving to them that you are a reliable source of information. When you gain their trust, they can become your customers easily.
  3. Write your ads: By this time, you have your landing page and your keywords. The next thing is working on writing your ads. Every ad that you’ll be having will consist of two major parts: The headline and the call to action. The headline should contain your targeted keyword. It can also provide the details about your company that the user will find relevant such as the recent quality award you received. Most of the search engines make the keywords bold so that you can catch your potential customer’s attention easily. Now, you made the user click on your link and your next aim is to make the user take the action on your ad or motivate them to convert this click. You can use a call to action to achieve this. ‘Call now’, ‘Buy now’ or ‘Get more details’ are all examples of a strong call to action. All these methods help to get more conversions. These ads can also include your phone number, link to other pages, and other information that can help your customers to get insights about your products.
  4. Tracking the results: While this might sound of less importance, It is highly important that you keep monitoring the results of your campaign. The reason that PPC is so valuable is that it allows businesses to constantly measure their progress. While many companies/Businesses ignore this step and that’s where they fail. You can get exact numbers on how many times your ad appears on the platforms of your choice, how many times it’s clicked, and even who clicks it. With all of that information, you can refine your PPC campaign to become better. There are a lot of metrics in PPC marketing. Some of these are CTR(Click Through Rate), Bounce Rate, and impressions. Impressions are the number of times your ad got seen. CTR is defined as the percentage of people who clicked on it after seeing it. So, if someone doesn’t click your ad even after seeing it, This will be counted as an impression. Your goal should be to maximize your CTR. bounce rate is defined as the number of people who clicked on your ad but left instantly without doing anything else on your landing page. A high bounce rate implies that you are not delivering the relevant content and thus people are avoiding your site. You are also delivering a poor user experience. If you are experiencing this thing, It’s time to go back and revise your strategy and come back with a refined advertisement, For which you have created a landing page that is detailed, responsive, and provides users with relevant information. You should always try to keep the bounce rate lower in order to generate more leads.

Now, You are aware of the four most important steps to succeed in a PPC campaign. These will definitely be helping you but you cannot just depend on these completely. In fact, in the case of PPC ads, you can’t be sure of any strategy. You have to monitor continuously, Check for what works best for you and adopt the right strategies. This is the possible way to succeed in your campaign.


How to Choose a PPC Account Manager?

PPC or Pay per click is probably the most effective digital advertising method that is present out there. It can help your company to perform better than your competitors and attract potential customers to your website. But PPC generally requires management and not anyone can manage these services. The PPC manager must possess certain skills and other characteristics to be successful.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the qualities that every PPC manager should have in order to become successful in the PPC field. These qualities are discussed below:

  1. They are self-motivated: Self-inspired people are incredible contenders for PPC managers since they’re willing to attempt new procedures for progress for most of the processes. They’re likewise the sort of individuals who will arrive somewhat prior, stay somewhat later, and take the necessary steps to ensure a PPC campaign runs as easily as could really be expected. These people are extraordinary thinkers, particularly when they have the opportunity and support that they need for creativity. That implies they’ll be better at spotting shortcomings in your present procedures and likely appreciate fixing them up. The best part is that these are individuals who don’t need a great deal of the actual management. They can take an idea and go for it with insignificant direction from their upper management and adjust to new circumstances as per the necessities. That is particularly significant in PPC, where details and data can change immediately. Now, since we have identified how a self-motivated person can help your business, let’s have a look at other characteristics that are needed to be a successful PPC manager.
  2. They are passionate about the industry: Every PPC manager needs to be passionate about his/her industry that is digital marketing. Well, this is true for every career but in the case of PPC, you need someone who can look at the details carefully. Thus, you’ll be looking for a person who is seeing PPC marketing as a career. They shouldn’t be only motivated by Money. They must feel energetic about their work. Another reason will be passionate people don’t need much direction to perform their tasks. They generally do these voluntarily. As an example, You don’t have to tell them to read a case study, They’ll do it by themselves and can also make meaningful inferences from the same. If they get an opportunity, They can work on your campaign such that it gets the maximum Return on Investment. If you are hiring a passionate manager, you don’t really need to worry about things.
  3. They are data-oriented: PPC is a data-driven channel, and it requires individuals who love to filter through detailed data to get insights about it. PPC data usually consists of some really useful pieces of information such as the amount you have spent on ads, details about keywords, and ROI details of your ads. PPC is all about data and this data can make your business successful in its campaign. You need someone who is extremely comfortable with the data and makes use of this data in such a way that helps you to make your future decisions. Without this skill, You’ll just have a lot of numbers in a spreadsheet which will be useless for you. Data-oriented individuals get excited when they see a huge amount of data instead of getting scared. They can make a number of useful insights through this data. They will make this data useful for persons who are not so comfortable with numbers.
  4. They are organized: Organization is a necessary skill for PPC managers because one of their most important jobs is monitoring the results of your campaigns. They must be aware of the exact number of conversions, ROI, and other metrics so that they can compare these with your previous stats and can state how your business performed compared to previous results. With the help of this comparison, they’ll be able to tell if your campaign is working accordion to your expectations or not. Moreover, Organization implies that a PPC manager will keep various campaigns totally separate from each other. They’ll have individual, recognizable names that tell everyone about their purposes. With that degree of organization, you can be certain you’ll get the data you need to manage your organization’s PPC procedure later on, in addition to the capacity to analyze your business’s current and past details. Coming to the last quality that a PPC manager must possess. It is ‘being great at communication’.
  5. They are great communicators: Since PPC is related to digital marketing, many marketers who have insight into traditional marketing methods have never utilized it. That implies your PPC manager is one of only a handful of individuals at your organization who can — and should — have the ability to clarify what PPC is, the thing that it does, and how it helps your organization. What’s more, PPC managers need to have the option to assign undertakings, in a case when you need to extend your PPC division. This individual must have the option to advise other PPC managers on how to change systems to improve results. Also, on the occasion you have a few managers looking after multiple campaigns, they should have the option to work together and decide the most ideal approaches to solve a specific issue.

With these five characteristics, you can be nearly sure that you’ll find the right person for your campaign. They bring a lot of experience and a lot of scope for your business to perform better. They’ll work passionately on their tasks and will achieve the maximum potential. They’ll work independently but will collaborate when needed to ensure that the campaign goes smoothly.


Google PPC Call Tracking Benefits for Your Business

Pay Per Click ads are a great way for your business to reach valuable potential customers who are interested in your company or the product offered by your company. Now you know the benefits your company can get using PPC. In this article, we will be going to talk about the benefits that your company can get using PPC call tracking. You will create more effective ads which drive better results for your business if you use PPC call tracking. We will go through how this works and then the benefits of call tracking for your business.

Let’s start with how PPC call tracking works. PPC call tracking is a good way to merge data from phone campaigns with your currently going campaign data so that you can end up creating more effective campaigns. In PPC call tracking you will be purchasing one or more numbers that will be forwarded to your business. This can be local or toll-free. You can set up these numbers to display your PPC ads on landing pages and people will call on them. You can purchase as many numbers as you want and you can also give a number to each campaign so that you can track it easily. When you are considering PPC call tracking, you will probably be interested in Google PPC call tracking as this is one of the most popular ad networks and it can help your business to grow faster.

Given below are the 5 benefits you will get by using Google PPC Call Tracking:

  1. You can track sources: The ability to track the call sources is one of the biggest benefits of PPC call tracking when you use call tracking you can see how the customers found your number and how they reached out to you. Every phone number is related to a specific campaign so you can know the origin of customers’ calls when someone calls through a particular number. This becomes really useful when you are running multiple campaigns. This can help you to determine which of the campaigns are driving more valuable results to your website. knowing which ads are more effective and making the audience call your business is a great way to track how your audience interacts with your ad.
  2. You can conduct split testing: When you are running an advertising campaign, you need to test your campaigns. you need to experiment with multiple copies of your ads. It is rare that your first copy will be the best version. you can run a test in order to determine which PPC ad copy offers the most value to your audience and which has the best CTR and conversions. Call tracking can help you do this task easily. You can assign a number to every copy of your ad and then this number can help you determine which copy is bringing more leads to your website. In short, they will determine which ads are performing better for your business and you can go for that particular ad. This will also result in minimized spending on nonperforming ad copies.
  3. You can obtain call data: Obtaining call data is a great way to improve your targeting. It will help you create a better ad campaign for your company. You must target the right people if you are running an advertising campaign. You can know more about your customers in order to perform better. In PPC call tracking you can use this information for better performance of your ad. You will capture caller names and phone numbers which can determine who people are interested in your business or product. Also, you will be able to see the busiest hours in which you will get the most calls so it is the time when your audience or customers are more likely to interact with your business. It is possible to refine your campaign to reach your customers at peak times in order to increase productivity.
  4. You will obtain keyword data: Keyword selection is a crucial part of PPC. You must choose the relevant keywords so that your ad appears in the search results and can have a better quality score. You should integrate keywords to reach relevant leads. With call tracking, you can check which ads are driving the best results for your company. You can know which phone numbers are generating the most conversions. Eventually, you can analyze the keywords that are better performing and driving traffic to your website. When you are aware of which keywords are driving valuable results and having a good conversion, you can adjust your bidding and targeting and look for more relevant keywords which will help your business to get more qualified calls and increase its customer base.
  5. You can monitor your campaign: You can always monitor your campaign performance while call tracking you can accurately measure the number of clicks you are getting on your ad and the number of conversions you are getting for your business. It is easy because you can just count the people who called your company. And when you monitor your campaign it becomes easy to improve your campaign. You see the options where you can invest more money and loopholes where you can save your money. You know which keywords are generating leads and which keywords to avoid. So, invest in call tracking for PPC you will have a more accurate hold over your profits. This was all about the benefits you can receive from using call tracking. Well, there are some more things for which you should look if you are considering PPC call tracking. These are Dynamic call tracking, tracking through keywords, call recording, call duration, source tracking, etc. All of these features will help you have a successful PPC call tracking service.
PPC|PPC Consultants

What You Need to Know Before You Hire PPC Experts

PPC ad is a well-known paid advertising method. It is useful for gaining qualified traffic on your website. It works best with specialists who are experienced and doing it for years. There are a lot of PPC experts available on the internet so how do you know which PPC professionals are right for your business? Hiring an expert PPC is a challenging task that requires preparation.

This article is about the things you need to know before you hire PPC experts.

Let’s start with what PPC experts do. In simple words, a PPC expert helps clients in setting up new campaigns, managing ongoing campaigns, and optimizing ads in order to attract more traffic. They apply their in-depth knowledge of AD networks keyword research and performance analysis to perform better. They pay attention to parameters like CTR and CPC. Companies can use their guidance to find the best channel to place ad keywords that can generate more traffic, ad copies that can result in maximum convergence, and landing pages that can drive leads.

The next question comes: “Why should you hire a PPC expert?”. Hiring a PPC expert can help you invest your money into channels that are beneficial and will have a better ROI. All the decisions will be supported by data and will have the supervision of dedicated specialists. So you don’t need to worry about campaigns. So coming to the main part of the article, What you should look for in a PPC expert? So here is a list of some questions that you need to ask a PPC expert to reveal their actual know-how of PPC.

  1. What steps will you take to boost my Google Quality Score? You must be aware of whether your PPC expert has in-depth knowledge about the biggest ad platform, Google ads. Quality score depends on several other factors and your PPC expert should have in-depth knowledge of each of these. This includes auctions, Ad Rank, and Quality Score. Your specialist should be able to maximize your ads and get more clicks through these elements.
  2. Why should I remarket my campaigns? Remarketing refers to the practice of displaying your ads to people who previously visited your site. This practice is ideal for locking potential customers. Your PPC expert should have a definite answer to this question. He should describe how it can be useful to gain potential customers and to push them to buy your products or services. It also increases brand awareness and you can enrich user engagement on your website using these options. If they are able to convince you of this they are the right choice for your PPC campaign.
  3. How do you perform keyword research? Keywords are the words or phrases that people type in Google’s search box. These are crucial when it comes to PPC campaigns. These keywords attract your most promising customers. Your PPC expert should have more than a basic understanding of keyword research and he must be aware of all the tools that are used in performing keyword research. There are some tools that determine which keywords will perform better.
  4. How do you test an ad copy? There will be multiple copies of your ad that are involved in your PPC management campaign. PPC experts need to test these copies on the basis of several factors like pricing, punctuation, call to action, etc. Your PPC expert must be able to perform split testing which comprises keeping one ad copy as original and experimenting with the rest ad copies. You can consider how experienced a PPC agency is with executing ad copy testing through their explanations and tips before you hire them or another PPC expert.
  5. What changes should I make to my landing pages? The next thing after your ad copy that matters the most will be your landing page. It is the page where your user lands after clicking on your ad copy. Your landing page will not be perfect in just one go it will have to undergo several repetitions in order to be perfect or nearly perfect. Your PPC expert must be able to optimize in such a way that it is fast, responsive, easy to navigate, and full of information. he should have a clear understanding of the importance of having a fast and responsive landing page.
  6. What experience do you have with Microsoft advertising or bing ads? Although, Google is the largest digital marketing platform it is not the only place where PPC campaigns thrive. your business can consider creating PPC for bing ads on the Microsoft advertisement system. You will have less competition at that platform and your PPC expert should have some basic understanding of advertising on these platforms. This works differently when compared with Google. They should have a clear understanding of the functioning of these platforms.
  7. How do you approach social media PPC ads? So far, we were talking about the ads that were placed on the search engine results page but your PPC expert should have a basic understanding of how social media PPC ads works because definitely they work in a different way and with the rise of social media it is important that your PPC agency should be able to Mark your presence on the social media platforms. Your PPC expert should have an understanding of placing your ads over different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  8. At last, your PPC expert should be able to analyze your campaign’s performance and you should ask him what will be the frequency of this analysis. You must be aware of the fact that constant monitoring is crucial for your campaign. your PPC expert must be able to measure the progress of your campaign regularly. You should also ask your PPC expert about the minimum ad spend that you will need to have on your campaign because within a fixed budget you can look for the options which work best for your business and can see if they are a good fit for your business.

PPC For Local Businesses

There are a number of small businesses growing currently, many of which are concentrated in a small area. For local businesses, it is usually difficult to advertise your business probably because most of the small businesses are tight on budget. Your goal can range from spreading the name of your business to increasing your customer base. As mentioned above, this is generally difficult when you are tight on budget when it comes to traditional channels of advertising. But with the rise of digital advertising, There are several tools using which you can achieve the same output with lesser effort. In this article, we will be talking about how you should use PPC if you own a local business.

First things first, let us understand what PPC is? So, PPC refers to a digital marketing strategy with the help of which, you can place your ad on the Search engine results page, social media websites, and other websites. You will be paying each time some user clicks on your ad. There are various sorts of PPC advertisements, however quite possibly the most well-known sorts are the paid search ad. These promotions show up when individuals look for things on the internet using a web search engine like Google – particularly when they are performing commercial searches, implying that they’re searching for something to purchase. In this advertisement model, the advertiser pays for each click that he receives on the ad, Hence, it got its name as “Pay per click”.

There are many underlying factors that determine the performance of PPC. The first thing we need to understand is how the position of the ads gets decided? There is a parameter called quality score, the placement of ads will directly be dependent on this factor. The better the quality score you have, The better position you get on the search results page (A better position means the top slots). Ad positions are also dependent upon what is known as the Ad Auction, a totally mechanized cycle that Google and other significant web engines use to decide the relevance and quality of notices that show up on their SERPs.

How Can PPC Help your Local Business?

Since most of the local businesses target their potential customers by making use of location, PPC can help in targeting their most valuable customers. You can use location-based extensions that are available to target potential customers efficiently. Local businesses focus on a small group of individuals, hence it’s less competitive when compared with MNCs that are present over the world. Since there will be less competition for the keywords you are targeting, there will be cheaper bids on these keywords. As a result, You’ll have to pay a lesser amount for your campaign. These are the two most significant reasons you should invest in PPC.

Uniqueness and specialty are the two characteristic qualities that determine your success if you are a small business. This is one of your biggest assets that you can use to target your potential customers. As a local business owner, you are already ahead in the game because you are able to market to a smaller pool of people, that too with minimum expenditure on the ads. With Google ads, you can reach a smaller group of people belonging to your specific area. This implies that you are not spending money on people who don’t belong to your area and eventually you are effectively marketing your product or services.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

The cost of a PPC campaign is a subjective question and it depends on a number of various factors. You can always work on a budget that is suitable for your business, that’s the major benefit of PPC. However, most of the small to midsize businesses spend anywhere between 9k-10k USD on PPC per month. Well, this does not mean that you cannot work on your campaign if you don’t have this amount of budget allocated to PPC. You can work considering your budget constraints.

How to Use PPC for Your Local Businesses?

You should start with selecting the platforms on which you want to launch your ads. There are a lot of options available for this and each of these yields satisfactory results. Some of these are discussed below:

  1. Google ads: Google ads allow you to display your ad on the Google search results page. The placement of your ad in Google search results will be based on ad rank which depends on your websites’ quality score and your bid for certain keywords. So, you should really work on making your quality score better in order to get a good position. There are some of the factors which determine your quality score and these are your keyword relevance, your text, your landing page quality and how fast your landing page loads, etc. AdWords offer one more specific feature using which you can create product-specific ads which will show up when the user clicks on Shopping and will take the user directly to your website.
  2. Retargeted display ads: Retargeted display ads is a great way to get customers back on your site. This has a high conversion chance as they will only target people who are looking for products actively. As an example, If a user has already been searched for a gaming PC you can retarget them by showing an ad of a gaming PC they were previously looking at.
  3. Social media ads: Social media ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads; target your audience based on really specific information. Social media platforms have a combined audience of billions so you can reach too many potential customers in just one go. This is a great option to go with if you are tight on your budget. After setting a budget, the platform will ensure that you spend only a certain amount of your budget on the campaign daily and it will also set a cap on your overall expenditure.

After performing the above steps, you should do what your competitors are missing in order to get ahead of them. To do this, You can work on your landing page to provide a better user experience, make it load faster, and fill this with relevant information. After this, You are ready to go. There are many PPC companies that can provide these services, You can also go with them.


PPC Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, then using PPC services can do wonders for you. You are interested in growth and PPC can help you achieve that goal. PPC refers to a digital marketing strategy with the help of which, you can place your ad on the Search engine results page, social media websites, and other websites. You will be paying each time some user clicks on your ad.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the tips that can boost your PPC campaign. These tips are listed below:

  1. Start small: If you are working on your own and don’t have enough experience with PPC. It is generally suggested that you should start small with your campaigns. Managing multiple campaigns and budgets can be confusing and they will cost you a lot if you are not very careful. It is suggested that you should start with just a single campaign on Google AdWords. It will be simpler to track your analytics if you have just one campaign running. After getting enough experience, you can move on to creating multiple campaigns and take the most out of them. Google ads are one of the most popular platforms in terms of PPC because it displays your ad on the Google search results page which is the world’s largest search engine.
  2. Be specific: Many times people who own small companies create campaigns that make use of broad keywords and think that it will increase their chances of reaching more customers. But this is a terrible approach. This simply is a waste of time and money and it also has an awful ROI. Instead, you should be as specific as possible with the keywords. You should go for keywords that do not have huge competition and will focus on a small group of customers. As an example, you should focus on ‘Indian restaurants in Sydney’ which will have lower competition and relatively lower cost per click instead of ‘restaurants in Sydney’ which has a huge competition and a huge cost. This will help you to target your valuable customers efficiently and will also cost less.
  3. Use strong language: Strong language here refers to language that can get people’s attention. You should have an eye-catching headline that will get good returns on investment. You can ask your colleagues or friends and get some ideas about having an eye-catching headline. If you have some of the options and cannot decide between the two headlines you can go for the A/B split test and can check which one is performing better and then finally going for the better one. This point may sound normal but it has a huge impact when it comes to overall PPC performance.
  4. Use keywords according to the geographic location: The best way to make out most of your PPC campaign if you are a small business is to target all your ads according to geographical location. You should use the language that is appropriate for that particular area. As an example, you can mention the neighborhoods of particular areas of the city instead of the city name so people from the city will be able to point your business out and that it can help you gain some customers. Although people from outside your town will not be recognising your business they should not be your focus as you are a local business and local people will be your potential customers.
  5. Having a clear call-to-action button on your site/landing page: You should have a clear call-to-action button on your website if you want your PPC campaign to do something specific. if it doesn’t have a clear call to action button it will make your campaign virtually useless. So a clear call to action refers to the next step when marketers want their audience or customers to take. Basically, it will either ask the customer to sign up or to call for more details or get some more information so that the advertiser can get in contact with the customer. This is a single-time action and all you need is that the user clicks on that button so you don’t have to work really hard for conversions.
  6. Monitoring your campaign: While this might sound of less importance, It is highly important that you keep monitoring the results of your campaign. The reason that PPC is so valuable is that it allows businesses to constantly measure their progress. While many companies/Businesses ignore this step and that’s where they fail. You can get exact numbers on how many times your ad appears on the platforms of your choice, how many times it’s clicked, and even who clicks it. With all of that information, you can refine your PPC campaign to become better. There are a lot of metrics in PPC marketing. The most important of these is CTR and impressions. Impressions are the number of times your ad got seen. CTR is defined as the percentage of people who clicked on it after seeing it. So, if someone doesn’t click your ad even after seeing it, This will be counted as an impression. Your goal should be to maximize your CTR.
  7. Consider hiring a professional: Even after knowing all these steps, it’s not always easy to manage PPC campaigns. If you feel this challenging, you should consider hiring a professional agency that offers the same services. There are a lot of companies who are offering all these services based on internet marketing. You can go for them if you think managing PPC campaigns will take a lot of your time and effort.

So, these were the tips for your PPC to perform better. These will definitely be helping you but you cannot just depend on these completely. In fact, in the case of PPC ads, you can’t be sure of any strategy. You have to monitor continuously, Check for what works best for you and adopt the right strategies. This is the possible way to succeed in your campaign.


Benefits of Using a Cost Per Click Calculator

When you use PPC for your business, You might use a Cost per click calculator. Its function is to determine the amount you need to spend on your ad campaign. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits you can get from using CPC calculators. We’ll start off with PPC, How it works, and then will move to the benefits of using a CPC calculator.

If you have used Google search you might have seen some of the pay-per-click ads that generally appear over the organic search results. You may have also seen them on social media and some other platforms. So, let’s dive deep into the PPC. In this article, we’ll be talking about all the aspects of PPC and how it can affect your business.

First things first, let’s understand what actually is PPC? So, PPC refers to a digital marketing strategy with the help of which, you can place your ad on the Search engine results page, social media websites, and other websites. You will be paying each time some user clicks on your ad. There are various sorts of PPC advertisements, however quite possibly the most well-known sorts are the paid search ad. These promotions show up when individuals look for things on the internet using a web search engine like Google – particularly when they are performing commercial searches, implying that they’re searching for something to purchase. In this advertisement model, the advertiser pays for each click that he receives on the ad, Hence, it got its name as ‘ Pay per click.

How does this work? Well, this may sound simple but it is not. There are many underlying factors that determine the performance of PPC. The first thing we need to understand is how the position of the ads gets decided? There is a parameter called quality score, the placement of ads will directly be dependent on this factor. The better the quality score you have, The better position you get on the search results page (A better position means the top slots). Ad positions are also dependent upon what is known as the Ad Auction, a totally mechanized cycle that Google and other significant web engines use to decide the relevance and quality of notices that show up on their SERPs.

You know now a bit about PPC, let’s talk about the benefits you can get by using this. PPC can help you increase your brand awareness. PPC is perhaps the most economical digital advertising procedure out there considering the fact that it permits you to choose the maximum amount you’ll pay for your promotions. You can also control which type of audience should watch/click on your ad. You can do so by choosing the right platform to display your ad. You have a lot of options for this, many browsing pages offer this service, Some websites also offer this service.

Using this method, you can target your potential customers.

Till this time, You are aware of how PPC works and the ways it can help you. Now, we’ll talk about the benefits that CPC calculators bring.

Benefits of Using a CPC Calculator:

  1. You can see what you can achieve with your budget: With a CPC calculator, You can check the progress you can achieve with your budget. You can see the potential of your business using a CPC calculator. Generally, CPC calculators ask you to fill two of three fields that are asked. These are Cost, clicks, and CPC. You can check any of the mentioned fields by entering the rest two. Thus, It is a great way to see what you can do with your budget.
  2. You’ll see different scenarios: Using a PPC calculator allows you to have different viewpoints for your business. You can see a no. of outcomes that will depend on no. of clicks and the budget allocated for the campaign. You can then go for the outcome that suits you and start working on the campaign accordingly. You can check how your campaign gets affected by investing different amounts in the campaign. If you are not sure about the budget, It can help with that too. Although PPC campaigns can be managed under any budget, the success of your campaign will be affected by the amount of money you invested.
  3. You’ll create better campaigns: Before considering a PPC campaign, You should have the goal of the campaign in your mind in order to create engaging ads. A CPC calculator allows you to see the scope of all of your campaigns so that you can set your goal. You can add links and extensions accordingly to maximize the interaction on your ad. This calculator will also determine how many clicks you need to achieve to get a particular CPC So that you can reach there faster and efficiently. In short, It will help you launch a more effective campaign for your business.
  4. You’ll determine the right keywords for your campaign: Keyword selection is an important aspect of your PPC campaign. By using a CPC calculator, You can check CPC for a particular keyword and determine whether it will be a good fit or not. Keyword research tools will help you see the estimated CPC for that keyword. When you enter the CPC and no. of clicks into the calculator, You’ll get the amount you need to spend. It is a great way to check if you can use a keyword in your budget or not. When you have the right, keywords you can generate more conversions, and eventually, you will drive in better results.

Many companies are offering these services nowadays. You can take advantage of these services. This list did not cover all the benefits of the CPC calculator but these were some of the most significant benefits. When you use a CPC calculator with your campaign, you can help your business optimize your campaign to generate the best results.