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Bing Ads are slowly and steadily becoming the next best thing on the internet. By adding powerful tools, Adword expert can now provide a similar robust experience as with Google.

In fact, some of the features of the Bing Ad platform seem to be way ahead of AdWords.

For example, the ad group-level bid adjustment for demographics and location is a feature only available on AdWords PPC campaign level.  

About Google and Bing New Automated Bid Strategies

Bing Ads automated bids and rules offer more flexibility and control over when and how you enable the campaigns, adjust the Adword cost, and send email alerts.

With the introduction of automatic rules, it is now possible to automatically change keywords for PPC bids, monitor the performance of the ad group, and start or stop the campaign at preset times with the help of the best Adwords optimization.

How does it Work?

Most common campaign planning, bidding, and budgeting tasks taken over by big and small PPC advertising agencies perform well with the automated rules of Bing Ads.

The feature that enables Google PPC expert to schedule keyword bid adjustments, as well as Ad campaign operations on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis, amounts to efficiency gains and time savings.

Automated rules are a perfect platform to launch a new PPC marketing services when you are unplugged, on a vacation.

You can increase ad group automatically and place keyword bids during your holidays, even in the rush hour. You would also receive emails as per rules and make necessary changes as per convenience.

Come Common Automated Rules and Bids Examples

Even though the top PPC agency runs campaigns automatically, it requires monitoring.

You can automate several tasks and manage PPC advertising costeasily.

  • Start and/or stop campaigns for special events like Cyber Black Friday
  • Do not allow a heavy budget to prevent the campaigns from performing its best
  • Keep the ads on the first page
  • Avoid paying for poor performing ads or keywords

1. Allow Bing Ads to Manage Bids Strategically

With the latest Google and Bing ad strategies, you can now allow the ads to use deep analysis of patterns in clicks, conversions, and searches. Irrespective of your bid strategy, you can bid effectively and automatically.

Bing Ads

Here’s how you can manage your Bing Ads:

(A) Enhanced CPC

It is the best available resource for dynamic search and searches ad campaigns.

It is also a great proposition for Bing shopping campaigns available to advertisers in Germany, France, USA, and the UK.

Enhanced cost-per-click is a default bidding strategy of new PPC campaigns.

With this, you can set ad groups and keywords bids, and the Bing ads would automatically adjust bids in real time to improve your chances of conversion.

(B) Maximize Clicks:

With this, you need not set keyword bids or ad groups. Bing Ads campaign can automatically set the bids in real time to ensure you get as many possible clicks within budget.

The beauty of Bing Ads is that it respects the overall budget limit.

However, if the PPC ad agency want to control bids while using the Maximize Click feature, you can also set CPC to the maximum.

This is optional capping, which you can set to ensure that Bing Ads do not pay more than a specific amount for a single click.

(C) Maximize Conversion:

With this, you need not set ad keyword or group bids. Bing Ads automatically set bids in real time to receive as many conversions possible within the budget.

It respects the budget constraints and ensures maximum conversion. You must have conversion tracking set up and at least 15 conversions in 30 days, to qualify for Maximize Conversion bid strategy.

If the PPC Ad campaign falls below 15 conversions, it would stop optimizing the bids.

(D) Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA):

With this, you need not set ad group and keyword bids. You have to set the budget and target 30-day average CPA. Bing Ads would automatically set bids in real time to achieve the average.

While some conversions may cost more than the target, others may cost less.

Nevertheless, Bing Ads attempts to ensure the average cost per conversion is aligned with the target.

Note that Target CPA is a campaign-level target. Hence, CPA may vary.

(E) Manual Strategy:

The Manual Bid Strategy allows you to set ad groups and keywords bids. Bing Ads use these bids always.

Tips to Use Bing Ads Automated Rules and Bids

  • Use maximum as well as minimum  bid estimates or CPC limits

  • Ads appearing on the first page usually get more clicks than ads appearing on the following pages. Bing Ad offers CPC bid estimates to get ads into that valuable position.

The Keywords tab shows 3 types of bid estimates to help you get an ad on the first page when a search query matches the exact keywords:

  • First Page Bid Estimate: The bid you need for setting an ad to show up anywhere on the first page of search results

  • Mainline Bid Estimate: This is what you need to set an ad to show among the ads on the mainline of search queries.

  • Best Position Bid Estimate: This is exactly what you need to set the ad to show up in the first position right on top of the first page of search queries.

  • Do not let rules overlap, as it might have a detrimental effect on the campaign.

  • Choose the useful amount of data and make decisions based on that.

Google and Bing Ads automation rules work by providing advertisers an opportunity to maximize the efficiency by using defined criteria to make the necessary changes to the Bing Ads account. Be wise and choose carefully.


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