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The Beginners Guide to Creating Shoppable Videos

Google LLC is one of the largest multinational company that utterly dominates the internet and specializes in search engines, online advertising technologies, cloud computing and many more. It is a pillar of innovation in virtual and hardware technology. Every year we see new amazing updates that never cease to amaze us due to its ingenuity.


Established in 1998, Google has always stood for technology and is renowned for its user-friendliness. Likewise, this year too, the multinational giant did not disappoint us either with a fantastic update that can change the way we look at advertisements. Earlier this year, Google announced an update to the existing platform that allows the pictures to display icons for finding the relevant item at a dedicated online shop.

How can it affect the current advertisement trends?

This has the potential to bring about a considerable change in the advertisement industry. Such shoppable image adds that uses tag icons on pictures of other blogs which showcases the item that can be bought by the viewer visiting the page. Marketers generally collaborate with such blogs to create such ads that not only helps to sponsor the blog but also opens up a vast market opportunity for the seller. Currently, according to Google, this feature is still being tested and put to trail online slowly but steadily before a full-fledged release.

The idea for this cropped up when Google realized that more than two-thirds of the shopper visit images before taking the plunge. Such a tag icon can be immensely beneficial in easing out the process of marketing by the sellers in providing the relevant link to the shoppers. Currently, it is being tested on Google image search and a few select websites for any discrepancies but will soon be released on a major scale with a complete bug-free operation.

Shopping Google Image Ads

A shoppable image ad by Google has become a rage as soon as it was released as such an improvement by Google was aimed at merging research with the products. Thus, removing the unnecessary need for the shopper to sift through numerous products and comparing each one with the image, brought about another user-friendly option that can help to ease the effort of the customer.

This not only made the transaction less cumbersome but also provided a boost in the sales of products with such relevant tags. Among all the latest plugins developed so far, shoppable image ads are the most simplistic and yet the most effective one in attracting viewers and converting them into customers.

How does it work?

The advertisement format thus announced by Google allows users to view shoppable images on related blogs and websites. Generally, this will involve Google’s publishing partners where the photos will be displayed on curated content. This presents a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs and online malls to jump in and capitalize on this opportunity.

Google Image Ads

This is not only great for entrepreneurs who are starting out but also presents a lucrative prospect to convert potential viewers into customers quicker than the traditional forms of advertisements. This form of marketing has become widely popular with the sales of apparels and accessories.

However other forms of products advertisements are also gaining in popularity. Once the image ads have been optimized, it will be released to more publishers who can set up their dedicated column for displaying such Image Ads. It will create a seamless and hitch free shopping that can be used by shoppers to ease their experience of the internet and help them to buy the desired articles without any hindrance.

What are the advantages of Google Image Ads?

There are numerous advantages that can be listed for such a platform which holds especially true for new brands that have recently emerged in the market. Since shoppable image ads are relatively a new development in the online promotional sector, therefore the opportunity it presents are still yet to be fully explored and is not as saturated as other forms of online advertisement and marketing.

Google Adwords Image Ads

Google have recently applied this in their Image search bar for experimental purposes and are set to release it into the market once the data generated shows the desired response from producers, distributors, and most importantly the viewers who turn into customers. Alongside image ads, Google is also experimenting with moving images and videos to further expand such a proposition which has the following advantages:

  • Image adsworks faster than SEO
  • Drastic Increase in brand awareness
  • Reaching more customers
  • Higher conversion rates
  • True measure of performance
  • Exploring more in lesser time
  • Better opportunities in a competitive market

The recent data have shown the plus point of such a plan. Nearly two-thirds of online shoppers claim to reap the benefits of such a marketing solution for their next purchase. 61% of shoppers have shown a positive attitude towards this new and relatively untested form of marketing which has culminated into 46% of them buying the products and services during holiday seasons. Google has also witnessed a rise of almost 3.6 times in the average clicks such adds are experiencing with a 20% more conversion ratings than usual.

Opportunities Created by Such a Platform

This also presents an equal amount of prospect for newcomer business firms to promote their products and experiment with such online marketing, which even though new and untested, can be hugely beneficial and improve conversion ratings considerably. Research has projected that use of such forms of marketing can raise the sales by three times and rocket a new brand to a well-recognized and reputable position. The prospect of such an online update in the virtual marketing is also creating waves of positive reviews and interests amongst users and business persons alike.

Facebook Ads

Therefore, all the data validate the utility of such advertisement and marketing tools. The main advantage is that it makes the shopping experience clutter free and less intrusive, thereby, improving upon the browsing of the original page or the related blog much more natural. It not only presents new prospects in the field of online promotion but also makes the user experience smooth and reliable. Coming fro0m renowned developers like Google, it is sure to have verified sellers in their online advertising campaigns providing users with reliability and assurance.

With the introduction of Image Ads, the future of shopping is here,and Google seems to be at the front leading the charge towards the future of marketing.


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